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Why You Fail With Natural Cancer Remedies

Natural cancer remedies fail to heal your cancer if you repeat ten common mistakes. In this blog post, you will learn things you do wrong if you haven't been able to cure your cancer.

Discover how to get back on track and finally succeed with cancer, even if you have tried everything.


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10 Reasons You Might Fail With Alternative Cancer Remedies

There are different reasons people start using alternative cancer remedies. Maybe they hate the horrible side effects of orthodox cancer treatments.

Or they rebel against the system and try alternative health at once. Alternative treatments make more sense than cutting, burning, and poisoning. 

But after trying various alternative cancer treatments, you might not see any improvements. Your cancer might still grow or stay the same. But your lack of progress is not because alternative health is not working. 

Sad man

Several mistakes can make you fail in healing cancer with natural remedies.

It's because you make ten mistakes that might stop you from healing cancer. If you repeat these mistakes, you might not improve even if you try your best.

Let's begin with the first mistake you might make that hinder you from having success with cancer.

1. You Wait For A Miracle Solution

The first mistake is when you wait for a miracle solution that will heal cancer. This way of thinking comes from the pharmaceutical industry. 

Drug companies earn money by selling drugs och treatments that suppress diseases. They make more money by suppressing diseases than by curing them. 

If you have a heart problem, hospitals don't teach you how to reverse it by changing your diet. Instead, they give you cholesterol-lowering drugs or blood thinners. But they haven't fixed the underlying issue. You can still get a new heart attack.

Doctors tell you you can continue your unhealthy lifestyle if you take your medicine. But you need to do it for the rest of your life. We learn that a drug can fix all our problems. You don't need to abandon your unhealthy lifestyle or stop eating crap food. 

A bright light in a garden

Change your unhealthy lifestyle instead of waiting for a miracle cure

Following doctors' orders is easy because you don't need to change. If I tell patients they can heal by giving up animal products, most won't listen. 

The doctor's proposition sounds better to them than changing or giving up what they love. It's more tempting to take a pill than to do something about your condition. This way of thinking might have stuck in your mind. You believe you need to find a miracle cure.

Becoming healthy takes sacrifice, and you need to ditch your horrible habits. Cancer doesn't manifest in your body because of your genes or being unlucky. Your cancer started to grow because of different imbalances and your toxic lifestyle. 

Cancer only develops in your body when there are too many toxins in the body, and it is not able to detox. This toxic state might be because of the following:

  • Eating animals products
  • Stress
  • Not sleeping enough,
  • Not getting enough sunshine,
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

A miracle cure can't fix all your condition if you continue to live an unbalanced life. You must stop your bad habits and heal your emotional wounds to reverse cancer. It's a process that can take time and a lot of work, not one miracle solution. 

You need to take responsibility for how you live. That means figuring out how to live a healthy life and doing everything possible to make it happen. 

Trying one cancer cure after another to find one thing that works is futile. Even if this miracle cure reverses your cancer, it will return if you still have a toxic lifestyle.

Blaming your genes for cancer is an excuse not to take responsibility for your life.

Our Life Style Causes Cancer Not Our Genes

Thousands and hundreds of years ago, our ancestors didn't have cancer. If our genes caused cancer, we wouldn't have any cancer today. 

But cancer has become more rampant in the last hundred years. You can see a massive difference if you compare how people live today and how our ancestors lived. 

We have much more stress and conflicts now. Anyone can eat animal products and junk food. Cancer exists because of your lifestyle. To avoid it, you must change how you live. Waiting for one miracle cure will only make you stuck in a vicious circle.

DNA string

Cancer exists because of your toxic lifestyle, not your genes

I saw a video where one woman explained that she drank green smoothies, but her cancer didn't shrink. Green smoothies are healthy when you use greens like kale. But it is not enough if you don't change your health habits. 

This woman was obese and didn't change her diet or lifestyle that much. Even if drinking green smoothies are healthy, they couldn't reverse her condition. She didn't change her lifestyle and believed that smoothies would save her. 

There is no quick fix. Healing needs dedication and willingness to change your life. If you don't want to do that and wait for a miracle cure, you will get nowhere.

Another mistake you might repeat is using the wrong protocol.

2. You Use The Wrong Protocol

Another reason you might fail with natural cancer remedies is when you use the wrong protocol. There is no one-fit solution for cancer. If your only tool is a hammer, you see every problem as a nail.

There might be different reasons you and another person developed cancer. Your main problem might be your diet. The other person might suffer from emotional trauma. 

A confused woman in front of a yellow background

Another reason you might fail with alternative health is when you use the wrong protocol

If your imbalance comes from your poor diet, then you need to fix that. Letting go of your stress might not be the proper protocol in your particular case. 

Let's use an analogy. If you grow your vegetables and they discolor, it might be due to the soil not being nutritional enough. The correct protocol should be to add compost or nutrients. If you start to water your plants, nothing will improve because it's the wrong protocol. 

I read a fantastic book called The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. This book explains that we must balance four energies for ultimate health and vitality. These energies are: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

Physical energy is all about taking care of your body's physical needs. Some examples include: 

  • Eating a healthy plant-based diet
  • Sleeping eight hours per night
  • Getting enough sunshine
  • Drinking clean water
  • Exercising
  • Detoxing

Emotional energy is all about taking care of your emotional problems. Stress can make us sick.

Stress And Emotional Trauma Make Us Sick

Our body is healthiest when we are in a relaxed state. When we experience a lot of stress, it activates the fight or flight response.

The body releases toxic stress hormones that, in the short term, help us survive but kill us in the long run. It can't see the difference between real and imagined situations. Real fear exists to make us escape from an actual threat, such as a bear or serial killer. 

distressed woman

Emotional trauma can make you sick even if you care for your physical needs

Physical fear often happens in short bursts. When the threat is over, the body releases stress hormones, and everything returns to normal. 

Another type of fear is psychological fear. It's fear created by our stressful thinking. The body believes it's constantly threatened if we continue repeating negative thoughts.

Therefore stress hormones continue to circulate throughout the body. Unhealthy thought patterns can make you sick, even if you care for your physical needs.

We also need to balance our mental and spiritual energies.

Why We Need To Balance Our Mental And Spiritual Energies

Mental energy is about improving our mental capacity. It is what we use to organize our lives and focus our attention. The mental energy that best serves full engagement is realistic optimism. 

In this mode, we see the world as it is and work toward the desired outcome. Strengthening this energy demands mental preparation, positive self-talk, time management, and creativity.

One way to strengthen our mental capacity is to take regular breaks. Or to focus on what's essential, declutter our home, or learn new things. If you live a chaotic lifestyle, it can be because your mental energy is out of whack.

Spiritual energy is the meaning we attach to what we do in life. It fuels passion, perseverance, and commitment. This energy comes from our values and a purpose beyond our self-interest.

Religious service

Joining a spiritual community can give you a purpose in life

If you believe that your sense of worth comes from what you achieve, you will never become happy. You can continue chasing bigger goals but feel empty inside.

Our values create a more stable center in our lives. It also helps us better deal with the challenges we face. If we don't work on our spiritual connection, we will stay unfulfilled and frustrated. It will deplete our energy and make us depressed. 

We can starve on both a physical and spiritual level. Often we need to experience a crisis before we look within. When we let off the ego, we aren't affected by challenges as much. 

Once you know your energy imbalance, you need to fix it first.

You Need Balance The Right Energy To Heal Faster

You can have an imbalance in one or more of these four energies. There is always one energy that needs more work. If one of these energies is out of tune, you can still get sick even if you balance the other ones.

You can do everything right on the physical level. But if you're an emotional wreck, you can still get sick. In your case, you need to focus on your trauma. 

Maybe you didn't get attention from your parents when you were little. Or you might have experienced a painful divorce that you haven't processed.

A woman at the beach looking at the ocean

Natural cancer cures are all about finding the balance of life

A family member died, and you haven't dealt with it. Whether the reason for your stress, your number one task is to balance this energy. You need to fix that before you do anything else. 

I know a guy that is into alternative health. He believes that all his illnesses are due to his diet or something physical. This guy takes supplements and tries new diets, but he should fix his emotional energy. 

One reader wrote about all the different treatments she tried. When I looked at this list, I couldn't understand why she hadn't cured her condition. But when I asked her if she had done some emotional healing, she confessed she hadn't done anything. 

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Albert Einstein

I remember one time in my life when my day consisted of eating, working, and sleeping. My mental and spiritual energies were out of balance. I had nothing to look forward to and felt depressed. But then I tried to find a new hobby, learn new things, and discover my life's purpose. That is why I created Cancer Wisdom. 

When I started a new hobby, I felt a surge of energy. Before that, I slept eight hours daily, did liver cleanses, and ate a plant-based diet. I did many things on the physical plane, but my energy was still low. 

It was when I balanced my mental and spiritual energies that I felt better. I have a lot of hobbies now and love to learn new things. My latest passion is 3D printing.

If you have disappointing results, you might focus on the wrong thing. Maybe you have an imbalance in the spiritual energy, not the physical realm. 

In your case, you should focus on the spiritual aspect, such as serving others or finding the meaning of life. What works for one person might not work for you because everyone is different. You have your healing plan that you need to follow. There is not one fits all solution for everyone's cancer. 

Focus on balancing your particular energy or energies. Don't waste time on areas you don't need fixing. If you don't see results, look at your protocol and change it if needed.

Not following your protocol is another reason you might not see good results with alternative health.

3. You Don't Follow The Protocol

Another reason you might not see good results is when you don't follow the protocol. If you try the liver cleanse but don't follow the steps needed to succeed, you will not experience good results. 

You must follow the instructions 100%. I have lost count of people saying that they eat almost no meat. But when you probe further, they confess they eat it quite often.

What they believe is a small amount of meat can be a lot. If you need to eat a plant-based diet, but you still drink dairy or eat some meat, you're not following the protocol. 

A man holding a protcol about natural cancer remedies

Another reason you might fail with natural cancer remedies is when you don't follow the protocol

If you decide to stop drinking alcohol but only drink one shot per week, you're not following the protocol. Many people are not disciplined enough to withstand temptations. They relapse back into their bad habits and do not escape them.

When you decide to follow a protocol, you must adhere to it. You can't expect to see improvements if you give up or give in to temptations. 

If I tell you to eliminate all animal products and processed foods, you need to be strict. Elimination is the only way you can succeed.

How Diligence Healed My Constipation

If you allow yourself to eat meat once a week, you will fall into temptation. You can give in when someone serves you meat because you haven't committed 100% to eliminating it.

Then you will convince yourself to eat it even more. "If I already eat meat every Sunday, it can't hurt to eat it on Thursdays." And then you will go back to your regular eating style and have meat every day.

Eating meat once a week can still harm your body. I remember when I first learned about the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Initially, I didn't want to bother people with my vegetarian diet. Every time they invited me for dinner, I ate what they provided.

A woman eating a burger

If your protocol is to eliminate all animal products, you can't eat them once a week

But when I cooked food, I never ate meat. I remember that my energy went to the floor whenever I ate meat. It took over one week to recover and regain my energy. But by then, I ate meat again when I got invited again. 

Later I decided to stop eating meat altogether, even at dinner parties. After ten days of only eating plants, I had a surge of energy. As I continued to eat this way and improve my diet even more, I healed many issues I had all my life. 

One such thing was my constipation. I believed it was typical to poop every second or third day. But I had to go to the toilet daily when I ate plant-based food for a few months.

I no longer ate food that my body couldn't digest. Therefore it became more efficient, and I had regular bowel movements.

I could also run longer and didn't need naps after work. These improvements didn't happen until I stuck to the plan. Every time I ate meat, I sabotaged my efforts. 

You will never see improvements if you don't adhere to the protocol or plan. Commit 100% and read the instructions to avoid missing vital details. You might have to balance your mental energy if you have difficulty following protocols.

Be honest with yourself. Have you followed the protocol? Don't tell yourself that you have done everything right when you haven't. The quicker you can be honest, the faster you can change course and improve things. 

Another way you might fail with natural cancer remedies is if you still use toxic cancer treatments.

4. You Use Toxic Cancer Treatments

It's easy to be afraid when you don't see significant improvements with natural therapies. Have I made a huge mistake by going fully natural?

Doctors and hospitals use fear to make us use their toxic therapies. They can only make a living when you pay for their treatments.

Chemotherapy brings enormous amounts of money to hospitals. This treatments is poisonous and can increase your cancer risk. All your efforts using natural cancer remedies can go to waste if you use this ailment. 

It's like spending hours tending your garden. You can fix the soil, water the plants, and plant new seeds. But if you find weeds and spray the whole garden with toxic chemicals, they will destroy it. 

Bald chemotherapy patient wearing a mask

Chemotherapy has many horrible side effects

You can't expect to get as good results with natural remedies if you use orthodox cancer treatments. They only create another uphill battle. And now you need to detox from them and create extra work.

Orthodox cancer treatments only treat cancer symptoms. They don't heal cancer. If you want to reverse cancer, you need to change your entire lifestyle. 

Healing cancer is not one miracle cure, as I mentioned before. It's only possible when you make a complete lifestyle change. I knew a guy that had lung cancer. In the beginning, he did various natural treatments. These remedies had a good effect on him.

But he still decided to do chemo and also had the COVID-shot. After his treatments, he became pale, looked like a ghost, and had many problems. He died within one year. 

Most cancer patients look fine after their diagnosis. You can't see that they have cancer. But when they later try chemo, they look like they have seen death. 

One example of that is the former press secretary Tony Snow.

Cancer Treatments Killed Former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow

Former White House press secretary Tony Snow died in July 2008 at 53. He followed a series of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer. 

In 2005, Snow had his colon removed and underwent six months of chemotherapy. Two years later, he had another surgery to remove a growth in his abdominal area. The colon surgery restricted his capacity to eliminate things through the colon. 

He then overburdened the liver and tissues with toxic waste. The chemo treatments damaged many cells. They also impaired Tony Snow's immune system. Snow was unable to heal the causes of the original cancer and developed new ones. 

A portrait of Tony Snow

Tony Snow's died in 2008 because of chemo treatments

The mainstream media insisted that Snow died from colon cancer. But they ignored that the treatments destroyed his healing abilities and killed him. When subjected to poisons and deadly radiation, it's difficult to heal from cancer. 

Before Snow began his chemo treatments, he still looked healthy and robust. But a few weeks into his treatment, he developed a hoarse voice. He looked frail, turned gray, and lost his hair. 

Cancer doesn't do such things, but chemo does. Most cancer patients die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not end breast, colon, or lung cancers. Yet doctors still use it for these tumors. 

The success rate of chemotherapy is even more shocking.

The Shocking Failure Rate Of Chemo

An Australian study looked at the effectiveness of chemotherapy in 22 major cancers. The scientists observed the five-year survival rate. It measures how long you survive, from when you get a diagnosis until you die.

So if you die five years and one second after your diagnosis, you are still a cancer survivor. The 5-year adult survival rate for cancer was over 60% in Australia and no less than that in the USA. Chemotherapy only contributed to that survival in 2.3% of cases in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.

That poor contribution to survival does not justify the enormous costs or suffering. With a meager success rate of 2.3%, it's one of the biggest frauds in history.

Chemo bag

The success rate of chemo is disappointing

Many doctors prescribe chemotherapy for late-stage cancers even if there are no benefits. Yet they claim chemotherapy to be an effective cancer treatment.

The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) goal is to ensure that drugs are safe. But the organization is in bed with drug companies. The FDA only demands that chemo can reduce cancer by 50% or more for 28 days. 

But there is no correlation between shrinking tumors for 28 days and curing the cancer. Temporary tumor shrinkage through chemotherapy can't cure cancer or extend life. 

Tumors seldom kill anyone. It only happens if they obstruct the common bile duct or other vital passages, such as the lungs. Most tumors are never health-endangering or life-threatening. Yet, we treat them like that.

Chemo has many serious side effects that make cancer patients' lives miserable.

Chemo Has Many Serious Side Effects

Chemotherapy can give the patient life-threatening mouth sores. It attacks the immune system by destroying billions of immune cells. Chemo inflames every part of the body. 

The most common side effect of chemo patients is their lack of energy. If you have cancer, you may think that feeling tired is part of the disease. 

But feeling tired is more likely due to anemia, a common side effect of most chemotherapy drugs. Anemia is when there is not enough oxygen in the blood. Red blood cells transport oxygen to the body. 

child undergoing chemo

Hair loss is a side effect of chemo, not cancer

Chemo decreases red blood cell levels and oxygen to 60-100 trillion cells. Another long-term side effect is when the body longer responds to nutrition. 

Radiotherapy has many severe side effects as well. It uses ionizing radiation which may cause more cancer. If you treat the chest area, it can also affect the heart muscle, which can lead to a heart attack later on. 

There have been patients that healed their cancer despite using toxic treatments. But every time you use them, you lower your survival chances.

Fear is why we use toxic cancer treatments, not logic.

You Need To Let Go Of Your Cancer Fear To Free Yourself From Toxic Cancer Treatments

If you get convinced to try toxic cancer treatments, it's likely because you're afraid of cancer. You still believe that cancer is your enemy and ought to kill you. But that is the furthest from the truth. 

Cancer is here to help you until you fix your underlying issues. The problem is not cancer but rather the toxins in the body caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

When you understand the mechanism of cancer and why it develops, you can reverse it. You will feel empowered and will not get manipulated by doctors. 

Your failure to heal cancer has nothing to do with natural health. It has to do with all the other reasons I mention in this blog post. 

A woman worrying

Our cancer fear makes us use toxic treatments such as chemo or radiotherapy

Believing that chemo or orthodox treatment can finally heal you is an illusion. I have never seen a good outcome of chemo in all my friends and relatives that had these treatments. They still died and had a lot of misery. 

To avoid this trap, you need to release your cancer fear. Fear is the only thing making you take these toxic treatments. When you understand why cancer develops, you will not trust doctors anymore. You can then do something about it. 

I wrote a blog post on how to let go of your cancer fear a while ago. There is also a podcast episode where I talk about the same thing. 

Reading or listening to this topic will strengthen you, and fear will not affect you. You won't let doctors manipulate you even if you haven't been able to heal your cancer. 

You can still detox from these treatments if you still have undergone them. Learn how to detox from chemo here or radiotherapy here.

Another mistake you can make is to rely on expensive alternative cancer treatments.

5. You Waste Money On Expensive Natural Treatments Instead Of Changing Your Lifestyle

As I said earlier, there is no one miracle cure. Healing has to do with a significant lifestyle change. There are many beneficial alternative treatments. But if you don't know how to live healthily, you will only waste money on them. 

If you believe you need treatments to heal cancer, you can forget to change your lifestyle. You can get stuck in various treatments and make cancer return after they end.

And when you're broke from all the therapies, you can feel like giving up. These expensive treatments can cause stress if they affect your financial situation. Stress is something you want to avoid if you have cancer. 

An older man looks distressed after reading a document.

Health is not expensive when you live according to nature

Health is not expensive when you live according to nature. When you treat your body the right way, it is easy to stay healthy. 

Your car will last longer if used according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you use the wrong fuel and parts and refuse maintenance work, your vehicle will break down faster. You will end up wasting lots of money on expensive repair work. 

You become unhealthy if you eat junk food, don't sleep enough, and live a stressful life. And if you believe that only drugs and treatments can fix your issues, you will waste tons of money on them. Medicines can't fix your problem if you don't want to change how you live. 

If you look at the longest-living people on earth, they follow certain health principles. They are healthier than other people and don't need medicines. What they do to live long is not expensive or complicated.

When you live according to the natural laws of your body, you will stay healthy, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. You can read this blog post to learn how to treat cancer on a shoestring budget.

Another reason you might fail with natural health is if you constantly change protocols.

6. You Change Protocols Too Often

Healing cancer takes dedication and time. But it goes a lot quicker when you use proper protocols. However, you still need to use the correct protocol for some time to see any benefits. If you change everything around all the time, how can you know whether it's working or not?

You won't see any good results if you eat a plant-based diet but later do keto, paleo, fully raw, and then Atkins. Before the plant-based diet could have yielded any good results, you changed to keto. Keto then negated the positive effects of the plant-based diet. 

A confused man

If you change protocols all the time, you can't expect to heal

The origin of your cancer may have started years before your diagnosis. It was a long process of neglect on your part. You can't expect quick fixes when it takes years for your cancer to develop.

When I went plant-based, I got better results the longer I stayed on it. Let's say that I wanted to heal my constipation but only tried the diet for ten days. But it took more than ten days to do that.

If I gave up after only ten days, I would be unable to heal my constipation. But it doesn't mean that the diet didn't work. It just means that I didn't give it time. Healing takes time.

Healing Takes Time

When you find a protocol you believe in, you must stick with it for a while. Healing takes time, and you shouldn't rush it.

I know someone who always changes his diet and tries various remedies but never sticks to anyone. How can he know that the treatments work?

Sometimes you need to change your health protocol. As I mentioned in the blog post, you won't see any major results using the wrong protocol. But before you reach this point, you must try the protocol until you know if it works. 

You should stick to the corresponding remedy when you have found your imbalance. If you know that a whole-food, plant-based diet is the way to go, you shouldn't try low-carb after 20 days. 

woman sitting on grass field

You need to stick to your healthy protocols

Let nature have its course and be patient, and don't become restless when you don't see instant results. Your diet might do wonders, but you might not see results because of stress. Don't abandon the diet when there is another problem you need to fix.

When you're new to alternative health, it can be confusing what to do. There are many protocols and treatments. Unlike orthodox therapies, there is often no defined course of action when you go the natural way. 

You need to figure things out and try different stuff. But when you try something, you should stick to it after doing a lot of research. We save you time on this homepage by presenting various remedies. 

Test them for a time and see what works. Don't give up after not seeing significant results in ten days. Healing takes time. Rome was not built in one day, nor was your cancer.

Another mistake you might make is to rely too much on supplements.

7. You Believe Supplements Will Heal You

Many supplement companies sell useless products. Most of them are artificial and don't come from whole foods. Why not get the nutrient from its whole source instead of an artificial one?

Supplements don't improve your health that much. You can get most nutrients from your diet. It's a lie that our food doesn't contain any nutrients.


Supplements can't heal you if you don't change your health habits

Deficiencies have more to do with not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Many people instead eat processed foods that have no nutrients. 

A plant-based diet contains most nutrients and minerals you need. We often hear that depleted soils limit our uptake of vitamins and minerals.

But plants can produce vitamins through a process called photosynthesis. They don't need it from the ground.

It's also a myth that our food is deficient in minerals.

Our Food Contains All The Minerals We Need

Mineral deficiency is, in theory, possible. But it's unlikely to affect anyone living in our modern society. A classic example of a mineral deficiency is iodine. It caused goiters in underdeveloped parts of the world, such as Africa.

There are also some rare cases of selenium and zinc deficiencies in poorer countries. These deficiencies occur because of the limited supply of food for these people. They eat only foods grown in their local region.

The soil in their neighborhood may be deficient in one of these minerals. But the risk of you suffering from vitamin or mineral deficiencies is small. The reason is that you eat foods grown from a wide variety of soils.

farm land without plants

If you eat food from different soils, mineral deficiency is unlikely

In the unlikely chance that one food was low in a mineral, another one could contain an abundant supply. That means a varied diet of plants can give you most of the nutrients you require. 

Nutritional databases also prove that vegetables contain all the nutrients that we need. Vegetables are not deficient in vitamins and minerals.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a huge database of the nutritional content of products. If our vegetables lack nutrients, we would see more negative conditions in people.

If you look at the USDA database, you can see that vegetables contain nutrients. The website uses nutritional data from many sources. On their website, you can see that fresh vegetables contain nutrients. 

The only vitamins that are hard to get on a plant-based diet are B12 and vitamin D.

B12 And Vitamin D Are Hard To Get From your Diet

The only vitamins that are hard to get on a plant-based diet are B12 and vitamin D. Vitamin D comes from the sun, and B12 from bacteria. If you want vitamin D, the best way to get it is from the sun.

B12 can be a bit trickier to get from the diet. We used to get it from the water. But since most of us get commonable water, wastewater treatment plants remove B12.

Vitamin B12 is part of the metabolism of all cells in the body. You can see the first effects of B12 deficiencies in the blood and the nervous system.

Anemia or low red blood count is one result of B12 deficiency. You can often cure it by taking small amounts of B12. Although you can find vitamin B12 in animal foods, plants or animals don't synthesize it.

water drops

You can find B12 in untreated water and the soil

Only bacteria make active vitamin B12. Cows, deer, and other free-living grazing animals have vitamin B12 in their muscles. They get it from soil particles that cling to plant roots.

The human gut also contains B12-synthesizing bacteria. But B12 is not immediately available to the body. In earlier times, humans acquired vitamin B12 in the same way as grazing animals.

They ate plant parts without washing them in chlorinated drinking water. Humans harvested plants and drank from streams, rivers, and wells. As a result, enough B12 flowed through human bodies.

But our traditional sources of B12 are almost gone. B12 is almost impossible to get if you live in the city. Root vegetables are now scrubbed and washed with chlorinated water. Few of us drink water from streams or wells.

Wastewater treatment plants also kill B12-producing bacteria. So modern-day vegans must rely on vitamin B12 supplements to meet their needs.

Our lack of B12 is an effect of modern sanitation. It is not proof that humans need to eat animal flesh. Most people have at least a three-year reserve of this vital nutrient. 

The long-term consequences of B12 supplementation are unknown. So far, this vitamin appears to be non-toxic and beneficial.

Recently scientists discovered vitamin B12 in water lentils or duckweed. So you may get B12 from a whole food source instead of a supplement. 

Often nutritional deficiencies are because of our lifestyle, not depleted soils.

Our Life-Style Causes Deficiencies

Obesity causes more vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is fat-soluble. Excess body fat will pull vitamin D out of circulation. The body responds with repair processes that include inflammation.

One of the responses to this inflammation is lowering vitamin D in the blood. Sunscreens also prevent our bodies from absorbing vitamin D by blocking UVB rays.

Almost all cases of vitamin B12 deficiencies are due to intestinal diseases. Damage to the ileum prevents the reabsorption of B12. 

Many people have low magnesium levels. When we're under stress, the body uses magnesium. So even if your food has adequate magnesium, you can still become deficient if you worry a lot.

Woman choosing betweeen salad or cake

Poor eating habits have more to do with deficiencies than avoiding supplements

If you drink dairy, you can still deplete your calcium reserve. Milk is acidic. A way for the body to reverse this effect is by using calcium from the bones. That is why dairy can lower your calcium levels. But if you get calcium from plants, this effect is not happening.

You might need supplements if you cannot get enough sunshine or B12. But they should only be the last resort. Other supplements aren't essential if you eat a varied plant-based diet. 

The only supplements that are okay are whole food powders. Examples include spirulina, kelp, or other healthy whole foods. These products contain fibers and nutrients from whole foods. The body can better understand their composition than artificial ones.

If natural sources are the best way to get nutrients, why do many people recommend supplements? To understand this, you need to follow the money.

Supplements Are Part Of A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Supplements are part of a multi-billion dollar industry. It doesn't want to give up its cash cow. The validity of research on dietary supplements is questionable. Therefore, we cannot know the composition and quality of ingredients. 

Researchers used DNA fingerprinting techniques to test 44 herbal supplements. Less than half of the supplements were authentic or contained what they said they did.

An athlete reads supplement facts of two types of supplements

Supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry

Most supplements contained plants not listed on the label and product substitutions. Many had contaminants or fillers not listed on the label. Only two of the 12 companies appeared to be completely authentic.

The remaining ten companies' products contained fillers, substitutions, or contaminants. Dietary supplements may: 

  • Be mixed with dangerous compounds
  • Be contaminated
  • Fail to contain the active ingredient
  • Contain unknown doses of the ingredients stated on the label
  • Be sold at toxic dosages
  • Produce harmful effects

What's worse is that supplement companies don't need to prove that their products work. By law, supplements can contain up to 50% more or 20% less vitamins.

Or 45% more and 20% less mineral than listed on the label. The FDA oversees medications. But vitamins don't get regular testing by any government agency.

So there's no way of knowing outside of independent testing if supplements work. One study estimated that at least 1 in 12 U.S. adults takes supplements known to cause kidney damage.

About a third of calls to poison control centers are due to dietary supplements. They may cause comas, seizures, heart attacks, liver failures, and death. Despite extensive research on food supplements, there is little regulation.

Supplements don't need to prove they are effective in treating the symptom. New supplement ingredients need only limited safety data. Dietary supplements may not claim to treat, prevent, diagnose, or cure diseases.

However, they can contain general health or nutrient content claims. But, there are no established criteria needed to support a claim.

Some health experts abuse this loophole. They tell their followers to buy their supplements to be healthy. In that way, they can earn extra money outside their book sales.

Health Experts Use Fear To Make Their Followers Buy Useless Supplements

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a board-certified family physician. He is the bestseller of books such as Eat To Live and The End Of Diabetes.

Fuhrman calls his way of eating a nutritarian diet. He tells his readers to eat nutrient-dense foods like greens and vegetables. Still, he says vegans need DHA supplements.

There is no real evidence that vegans need DHA supplements to be healthy. He is only using the situation to make more money.

Dr. Fuhrman's front website

Some health experts sell useless supplements to make more money

Dr. Joel Fuhrman designed and carried out a DHA study for a supplement he sells. His website removed Fuhrman as the primary investigator in the study before he published it. 

If Fuhrman can make thousands of followers buy his product, he can earn one million dollars in sales. And if they are repeat buyers, he can get millions of dollars on a useless supplement each year. If Fuhrman claims his diet is the most nutrient-dense, why must you buy supplements?

Another author, Mark Hyman, tells in his book Eat Fat, Get Thin that you need to take supplements. If he claims that his low-carb diet is so nutritious, you shouldn't have to take supplements to thrive. 

He recommends many supplements for the body's fat-burning and repair mechanisms. You can conveniently buy all of them on his homepage. According to Hyman, your daily supplements should include the following:

  • A high-quality multivitamin and multimineral supplement
  • 2 grams of purified fish oil (EPA/DHA)
  • 2000 units of vitamin D3
  • 300 to 400 milligrams of L-carnitine twice a day
  • 30 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 twice a day
  • 100 to 150 milligrams of magnesium glycinate (1 capsule twice daily)
  • PGX every meal with a large glass of water
  • Probiotics: 10 to 20 billion CFU (colony forming units)
  • MCT oil: 1 to 2 tablespoons
  • Electrolytes: 1 to 2 capfuls of E-lyte (a liquid electrolyte solution)
  • Potato starch: 1 to 2 tablespoon
  • Digestive enzymes: 1 to 2 capsules with each meal

Taking a lot of supplements will only cost you a lot of money. Why not fix your issues instead of using a band-aid solution?

Stop Wasting Money On Expensive Supplements

Cancer develops because of an unbalanced lifestyle. You can't fix it with supplements alone. Why not eat a whole-food plant-based diet containing all you need for a fraction of the cost?

Iodine can be hard to get from ordinary vegetables and fruits. But the best solution to this dilemma is to eat more food from the sea, such as kelp.

A buyer reading info about supplements

Supplements can't fix an unhealthy lifestyle

Supplements can't fix an unhealthy lifestyle. I know some people who take various supplements but are always sick. They don't eat a plant-based diet and have emotional issues. Yet, they believe that supplements will fix everything. 

Focus on living a healthy and balanced life. Stop wasting money on expensive supplements. You don't know if they will work or contain what they should. Don't wait for a miracle cure. Change your lifestyle instead.

Another common mistake I see in cancer patients is when they don't stop eating animal and processed foods.

8. You Still Eat Animal Products

Animal products are toxic to the human body, and we are not great at digesting them. They can increase our risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Meat contains several components that can raise our cancer risk, such as:

  • IGF-1
  • Heterocyclic amines
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Heme-iron
  • N-nitroso compounds
  • Saturated fat

If you don't eliminate animal foods, you can make it much harder to heal from cancer. Eating meat once a week can also harm your body.

The best and easiest way to succeed on a plant-based diet is to avoid any animal products. If you allow yourself to eat meat once in a while, you haven't eliminated this source. 

Most people are not disciplined enough to have an occasional indulgence of meat. Therefore the best way to stop the bad habit is to remove any temptation. Otherwise, you might fail and go back to your old ways.

A man eating a piece of meat

If you don't eliminate animal foods, you can make it much harder to heal from cancer

You need to make some tough choices. Do you want to keep eating your favorite animal and junk food and get sick? Or do you want to get healthier than ever before?

When people ask me if I miss eating meat, I tell them no without hesitation. Having more energy and stamina and no constipation is much more valuable.

Why should I mess up my body with foods that will destroy my health? Various plant recipes are delicious and healthy anyway. 

When you go plant-based, you shouldn't replace your crappy animal diet with a plant-based one. If you start to eat a lot of processed vegetable products with oils and white sugar, you can still get unhealthy.

Focus on a whole, low-fat, plant-based diet that is as close to nature as possible. You will feel much better and find new healthy recipes you can enjoy without guilt. 

Never let anyone tempt you to eat meat, even if they promise it can heal cancer.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Some low-carb teachers might tempt you to eat animal products. Low-carb diets don't stop cancer. Don't make excuses to eat unhealthy foods because some guru says so.

People like to hear good things about their bad habits. Why wouldn't you follow them if they tell you you can keep eating animal products and be healthy?

But if something is too good to be true, it often is. You need to learn the hard truth and eliminate foods that you enjoy. It's for the better good. Eat what your body needs, not what you crave. Some unhealthy foods might taste good but are detrimental to your health.

Low-carb promoters like the ketogenic movement tell us that cancer feeds on sugar. They then say that eating a low-carb diet can starve cancer cells to death. But cancer cells can use fat as an alternative energy source if they can't find any sugar.


Avoiding carbohydrates will not heal you from cancer

Therefore you can't stop cancer with a ketogenic diet anyway. The problem has always been our toxic lifestyle, such as animal products and stress. 

Many people are not honest when telling me they eat almost no meat. What they believe is little is a lot. Some people see the glass as half empty or half full. Several people say they have almost no meat during the week, but then I see them eat meat almost daily. 

You need to be honest with yourself. Don't tell yourself that you don't have any meat when you do. Get rid of animal products and stop poisoning your body.

You also need to remove toxins by detoxing.

9. You Don't Detox Enough

Detoxing your body is crucial if you want to reverse cancer. The reason you have cancer in the first place is that your organs are not able to detox as usual.

Imagine that garbage men stopped picking up your trash. After a while, your garbage bags would pile up and clog up your home. You wouldn't be able to move around your house. But if they started picking them again, your garbage would be gone instantly. 

Celery juice

You should detox if you have cancer

Our organs detox every day. The body creates waste from different processes. Think of all the trash you generate every day after you cook. There can be tins, food scraps, and other materials you need to remove. 

If our organs cannot detox, our bodies will become toxic and breeding grounds for cancer. Detoxing is a great way to help our organs regain their strength.

There are various natural cleanses you can try. One great detox is the Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse.

The Liver And Gallbladder Cleanse

The Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse is a safe and effective way to remove gallstones. Gallstones develop when our bad lifestyle produces toxins the liver can't handle.

The liver then stores them in cholesterol for safekeeping. But when gallstones start to block the bile duct or the liver, it becomes less effective at detoxing. The result is diseases like cancer. 

So how does the liver cleanse work? The liver cleanse is a natural protocol where you first eat a plant-based diet and drink apple juice for six days. 

The Liver And Gallbladder Cleanse

The Liver And Gallbladder Cleanse is a natural method of removing gallstones

The apple juice softens the gallstones. You eat a plant-based diet to make it easier for the liver. Animal products take a lot of effort for the liver to deal with. On the sixth day of the cleanse, you drink a solution of Epsom salt and later olive oil mixed with grapefruit juice

Epsom salt relaxes the colon and makes it more flexible when removing gallstones from the body. The grapefruit/olive oil mixture starts the purge of gallstones.

Grapefruit juice triggers the liver to eliminate gallstones, while olive oil is a lubricant. Your gallstones will travel through your colon at night. The next day you will find gallstones in your toilet. 

You can also do other cleansing programs like coffee enemas or kidney cleanses. Cleansing your lymphatic system is another excellent remedy.

The Lymphatic System Is A Breeding Ground For Cancer

The body uses the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins. Toxins attract cancer cells. Therefore a toxic lymphatic system is a breeding ground for cancer cells.

Overview of the lymphatic system

Cleansing the lymphatic system is vital if you have cancer, picture by BruceBlaus

If you haven't started any detox programs, you should begin now. Doing these cleanses can make it much easier to deal with cancer. If you want a tidy home, you have to clean it. 

The same is true with your body. If your body is toxic, you also need to clean it. You should also follow a healthy lifestyle so it doesn't become toxic again. When you do that, you don't need to cleanse your body as much.

Another reason you might fail with natural cancer remedies is if you try to do it alone.

10. You Try To Heal Alone

When you go the alternative way, you need all the support you need to succeed. Having someone that can encourage you during your healing journey can be invaluable. 

If you're doing it alone, it is easy to lose hope or motivation and give up. But if you're with a person that supports you and believes in alternative health, it's much easier.

When you're alone, and everyone tells you to take orthodox treatments, it's hard to resist them. We are social beings that long for validation and belonging. 

An alone woman looking through a window

Loneliness can make it harder to heal from cancer

Being part of a cancer support community can help you manage your cancer. The need for authentic connection and community is primal. It is as fundamental to our health and well-being as the need for air, water, and food.

There are five places in the world called the Blue Zones where people live the longest. Their strong communities are one of the reasons they live so long. 

Social connectedness is an integral part of the Blue Zones. Okinawans have "moais," groups of people who stick together with them their whole lives. Sardinians finish their day in the local bar, where they meet with friends.

Going alone can stall your healing effort.

Loneliness Makes You Sick

Loneliness makes us sick. It can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It is even more harmful than obesity.

People who are lonely, depressed, and isolated are more likely to get sick and die. Our culture has an epidemic of loneliness, isolation, and alienation. 

Loneliness causes chronic emotional stress and overactivation of the sympathetic nervous system. Inflammation increases in people who are lonely or depressed.

Creating safe group support is a powerful antidote to loneliness and isolation. Adequate social support increases the length of life for cancer patients. It also improves the quality of life. Chronic depression leads to a poorer cancer prognosis. 

A group of people cheering

Creating safe group support is a powerful antidote to loneliness and isolation

Stress hormones such as cortisol lead to gloomier cancer progression. They affect the sympathetic nervous system activity and telomere length in cells. This effect can affect your cancer growth. 

One study examined breast cancer patients. They attended a cancer support community once a week for one year. These women lived twice as long as those who didn't participate in these groups. Both groups had the same conventional treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy.

The community also makes you stronger.

The Community Makes you Stronger

If you try to break a stick, it's easy. But it's almost impossible if you try to break several at once.

You can get great suggestions when you're part of an alternative cancer community. And you can also share what worked for you with other cancer patients. So it is a win-win situation for both parties.

When you're new to alternative health, it's easy to become confused by all the existing remedies. Which one should you use? But when you're in a group with other cancer patients, listening to them can give you more clarity. 

A group of multicultural friends taking a selfie together

The community makes you stronger

Participate in a cancer support community to improve your chances of beating cancer. Go through your address book or your contact list of friends. 

What friend supports your healthy habits and challenges you mentally? Which ones can you rely on in case of need? If you, for example, want to eat a healthy vegan diet, find friends or other people that share the same goal. 

Joining a cancer support group can be crucial if you want to heal.

How To Find A Cancer Community

Join cancer support groups. One extraordinary group is Healing Strong. Its mission is to connect, support, and educate individuals with cancer. 

Healing Strong's motto is to help to rebuild the body, renew the soul, and refresh the spirit. Through this organization, you can join various support groups.

A silhouette of people rejoicing and raising arms

Join cancer support groups to make your healing journey easier

Spend at least 30 minutes a day with members of your inner circle. Establish a regular time to meet or share a meal. Building a solid friendship requires some effort. But this investment will pay you back in added years. 

Adopting good habits is much easier when everyone around you is practicing them. Therefore, you must find activities you enjoy and share them with others. In this way, you have a higher purpose and feel more secure.


Mistake 1: A miracle cure can't fix all your conditions if you continue to live an unbalanced life.

Mistake 2: You can fail to heal cancer if you use the wrong protocol.

Mistake 3: The third mistake is when you don't follow the protocol.

Mistake 4: You might fail with natural health if you still use toxic cancer treatments.

Mistake 5: The fifth mistake is when you use expensive alternative cancer treatments instead of changing your lifestyle.

Mistake 6: You might fail with natural health is if you constantly change protocols.

Mistake 7: You expect supplements to heal you instead of fixing your health.

Mistake 8: You don't quit animal products 100%.

Mistake 9: You don't detox.

Mistake 10: You try to heal alone instead of joining a natural cancer community.

How To Succeed With Natural Cancer Remedies

1. Look at your mistakes

2. Fix your mistakes

Action Steps

Now that you looked at why you might fail with natural cancer remedies, examine the list again. Is there one or more mistakes that you repeat? If so, make sure to fix them.

For example, if you still eat meat, try to ditch it altogether. Or if you change protocols all the time, look at that first.  When you stop repeating one of these ten mistakes, you can start to succeed.

You can download our 10 Things That Stop You From Healing With Natural Remedies Cheat Sheet to get a summary of these mistakes and learn what to do about them.

How To Avoid 10 Healing Mistakes 

Download this free e-book to learn 10 things that prevent you from healing from cancer and what to do about them.


About the author 

Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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