iodine for cancer

How To Use Iodine For Cancer And Your Thyroid

Iodine deficiency can lead to a host of issues in the body. Learn why you need to get this mineral to balance your thyroid and other organs. Discover how to use iodine for cancer and ways to fix iodine deficiencies with your diet.

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cancer books

Cancer Books You Should Read Now

Learn eight cancer books every cancer patient must read. Read these cancer books to understand cancer better and feel more empowered. Discover what to do now and never again feel afraid of cancer.

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cancer from obesity

How You Can Get Cancer From Obesity

Cancer from obesity is a real problem. Discover how obesity causes cancer. Find out why eating a low-fat, plant-based diet can help you lose weight and prevent cancer. Also, learn why you shouldn’t use the ketogenic diet to lose weight.

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magnesium health benefits

Magnesium Health Benefits – Why You Need It Now

Discover some magnesium health benefits and why you need this mineral to thrive. Find out how plants absorb magnesium, signs of magnesium deficiency, and how to get enough of it.

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A Low Sodium Diet Is Not Needed If You Have Cancer

You don’t need to eat a low sodium diet if you have cancer. Unhealthy foods are the cause of most of our diseases, not salt. In this blog post, you will learn about the history of salt and how it’s made. And lastly, you will find out why you don’t need to avoid salt in most cases.

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the gerson therapy

How To Use The Gerson Therapy To Treat Cancer

Find out how to use the Gerson therapy to treat cancer in this blog post. Learn the history of Max Gerson, the inventor of this therapy, and how he created it. Also, discover the four pillars of the Gerson therapy and how to get started.

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b17 for cancer

How To Use Vitamin B17 For Cancer

Learn how to use vitamin B17 for cancer. Discover how it kills cancer cells and the cover-up going on. Find out where to find B17 and how to use it to treat cancer.

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medicinal weeds

Five Medicinal Weeds Growing In Your Garden

Did you know that there are medicinal weeds growing in your garden? In this blogpost, you’re going to learn the purpose of weeds. Then you will find out five medicinal weeds that you should eat to improve your health and fight cancer.

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nutritional supplements

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Nutritional Supplements

​Most ​​nutritional supplements are useless and can’t prevent diseases. The best way to get nutrients is from vegetables and sunshine, not pills. In this ​blog post, you will learn why supplements are not the best source of nutrients. You will also discover some common side effects of taking them. And finally, you will learn more about

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cancer genes

Why Cancer Genes Do Not Cause Cancer

There are no cancer genes that spread cancer. In this blog post, you will discover why our Western style of living causes cancer, not our genes.  After you read this article, you will see why you’re not a helpless victim and can do something about cancer.

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