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                     Published: December 9, 2022 Host: Simon Persson

This episode teaches you how to let go of your cancer phobia. Discover why learning the truth about cancer will make you worry less about cancer. 

You will also discover ways to stop worrying about cancer by working on your thoughts.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.


  • Doctors use our cancer phobia
    to make us use their treatments.
  • When you know the truth about cancer and why you develop it, you'll lose your fear of cancer.
  • Your body always wants to go back to a state called homeostasis.
  • Cancer is a survival mechanism, not a mistake by the body.
  • If we follow unhealthy habits, we become sick.
  • The main reason people die of cancer is the toxins, not cancer.
  • Stress can increase cancer.
  • Animal products can cause more cancer.
  • Heavy metals can increase cancer.
  • We need enough sleep every day.
  • Sunshine can boost the immune system and reduce cancer.
  • To stop worrying about cancer, you must quit believing in the thoughts that create these emotions.
  • Happiness is the result of losing the beliefs behind your suffering.
  • The moment that you forget worrying about cancer, you feel fine.

How To Stop Your Cancer Phobia

1. Educate yourself about cancer

2. Work on your stressful thoughts about cancer

Discover 2 Steps You Can Use To Stop Worrying About Cancer

If you want to learn how to let go of your cancer phobia, you can download our free guide. In our guide, How To Let Go Of Your Cancer Fear, you will discover three powerful exercises that you can use to let go of your stressful thoughts about cancer.

In this document, you will also learn the truth about cancer which will make you more inspired and relaxed.


Episode transcript:

Simon: Cancer doesn't need to be scary. If you learn the truth about cancer, you will lose your fear of it. In this episode, you'll learn the real cause of cancer and why you are in control of it.

And when you discover the truth about cancer, you will lose your fear of it. You will also learn ways to stop worrying about cancer by working on your thoughts.

Intro jingle: Welcome to the Cancer Wisdom podcast. This podcast teaches you how to treat cancer with natural remedies without using toxic treatments. Discover how to take charge of your health and not be a slave to Big Pharma medicine. Here's your host Simon Persson.

Simon: Our fear of cancer has to do with the belief that we are not in control. When you have this victim mentality and believe that you can't do anything about your cancer, it's natural that you will become fearful of cancer.

The overall belief about cancer in our society is that cancer comes to the unlucky ones. Everyone believes that cancer is a horrible disease that wants to kill us.

And when you mention the big C or cancer, everyone starts to become fearful. And we feel that cancer is the big enemy that we need to fight.

Therefore most of us treat cancer with cut, burn, and poisoning. But these treatments cause more suffering and more cancer.

Doctors use our fear of cancer to make us use their treatments. It's what I call the Cancer Sales Funnel. When marketers want to create future customers, they create a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is the path you want your future customers to take. Usually, it starts with a sales page or some kind of marketing page.

When the future customer watches the sales page, they either buy the product or not. And if they buy it, they will be part of an email list, and then you can sell other products to them later.

The cancer industry uses the same formula. They make everyone fearful of cancer and tell us that if you don't use our treatments right away, you will die.

And therefore, most of us are rushed into these treatments, and we have no time to do any research about cancer. Fear is the greatest motivator for people to take action.

Our current medical model only treats the symptoms of diseases and doesn't want to heal diseases. So the most powerful way of getting rid of your cancer fear is to educate yourself about cancer.

When you know the truth about cancer and why you develop it, you'll lose your fear of cancer. You will find out that cancer is not your enemy and is there to help you. There are two main ways to get rid of your fear of cancer.

The first step is to learn the truth about cancer and ways you can prevent it. And the second step is to work on your stressful thoughts about cancer.

So when you get your first cancer diagnosis, it can be extremely stressful. So most of us know nothing about cancer, and the only thing we have read or heard about cancer before is that it's a dangerous disease that wants to kill us.

When you’re in this tough situation, it can feel overwhelming. It's like when you are new at a job. On your first workday, it can feel overwhelming, especially when you don't know that much in the beginning. But as you grow in your role, you will feel more confident and won't be as stressed out.

Before, when I didn't know that much about cancer, I was scared of it as anyone else. This was before I knew about alternative health. Every time I had minor symptoms, I believed that it was cancer, and I became fearful.

I had no idea what cancer was. I believed that it was something in the air that caused cancer and that it spread like a virus. And when you got it, there was nothing you could do about it.  

My family also had a history of cancer. My grandma on my mother's side died of cancer. And my grandpa on my dad's side had stomach cancer. So I was worried that I would get cancer. One day when I visited my friend, I sat in their living room.

So my friend's mom had problems with diabetes and other issues. And when she went to the doctor, they couldn't help her. So she started to read more about alternative health.

And one time, when I sat at the table, I saw a thick book called Timeless Secrets Of Health And Rejuvenation by Andreas Moritz. So this book talked about health in general. There were individual chapters about heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

And what was amazing about this book was that the author had natural explanations of why these diseases occurred. So after I read this book, it changed my view of medicine, and I had a big revelation.

I felt inspired and empowered, and I knew that I could prevent these diseases if I changed my health habits. So after I read this book, my fear of cancer became much weaker.

I knew that cancer didn't happen by chance. It was my dietary choices, emotional baggage, and toxins that influenced my cancer growth. We can all decide what we put inside our mouths,  and we're able to release our negative emotions and detox.

Another thing I learned from this book was that your body always wants to go back to a state called homeostasis. The body always wants to stay in this healthy state. For example, there are many processes that the body controls, and it makes sure that they stay within those limits.

Every day the body measures your body temperature. Your body temperature needs to stay at 95 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 to 41.7 centigrades. Otherwise, you are in danger.

Your body also checks your pH levels and needs to make sure that you're always alkaline. So the body always needs to maintain homeostasis at each level, and that's the key to sustaining the body's function.

But when we face new challenges, they can push your biological systems out of balance, and then the body needs to maintain homeostasis, and that often involves negative feedback loops. These loops oppose the stimuli or cue that triggers them.

For example, every time you exercise, you increase your body heat. The nerve cells in your skin detect a high temperature and relay it to the brain. The brain processes this information and activates the sweat glands. And the sweat glands bring the body temperature down.

And if you are cold, the brain increases the blood flow to your skin, and you start to shiver and get warm. If you drink too much fruit juice, the body needs to deal with the sudden glucose spike.

And every time you cut yourself, your body inflames the area to heal the wound to protect itself from further damage. So all these processes happen automatically, and they all exist to make your body stay healthy.

Your body doesn't want to create diseases, nor does it make mistakes. Cancer is a natural process of the body and is not a mistake. Cancer manifests in your body when it's out of balance. The main cause of cancer is toxins.

When the body's not able to get rid of the toxins, healthy cells are surrounded by them. And when there're a lot of toxins, oxygen levels decrease.

So cancer cells use glucose to survive, and it also absorbs the toxins to protect other healthy cells. Your body creates cancer cells as a last resort to protect itself from the toxins in the body. If the body didn't do that, then you would be dead instantly.

So cancer is not a disease but a survival mechanism. Diseases are biological programs that the body uses to deal with a situation. Our stressful and toxic lifestyle is the real cause of our diseases.

And when we don't take care of our health, we become sick. Maintaining your health is like taking care of your car. You need to give your car the right fuel, change the oil, or swap worn parts. If you use the wrong fuel, your car will start to malfunction.

It's the same with our bodies. If we follow unhealthy habits, the body will have problems maintaining homeostasis. So sadly, most of us don't know how to take care of our bodies.

The general belief about cancer is that it strikes us like lightning and that we can't do anything about it. We're often told that our genes are the real cause of cancer. But our genes do not cause cancer.

I read this amazing book called the Emperor of All Maladies. This book looked at cancer throughout history. And the most amazing revelation of this book was that cancer was a rare disease thousands of years ago.

And it's only in our modern age that we have more cancer. So cancer deaths tripled in the US in the 20th century. If our genes were the cause of our cancer, then we wouldn't have much cancer because our ancestors didn't have it.

So that means that it's our habits that are behind cancer. Cancer doesn't have any weapons to kill us. If you don't fix the toxins in your body,  it will only become larger but not try to kill you. The only time cancer can be deadly is if it's blocking vital pathways such as your lungs or colon.

You can live years with cancer and still survive. It can cause pain and suffering, but not death. Chris Carr is a woman that has survived over 15 years with stage four cancer.

And what's amazing about her situation is that she didn't use any orthodox cancer treatments. She's able to put her cancer in check by living a healthy lifestyle.

 The main reason why people die of cancer is because of the toxins, not cancer. Cancer makes it possible for you to live longer than you otherwise would.

So cancer makes it possible for you to live longer in this toxic state. But if you don't fix the toxins, you will eventually die of the toxins.

Cancer exists, so you can fix your bad health habits and remove the toxins. And when you have removed the toxins, there's no need for the body to create cancer anymore. The body can tell cancer cells to die anytime it wants.

The only reason why it allows cancer to exist is that it needs them to survive longer. And when the toxic state is removed, the body then tells the cancer cells to die.

Heart disease is more scary than cancer. You can die within minutes if you don't get help during a cardiac arrest. My best friend's dad recently passed away from heart issues. The day before, he seemed healthy, but after he went for a run and sat down outside, he died, and no one was there to save him.

If you don't fix your heart issues, you can die suddenly. But if you have cancer and don't take care of your health, it will only become larger and larger and won't kill you until your body is so toxic that there's nothing more the cancer can do to save you.

So you can reverse heart disease and cancer by changing your health habits. Caldwell B. Esselstyn and Dean Ornish did studies where they reversed heart disease by making the participants eat a plant-based diet.

In Esselstyn's study, the participants that followed his strict plant-based diet, the majority didn't have any more heart issues. And the patients that gave up and followed a regular diet, a lot more in that group, got heart attacks again.

So, therefore, when you have heart issues, you need to change your diet and destress; otherwise, you can die of heart disease instantly.

There's a cause of every disease, including cancer. So most cancer deaths are actually caused by toxic cancer treatments. So that means that cancer is not your enemy. It's the so-called cure that's behind most of the deaths.

There are several ways you can prevent cancer. One area is stress. When the body is in real danger, it activates the fight or flight response. So your heart pumps faster,  and your body releases adrenaline, which makes you run faster from a predator, such as a bear.

And when you are safe, the body will return to homeostasis. Your heart is pumping at a lower rate, the adrenaline lessens, and the body relaxes.

Every time you activate the fight and flight response, the body releases stress hormones, and these stress hormones can become toxic if prolonged.

So the dangerous situation that you experience often happens for a short burst of time, and it doesn't affect our health if it's not prolonged. But the problem is that the body can't discern a real situation from an imagined one.

So the same biological responses activate when you get chased by a bear or imagine it. So you can lie in a warm bed and be safe but still worry about your finances, and the body will activate a stress response, even if there's no danger. There are two types of fear, physical fear caused by a real situation, such as getting chased by a predator.

And then we have psychological fear caused by our thinking. When I researched about cancer, I found out that many cancer patients have experienced rejection, abandonment, betrayal, and injustice.

Cancer patients have emotional wounds from their isolation in childhood. And because of this trauma,  many cancer patients are angry and bitter.

And when your body is in this negative energy, it increases the risk of cancer. Your body is pure energy. If you look at atoms, you will find out that everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Our cells are vibrating all the time at different frequencies, and our emotions and thoughts can distort the energy field of the body. Chinese healers knew that the body had energy called chi, and when this chi energy was free-flowing, there were no diseases.

But if this energy was stagnant, then you would start to develop diseases. So the highest vibration we can experience is love. When we dwell in negativity, we distort the energy field of the body, and that can cause more cancer.

So there was a doctor called Ryke Geerd Hamer that discovered that cancer manifests because of emotional trauma. He made this discovery when he developed testicular cancer after his son died. He had perfect health his whole life, and all of a sudden, he got testicular cancer.

So he wanted to know if the emotional shock from his son's death caused his cancer. Hamer conveniently worked at a cancer ward in  Munich, Germany,  and he was able to talk to other cancer patients, and he asked them if they had experienced any trauma before their cancer diagnosis.  

And he also made CT scans of their brains and found a correlation between emotional trauma and cancer, and he was able to pinpoint where in the brain caused a particular cancer.

Hamer discovered that diseases are biological programs that the body uses to deal with the situation. So cancer has many biological programs to deal with the trauma.

Another reason why we might get more cancer is our diet. Humans are herbivores, which means that we should eat plants. So we are not built to eat meat, like carnivores such as lions and cats. If you compare our bodies to carnivores, there are many differences.

I already made a podcast episode about how our diet can cause cancer. If you want to learn more about this topic, then you should listen to that episode. When we give our bodies the right type of food,  it will stay healthy. But if we give it things like animal foods, then it will become sick.  

So animal foods contain a lot of things that can increase our cancer risk. One such problematic ingredient is IGF-1. So it's a growth hormone that the body uses to grow when you are a kid. But as you grow older, there's no need to grow anymore.

High levels of IGF-1 can increase our risk of breast cancer. Another thing in meat that can increase our cancer risk is heterocyclic amines. Every time you cook meat,  the outer surface of the meat will create heterocyclic amines.  

When you throw a steak on a barbecue, the dark grill marks contain a lot of heterocyclic amines, and they have been shown to cause more cancer.

Another problematic thing in meat is heme-iron. So there are two types of iron, non-heme iron and heme-iron. So non-heme iron comes from plants and is not toxic to the body.

And heme-iron from animal products can cause more cancer. Other things in meat that can make us sicker are saturated fat and cholesterol.

If you look at the longest-living people on earth,  you can see that they eat a starch-based diet. So 95% of their diet comes from plants and only 5%  from animal products.  

Cancer can't survive in an alkaline state. So when you eat a plant-based diet, you make your body more alkaline and therefore lower your risk of cancer.

Since the industrial revolution, we've been more exposed to toxic heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. So heavy metals can enter human tissues via inhalation, diet, and manual handling.

The most common source of heavy metal poisoning is amalgam tooth fillings, which contain 50% mercury. If you have these tooth fillings, then you should talk to a biological dentist to remove them immediately.

Your body also needs sleep to function well. Our bodies follow circadian rhythms every day. Circadian rhythms follow the sun and are the body's original 24-hour clock. When it's dark outside, your body produces melatonin.

You need melatonin to fall asleep. But because we use light bulbs and electronic gadgets that emit blue light, we reduced the production of melatonin.

The body needs melatonin to fall asleep and then start its repair work. If you stay up all night and don't get enough sleep, you can increase your risk of cancer.

So we need to sleep to create a strong immune system and fight cancer. When we produce melatonin, we also stop the growth of cancer.

Another thing we need to stay healthy is vitamin D  from the sun. So moderate sunshine is great for your health, and it can also reduce your cancer risk. Sunshine can boost the immune system, and it's also good for your heart and can reduce cancer and create strong bones.

Another thing you can do to remove your cancer fear is to look at your stressful thinking. It's our thoughts that create our cancer fear, not cancer itself.

Cancer or external events are not the source of our fear. It's always our thoughts. If cancer was the source of our fear,  you wouldn't be able to stop worrying about it unless it disappeared. But every time you get distracted and stop thinking about cancer, you don't feel fearful anymore.

If cancer was the true source of your fear, you wouldn't be able to stop worrying about it. You might believe that our situations create unwanted emotions and that we need to change the external environment.

But joy is not created by the new circumstance. Happiness is the result of losing your thoughts behind your suffering. It's the negative thoughts that create our sadness, anger, and anxiety about a specific circumstance.

And the moment that you forget worrying about cancer, you feel fine. If cancer induced your fear, you wouldn't be able to relax as long as it was inside you. But sometimes you forget to worry about it and feel relaxed.

If cancer was the true cause of your worry, how can you still feel anxious about it when it's gone? So people that had cancer before can worry about a recurrence, even if they don't have cancer for the moment.

So suffering can only happen when you resist the present moment, and when you don't resist your cancer, you won't feel any fear. Two people can get the same cancer diagnosis and feel different about it.

One person can see cancer as a horrible disease that wants to kill him and therefore feel he needs to use toxic treatments.

And the other person finds out the truth about cancer and knows that if he changes his health habits, he can reverse it. This person can also accept his condition and don't resist it, and he will have a more joyful experience than the other person.

If you want to stop worrying about cancer, you need to quit believing in your thoughts that create these emotions. You don't need to fix yourself, change others, or improve your situation to feel better about cancer.

You only need to recognize that your thoughts are not true and stop believing them. And then your fear will disappear even if you have cancer.

If you want to learn how to let go of your cancer fear,  you can download our free guide. In our guide, How To Let Go Of Your Cancer Fear, you will learn three powerful exercises that you can use to let go of your stressful thoughts about cancer.

In this document,  I also provide links to blog posts on our homepage that you should read to learn more about cancer.

And when you understand that cancer is not here to kill you and that you can do something about it, then you'll feel more inspired and relaxed. And you know that cancer is your friend and not your enemy.

I will provide the links in the show notes below. Thanks for listening to this episode, and I'll see you in the next one. 

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