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The Scary Truth Of The Transhumanism Agenda

Governments worldwide push for the transhumanism agenda. Find out why they want to remove genders and create synthetic humans. Discover how COVID-19 vaccines, artificial intelligence, and 5G relate to transhumanism and how to stop it.


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The Transhumanism Agenda

The pharmaceutical industry is an evil and corrupt institution. Every year people die of their toxic drugs and cancer treatments. The only thing these companies care about is money. 

If you thought that killing people for profit was terrible, their next big project is even worse than that. It's called transhumanism.

Aldous Huxley transhumanism agenda

Julian Huxley coined the term transhumanism in 1957

The English biologist and philosopher Julian Huxley coined the term in 1957. Transhumanism is a movement that wants to" improve" the human body with technologies. Ways to achieve this goal include: 

  • Cloning
  • Bionics
  • Drugs
  • Genetic modification
  • Nanotechnology

Governments around the world have in recent years pushed for the transhumanism agenda. Transgender propaganda and programming confuse young peoples' self-identity. The media, government departments, medical professionals, and academic institutions are all in on it.

We have no-gender toilets and the banning of male-female terms such as boy and girl, mum and dad. BBC's program for kids as young as six features a child taking hormone-blocking drugs.

The confusing of gender identity is to prepare us for the no-gender, synthetic human. Today's young are the biggest target because they will be the adults when it becomes a reality.

The first step in the transhuman transition is to remove gender-specific pronouns.

Governments Want To Remove Gender Pronouns

Governments want us to use new transgender pronouns. Pronouns are words that we use to replace nouns in a sentence. Today we refer to women as she/her/hers/herself. Or men with he/him/his/himself.

transgender sign

The confusing of gender identity is to prepare us for the no-gender, synthetic human

They/them pronouns are most popular by non-binary people. They are individuals who don't identify only as men or women. Transgender can also use other pronouns called Neopronouns.

Neopronouns are any third-person pronouns not officially recognized in the language. Some examples include:

  • Ze/hir/hir/hirs/hirself
  • Zie/hir/hir/hirs/hirself
  • Xe/xem/xyr/xyrs/xemself
  • Ey/em/eir/eirs/eirself
  • Ne/nem/nir/nirs/nemself
  • Ve/ver/vis/vis/verself

Governments worldwide push us to use transgender pronouns. If we don't obey, we may face persecution.

It's Now Illegal Use Incorrect Gender Pronouns

It's now illegal in some places not to use the correct pronoun. People have lost their jobs for not using the correct pronoun for a female identifying as a male or vice versa.

In May 2019, a court ruled the father's "misgendering" of his child as "family violence." He called his daughter a girl and not a boy. A court ordered him to stop using female pronouns.

The girl's mother supports both social transition and hormonal treatments. But the father does not. The government decided that the sex change will happen, and the father has no say in the matter.

transgender people

We can decide our gender according to transhumans

There is also a push for gender-neutral words. Breastfeeding will become "chestfeeding." Breastmilk is "human milk."

Other changes include replacing "woman" with "person." Or "father" with "parent", "co-parent" or "second biological parent".

A film made by BBC Teach explained that there are more than 100 different gender identities. Our sexual organs are no longer the deciding factor in determining what gender we have. We are gender fluent and can decide whether we are men or women.

You can identify as a male in the morning and a female in the evening. Creepy men can say they are women to enter female locker rooms and change back after they leave.

In the United States, about 0.58% of the adult population identifies as transgender. Why are governments focused on not offending a minuscule part of the population? Who benefits by us removing genders?

To find out the answer, we need to follow the money.

Follow The Money And The Transgender Agenda Makes Sense

In an earlier blog post, I described how the oil billionaire John D. Rockefeller took over the medical industry. Rockefeller gave grants to medical schools to teach allopathic medicine. He found a way to make drugs by using his oil. 

People at Jekyll Island meeting 1910

Private bankers met at Jekyll Island and highjacked the financial system

Rockefeller and other private bankers such as the Rothschilds and Warburgs met at Jekyll Island in 1910.

During this meeting, they created the Federal Reserve Act. In 1913 Congress passed the bill, and the president signed it in December the same year.

This act gave private bankers the power to issue money. Since then, they have used the control of the monetary system to manipulate the world to their plan.

Only a few families control the world.

Elite Banking Families Control The World

Thirteen Elite banking families control where the money goes or doesn't. Private banks can lend money that doesn't exist. They create something called credit and charge interest on it. Controlling the creation and circulation of money is holding the system together. 

The Rothchild dynasty is at the forefront of the monetary system. One percent of humanity owns the majority of the world's wealth. This scam is possible by centuries of manipulation of the financial system. 

Pyramid showing Illuminati structure

A small group of people controls the world through the financial system

Money is debt in its creation. The goal of the monetary system is to turn everyone into slaves. We can never pay back the debt, and therefore we're are always enslaved to the banking system.

You would think that with their vast wealth, the financial Elite would be satisfied. What more is there to strive for if you have unlimited wealth?

When you have everything you want, there is only one more thing that you can strive for: power.

What The Financial Elite Wants Is Power

To understand why the financial Elite wants power, we need to learn about the ego. Almost every person has an ego. It's a false self created by our negative thoughts. 

Deep inside, we are complete. Love is the core of our being. The only thing hindering us from seeing it is our negative thoughts. Enlightened human beings have all found that happiness can only come by silencing the mind.

It's nothing you can find in external things. Most people try to find fulfillment from achievements, wealth, and possessions. But everyone following that path doesn't find everlasting happiness. 

Woman covering her mouth with a dollar bill

Most people try to find fulfillment from achievements, wealth, and possessions.

The ego believes that it can become complete by getting more. But it will never become satisfied. The financial Elite has enormous egos. They think that they can achieve happiness by controlling the world. 

Elite bankers believe that they are above everyone else and need to control us for the greater good. They want to create a world government so they can rule us. 

To achieve this dystopia, they need us to become dependent on the state. So how can they do that? By breaking our independence.

If You Want Total Control You Need To Break Peoples' Independence

There are certain things that humans need to thrive. We need food, water, shelter, energy, and community.

Even if a tiny amount of people control our monetary system, there are still ways to get relative freedom. Growing vegetables is one way you can become independent of other people.

Fruits hanging on whines

One way to become independent is by growing vegetables and fruits

But the financial Elite made it harder for us to grow our food. Strict zoning laws and restrictions make it near impossible for small farmers to survive. 

Governments take over more farms. They can then control our food supply, and the only way to survive is to obey the government. 

Another way to get relative freedom is to create a business.

COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Used To Destroy Companies And Create A Communist Style Economy

We can become more self-sufficient if we create our own company. To break our independence, governments have to stop us from doing business.

That is what is happening right now. The COVID-19 hoax prevents people from running their businesses. Strict lockdowns measures make it impossible for most companies to survive.

A business closed sign on a glass door

Strict lockdowns measures make it impossible for most companies to survive

Instead, there is a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the financial Elite. If this economic takeover continues, the middle class will disappear. What's left is an upper-class and a low-class population. 

If people cannot have their business or work, the only way they can survive is through government handouts. Another term for it is Universal Basic Income(UBI)

It's a communist-style economy where everyone works for the government. The world government will decide what job you should pursue. One vital step in the world government takeover is Agenda 21.

Agenda 21/2030 Is An Evil U.N. Project To Install A World Government

The whole COVID-19 agenda is a tool to destroy the economy. Elite bankers plan to create a world government that controls all commerce. They want to develop a ministry of trade that absorbs all businesses through Agenda 21/2030.

Agenda 21 is a U.N. project to install the world government structure. It started at the 1992 U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is since updated to Agenda 2030

A Trojan horse in front of burning earth

Agenda 21/2030 is a Trojan horse for global communism

The United Nations is a creation of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Rockefellers donated the land on which the U.N. headquarters stands.

The goal of Agenda 21 is to limit our freedom and to centralize power. Global warming is an excuse to remove our rights and let the government repress us.

Evil banking families have also taken control over the energy sector. They regulate the creation of electricity and oil through constant wars.

The Elite also controls our politicians and "democratic" system.

Democracy Is A Myth

Democracy is a myth. We live under a global dictatorship without knowing it. There is no left or right. Once you have your political and economic structures in place, you can get any leader you want

There is no need to control all political parties, although they often do. You only need to choose the candidates that can win. Almost every country only has two or three parties that have any chance of forming a government. In the background, all answer to the same force.

A black politician surrounded by journalists

Most leaders follow banker families

The reason why we don't hear about them is that Elite bankers hide in the background. Secret societies and satanic networks control the world through a spider web.

For a tiny financial Elite to control us, they need to centralize power. That's why we have governments and central banks.

Governments are taking over more resources around the world. Every day it becomes harder to survive in the world without the government. 

Even if these banking families regulate our means of survival, they can't control us entirely. The last puzzle piece used to enslave us is by manipulating our reproduction and independent thinking. One primary facilitator of our brainwashing is the mainstream media.

The CIA Uses The Media For Mind Control

The term "media" comes from "medium," which means an "intervening substance." Legislators needs to regulate information to control our perception.

A handful of giant corporations own the American media. You see different television and radio channels, newspapers, and magazines on any subject. There seems to be an endless choice from independent sources. But only six corporations control most of them.

The CIA maintains a massive network of foreign individuals around the world. These people give the CIA direct access to many newspapers and news agencies. They also help the CIA control radio and television stations and book publishers.

Six corporations controlling most media

Only a few companies control our news

American and European media coordinate with each other. They spin and repeat the same stories required by the CIA and the web. The news propaganda brainwashes many people. 

But when things become more extreme, even the press cannot deceive us anymore. If people see through government lies, they are impossible to control. 

"It is possible to discipline and control some societies for some time, but not the whole world all the time.”

GK Bhat, TARU Leading Edge, India

One of the most desirable things we want is freedom. If we crave it bad enough, there is nothing that's going to stop us from getting it. 

Even if you lose everything, the only thing you have left is your independent thinking. If you want to have total power, you need to restrain external conditions and thoughts. It's here the transhuman agenda comes in. 

Transhumanism Is Used To Create A Totalitarian Society

The financial Elite's ultimate goal is to create a fascistic society which they control. They call it The New World Order. It's a civilization that George Orwell described in his book 1984

Everyone had to listen to everything Big brother said. Big brother monitored every thought and punished disobedience. If the financial Elite can control our thoughts and bodies, we become their slaves. 

The transhumanism agenda has nothing to do about trans people's rights. It has more to do with control. Elite bankers have serious plans to create synthetic humans.

new world order

Elite bankers want to create a global government and enslave humans

It's an old plan which the author Audley Huxley warned about in his book A Brave New World. Aldous Huxley described in his book about laboratory babies. 

Natural reproduction stopped, and scientists raised children in "hatcheries." From birth, people fit into one of the five genetic castes. "Plus" and "Minus" members fulfilled predetermined positions within the World State. 

Population control is a vital piece of the transhumanism agenda.

Eugenics And The Manipulation Of Our DNA

In an earlier blog post, I exposed The Rockefellers' obsession with eugenics. Bill Gates is also a big promoter of population control. His father was once the leader of Planned Parenthood

It's an organization created by the Rockefellers. Planned Parenthood helps women prevent pregnancies.

If you want to control the world population, the first step is to reduce it. Today there are close to 8 billion people on the earth.  

Georgia guidestone

A mysterious stone in Georgia says that humanity needs to maintain itself under 500 million

To create the world government, the Elite believes that over 90% of the population has to go. One number I have heard is 500 million people. You can see it on the Georgia Guidestones.

The best way to reduce the population is to stop our sexual reproduction. That way, the only means to reproduce is through cloning.

But don't you need our DNA to do that?

Big Tech Companies Collect Our DNA

There are several ways the Elite collects our genetic code. One way is through Ancestry DNA. It is a subsidiary of, the biggest for-profit genealogy company in the world.

You might have heard about services where you send saliva samples to analyze your ancestry. DNA-testing 23andMe is a "personal genomics and biotechnology" company. 

Its center is in Silicon Valley, near Google and Facebook headquarters. The CEO Anne Wojcicki is the former wife of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.

DNA string

Several ancestry services collect DNA samples for the transhumanism agenda

Her sister, Susan Wojcicki, is CEO of Google-owned YouTube. Google invested almost $4 million in 23andMe. I will later reveal the connection Big Tech companies like Google have to the transhuman A.I. agenda. 

By using cloning, the Elite can control the human population. But before they can do that, they need to stop our sexual reproduction.
So how is the Elite supposed to do that?

The answer is in front of your face—the COVID-19 vaccine.

Gene Modifying COVID-19 Vaccines Will Make Us Transhuman

The Pentagon controls the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA is a sinister organization. Some of its inventions include the death ray, gene editing, and "super-soldiers." 

DARPA claims to have created the Internet with military technology. The organization spends its billions on finding ways to kill people. DARPA is behind much of the transhumanist technology, including A.I. 

DNA string computer animation

The goal of the transhumanism agenda is to modify our DNA

In 2010, DARPA began to create "multiagent synthetic DNA vaccines." This category of vaccines "enhances" and "subverts" human beings at the genetic level. The same year the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also began funding DNA and RNA vaccines.

One company involved in gene modifying vaccines is Moderna.

Moderna Is Hacking The "Software Of Life"

In 2013 DARPA funded Moderna Therapeutics to the tune of $25 million. Moderna develops a synthetic RNA vaccine production platform

The company also received $438 million from BARDA and millions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Moderna already pulled ahead of other Covid-19 vaccine candidates. Its vaccine received fast-track approval from the FDA. 

Dr. Tal Zaks giving a TED talk

Dr. Tal Zaks states that Moderna is hacking the software of life and changing the way we treat diseases

Moderna's current Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Tal Zaks. Zaks is an Israeli citizen who began his career at GlaxoSmithKline. In a 2017 TED Talk, two years after joining Moderna, Zaks spoke at length about how he views mRNA vaccines. 

He described Moderna's mRNA products as making permanent edits to human genes. Zaks states that Moderna is hacking the "software of life" and changing the way we treat diseases. He describes mRNA as critical information that determines what a cell will do. 

Zaks believes that our genes cause cancer and other diseases.

Vaccines Will Alter The Operating Systems Of Human Cells

Zaks said that "screwed-up DNA" causes cancer and that vaccines can fix it. He refers to it as "information therapy." Moderna's vaccines work by altering the "operating systems" of human cells.

Zaks believes our genetic material is the operating system. He considers the future of medicine to be "gene-editing vaccines."

Since DARPA-backed RNA vaccine companies, they have been unable to release a product. Their planned vaccines failed to provide enough immunity in human trials. 

DNA inside a computer program

Moderna's vaccine works by altering the "operating systems" of human cells

mRNA vaccines are the first in history to intervene in patients' genetic material. These vaccines involve injecting a sequence of RNA material into our DNA. They will turn your body's cells into factories that create proteins that trigger an immune response.

mRNA vaccines use breakthrough technology. We don't know anything about their long-term effects.

Because there's never been an mRNA vaccine before, we don't know what damages will appear. With such short clinical trials, the long-term injuries are unknown.

The second step in the transhumanism takeover is assimilation into Artificial Intelligence(A.I.)

Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over Our Thinking

Earlier in this blog post, I mentioned that you need to control people's thoughts to have total power. The Elite wants A.I. to feed all our emotions, reactions, and beliefs. 

Humans would be no more than a biological, synthetic/digital computer terminal. Transhumanism is the technological means to connect the body/mind to artificial intelligence.

If people don't wake up, we will become synthetic no-sex non-human connected to A.I. All along, the plan has been to attach the human mind to the "A.I. cloud." 


Stage one of the A.I. takeover is to get people addicted to smartphones and tablets

The Elite needs to lure humanity into it through a series of stages. Stage one was to get people hooked to holdables. These are smartphones and tablets.

A third of American babies now play with smartphones before they can walk and talk. Stage two of this A.I. takeover is "wearables" which people have on their bodies. These are Bluetooth devices, Apple watches, Google Glass, and more. 

A.I. devices part of this plan are:

  • Amazon's Echo/Alexa,
  • Microsoft's Cortana
  • Google's Assistant
  • Apple's Siri

Amazon's Alexa answers questions, reads audiobooks, reports news, traffic, and weather. Alexa also controls lights, switches, thermostats, and more. The introduction of these smart devices is to make us used to A.I.

Big tech companies are a vital part of the A.I. takeover.

Big Tech Companies In Silicon Valley Develop A.I. Technology

Big tech and their frontmen and women drive almost the entire transhumanist agenda. Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco, is the center of the whole operation.

Here you find Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. They control the information that you can see. Big tech companies use technology to surveillance, control, and create transhumanism.

Raymond Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil predicts that humans will have cloud-powered brains by 2030, picture by Michael Lutch 

In 2008 Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis created Singularity University. Their goal is to promote and advance transhumanism. Among the Singularity University's corporate founders and sponsors is Google.

Singularity means the merging of humans and machines. It will happen at a point when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. 

Ray Kurzweil is a computer scientist, inventor, and futurist, and Google executive. Kurzweil's current prediction is that humans will have cloud-powered brains by 2030. 

Our minds will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological. Humans will think in the cloud with gateways to the cloud in our brains. As the technology becomes superior, human intelligence gets smaller until it's negligible.

Apple's A.I. Siri Assistant Is An Invention By The U.S. Military

All transhumanist technologies connect no matter how harmless they may appear to be. 

For example, Apple's A.I. assistant' marketed as Siri, came out of the DARPA-funded CALO project. It involved 300 researchers and 25 university and commercial research centers. 

Iphone Siri

Apple's A.I. assistant' marketed as Siri, came out of the DARPA-funded CALO project, picture by iphonedigital

But don't worry. DARPA only funded all this because the Pentagon wanted you to have an A.I. helper to make your life easier. 

The link between Google, Facebook, and DARPA is evident when looking at Regina Dugan's career.

A Rather Strange Career Choice...

Regina Dugan is a transhumanist promotor who worked for DARPA as a program manager for four years. She returned as head of the organization between 2009 and 2012.

Regina then left her post as DARPA director to become a Google executive before moving on to Facebook in 2016. She worked as head of the secretive Facebook Building 8.

Regina Dugan transhumanism agenda

Big tech companies have ties to the American military

Her task was to develop technologies that "blend the physical and digital worlds." She announced in April 2017 the development of tech to allow the human mind to control computers.

Why do a search engine and social media platform want advice from a Pentagon agent?

The answer is evident when you look at their ties to the CIA.

Google And Facebook Are CIA Creations

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin got funding from the CIA. The same thing happened to Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook.

Both Google and Facebook pursue an agenda of total human subjugation to A.I. Google even has a "health division" known as Verily, formerly Google Life Sciences.

DeepMind is a Google artificial intelligence company. It got access to the personal medical records of 1.6 million British patients. 

CIA, Facebook, and Google logo and red heart

CIA helped fund Google and Facebook

DARPA initiatives aim at changing how human beings think and perceive reality. Since 2002, DARPA has acknowledged its efforts to create a "Brain-Machine Interface (BMI)." 

It was first used as a wireless brain modem to control animal's movements. DARPA isn't shy about the eventual goal of applying such brain "enhancement" to humans.

This technology will enable soldiers to communicate by thought or control humans. Work began in 2011 on developing "brain implants" for use in human soldiers.

Nanotechnology in our brains will fuse us with A.I.

Microchips In Our Brains Will Control Our Thinking And Actions

Dr. Charles Morgan spoke to cadets and faculty at West Point. In his talk, he described various neurological experiments. He said that scientists put chips in monkeys' brains. The monkeys were then able to control a robot arm.

In 2011, DARPA announced its "Rapidly Adaptable Nanotherapeutics" program. Nanoparticles send instructions to our cells. DARPA plans for these nanoparticles to combine with RNA technology.

In 2014, DARPA's BTO launched its "In Vivo Nanoplatforms" (IVN) program. It researches implantable nanotechnologies, leading to the development of "hydrogel."

Animated head getting dissolved

Nanochips in the brain will control our thinking

Hydrogels are nanoparticles that fuse with your tissue, connecting it to the cloud. Consumers will get sensors implanted in their core. Inside the body, the chip can then measure their levels of glucose, oxygen, and lactate. 

Once implanted inside the body, human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program. It is the first actual step towards full-on transhumanism. This technology has the potential of manipulating our biological responses.

Profusa Inc already developed this technology.

U.S Military Organization DARPA Invests Millions In An Injectable Biochip

DARPA and NIH gave millions to the company Profusa Inc. In March 2020, the company announced an injectable biochip. It sends info about your body to an app. 

Similar technology can in the future send information through the 5G network. Authorities can then monitor your health at all times and determine if you can go to work or buy food.

Chip implant in skin sending info to a sensor

Profusa Inc. developed an injectable biochip that sends info to an app

This A.I. transgender plot sounds like an insane conspiracy theory. It's something you only see in movies. I thought that too.

But those behind the plan have reached the point where they are telling us what they are doing. One such man is Klaus Schwab.

Bond Villain Klaus Schwab And The Great Reset

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a playground for the financial Elite. Klaus Schwab is the founder and Executive Chairman of the organization. The WEF created The Great Reset.  

It's a project featuring the IMF, World Bank, U.K., USA, corporate, and banking sectors. The goal is to take advantage of COVID-19 to shut down and "reset" the world economy. 

Klaus Schwab giving a speech in 2008

Globalist Klaus Schwab is an open supporter of the transhuman takeover, picture by World Economic Forum

WEF branched out in recent years to become a leader in the worldwide pandemic. It is a co-sponsor of the October 2019 Event 201. The event predicted the COVID-19 pandemic months before it happened.

When you listen to Klaus Schwab, he sounds like an archetypal James Bond villain. Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is part of "The Great Reset."

Bankers want to dismantle the current capitalist structure. This system will lead to lower living standards, less consumption, and no freedom. There will also be a surge of automation of jobs.

Schwab believes that we need A.I. to stop crimes.

Implantable Microchips Will Allow Authorities To Intrude Into Our Minds

Schwab wrote the book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. In it, he explains that implantable microchips will allow authorities to intrude into our minds. They are also able to read our thoughts and influence our behavior.

He predicts that this will provide an incentive for the police to stop crimes before they happen. It will implement Minority Report-style pre-crime programs. Minority Report was a movie with Tom Cruz. In the film, Tom Cruz stopped crimes before they happened.

Klaus Schwab

“ What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identity,”

Klaus Schwab

Technology will determine the likelihood of criminal activity. It will also retrieve memories from people's brains, according to Schwab. Even crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan. 

Schwab is also lyrical about the transhumanist utopian dream. It is a vision shared by all Elites to create human cyborgs. Technologies will become part of us.

The Elite hopes that people will embrace poverty and be okay with it. In a recent article, the WEF proposed that by 2030, everyone will own nothing and have no privacy. But you'll be happy! However, due to negative attention, they changed the title and wording. The last time I checked, they removed the article!

Another vital part of the transhuman takeover is 5G wireless technology.

5G Wireless Technology Will Create A 24/7 Surveillance Grid

5G is the upcoming cellphone wireless standard. This technology allows us to download data at blazing speeds. It is a weapon system that can target our health and perception. 

The introduction of 5G is crucial to the success of the technological takeover of the human mind. 5G uses untested ultra-high microwave frequencies. 

It needs a massive deployment of towers and antennae because of the short-range of 5G. 5G towers will sit next to homes and schools because 5G waves can't travel far. 

Woman getting beamed by 5G signals while holding the phone

5G is crucial to the success of the technological takeover of the human mind

Some 5G waves operate on the same frequencies as those used for crowd control weapons. It can also cause a severe burning sensation on the skin. 

No one will investigate the health effects of 5G. If the truth came out, there would be a public backlash. 5G is coming for one reason. It's essential to the functioning of the A.I. hive mind to control the collective human mind. 

Everything will be part of the cloud.

Humans Will Be Connected To The Cloud

5G will maintain autonomous vehicles along with energy grids, water systems, and education. This system can only work if it is low-latency, ultra-fast, and secure.

The technological sub-reality or cloud need to encompass the entire planet. That's why global corporations, including Facebook, launch satellites. 

Elon Musk portrait

Elon Musk sends satellites into orbit that are essential to the whole A.I. takeover, picture by Duncan Hull

The plan is to cover every inch of Planet Earth in 5G. One of the significant facilitators for the 5G satellite grid is Elon Musk and his Space X. He sends satellites into orbit that are essential to the whole A.I. takeover.

Elon Musk warned about the dangers of the A.I. takeover. But then he buys a company that creates a brain implant to connect humans to computers. 

Musk's Neuralink company intends to implant tiny brain electrodes that will upload and download thoughts. Musk says that this has the potential for human-to-human telepathy.  

Everything we own will connect to the 5G network.

Everything You Own Will Be Part Of The Internet

Smart is the major buzzword for the transhumanism agenda. Together all these innovative technologies will be part of the 5G Smart Grid or Internet of Things.

cellphone controlling home

Everything your home will be connected to the Internet 

Some examples include everything from A.I. office assistants to smart devices. Or smart televisions, smart meters to school computers, and even children's toys. 

50 to 100 billion devices will connect to the Internet. Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled. Surveillance possibilities are obvious with everything communicating to the Internet.

Humans will also live in Smart cities.

Humans Will Live In Human Settlements Zones Called Smart Cities

"Smart cities" is another word for human settlement zones. They are densely occupied megacities of total surveillance and control through A.I. Everything you say or do would be monitored and recorded. 

picture showing 5G network in a big city

5G will create smart cities where authorities will monitor your every move and thought

That is why the Elite wants us to move to cities. Cities have all the electricity and infrastructure to monitor us. New technologies can watch your every word and action via the Internet. 

A.I. will control all road vehicles through the cloud. Elon Musk's company Tesla is one of those developing the technology. Driverless cars will be programmed to ensure they can't take you where the authorities don't want you to go. 

Our bodies will also be part of the 5G smart grid.

Our Bodies Will Be Part Of The Internet

The Internet of Bodies (IoB) is an extension of the IoT. It connects the human body to a network through implants. The idea is to slowly introduce external, foreign, and synthetic devices in our bodies. 

First, it's on the body. Then it's in the body, and then it's all the way embedded deep in the body. Biosensors that sit on or in the human body will connect us to the grid. 

Security cameras surveillance people

Internet of Bodies will connect the human body to a network through implants

The psychological push for human A.I. mind control is coming from all directions today. The technological control system must be in place before humans realize the catastrophe. Once humans attach to the A.I. hive mind, A.I. would be doing all the thinking. 

The introduction of 5G is crucial to the success of the technological takeover of the human mind. Kurzweil's timescale for humans and A.I. to begin to merge is 2030. But it already started. 

If we don't stop the transhuman plan, humans, as we know today, will disappear.

The Corona Hoax Is An Excuse To Create Transhumans

It is now clear that the coronavirus was never a medical emergency. The "pandemic" was a convenient excuse and catalyst for the NWO Great Reset. The nanotech and nanobot invasion is well underway. If you allow anyone to alter your genes, it could affect you in several ways. 

A Human and robot shaking hands

If we don't stop the transhuman agenda, humans, as we know today, will disappear and become synthetic

There will be a social credit system as in China. If you don't behave as a "good citizen," your social credit, freedom, and rights disappear. Your access to your money will also stop. That can prevent you from buying food.

A.I. will shut you off from your connection to God or higher consciousness. It will also reduce your capacity to access and use your higher abilities.

Humans need to wake up and stop this evil plan now! Learn how to do that below.


Transhumanism is a movement that wants to" improve" the human body with technologies.

Governments want us to use new transgender pronouns.

It's now illegal in some places not to use the correct pronoun.

Rockefeller and other private bankers control our money supply.

Private banks can create money from thin air.

Elite bankers think that they are above everyone else and need to control us for the greater good.

Governments want to take over the agriculture business to make us dependant on the state.

To break our independence, governments have to stop us from doing business.

The whole COVID-19 agenda is a tool to destroy the economy.

There is no democracy.

The CIA controls many newspapers and news agencies worldwide.

Elite bankers have serious plans to create synthetic humans.

Population control is a vital piece of the transhuman agenda.

Several ancestry services collect DNA samples for the transhuman agenda.

In 2010, DARPA began to create "multiagent synthetic DNA vaccines."

Moderna wants to hack the "software of life" and change the way we treat diseases.

mRNA vaccines are the first in history to intervene in patients' genetic material.

The financial Elite wants A.I. to feed all our emotions, reactions, and beliefs.

Big tech and their frontmen and women drive almost the entire transhumanist agenda.

Apple's A.I. assistant' marketed as Siri, came out of the DARPA-funded CALO project.

CIA helped fund Google and Facebook.

Nanochips in the brain will control our thinking.

Profusa Inc. developed an injectable biochip that sends info to an app.

Globalist Klaus Schwab is an open supporter of the transhuman takeover.

Technology will determine the likelihood of criminal activity.

5G is crucial to the success of the technological takeover of the human mind.

Everything your home will be connected to the Internet.

5G will create smart cities where authorities will monitor your every move and thought.

Internet of Bodies will connect the human body to a network through implants.

The "pandemic" was a convenient excuse and catalyst for the NWO Great Reset.

How To Stop The Tranhumanism Agenda

1. Stand up for your rights

2. Join Freedom cells

3. Refuse the COVID-19 vaccine

4. Limit your use of smart devices

5. Protect yourself from 5G towers

Action Steps

We all need to stop the transhumanism agenda. The evil NWO plan is not written in stone. We can stop it. However, that starts with you standing in your power and sovereign rights. Make sure to join Freedom cells of likeminded people.

You must refuse anything forced on or in your body. Reject any medical interventions or experimentation. The government has no authority to mandate anything. 

The COVID vaccine is a giant worldwide medical experiment. You must claim your right to breathe oxygen.

Don't be lured into becoming a human guinea pig for Big Pharma. Refuse the vaccine that will alter your genes forever.

Also limit your use of smart devices such as smart phones, smart TV:s and more.

Make sure to protect yourself from 5G towers. Download our 5G guide below.

Find Out How To Limit 5G Exposure

Download this free e-book to learn ways to stop 5G signals from affecting your health. Discover how to shield yourself and lessen your cellphone exposure, and more.


About the author 

Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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  • This article is very enlightening. Thanks for boldly sharing. I am a Christian (Jesus Christ follower). My hope in sharing is to give hope and light in these dark days. If you wish to read on fill free and if not please move on. I want to be transparent and not waist anyone’s time. There are many reasons I believe the Bible but two I thought pertinent to this article. First is prophecy. The Bible predicted the rise and fall of Ancient Assyria, Babylon, Pursia and Greece. It also predicted the rise of Rome. There is one great empire coming. Thankfully according to Scripture it’s very very short lived. The Point, all these empires fell or will fall. Another reason I believe the Bible is the existence of Israel. Israel really should not be here. Last great world take over attempt ( World War II) gave birth to this nation state. How is this hopeful. As a Christian I know one of two things are going to happen. Either God ( God of the Israel) will take down this great evil through our efforts fighting for freedom. Or Jesus God’s Messiah is going to take down this evil in His second return which will bring in the most prosperous age the world has ever seen. Freedom has a high price and it’s worth paying. Jesus promises to be with those who follow him through all their suffering and bring them to life again to inherit the earth. I have seen some transhuman ideas offer a type of eternal life, but compared to what has been prophesied since ancient times by the God of Israel this existence is awful.
    If you want investigate these things for yourself read the Bible. This site is very helpful.

  • wow nice summarization of conspiracy theories, great projection of your thoughts/opinions/beliefs from a few facts

  • Hi there,
    great article on the transhuman agenda! thank you. I am new to the Cancer Wisdom site, and I’m wondering who wrote this article? I don’t see any author referenced at the beginning or the end. I think it is important these days to know where information comes from…especially if I am going to share this info. with others. Am I just not seeing this info. somewhere? thank you!

  • Great article… but who wrote it? why is there no author noted, and very little documentation/references for what is presented?

    • Hi, I wrote it. Somehow the author box disappeared. I will have to fix it. You can look at the references by clicking on the reference box.

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