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                     Published: February 3, 2024 Host: Simon Persson

People who heal from cancer, called radical remission survivors heal cancer with 10 natural protocols. In this episode, you will discover what these protocols are so you can use them to avoid or reverse cancer.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer. This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.


  • Kelly A. Turner is a doctor who worked as a cancer counselor at a cancer research hospital.
  • Kelly decided to study what survivors did to reverse their conditions.
  • The survivors that Kelly interviewed said they tried to eliminate sugar, meat, dairy, and refined foods.
  • Meat can cause cancer, such as IGF-1, heterocyclic amines, heme iron, saturated fat, and other stuff.
  • If you want to beat cancer, you need to take an active role in your health. 
  • Radical Remission survivors take an active role in their healing process and try to research everything. 
  • Before you make any decisions, you need to follow your intuition.
  • Herbs or supplements that may make it easier for you to deal with cancer,
  • Radical Remission survivors released their suppressed emotions
  • Cancer survivors found ways to increase the amount of love, joy, and happiness in the present moment.
  • The support of others is more vital when we're sick.
  • Radical Remission survivors try to connect to a higher spiritual energy or power.
  • Radical survivors have a reason to live.
  • Cancer survivors use exercise to heal from cancer.

How To Become One Of Many Radical Remission Survivors

1. Radically change your diet

2. Take control of your health

3. Follow your intuition

4. Use herbs and supplements

5. Release suppressed emotions

6. Increase positive emotions

7. Embracing social support

8. Deepen your spiritual connection

9.  Have strong reasons to live

10. Exercise

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Episode transcript:

 Simon: People who heal from cancer with natural health do ten things. In this episode, you will discover what these protocols are so you can use them to avoid or reverse cancer.

 Intro jingle: Welcome to the Cancer Wisdom podcast. This podcast teaches you how to treat cancer with natural remedies without using toxic treatments. Discover how to take charge of your health and not be a slave to Big Pharma medicine. Here's your host, Simon  Persson.   

Simon: So, I have taken these ten protocols from the books Radical Remission and Radical Hope by Kelly A. Turner. She's a doctor who worked as a cancer counselor at a cancer research hospital. One day, she read Dr. Andrew Weil's book, Spontaneous Healing.  

And it was then that she came across what she calls Radical Remission. It's a patient that survives at all odds by using natural remedies. Kelly became interested and began to find other cases of radical remission.  

And what shocked her was that nobody seemed to want to investigate those cases. Kelly then decided to study what survivors did to reverse their conditions. These findings came from interviews Kelly did with cancer survivors.  

So, let's look at what these ten protocols are. What we eat can affect our health, and when we eat unhealthy foods such as animal products or processed foods, we become sicker.

The survivors that Kelly interviewed said they tried to eliminate sugar, meat, dairy, and refined foods. They also increased their intake of vegetables and fruits. Most of them also tried to eat organic food and drank filtered water.  

I have explained several times that meat causes cancer. There are several reasons why meat can cause cancer, such as IGF-1, heterocyclic amines, heme iron, saturated fat, and other stuff.

IGF-1 is a growth hormone we need at the beginning of life when we need to grow. But when we're adults, we don't need this hormone as much. Too much IGF 1 in our body can increase our cancer risk, especially breast cancer.

Heterocyclic amines come from when you cook meat. They develop on the outer layer of meat, such as grill marks.

These grill marks contain heterocyclic amines, which can cause cancer. Heme iron in meat can also increase our cancer risk, while iron from fruits and vegetables doesn't have that effect.  

Saturated fat is unhealthy and can destroy our health. Dairy is also unhealthy and is like liquid meat. It contains most of the bad things that meat has, plus other things like hormones.  

The main protein in cows' milk is casein, which makes cancer cells grow in Petri dishes and lab rats. There are also many unhealthy chemicals found in dairy from the US, such as antibiotics and pesticides. Dairy also makes you fat, which can increase your cancer risk and other diseases.  

Radical Remission survivors also eliminated many refined foods and tried to eat more carbohydrates in their whole form, such as fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables have everything we need to be healthy, such as vitamins, minerals, carbs, fiber, glucose, protein, and healthy fats.  

Many studies have shown that eating vegetables and fruits can prevent you from getting cancer in the first place. It's also shown that cancer patients who eat more vegetables and fruits live longer.

So, I have studied many cancer survivors, and they all say they changed their diet to more fruits and vegetables. None of them thrived by eating more meat.  

Radical Remission survivors also switched from soda, juice, and milk to drinking eight glasses of water per day. They also made sure that they filtered the water and tried to drink natural spring water because of its higher mineral content. And they also avoided tap water.  

The second step that cancer survivors took was taking control of their health. If you want to beat cancer, you need to take an active role in your health. You have to be willing to change your life and deal with the resistance from your family, doctors, and friends.  

Many cancer patients who die only do what doctors tell them to do. They don't try to change their lifestyle, but instead, they believe that they can take a pill or use chemotherapy and they will heal.

Western medicine only sees the human body as a machine that can break sometimes and that you need to use drugs to deal with it. Alternative healers see the body as a sophisticated organism.   

They believe that when you take care of your body and use it the right way, you can heal because health is your natural state. You stay healthy by having a healthy lifestyle. In one podcast episode, I talked about the Blue Zones.

They follow certain steps which make them live longer than many people in the world. The majority of the population does not care about their health.

They believe that they can eat unhealthy food and still be okay. If they later become sick, it's because of their genes or becoming old. But that's not true. Health is a lifestyle choice.  
So you can see the body as a car. If you want your car to run properly, you need to change the oil and put the right type of fuel in the car.

If you don't change the oil or use the wrong fuel, your car will start to malfunction. Western Medicine has taught us to be good patients, but we have forgotten that we are responsible for our health.  

Many people are lazy and want their doctors to fix their issues. It's far more lucrative to tell them to take a pill that will fix their issues than telling them to change their life.

If they want to change their life, they need to get rid of all unhealthy foods and lifestyles that they may enjoy. When you get drugs from doctors, you're just masking the symptoms without solving the underlying issue.  

Radical Remission survivors go in the opposite direction. They try to question their doctors and are the annoying patients who don't comply with everything they tell them to do.

They take an active role in their healing process and try to research everything. And that is one thing that you need to do if you want to survive from cancer.

You have to be willing to analyze your life and make changes, even if they can be time-consuming and difficult. You have to give up unhealthy foods or habits that no longer serve you. You need to analyze your lifestyle and make changes.  

Kelly also says in her book that you need to have a strong backbone and be able to deal with resistance from others. If you give in to other people, you will try their toxic Western Medicine, which will not fix anything.  

So you need to take an active role in your health, and you have to stop being passive and do everything you can to change your life. If you feel helpless and want to give up and do as the doctor tells you, you will not have success.  

The third thing that Radical Remission survivors did was follow their intuition. Before you make any decisions, you need to follow your intuition.

Intuition is that internal voice or deep knowing. It can come as a physical feeling in our bodies. You can get it in your dreams, meditation, journals, or out of coincidence.  

But sadly, most humans have lost their touch with their instincts and intuition. So, we follow what other people tell us to do. You can't just believe everything doctors or other medical workers tell you because they might have a financial interest in Big Pharma.

Drug companies want to sell their drugs, and they will do anything to stop you from knowing about natural health or trying it.  

It was not a long time ago that doctors told everyone that you could smoke and still be healthy. But then everyone found out cigarettes were unhealthy, and we stopped recommending it.   

If a doctor tells you that you need to take chemotherapy, you need to listen to your intuition. If you feel inside that you don't want to do it and feel uneasy, you should listen to your intuition and not do it.  

And that's what these Radical Remission survivors did. When you follow your intuition, you might learn why you became sick in the first place.

Often, you can ignore your health warnings from your body, and therefore, it's vital that you check in on your intuition before you make any healing plan.  

There's no right way to access your intuition. For some, it can come from an internal voice of deep knowing or a physical feeling in your body. You can often feel it in your gut, or experience it in your dreams, or after you meditate or write a journal.  

You have to look at a situation that might look like a coincidence,  such as bumping into a friend who told you exactly the same information you needed to hear at the right moment.

Every person who wants to heal from cancer may need to go a certain path and follow a specific protocol, and therefore, it's vital that you listen to your intuition.  

For some people, their intuition might say that they need to change their diet, quit their job that's stressful, or fix their relationship with their husband or children.  

Some people might feel they need to change their environment or start exercising again. Every person has a different thing that they need to change. Therefore, it's vital that you follow your intuition.

In Western medicine, they believe that for every disease, there's a single cause and cure. But in natural health, we instead look at why we become sick in the first place. Maybe it was your emotional trauma, your diet, or other reasons.  

There is seldom a one-fix solution for every problem. If every problem is a nail, then every solution is a hammer. But that is not true in health. Instead, we need to listen to our intuition and do some specific things.  

The fourth survival tactic that survivors did was using herbs and supplements. This step is not as important as the other steps.

These herbs and supplements may not be the cause of the healing. There are certain herbs or supplements that may make it easier for you to deal with cancer, such as B17, also known as laetrile.  

It may help you suppress cancer cells, but if you don't change your health habits, they can't help you heal from cancer. Only make it easier to deal with it. Even if herbs can be beneficial, you shouldn't only rely on them to heal. They can't work as a magic bullet.  

We can't just take a pill and believe that we will heal. They can't be a band-aid solution for a toxic lifestyle. They shouldn't be a long-term solution. Instead, it's better to make lifestyle changes.  

The fifth thing that Radical Remission survivors did was release their suppressed emotions. Not many people might believe that stress or emotional trauma can cause cancer.

Stress is very toxic to the body and may lead to cancer. The survivors that Kelly interviewed believed in mind-body healing. Mind-body healing is the belief that our mind and thoughts have a big impact on our health.

When you look at your body, it might seem solid. But if you zoom in on your hand,  you will see molecules, atoms, and smaller components. 

And when you zoom in the furthest that you can, you will discover that everything in the universe, even your hand, consists of energy vibrating.  

And our thoughts are also vibrations. So, negative thoughts have lower vibrations, which will create more disease in your body. Our strongest emotion, love, has the highest frequency. And when we're in this high frequency, we stay healthy.

So I have talked in a previous podcast episode about German New Medicine. So, it was founded by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German doctor. He discovered the link between emotional trauma and cancer, and he was able to map every cancer to a certain part of the brain.   

He discovered that diseases are biological programs that the body goes through when we experience trauma. Every organ in the body is controlled by a specific part of the brain.

If you have breast cancer, a certain area in the brain will activate when you experience something traumatic out of the blue. Then, the body uses a biological program to deal with the situation.  

Radical Remission survivors focus their energy on clearing out anything stuck in the past that created their cancer. The most common negative emotions that we hold are stress, fear, trauma, regret, anger, or sadness. By letting go of these trapped emotions, we can heal our physical body.  

So stress can cause a lot of serious issues such as heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. When we are under stress, the body releases stress hormones, which weaken the immune system. Cancer survivors that Kelly talked to said that fear was one of the biggest things that they had to let go of.  

They needed to be at peace with dying and living. If you are fearful of death, you create more stress in your life and more disease. Doctors often use this fear to motivate us to use their toxic treatments.  

So when we have fear, we shut down our immune system. Therefore, you need to deal with uncertainty and stay in the present if you want to have a positive outcome with cancer.  
The sixth thing on this list was increasing positive emotions. Cancer survivors found ways to increase the amount of love, joy, and happiness in the present moment.

In the books, Kelly explained that positive emotions improve our health and can make our immune system stronger.   She explained how a positive emotion could improve our ability to fight cancer. When we feel happy and loving, our bodies are flooded with cancer-fighting immune cells.

We have something called fight-or-flight mode. It's when we're under threat, and the body releases stress hormones. And when the stressful situation is over, the body naturally begins to repair its cells and heal itself. The same thing happens when we feel positive emotions.  

When we have positive emotions, the body can release hormones such as serotonin, relaxin, oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. These hormones can improve our health and make us deal with pain.

Endorphins are a much better painkiller than morphine. These hormones can also lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and release stress hormones, such as cortisol or adrenaline.  

They can also improve blood circulation, deepen breathing, and bring oxygen to each cell. These hormones can also help us digest food much better and increase white and red blood cells in the body, which helps the immune system.   These hormones can also help you fight cancer.   

Laughter has been shown to increase the immune cells of people undergoing chemo. People with a positive attitude live much longer than people who are negative. Radical Remission survivors see joy as important as flossing their teeth or working out.  

They still experience pain, fear, or sadness but try to have a more positive attitude and start each day with a smile or gratitude.

You can create more positive emotion by using certain methods such as The Work by Byron Katie, EFT, or the Sedona method. You can also try to meditate, do yoga, or keep a gratitude journal. And you should also avoid negative inputs, such as news, violent movies, and negative content.

You can also try to have fun with your friends, do your hobbies, or get more active. So try to find activities that bring you joy and that you can do daily.  

The seventh step in healing cancer was to embrace social support. The support of others is more vital when we're sick. So when we're ill, our loved ones can help us when we're too weak. Humans are social beings, and we feel more secure when we have loved ones that take care of us.  

Human babies are the most helpless animals, and at an early age, we learn that we need others to survive. When we lose this connection, we become sick and have a harder time surviving.  

Orphans that don't get any love from their caretakers will die. Babies that get the attention from the workers are more likely to survive than babies that don't get any attention. We learn at an early age that we need love and affection. We are dependent on other people to survive.

We may need food or services that we can't do, or other people might have abilities we don't have. Banding together has historically improved our personal safety and food production.  

When we're surrounded by loved ones or even our pets, the body releases a flood of great hormones in our bloodstream, which makes us feel better. When we're isolated and have no one to talk to, we become depressed, and that can affect our health.  

If you know that you have a family that loves you and needs you, then that can be one great reason for you to heal cancer.  

So, it's a known fact that people with social connections live longer than people with fewer social contacts. People with a stronger social network have lower cancer rates and live longer by an average of 25%. Breast cancer patients who were able to increase their social support reduced the risk of dying by an incredible 70%.

Your social support doesn't need to come from your spouse or kids for you to benefit from it. Any social support can help your health. It doesn't matter if it comes from two close friends, acquaintances, or your dog. The most important thing is not to feel alone.   

Some cancer survivors only need the support of their close family or friends to stop feeling alone. For other patients, friends and family may provide some comfort, but they might still feel alone in their cancer journey.

Therefore, it's also vital that you join cancer support groups, or otherwise, you might give up on your journey and follow Western Medicine. But if you have someone that goes the same path and they believe in you, that might make you push forward.

Radical Remission survivors tend to want to be around cancer patients making similar choices as them, and that's one other way to reduce loneliness.  

It might be as important as eating your vegetables or exercise. Receiving regular human touch might help you with your healing process.

Oxytocin is known as the cuddle hormone, and when you experience physical touch, you might get a lot of oxytocin, which improves your health.

It may reduce inflammation and pain, decrease your blood pressure and cortisol levels, and improve your digestion.

Therefore, you should try to join some cancer support group or spend some time with your friends and families instead of working all the time. And you shouldn't be afraid of asking for help.

The eighth step of these books is deepening your spiritual connection. If you want to survive, you need to have a higher purpose in life. Radical Remission survivors try to connect to a higher spiritual energy or power.

Connecting to this spiritual energy doesn't mean that you need to follow a certain religion or belief. It means you try to find the truth about life and see that happiness comes from within and not from external things.

If you try to find happiness from external things, you will never be happy because you can always lose them. So, happiness can only come from within because happiness is our true natural state. 

But because we believe all these negative things and chase happiness in the physical world, we always stay stressed out and can not experience happiness.

Therefore, we need to find happiness from within and learn that we have everything to be happy. Then, we don't need to worry about all these external things. And when we're in this calm state, it's much easier to become healthy.   

This spiritual energy that we can feel from within has a relaxing effect on our body, and we can be more present in our life and enjoy what we're doing much easier.

You can experience this spiritual energy by using different methods such as meditation, The Work by Byron Katie, or the Sedona Method. Or if you prefer, you can do yoga classes or walk in nature and try to do less than before.

When you connect to this spiritual energy, you feel more relaxed and have this unconditional, universal love. We will see that everyone is connected, that we're not separate.  

And when we experience that, we have this calmness, and it's always available to us. And when we connect to this higher energy, we are not affected by the physical world as much. But we need to work on this ability.

It's like lifting weights. In the beginning we can't lift heavy things. But as we practice more and more, we are able to become stronger and lift heavier things, and it's the same with spiritual awareness.

In the beginning, you can become upset about the smallest things. But as you try your spiritual methods, you become more patient and can better deal with stressful things in life. When you become more present, you also have a stronger reason to live because of positive emotions.

When you're in this state, you have an easier time following your intuition and inspiration, and that's why the ninth thing that Radical Survivors did was to have a reason to live.  

But it's also about not being afraid of dying. When you have a fear of death, you can worsen your health, and that can lead to irrational decisions. And that's how doctors catch us. They might tell you that if you don't do chemo, you'll die.

When patients haven't done any research as Radical Remission survivors, they will be scared to death and follow everything the doctor tells them to do.  

That's why so many people don't survive from cancer. It's not that they're not able to, but because they use toxic methods that don't try to fix the underlying issue but instead work on the symptoms.   

To survive from cancer, you need to have a higher purpose in life. You can only do that by connecting to a higher spiritual power.

If you just chase external things, then you can't find happiness. Even if you achieve your goals and get everything that you need, your ego will still feel incomplete and want to chase even greater goals.  

And then you're stuck in this loop where you can never become happy. But when you make spirituality your priority, you will see that you are already complete and that chasing goals will not make you happy. So this doesn't mean you shouldn't achieve or do things.

Instead, it means that you need to find happiness from within and then use that positive energy to create great stuff in the world. In the beginning, your sole purpose in getting money was to get rich and famous.  

But when you connect to this spiritual energy, your new purpose is to help other people and make the world better by solving their problems. And that feels much better than just chasing external goals and being selfish.

Your purpose in life has to come from the deepest core of your being, and when you do that, you have a stronger reason to live when you see that you can make the world better. And when you connect this high power, you can bring more creativity into your life.

Creativity is something that most adults have lost touch with. Many people are too focused on their jobs that they don't try to find any hobbies or do something creative.

Instead, they just come home, watch TV, and take it easy. But when you have a cancer diagnosis, it can make you reflect on your life and, therefore, bring more creativity into your life.  

And when you do things that inspire you, you have a greater reason to live, and you will enjoy life more. When you feel depressed and want to give up, it's much easier for you to die, and you'll also lack motivation to do something about your life.

People who are depressed die much quicker than patients who have a strong reason to live. Our emotional state has a huge impact on our health.  

In medicine, they talk about the placebo effect. It's when your beliefs can affect your body. People have died after getting a false cancer diagnosis or when a doctor gave them a sugar pill.

They heal when they believe that this sugar pill is a medicine that will cure them. If you want to have a stronger reason to live, you need to focus on spirituality and also try new hobbies or reasons to live, such as your grandkids or family. Make a simple list of your reasons for living and enjoying life and try to follow them.  

The final step Kelly added to this list was exercise. In her first book, she didn't mention exercise because many of the patients that she interviewed were so weak in the beginning that they didn't exercise.  

But they confessed that exercise was an important step in their healing once they felt better, and that was the reason why Kelly didn't add exercise to the list.  

But now that she wrote her second book, she acknowledged that exercise also was the tenth step in this healing protocol of cancer survivors. Exercise is important for our health.

Exercise can improve our heart and breathing rates and make us return to resting levels quicker. And it also helps us burn calories, which is good for weight control.

Another benefit of exercise is that it reduces stress and lifts our moods. Exercise can also improve our oxygen rate, which benefits people with cancer. And you can also release endorphins and other positive hormones. We also have a lymphatic system, which helps us detox the body.   

The lymph system has lymph that needs to move for us to be healthy. But the problem is that the body can only move lymph when we move our bodies. There's not a pump like with the heart.

When you exercise a lot, you will move your lymph, which will help your body detox. Scientific studies have shown that physical activity can improve your health and make you live longer. And it can decrease your death from heart disease and cancer. And inactivity can negatively affect your health.  

Even low amounts of moderate physical activity can improve your health. So try to move your body as much as possible. In the beginning, if you're sick, it might not be possible to exercise. But as you improve your diet and emotional state, you will become stronger.

And then you should use that time to exercise more. So you can start by taking small walks or swim or play bowling or something simple that doesn't take a lot of energy.

When you exercise more, you have a lower risk of getting bladder, breast, colon, endometrium,  esophagus, kidney, lung, and stomach cancer.

Cancer patients who walk at least two and a half hours per week are 13 percent less likely to die from cancer than those who are inactive.  

When researchers measure exercise, they look at MET-hours, the Metabolic Equivalent of a Task. It's how a person expends energy compared to a reference.

A MET-hour measures the time and energy expended in given activities. Resting is one MET-hour, while brisk walking is four MET-hours because you expel four times more energy. When you're inactive, your breathing makes you expel some energy.  

If you have 15 MET-hours per week of physical activity, then you're 27 percent less likely to die from cancer. That's about 35 minutes per day of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise.  

So, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion recommends that you exercise 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week.  

And what's sad is that the majority of people with cancer do not meet these exercise recommendations. But Radical Remission survivors exercise much more than other cancer patients who follow Western Medicine.    

I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you want to improve your health,  you can try to follow these ten recommendations that I talked about in this podcast.  

So the best way to do that is by following our Cancer Crash Course. So, it's a course that I created that explains what cancer is and why we develop it.  

Then, in the second module, you will learn ways you can improve your health and stay healthy. You also learn more about the corrupt medical industry so that you don't get trapped in their lies.

I will provide a link to this video course in the description box below. Thank you for listening to this episode, and I'll see you in the next one.

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