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Why Cancer Genes Do Not Cause Cancer

November 20, 2019
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Simon Persson

There are no cancer genes that spread cancer. In this blog post, you will discover why our Western style of living causes cancer, not our genes. 

After you read this article, you will see why you're not a helpless victim and can do something about cancer.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

Cancer Genes Do Not Cause Cancer

Cancer Has Always Been A Rare Illness

Cancer has always been a rare illness. It has only increased in industrialized nations during the past 40- 50 years.

Many people blame our genes for our increased cancer rate. But human genes have not changed that much for thousands of years. So why would they decide to create cancer now?


Mummies showed almost no sign of cancer

In 2010, Professor Rosalie David and Michael Zimmerman looked at the origins of cancer. They examined almost a thousand mummies from ancient Egypt and South America.

The researchers observed fossils and ancient medical texts for evidence of cancer. They only found five cases of tumors out of a thousand mummies. Only one of those tumors was thought to be malignant.

The earliest scientific literature describing cancer started thousands of years later. Back then, there were not many incidents of cancer.

The medical establishment still blames our genes for the high incidence of cancer.

The Cancer Gene Dogma

Our traditional held view or dogma is that cancer is a genetic disease. The National Cancer Institute says cancer is a genetic disease caused by mutations. The pharmaceutical industry also pushes this view.

sick dna

The establishment still believes our genes cause cancer

All major college textbooks talk about cancer as a genetic disease. There's little discussion of alternative views to the genetic perspective.

Otto Warburg discovered that cancer is a defect in the energy metabolism of the cell. Despite his discovery, most research focus on the genetic factor of cancer.

But Dr. Thomas Seyfried later revealed that our genes do not cause cancer.

Proof That Our Genes Can't Cause Cancer

Dr. Thomas Seyfried went through the scientific literature over decades of work. He wanted to find out if our genes cause cancer.

As he looked at the results, he didn't find evidence that supported the cancer gene theory. He discovered that cancer is a metabolic disease, not a genetic one.

Any genetic mutations are an effect of faulty mitochondria. Mitochondria are the little power stations within each cell.

In Seyfried's report, he described some eye-opening experiments. Scientists transplanted the nucleus of a tumor cell into a healthy and normal cell.

The nucleus is where our genes and DNA reside inside the cell. If cancer is gene driven, then cancerous nuclei should cause more genetic mutations.

Cancer experiment with nucleus and mitochondria

Cancerous mitochondria cause more cancer, not the nucleus

But that's not what happened. When the nuclei of cancer cells got into healthy cells, the new cytoplasm did not form cancer. It remained healthy and normal.

When scientists moved a normal nucleus into a cancer cell, the cell died or formed tumor cells. Other researchers transferred healthy mitochondria into a cancer cell.

And what happened? The cancer cells stopped growing. Other scientists took the mitochondria from a tumor cell and put it into cancer cells. And the cancer cells began growing faster.

If our genes are not causing most cancers, then it must be something we do that is behind it. So if it is not genetic, could it be our diet or environment?

Asians Get More Cancer As They Move To America

It is clear if you look at the science that our consumption of animal products increase our cancer risk.

The EPIC study found that gastric cancer risk goes up when you eat more red and processed meat. And a One study compared that red and processed meat increased the risk of colon cancer.

Studies show that there is a much lower incidence of prostate cancer in Asia than in America. Japanese people eat far more soy, fruits, and vegetables than Americans.

Japanese people crossing the street in Tokyo

Japanese people have less cancer than Americans

They also consume far less protein and meat. So they are not exposed to all the carcinogens in meat.

You can argue that Japanese people have less cancer because they have better genes. But migration studies of people moving to America show that they get more cancer.

Take breast cancer, for example. Asian countries often show a low incidence of breast cancer. But Asians in the United States soon develop it at the same rate as other Americans.

Breast cancer rates go up in Asian and African countries as they adopt the Western lifestyle and diet.

If you look at the oldest living people on earth you can see that they follow certain principles.

The Health Secrets Of The Oldest People In The World

There are five places in the world called the Blue zones where people live the longest. They all follow certain health practices that make them healthier than the rest of the world.

I made a blog post before that explained nine secrets they all use to live to old age. One of their secrets to longevity is their diet.

Okinawa diet percentage

Okinawans ate 69% sweet potatoes and almost no meat

The diet in the Blue Zones is, for the most part, plant-based. In Okinawa, Japan, 69% of their calories came from sweet potatoes. And less than 4% of their food contained meat and dairy products.

One study compared deaths among Okinawans, ordinary Japanese people, and Americans. Okinawans had far fewer deaths from cancer and heart disease than Japanese and Americans.

Compared to Americans, they had:

  • Two to three times fewer colon cancer deaths
  • Seven times less prostate cancer deaths
  • Five and a half times lower risk of dying from breast cancer

Epigenetic research also shows that our genes are not static but can be changed.

We Can Change Our Genes

There is a revolutionary field in biology called epigenetics. It looks at how our genes affect us. In the last decade, epigenetic research showed that our genes are not our destiny!

Environmental influences, including nutrition and stress, can modify our genes.


It's our stress and diet that cause cancer, not our genes, picture by Kelvinson

The media made a big fuss over the discovery of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer genes. But they failed to say that 95% of breast cancers are not due to inherited genes.

You don't need to remove your breasts because someone finds "faulty genes" in you. If our genes do not cause cancer, then why is it so rampant?

Why We Have More Cancer

Throughout the years, there have not been many incidents of cancer. Cancer exploded as a result of the changes humanity made to the world.

The Industrial Revolution paved the way for more toxins in our environment. We have more stress and emotional problems than ever before.

There are also more junk food and processed food that our ancestors didn't have to deal with. When you eat animal products, you also increase your cancer risk.

Smog from industry

We started to get more cancer after the Industrial revolution

Knowing that our genes cannot cause cancer is a big revelation. You can change your internal environment in the body if you eat a healthy diet or change your mindset. It means that we're not helpless victims and can do something about our condition.

The vast majority of people come into this world with genes that should enable them to live a healthy life. Our genes do not cause illnesses but instead our response to the environment.

If our genes don't cause cancer, then why do most researches believe in the cancer gene theory?

Big Pharma Doesn't Want A Cure For Cancer

The reason scientists still insist that our genes cause cancer is simple. Pharmaceutical companies don't want to find a cure for cancer.

Their worst fear is that we find out that our habits induce cancer. By making us believe that our genes cause diseases, they can turn us into victims.

If we have faulty genes, there is nothing we can do about it. At least, that is what drug companies want us to think.

big pharma octopus

Big Pharma uses the gene theory to stop the cure for cancer

If researchers looked at the environmental causes of cancer, we would soon find the solution. The medical cartel managed to convince most people that our heredity is behind diseases.

That is the reason why they can persuade us to use chemotherapy even if it's lethal. The whole system is fear-based. As soon as you get a diagnosis, your doctor pushes you to do chemo, radiation, or surgery.

Cancer is a billion-dollar industry that needs sick people. The whole notion that genes cause cancer is one of the biggest scams on earth.

Your genes do not decide your health, but your habits. If more people stopped believing in the cancer gene theory, the system would collapse.


Cancer has always been a rare illness

Our traditional held view or dogma is that cancer is a genetic disease

Cancer is a metabolic disease, not a genetic one

Migration studies show that Asians get more cancer as they move to America

The oldest people on earth follow certain health practices

Epigenetic research shows that we can change our genes

The Industrial Revolution paved the way for more toxins in our environment

The are no cancer genes that lead to cancer

Big Pharma uses the cancer gene theory to stop the cure for cancer

How To Reverse Cancer Naturally

1. Stop blaming you genes

2. Change your bad health habits

Action Steps

If you want to reverse cancer, you need to stop blaming your genes. Instead, it's time for you to understand that you're responsible for your health. You don't have to be afraid of cancer genes.

There are many action steps you can take to stop cancer. Your diet and stress levels are the first things you should fix.

If you want to learn some tips on how to prevent cancer, then download our free cheat sheet. Learn nine ways to prevent cancer by using natural solutions. Never again let your genes decide your destiny.

Learn 9 Ways To Prevent Cancer

Download this free e-book to learn 9 tips you can use to prevent cancer.


Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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