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9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take The COVID-19 Vaccine

Discover nine reasons you shouldn't take the COVID-19 vaccine. Learn about the secret plan behind COVID-19, the dangerous side effects, and the depopulation agenda.

Also, find out why the vaccine will microchip and track you and remove your freedom.


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The Real Purpose Behind The COVID-19 Agenda

2020 has been a devastating year. In 2019 we learned about a new virus from China called COVID-19 that spread throughout the world. This so-called virus came from a wet market in Wuhan when people ate bats. 

At the beginning of this pandemic, most people lived ordinary lives, while China had extreme lockdowns. Then many countries copied China and told everyone to stay home, which destroyed the economy. 

Wuhan sea market

Wuhan seafood market closed after the mew coronavirus was detected there for the first time

Never in history have countries worldwide isolated healthy people because of a virus. Overnight we had global communism, all for a virus that didn't kill many people. 

Then Bill Gates showed up on many broadcasts in the U.S. and the U.K. He declared that the only way for us to go back to normal was vaccinating the whole world. 

In earlier blog posts, I have revealed the hidden agenda of Bill Gates and those in control. I will not disclose everything here because I've already described it in detail before. But here is a quick recap of why governments are desperate to vaccinate everyone. 

A Tiny Financial Elite Controls Our World

You might think that the president or prime minister controls the country. But in every country, there is a shadow government deciding in the hidden. Only a tiny few rule our world through the banking system.

This tiny financial Elite controls the narrative through a secret society network. The global network operates as a multinational company such as McDonald's. McDonald's has a headquarter in the U.S. and subsidiaries in other countries. 

Picture showing McDonald's global network

The cult that controls the world operates much like a multinational company such as McDonald's

The subsidiaries follow orders from the central dictated headquarter. If you go inside any Mcdonald's worldwide, you will have almost the same type of experience.

A global cult controls the world in a similar way. In the center of this hidden web, you have the spider. The spider is the inner core of the cult that is driving the world agenda.

In each country, they have subsidiary networks. Individual families and secret societies run them in each country. Their purpose is to impose the will of the spider and dictate policies in almost every country.

That is why many countries around the world have used the same COVID-19 lockdown strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic is not about saving lives. It's the plan to create a fascistic world government.

We're Heading Towards A Fascistic World Government Tyranny

In every country, you have specific pyramid structures. There is one pyramid in governments/politics and banking/finance.

Then you have a pyramid of the media and the medical system. On top of each pyramid, a tiny few control everyone below it. 

The 1% that controls the world wants to create a world government. They call this structure The New World Order. It's a coming global fascistic society ruled by a few people. Many people said it was a crazy conspiracy theory for years, but now this plan is coming to fruition.

pyramid showing Illuminati structure

A tiny financial Elite controls the world through a pyramid structure

The Elite wants to decide everything you do, the job you should have, where you can go, and what you can think. If this plan succeeds, we will live in the worst kind of tyranny ever imagined. Humans will be slaves and have no freedom. 

For a tiny few to control the many, they need to centralize every decision making. That is why we have central banks and governments.

To usher in the world government, the tiny Elite needs to destroy sovereign countries. After they cause instability worldwide, they will offer the world government as the solution. There is already a name for this process called The Great Reset.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a fabricated plan to create this New World Order. One fundamental stepping stone for this evil plan to work is the coming COVID-19 vaccine. 

In this blog post, I will reveal nine reasons why no one should take the vaccine if they want to be healthy and free. As you continue to read this article, everything about this rushed vaccine will make sense.

So let's begin!

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Take The COVID-19 Vaccine

1. There Is No Proof That The COVID-19 Virus Exists

The first reason you shouldn't take the vaccine is that the COVID-19 virus does not exist. This statement might sound crazy. What about all the people dying around the world? People are sick of something. Why would we have the lockdowns otherwise? 

Before you click away, let's go back to where this so-called virus originated. In an interview with London Real, Andrew Kaufmann revealed the whole COVID-19 scam. Andrew Kaufman is a natural healing consultant, inventor, public speaker, and forensic psychiatrist. 

Dr. Kaufman said people in Wuhan experienced respiratory symptoms. Doctors first believed that the symptoms were due to a bacterial infection. But the patients did not get well after three days of antibiotics. 

Sick Chinese girl with facemask

Chinese scientists believed they found a new virus in the lungs of people from the Wuhan wet market

Scientists noted that most of the early cases had contact with the seafood market. They then believed that the cause of these symptoms was due to a virus. So how did these scientists claim to have proved that a virus caused this illness? 

What they did was taking only seven out of the almost two hundred initial patients who were sick. Then they stuck a fiber-optic camera down the patients' windpipes into their lungs. After that, the researchers squirted a bunch of fluid and mixed it around. 

They then collected whatever debris or cells or chemicals in the lungs and other body fluids. The researchers then found some genetic material in the lungs. Not soon after, they said it belonged to a new strain of the coronavirus.

But researchers never purified the sample or isolated a whole virus. Instead, they took some genetic material. Dr. Andrew Kaufmann looked at the sample's characteristics. He then found that the genetic material they tested for was exosomes.

COVID-19 Is Exosomes, Not A Virus

Exosomes are a recent discovery. Each body uses exosomes to detox cells. When Dr. Kaufmann compared the size of the COVID-19 virus and exosomes, they matched.

What the scientists did was labeling exosomes as COVID-19, which they say is deadly. After that, they rushed to develop a diagnostic test. Scientists created a test for some think they had not even identified.

Whenever you're evaluating a new test, you need to compare it to a gold standard. With the COVID-19 test, there has not been any gold standard. It is because the supposed COVID-19 virus is not purified and isolated. 

microscope showing pictures of exosomes and COVID-19

COVID-19 is an exosome, a natural genetic material, not a virus

Only if we have a pure sample of only these particles can we have a gold standard. So the way you would test this is by having a group of sick patients. Then you would compare them to a control group of healthy patients.

But that is not happening. Instead, doctors test for this genetic material, called exosomes, not the virus. Authorities test people who have loads of other health problems. If they find exosomes, they call it COVID-19 on the death certificate. 

The more they test, the more cases they're going to find. Vast numbers of people have exosomes from many sources. People can have late-stage cancer and test positive for COVID-19.

A big part of the COVID scam is the PCR test.

The PCR Test Scam

Kary Mullis developed the PCR test in 1983 and got the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993. PCR uses amplification, which means that you take a tiny amount of DNA and grow it until you can analyze it. 

It has a wide variety of applications, including biomedical research and criminal forensics. The inventor of The PCR test, Kary Mullis, said you shouldn't use it to diagnose infectious diseases.

PCR can't detect a virus or diagnose people. Its purpose is to study DNA fragments by amplifying an RNA sequence. PCR goes through different cycles to make copies of this DNA sequence. 

diagram of the pcr test

PCR amplifies DNA fragments and can't be used to diagnose diseases

If you go through 40 processes of this test, you can prove that anyone has this DNA sequence. Deep inside, every human has some DNA fragments of many things. 

Many people who test positive for this PCR test have zero symptoms. If you have no symptoms and are healthy, you can still become a case. 

Authorities use PCR to amplify bits of DNA that every human has. They can use the PCR test to magnify what they want to test. If they go through enough cycles, they can make anyone positive. 

Later, when they're going to roll out the vaccine, they can lower the amplification and make the cases go away. If you can't prove that the virus exists, then how can you make vaccines? 

Even if you believe official sources, the amount of COVID deaths are so tiny that a vaccine doesn't make sense anyway.

CDC Document Reveals: 99% Chance Of Surviving From COVID-19

A document from the CDC revealed that almost nobody died from COVID-19. CDC removed this document, but you can find it on a web archive here.

According to the CDC report, the survival rates from COVID-19 for different age groups are: 

Age group

Survival rates









A newsletter from Johns Hopkins said that more people are not dying since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19. 

All age groups have similar amounts of deaths as in previous years. Older people die in higher numbers because they have always done that.

Table showing COVID-deaths increasing and other diseases decreasing

A John's Hopkins newsletter revealed that deaths from other diseases got redesignated as COVID-19 deaths

We had a casedemic, meaning cases, not deaths. The CDC classified all deaths related to COVID-19. Even patients dying from other underlying diseases count as COVID-19 deaths. This fraud is why COVID-19 deaths increased while deaths by other causes decreased.

The whole COVID-19 agenda rest on the false germ theory. I urge you to read my other blog post about why germs do not cause diseases. What you will find out will change your entire view about illnesses.

The second reason why you shouldn't take the vaccine is the short testing period.

2. The Vaccine Has An Unusual Short Development Phase

Vaccine development often begins at a research lab not run by a drug company. Research often happens in a university, medical center, or small biotech company. These laboratories often get grants from the government or private foundations. 

Laboratory test

Vaccine development often begins at a research lab not run by a drug company

Scientists often spend years researching whether their ideas work. They then test their theories on animals. First, they try it on small animals like mice, rats, or rabbits. Later, researchers test on larger animals like monkeys.

During this time, several different scientists work on developing a vaccine. If any of the work seems promising, drug companies may develop the vaccine. This process may take five to 10 years.

The general stages of the development cycle of a vaccine are:

  • Exploratory stage
  • Pre-clinical stage
  • Clinical development
  • Regulatory review and approval
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control

The clinical development of the vaccine goes through a three-phase process.

How Vaccines Are Normally Tested

Phase 1:

In phase one, the drug company tests the vaccine on a small number of healthy adults. These studies often include less than 100 people. 

Phase 2:

Phase 2 involves several hundred people. During this phase, scientists try to find the proper dose of the vaccine. Phase 2 trials take at least two years or longer.

Phase 3:

Phase 3 is the final stage before a company requests product licensing. Studies in this phase of development include thousands of study participants. This stage takes three to four years to complete.

The FDA visits throughout the entire process. It takes them about ten months to further study the data before the product can be ready for the public.

Table showing the time table of ordinary vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine

Bill Gates revealed on his blog that he wanted to develop the COVID-19 vaccine in 18 months. Well, less than a year later, the vaccine is here.

By the time the public receives the vaccine, scientists studied it for at least 15 to 20 years. The total cost to produce the vaccine is often at least $1 billion. Many products never reach this stage. Most ideas get abandoned during the different trial phases.

In total, a vaccine takes about 8-10 years to develop. The fastest vaccine ever developed took five years. The COVID-19 vaccine took less than a year to finish.

We have already seen disturbing side effects in the clinical trials.

Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Trials Showed Disturbing Side Effects In Test Subjects

Pfizer develops its COVID vaccine in partnership with German drugmaker BioNTech. The company announced that its COVID-19 vaccine was more than 90% effective. The company didn't release any peer-reviewed studies. We have no actual data or long term results.

Children, adolescents, and other groups were largely excluded from the trials. That means we still lack any data on these essential populations. Pfizer will start testing on them after the U.K already approved the vaccine. Insanity!

Hand holding a vaccine needle in front of Biontech and Pfizer logo

Pfizer develops its COVID vaccine in partnership with German drugmaker BioNTech

More than half of Pfizer's trial participants had headaches, muscle pain, and chills. That was the early small phase trials. In phase 3, Pfizer reported that 3.8% experienced grade 3 fatigue and 2% grade 3 headache. 

An FDA document revealed that six of 43 448 Pfizer enrolled participants died from April 29 to November 14, 2020. Two got the vaccine, and the other four were placebos.

Moderna trials also revealed numerous severe side effects.

Moderna Vaccine Trial Candidates Suffered From A Long List Of Side Effects

Moderna claimed that the vaccine was over 90% effective against COVID-19, but we don't know its long-term effect.

An early Moderna phase 1 study of 85 people showed a disturbing amount of side effects. From page 5 in this document, you can read all the side effects of the vaccine. Some adverse conditions experienced by the participants include:

Moderna's press release states that 9% experienced grade 3 myalgia and 10% grade 3 fatigue. 

Page with several words highlighted in yellow

Moderna's phase 1 study of 85 people showed a disturbing amount of side effects

Ian Haydon, a 29-year-old man in Seattle, was part of the Moderna vaccine trial. He had an adverse reaction to the vaccine. Twelve hours after receiving his dose, he developed a fever of more than 103 degrees F(39 C). 

He sought medical attention, and when he got home, he fainted. Ian also had arm pain where he got the vaccine jab. He also had trouble lifting his arm at the shoulder. But within days, he was back to normal.

Haydon then had his second dose. His arm became sore once again but much quicker this time. He also experienced chills and developed a fever. Haydon said the experience left him as sick as he'd ever felt.

AstraZeneca trials have already killed people.

Pfizer's Vaccine Trial Caused Neurological Problems And The Death Of A Brazilian Man

AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine already caused problems in participants. A man in India experienced severe neurological and psychological symptoms.

Spine highlighted in red

AstraZeneca COVID-19 trial participants experienced severe brain- and spine injuries

The 40-year-old man in AstraZeneca's developed acute neuro encephalopathy. Before that incident, a trial volunteer developed symptoms of transverse myelitis. It's a rare debilitating neurological disorder linked to vaccines.

In September, a trial paused after another participant in the U.K. got the same symptoms. In October, a participant in Brazil died.

What's more shocking is that MHRA expects people to suffer from COVID-19 vaccines.

The MHRA Posted A Bid For An A.I. System To Track A Flood Of COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency(MHRA) regulates medicines in the U.K. MHRA excepts that the will be many COVID-19 vaccine side effects. The organization posted a bid for an A.I system to track the expected flood of COVID-19 vaccine injuries. 

MHRA said that:

The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) software tool to process the expected high volume of COVID-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) and ensure that no details from the ADRs' reaction text are missed.


If the MHRA does not use the A.I. tool, the organization will be unable to process all legal actions. The MHRA expects that COVID-19 vaccines will kill many patients. They warn of "a direct threat to patient life."

Screenshot of MHRA's page on A.I system bid

MHRA posted a bid for a system to track the expected flood of COVID-19 vaccine injuries

The MHRA's responsibility is only to allow safe medicines on the market. Yet, they will let the vaccine maker use the entire population as guinea pigs. That's outrageous!

The FDA also expects many different complications after the vaccine rollout.

Online Presentation Reveals That The FDA Knows That The Vaccine Will Cause Serious Side Effects

Steve Anderson is a director for the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. He had an online presentation on October 22, 2020.

Steve showed a 27 slide PowerPoint presentation. On slide 16, he included a list of possible adverse COVID-19 vaccine side effects such as:

List of side effects FDA expects after the COVID-19 jab

List of side effects FDA expects after the COVID-19 jab, death included

This list shows death and other life-threatening conditions as possible adverse outcomes. The FDA is aware of the lethal side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine and is preparing for it.

That is unacceptable behavior by the FDA. They have to make sure that the medicine is safe before it hits the market.

The FDA and MHRA want to monitor vaccine injurious after the rollout. That is something they should do in the clinical trials.

We haven't been able to create a vaccine before that eliminated coronaviruses or the common cold. Why should the new rushed vaccine be able to do it now?

Another big reason you shouldn't take the jab is the lack of liability by vaccine companies.

3. Vaccine Companies Will Not Face Any Liability For Vaccine Injuries

Since 1986 drug companies can't be sued due to vaccine injuries and deaths in the U.S. Anyone suffering from a vaccine injury or death must sue the U.S. government. Europe will also protect vaccine companies from any liability from the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The U.S. government created a vaccine court(VICP) to handle all vaccine legal actions. VICP gets its funds from taxes. Since the vaccine court's creation, it gave over $4 billion to vaccine victims

In 2020 VICP paid out $218 million in damages due to vaccine injuries and deaths. Tax money paid for this $218 million compensation, not pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

Another shocking revelation is that these funds pay for vaccines approved by the FDA. These vaccines were not fast-tracked and still caused unsurmountable suffering. Most people going through the vaccine court don't get any compensation.

vaccine court

Drug companies will not face any legal liabilities due to COVID-19 vaccine injuries

COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths fall under a different program. The name of this program is the Counter Measures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). 

The CICP does not allow the petitioner to seek reimbursement of attorney fees. In the vaccine court(VICP), these costs are reimbursable even when the petitioner loses. These costs can run on an average of $35 000 to $75 000 and as high as $300 000.

In the CICP, you can't submit research studies or expert reports to support your claim. You can't even appeal to a higher court if you lose. 

If the COVID-19 vaccine makes you crippled, you won't be able to work. And if CICP doesn't give you any compensation, you're screwed.

If vaccines were safe, then why have the VICP vaccine court paid four billion dollars? Vaccine companies don't have any obligation to create a decent product.

So why should we trust them when they caused catastrophic injuries in people before? Why should we risk taking the vaccine if COVID-19 has a 99% survival rate among most age groups?

The third reason you shouldn't take the vaccine is that it may turn you sterile.

4. The COVID-19 Shot Might Make You Sterile

Bill Gates is a notorious supporter of population reduction. His father was once the leader of the American Birth Control League. It's now renamed Planned Parenthood. 

The founder of this organization was Marget Sanger. Marget Sanger got help from the Rockefellers to start this evil organization. The Rockefellers are one of the Elite families that control the world. They were behind our western medicine. 

The family is one of the largest financial backers of eugenics. They have been funding the depopulation agenda for over a century now.

Georgia guidestone

The Georgia Guidestones contains ten foundation principles for a new society, including reducing the population to 500 million

The goal of eugenics is to create a master race controlled by superior bloodlines. It is still a critical motivating force behind the global population policy. Satanists and pedophile rings dominate the financial Elite.

These Satanic families have an obsession with death and destruction. Documents and statements make it clear that the Elite wants to kill many in the world. This figure is set to about 500 million people. 

You can read it on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. It lists ten foundation principles or guides for a new society. A person unknown using the alias of R C Christian paid for the Guidestones in 1979. 

The Second World War killed a vast amount of people alone. What's more shocking is that the Rockefellers were behind the Nazi's master race plan.

The Rockefellers Were Behind The Nazi's Master Race Plan

Hitler didn't start the eugenics movement. It began in the United States decades before Hitler came to power. The Rockefeller family sent their guys to Hitler in Germany and funded the work of Ernst Rudin. 

Rudin advocated the removal of inferior people through separation, sterilization, and extermination. His goal was to create a master race. 

Picture of the article, “Rockefeller, Jr., On Eugenic Problems,”

The Rockefellers have been one of the largest financial backers and drivers of the eugenics movement

Rockefeller's fingerprints are all over the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization is another creation of the evil Rockefeller family. For a long time, this sinister organization studied ways to sterilize people through vaccines. 

The number one financial supporter of the WHO is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates´Foundation Has Injured And Killed Numerous People In Developing Countries

Bill Gates is a frontman for the Rockefeller family and the satanic Elite. Are we to believe that Bill Gates won't put things in the vaccines that can sterilize us? I don't trust him; neither should you. 

Two brave doctors, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon, have issued a motion to the (EMA). They warn that the new Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine can attack placenta cells. If true, the vaccine might cause female infertility.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offers vaccination programs in developing countries. Many of these programs have resulted in deaths, injuries, and permanent disabilities. 

In 2014, The Economic Times of India reported on Merck's HPV vaccine Gardasil. Thousands of girls between ages 9 and 15 received vaccines. Seven girls died, and more than 100 healthy girls got injured. 

Bill Gates Sr. with The Rockefellers

Bill Gates' father had great ties to the psychopathic Rockefeller family

On December 14, 2011, India got the 5-in-1 pentavalent vaccine. There were 54 deaths and 135 hospitalizations of previously healthy infants. 

Another vaccine disaster by Gates happened in the small village of Gouro, Chad, Africa. In December of 2012, 500 children were locked in their school. If they didn't get the hepatitis A vaccine, their education would stop. 

These children received vaccinations with neither their parents' knowledge nor consent. Shortly after receiving the vaccine, 106 thriving children got severe side effects. 

They experienced severe convulsions, paralysis, vomiting, and headaches. The children waited one week to see a doctor who could not help them. 

Bill Gates wants to use the COVID-19 vaccine to reduce the world population.

Gates Shocking Slip Of Tongue: "The Final Solution... Is The Vaccine"

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Bill claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine would be the final solution. The term is the same as the Nazis called the Final Solution to the Jewish question. They planned to kill all Jewish people during World War II.

Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the whole world against COVID-19. This final solution will include seven billion people. What he wants is the greatest Holocaust of all time. 

black and white picture of children in the holocaust

Bill Gates called the COVID-19 the final solution, the same term Nazis used for the elimination of Jews

The same people behind Nazi Germany also control the world now. But this time, it will not be the total eradication of Jews, but also other races.

Another great reason why you shouldn't take the COVID-19 vaccine is that it will change your DNA. 

5. mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Will Change Your DNA Forever

The COVID-19 vaccine will use a new technology never used on humans before. According to Bill Gates' blog Gates Notes, the new COVID-19 vaccine will modify your DNA. 

The COVID-19 vaccine will use RNA or DNA technologies never used in vaccines before. It will be the biggest experiment on humans of all time. 

The vaccine requires two doses administered at least three weeks apart. RNA vaccines will turn your body into its vaccine manufacturing unit. 

Scissor cutting DNA string

The mRNA vaccine will modify our DNA

mRNA vaccines are the first vaccines in history to change patients' genetic material. These vaccines inject a sequence of gene RNA where it invades the cells. The vaccines will then take over your protein-generating ribosomes. 

We don't know anything about mRNA vaccines' long-term effects. New vaccine technology will likely mean new kinds of vaccine injuries. The mRNA vaccines may attack our cell repair, fertility, and neurological functions.

With such short clinical trials, the long-term injuries are a complete unknown. The side effects of the vaccine might take months or even years to show up. It will be the worst experiment of all time. 

The worst thing is that you can't reverse any modification to your DNA. That means that your injuries will be permanent. 

The plan for the Elite controlling the world is the transhuman agenda. They want people to create synthetic humans to stop us from reproducing.

Part of the transhuman plot is to microchip us, another great reason not to take the vaccine.

6. The Vaccine Will Microchip You And Make You Part Of The 5G A.I Grid

The conspiracy theorist David Icke warned about the plan to microchip the population since the early 1990s. He talked to a guy from the CIA who revealed that the Elite wants to put a chip in everyone's brain.

The plan is to attach the human mind to the A.I. cloud. It will happen in different steps. Stage one was to get people addicted to holdables, such as smartphones and tablets. 

Then the plan was to make us use wearables on our skins. These are Bluetooth devices, Apple watches, and Google Glass. 


The evil financial Elite wants to attach the human mind to the A.I. cloud

The final step is to get nano microchips inside the brain. They will enter our bodies through hypodermic needles in public vaccination programs.

This microchip will then control our thoughts via A.I and track our every move. Algorithms will check the emotional state of people and change their behavior. 

Together all these smart technologies will be part of the 5G Smart Grid A.I. cloud. The goal is to cover the entire planet in 5G. One of the major facilitators for the 5G satellite grid is Elon Musk and his Space X.

The technological sub-reality or cloud will encompass the entire planet. No one will escape this grid. That's why global companies, including Facebook, launch satellites all the time. 

Ray Kurzweil predicts that humans will have cloud-powered brains by 2030. Our thinking will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking. A.I. will make us sub-human and non-human. Soon we will merge with machines.

Humans Will Merge With Machines

Nano-chips will track and identify an individual anywhere. Everyone thought this was a crazy conspiracy. But now Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum talks about it. The World Economic Forum is a playground for the evil financial Elite.

Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is part of The Great Reset. The fourth industrial revolution, as Schwab calls it, is merging man with machine.

Klaus Schwab giving a speech

Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum believes that we should merge man with machine, picture by Remy Steinegger

It will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identity. Schwab also talks about implantable microchips inside our bodies.

Microsoft proposed a method to generate cryptocurrency by using body activity. The patent number is WO2020060606

If you remove the zeroes at the end, it becomes 2020 666. The number 666 originated from the bible, Revelation 13:16-18. It warned about the mark of the beast.

Revelation 13:16-18

16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[a] That number is 666.”

This beast is a symbol of the global political system. It rules over every tribe, people, and nation. People can't buy or sell unless they have the mark.

To implant the chip in our brains, the Elite wants to use something called hydrogel.

Hydrogel In Vaccines Will Put Microchips In Our Brains

Putting microchips in the brain through surgery is too complicated. To get the chip in the brain, the Elite might use a technology called hydrogel.

Hydrogel will help put sensors inside the brain to measure glucose, oxygen, and lactate. Once hydrogel gets implanted, it will unleash a nightmare of possibilities.

Hydrogel biosensor

A hydrogel biosensor, a piece of implantable nanotech, may be used in an upcoming COVID vaccine to monitor your bodily activity and more

Hydrogel will usher in the transhuman agenda. It can send digital signals through a wireless network like 5G.

Profusa Inc is a private company behind hydrogel technology. It got millions of dollars from NIH and DARPA. DARPA is part of the U.S. military. It created the Internet, death rays, and other smart technology.

For authorities to know that we have taken the vaccine, they will tag us with a unique tattoo.

Every Vaccine Taker Will Be Tracked With A Hidden Tattoo

MIT researchers have developed a way to record a patient's vaccination history in a pattern of dye. It is invisible to the naked eye and delivered under the skin through the vaccine.

The new dye consists of nanocrystals called quantum dots. They can remain for at least five years under the skin. These quantum dots emit near-infrared light that an equipped smartphone can detect.

Quantum dot microneedles need a unique biochemical to make it all work. The name of this enzyme is Luciferase. Again Bill's ties to Satanism reveals itself.

picture showing Luciferase with different shutter speeds

Quantum dot microneedles need a unique biochemical called Luciferase to make it all work 

Bill Gates and his wife spent tens of millions to create a human implantable mark. They will give a quantum dot vaccination mark to every human being on the face of the earth. 

Bill's "philanthropic" projects feed many of his vaccine-related businesses. One such project is a global I.D. certificate called ID2020.

It's a project by Micorosft, vaccine foundations, the Rockefellers, and other companies. ID2020 will make sure that you can identify every human on the planet and track them.

Microchips are not your only concern with the COVID-19 vaccine. Another problem is all toxic chemicals.

7. The Vaccine Will Inject You With Human Fetal Cells And Other Toxins

A video online showed the label for AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine. The video revealed that it contained MRC-5, a strain of aborted human fetal tissue.

This strain used in the vaccine comes from a 14-week-old aborted human baby. At least five of the candidate COVID-19 vaccines use human fetal cell lines.

Picture showing mercury and HG 80

Mercury-based preservative thimerosal is a known neurotoxin

Mercury is also a common substance in vaccines. It's the most toxic natural substance on earth. Only plutonium is more harmful. 

Mercury-based preservative thimerosal is a known neurotoxin. It may lead to many severe health conditions, including autism. 

You can read an extensive list of all ingredients often found in vaccines here.

The vaccine may also contain aluminum and other toxins.

Aluminum, MSG, And Formaldehyde May Cause Brain Damage And Cancer

Aluminum is another common heavy metal in vaccines. It stimulates a better immune response in vaccines. Without it, you need more vaccine doses to get the same effect.

Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling gas. Vaccine makers use it to kill unwanted bacteria and viruses in vaccines. It is a human carcinogen, according to the NIEHS.


Aluminum in vaccines is toxic to the body

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a known food additive. It is also used as a stabilizer to help vaccines remain unchanged. MSG is an excitotoxin. It is a term for chemicals that over-stimulate neuron receptors in the brain, causing them to die.

MSG may cause headaches in some people. It can also lead to fatigue, disorientation, and heart palpitation. 

Another substance needed for the vaccine might lead to the slaughter of numerous sharks.

A Vast Amount Of Sharks Might Die To Create The COVID-19 Vaccine

Squalene is a component added to vaccines to enhance the immune response. It's a naturally-occurring substance often derived from shark liver oil. Some COVID-19 vaccines will use squalene. That means that many sharks will die because of the vaccine.


Some COVID-19 vaccines will use squalene, often derived from shark liver oil

Gelatin is another common vaccine ingredient. It comes from boiling the skin or connective tissue from a pig. Gelatin acts as a stabilizer. Some people are allergic to it. Depending on its source, gelatin may also be a religious concern for Jews and Muslims.

The seventh reason you shouldn't take the vaccine is that you won't get your freedom back.

8. You Will Not Get You Freedom Back If You Take The Vaccine

Qantas airline, Australia's biggest airline, said international fliers need the vaccine to fly. There have also been discussions on not allowing people to work if they don't take the vaccine.

Or you might not be able to enter shops without a COVID-19 certificate. So if I take the vaccine, can I integrate back into society and live as before? That sounds like a great reason to take the jab. 

Anthony Fauci CNN interview

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that we should still wear masks and social distance after we take the vaccine

But you won't get your freedom back if you take the vaccine. Part of the New World Order agenda is to enslave humans and track our every move. 

You will still live in a fascistic society, even if you have a vaccine certificate. The only way to stop the madness is to refuse the vaccine and revolt against the government. 

We will never reverse back to what was before. The New Normal is a fascistic tyranny where humans will be slaves. 

Agenda 21/2030: The Evil Plan To Turn Humans Into Slaves

In the New World Order, you can't express your opinions or be creative, nor socialize as you did before. Part of the New World Order plan is Agenda 21/2030.

It's a project created by the U.N. to make the world government structure. The plan is to destroy everyone's independence.

That is why governments kill small and medium-sized corporations through lockdowns. Only cult controlled mega-corporation will survive. One such mega-corporation is Amazon. 

agenda 2030 goals

Agenda 21/2030 is a project created by the U.N. to usher in the world government structure. 

During the lockdown, Amazon was able to operate as usual. The plan is for all mega-corporations, such as Amazon, to get a full monopoly. Later they will all get absorbed into the world ministry of trade. 

In the New World Order, the world government will choose your occupation. There is no way to escape the rat race by creating a company. 

If you save too much, you will pay more tax. That means that your savings will never get any far. The idea is to prevent people from accumulating any wealth. 

Every purchase has to go through a skin implanted chip. If you go against the system, they can deactivate your chip and make it hard to survive in society. The Elite also wants to reduce our freedom and remove private properties.

Humans Will Live In Megacities And Get Tracked Around The Clock

They also want us to move from rural and suburban areas and into mega-cities. The World Government wants everyone to remain in their human settlement zones. One way they can do that is to limit our means of transportation. 

Trains will be our main transportation. Only the privileged ones can own cars. The rest of us have to walk, bicycle, and go on self-driving vehicles.

Drone and surveillance camera in front of a megacity

The New World Order will force people to live in megacities to make it easier to surveillance them, while the wealthy Elite will have the rest of the land for themselves

The COVID-19 pandemic is one excuse to force us to live in human settlement zones. One prime example is Australia, where they have closed the borders to various states. 

The World Government also wants to control the food supply and our land. Growing your food would also be illegal.

Only those who follow the system will be well-nourished. But there will not be enough to support any fugitive from the new system. 

For us to be free, we need to break our bondage to central banks, governments, and the Elite that controls us.

The final reason you shouldn't take the vaccine is the shady history of drug companies.

9. Vaccine Creators Have Skeletons In Their Closets

Pharmaceutical companies are the most corrupt cartel in the world. They don't care about people and only want to make money. Drug companies have been behind many scandals and frauds.

Big Pharma companies pay million- and billion dollar fines regularly. These penalties rarely impact the companies' profits.

Hand holding vaccine bottle with needle inside in front of Moderna logo

Moderna's Swiss partner Lonza has a list of shady business practices

Biotech company Moderna started in 2010, formerly named Moderna Therapeutics. The company is part of the U.S. government's Operation Warp Speed program.

Moderna has never released any vaccine. It never had to build medicine distribution channels. Lonza will run the production of the Moderna vaccine.

It's a Swiss company with a long history of partnering with big drugmakers. Lonza is building out capacity for 400 million doses a year. 

Since 2000, Lonza has paid over $4 million in fines. Most of these offenses were environmental and competition-based. But the company also had some safety-related violations.

Lonza/Moderna's scandals are nothing compared to AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca Is Behind Deaths Of A Dozen Babies

AstraZeneca has a long history of scandals. Some include bribery and the deaths of a dozen babies. Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products is one of China's biggest vaccine makers. 

Clip of Astrazenica article

One of AstraZeneca's scandals include the death of a dozen babies

It got a deal with AstraZeneca to create the COVID-19 shot. Kangtai made headlines in 2013 when 17 infants died after taking its vaccine for hepatitis B.  

Since 2000, AstraZeneca has paid over $1 billion in fines for various offenses. Most of the penalties were healthcare- and government-contracting-related issues.

AstraZeneca's fines are bleak compared to Pfizer.

Pfizer Has Paid 4$ Billion In Fines And Killed Several Children

Pfizer also had its share of scandals. The company set up secretive trials in Kano, the second-largest city in Nigeria. Pfizer tested its experimental antibiotic, Trovan, on 200 children. 

In 2002, a group of Nigerian children and their legal guardians sued Pfizer in the U.S. Court documents revealed that five children who received Trovan died. Others suffered paralysis, deafness, and blindness.

List of Pfizer's violations

Pfizer has paid 4$ billion in fines since 2000

Pfizer paid a whopping $4 billion in fines since 2000. $3 billion is for healthcare-related offenses. They also had to pay $1 billion for government-contracting-related issues. The company also has other safety-related crimes.

I don't trust them, neither should you. If humans want to be free and healthy, we need to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine. Learn how to do that next.


A tiny financial Elite controls the world through a secret society network.

The 1% that controls the world wants to create a world government, called The New World Order.

Researchers never purified isolated a whole COVID-19 virus.

Scientists labeled exosomes, a genetic material, as COVID-19.

The PCR test's purpose is to study DNA fragments, not detect a virus or diagnose people.

Deaths from other diseases got redesignated as COVID-19 deaths.

A vaccine takes about 8-10 years to develop.

COVID-19 vaccine trials revealed many different side effects.

Drug companies will not face any legal liabilities due to COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

Bill Gates is a frontman for the Rockefeller family and the satanic Elite.

Gates and the Rockefellers are supporters of population control.

The mRNA vaccine will modify our DNA.

COVID-19 vaccines will contain nano microchips that will connect our thoughts to A.I.

Hydrogel will usher in the transhuman agenda.

Quantum dot microneedles will record a patient's vaccination history in a pattern of dye.

If you take the COVID-19 vaccine, you will subject your body to many poisons.

You won't get your freedom back if you take the vaccine.

Agenda 21/2030 is a project created by the U.N. to usher in the world government structure. 

The New World Order will force people to live in megacities to make it easier to surveillance them.

COVID-19 vaccine candidates have a history of scandals.

How To Cleanse Your Body From Different Types Of Pathogens

1. Eat a whole food plant-based diet

2. Do a liver cleanse

3. Cleanse your colon

4. Use remedies

Action Steps

We all need to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine. Everyone needs to join local communities to oppose the government.

Go to to connect to small groups in your area. This website helps like-minded people create decentralized communities.

Governments may force us to take vaccines to be part of society. Therefore you need to find a way to get food and what you need if you don't take the vaccine.

Also, make sure to spread this blog post to other people to warn them about the vaccine. Individuals worldwide need to rise against oppressive governments. We can't let psychopathic leaders create The New World Order.

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their health and avoid Big Pharma medicine. One way you can do that is by learning why the germ theory is fake. You also need to discover ways to stay healthy.

Download our guide below to find out more.

Learn The Truth About Germs

Download his guide to learn why germs do not cause diseases. 

Also, discover 16 ways to boost your immune system naturally.


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  • Why do you think the corona virus was needed when most of the Western world is already controlled by anti depressant drugs?

    • The Elite created the so-called “virus” to limit our freedom by claiming that COVID-19 was dangerous and that a vaccine is a solution to the problem. With the use of the vaccine, the Elite can access our bodies and track us.

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