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Agenda 21: The UN’s Secret Plan To Steal Our Land And Kill Us

Learn the horrible truth about UN Agenda 21 and how they want to kill and poison us all. Discover the real purpose of this program and how they want to take away our freedom. And find out how we together can stop them from destroying the world.


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What Is UN Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 is a plan created by the United Nations that defines how humans will live in the 21st Century. According to them, we destroy our planet with our cars and high energy consumption.

Agenda 21 policies date back to the 70's, but it got its real start in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. During that meeting, they decided on 21 points that the countries had to implement. 178 countries joined the program.

President Clinton took office the following year. He made sure that federal agencies would follow UN Agenda 21. The goal of this program is to address the environmental challenges we face and fix them.

UN flag

Agenda 21 is a plan created by the United Nations that defines how humans will live in the 21st Century

Agenda 21 sounds like a great idea. Who doesn't want to save the planet? But the real goal of Agenda 21 is much darker and sinister. For you to understand why this program is horrible, I have to explain the hidden hand behind it.

You first need to learn who controls the world and what their hidden agenda is. Then you're going to learn how it all ties to Agenda 21.

After you read this blog post, you will not see the world in the same light again.

So who rules the world and what do they want to achieve? To answer that question we need to go back in time.

The Meeting At Jekyll Island That Changed The World

In November 1910, seven men met at the Jekyll Island Club, off the coast of Georgia. These people were representatives of the biggest banks in the US. Their mission was to reform the nation’s banking system. The meeting was a guarded secret. Participants did not admit that the meeting occurred until the 1930s.

The seven people that attended the meeting were:

  • Nelson W. Aldrich, father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller
  • Henry P. Davison, Sr. partner of J.P Morgan Company
  • A. Platt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
  • Benjamin Strong, head of J.P Morgan Bankers Trust Company
  • Paul M. Warburg, representing the Rothschilds and Warburgs
  • Charles D. Norton, Pres. of 1st National Bank of New York
  • Frank A. Vanderclip, representing William Rockefeller

Their goal was to create a single central bank which they ruled.

They wrote the Federal Reserve Act and influenced the Congress to accept it. In 1913 president Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act.

Now, these bankers could control the nation's money supply. Before the creation of the Federal Reserve, commercial banks issued their own banknotes. They had to redeem the notes for legal tender such as gold or silver coins.

The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing

But after the Federal Reserve Act, they could no longer do that.

A few families control the majority of the world's wealth. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are the most powerful families on earth. They control our banking system and governments.

The Rothschilds have a long dark history. They have caused mayhem for centuries. John D Rockefeller came to power when he became an oil mogul.

He managed to take over the oil market by eliminating the competition. John D. Rockefeller is also the person that invented the western medicine.

These families are complete psychopaths with no real empathy. Many secret societies operate as branches of a mega-corporations, which they own. They are also called Illuminati.

So how can they control our world? Easy, by managing our monetary system. It is private bankers that rule the world not the governments. By controlling our money, they can enslave us.

Let me explain how the monetary system works and how they use it to control us. Later on, I will also reveal what their real agenda is.

How The Monetary System Works

The world's biggest problems have their roots in the corrupt financial system. Let me explain how this criminal scheme works by giving you an example.

Let's say you're going to borrow some money. So you go to the bank and tell them to lend you $50,000.

What does the bank do? They type 50,000 dollars into your account. From that moment you start paying interest on that money, that has never, does not, and will never exist.

Private banks create money from fresh air called credit. We also have something called fractional reserve lending. It allows banks to lend at least ten times what they have on deposit. So when you put a dollar in a bank, that bank can now lend ten times what it does not have. Fresh air, figures on a screen.


The purpose of the monetary system is to enslave and control humans

Let's say that you want to buy a car from a guy for $10,000. The seller now deposits the $10,000 from the money created out of nothing. Now his bank can lend ten times that sum to others.

The money that the bank created out of nothing now expands even more. One loan allows the banking system to generate phenomenal amounts of non-existent money.

Our money is debt at the beginning of its creation. The purpose of the whole system is to enslave and control humans.

Private bankers own the central banks, not the governments. The government has to pay interest on the money created. Why should they pay a fee on their own money?

The same networks that control the banks also control the governments. They have the power to create money and dictate our policies. That's why they're able to manufacture booms and busts at will.

They're behind every financial crisis. But how can they crash the market? Find out in the next section.

How Bankers Crash Our Economy

The monetary system we use now is total corruption and manipulation. So how can the bankers crash the market?

First, they put lots of money in circulation and create a boom. When there is growth, people feel confident about their jobs and take more loans. They buy bigger houses, better cars and so forth.

Then the bankers wait for an optimal point when they can crash the market, as they did in 2008. They make an excuse to take money out of circulation. Now the economic activity generated by that amount of money is no longer possible. These actions then lead to a crash.

financial crisis

Bankers are behind every financial crisis

People lose their homes because there is not enough economic activity to pay back their debt. Companies go bankrupt when there is not enough demand for their products. The banks are behind all this.

They take our homes, businesses, land, and the real wealth. People lose their homes because they can't pay back money that has not, does not, and will never exist.

It's a sick and unfair system. So why have the bankers created this unjust system? To understand this, you have to learn what their real agenda is.

The Real Agenda Behind The Ruling Elite

The ultimate goal of these families is total control over the entire human race. They want to create a world central government which they control. A term they like to use is a "New World Order."

By creating a debt based economy, they can make us into wage slaves. We work from 9 to 5 every day, in dull and depressing environments. There is little stimulation or creative thinking. In most cases, the sole motivation for going to work is the next paycheck.

No matter how hard we work, we never seem to have enough money. Corporations pay millions to their CEOs and almost nothing to their employees. This is all part of the plan.

When we live on the edge, there is little time for introspection.

To control the world, they have to centralize every decision-making. The more you centralize, the more power fewer people get.


A few families control the majority of the world's wealth

That is the reason why we see a rise in globalization. Globalization is the process of centralizing the world. The European Union is already part of that process.

So the more they concentrate power, the quicker they can gain control. The elite wants to create a central world bank that dictates all global finances. Then they want to create a single electronic currency that replaces all other money.

No more cash. That's what we see in Europe already.

Another thing they want to build is a world army. NATO is already the beginning of that. The idea of a world army is to suppress countries that don't follow the agenda. That's what we've seen in Libya and Syria already.

And then they want to create world government ministries. They need a world ministry of oil that takes over all oil corporations.

A world ministry of health will then take over all pharmaceuticals. The World health organization is already that ministry. In this way, they can force us to follow the western medicine and control our health.

The world ministry of trade will dictate global business and eliminate all corporations.

So how are they supposed to force us to agree on all this? There are several techniques they use to form the New World Order.

Let's explore how they can manipulate us to do as they wish in the next section.

How The Elite Dictates The World

The elite has many tricks in their sleeve to enforce their agenda on us. Their favorite one is the problem-reaction-solution method. So this is how it works.

At stage one, you create a problem. You then blame someone or something else for it and hide the fact that you're behind it.

Then you tell the media to portray the version of the problem you want others to believe in.

At stage two you need a reaction from the people, like fear or outrage. It could be a terrorist attack like 9/11 or an economic collapse.  

In stage three you offer a solution to the problems you're behind. And then you repeat this process all the time. In this way, you can change policies that people would never accept in the first place.


All wars are bankers wars

Private bankers have used this strategy again and again with tremendous success. That is the reason why we had so many wars. All wars are bankers wars. Bankers funded both sides in the first and second world war.

By creating conflicts, they can work toward a centralized global dictatorship.  

The Illuminati also controls the media. They own almost every major newspaper and TV station in the world. That is the reason we never hear the truth.

The educational system is another tool they use to keep the population in control. Students only repeat what the teachers tell them to believe in.

Our college degrees become more and more useless. A flashy education does not guarantee a job that it used to before. Instead, students get into massive debt that they can never pay back.

The elite also controls Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Movies and series distract us from the real issues in the world.

So how does all this tie together with Agenda 21? Let me show how the bankers use Agenda 21 to create The New World Order.

What Is The Real Purpose Of Agenda 21?

The UN is a Trojan horse for world fascism. They are trying to use saving the environment as an excuse to end democracy. Agenda 21 is just one smart way to control the world by creating a false problem.

Do you remember the problem-reaction-solution trick I talked about earlier? In this case, global warming is the problem they want us to believe in. The Illuminati wants you to think that we humans can’t survive if we create too much Co2.


The UN uses saving the environment as an excuse to end democracy

By making us believe in this false theory they can generate a reaction. Now everyone fears that the world will collapse if we don’t stop overconsuming. In this way, they force policies on us on the pretext that we need to save the world.

It seems that this program is there to protect humans and the planet. But in reality, the UN wants to centralize every decision making.

They use buzz words like“eco-sustainability” to make it sound better than it is.

Agenda 21 is a cover story to create a global fascist state where humans have no more control. Another disturbing fact about Agenda 21 is that the elite wants to remove private properties.

How The UN Plans To Remove Private Properties

Bankers want to reduce our freedom and remove private properties.

They also want us to move from rural and suburban areas and into mega-cities. The UN says that is more sustainable if people live in cities and high rise buildings.

To remove us from our lands, they will raise property taxes, so it's too expensive to live in the suburb. The collective then owns all the households, and land together. They refer these urban areas as “sustainable human settlements.”

There are already action plans to push this idea forward. The planners of Agenda 21 want to have complete control over all the resources in the world. This includes reducing the standard of living in first-world countries.


The UN wants to reduce our freedom and remove private properties

For this plan to work, people must believe that a reduction in their standard of living is a good thing. It is there to protect the environment and future generations.

So the Agenda 21 is a clever way to form the new world order by creating a bogus problem. Another way they want to gain control is to split up the world into smaller communities.

They also want to make trains our main transportation and limit our use of cars. Only the privileged ones can own cars. The rest of us have to walk or use bicycles.

They also want to break up the family bond. The government should instead raise our children. In one way they have achieved that. Most parents work long hours and don't have enough time for their children.

They also want to make sure you remain in your human settlement zone. One way they can do that is to limit your means of transportation.  

They also want to control the food supply and our land. By doing so, they can break our independence.

And the most sinister plan of the whole Agenda 21 is to reduce the population. Because people create too much Co2, they want to reduce the population to save the planet.

The Illuminati wants to kill 90% of the population. It is much easier to control a couple of hundred million instead of billions of people.

So how are they supposed to reduce the population?

The UN's Depopulation Plan

Death By Vaccines: How Bill Gates Tries To Kill Us All

One way the elite wants to kill us is to use vaccines. If you've read my blog post about the dangers of vaccines, you know that they are toxic. There are no scientific studies that show that vaccines are safe for humans.

The few studies that exist only compare vaccines against each other and not a placebo. Vaccines are often untested and not safe for humans.

Bill Gates is one of the biggest proponents of vaccines. He is also a huge believer in eugenics. Gate's father, William H. Gates Sr., has long been part of Planned Parenthood. It's a non-profit eugenics foundation.


Vaccines are often untested and not safe for humans

Bill Gates, also purchased 500,000 shares in Monsanto back in 2010 for more than $23 million. It is clear that his charity is up to more than eradicating diseases and feeding the poor.

What he wants to do is control the world's food supply and reduce the population size. Gates has a direct interest in seeing Monsanto succeed. He already spreads their crops in his humanitarian efforts.

For him to kill people, he has to do it in silence. First, he and others have to make people believe that vaccines are safe. Otherwise, the population reduction effort wouldn't be effective.

For people to accept them, they can't kill them in an instance. There are two ways that vaccines can reduce the population.

First, they can cause severe diseases in the distant future. By doing so, they can cut peoples' life short and kill them. Or they can use vaccines to sterilize people and affect the birth rates. 

But didn't vaccines eliminate polio? No, learn the truth now.

But Didn't Vaccines Eliminate Polio?

Proponents of vaccines tell you that vaccines eliminated polio and other dreadful diseases. But it wasn’t vaccines that eradicated polio; it was our better sanitation. Polio was on the decline at the time when people got injections. Especially in countries that did not introduce the vaccine.

Polio thrives in fecal matter and transmits through human waste. In areas where sanitation and hygiene are proper, polio is rare.

The theory behind vaccines is that if you inject a virus into the body, it will attack it. After it attacks the virus, the body can then create immunity against it.

Indian slum

Polio thrives in fecal matter and transmits through human waste

The vast majority of the population has a healthy immune system. People are more than capable of dealing with invaders without getting sick. But if they have a weak immune system, the flu virus can access the body and cause an infection.

Regular vaccination is one of the major causes of depleted immunity. Putting mercury or formaldehyde into food products is illegal. But it is legal to inject the same toxins into the blood of millions of people, year after year.

The notion that injecting poisons into your bloodstream to save your life is foolish. If we want to create immunity then why do we need to expose our bodies to mercury?  

Vaccines are a way for the system to make us sick and kill us. When we take care of our bodies, we can fight diseases without a problem.

Another way that the bankers want to kill us is to force us to eat genetically modified food.

The Dark History of Monsanto And GMOs

Monsanto is the world leader in producing GMO foods. Many people call them the most evil company in the world.John Francis Queeny and his wife created this company in 1901. He named the company after his wife, Olga Mendez Monsanto.

The company’s first product was saccharin, an artificial sweetener, sold to Coca-Cola. Even then, the government knew that saccharin was poisonous and tried to stop them. But Monsanto won in court and continued poisoning the world.

In the 1920s Monsanto expanded into industrial chemicals and drugs. They were the first maker of aspirin.


Monsanto is the world leader in producing GMO foods

As a government contractor, Monsanto manufactured Agent Orange. Agent Orange was a toxic herbicide employed by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. They used it to clear jungles and starve North Vietnamese soldiers.

Later on, they started to focus on agriculture. In 1974 the company introduced their bestseller herbicide Roundup.

Monsanto’s scientists were also the first ones to modify plant cells genetically. Their GMO crops were tolerant to their toxic herbicide Roundup. Roundup is so toxic that it wipes out non-GMO crops, insects, animals, and the environment.

Monsanto plans to take over the whole agriculture business. They have already bought up many seed companies and converted them to GMOs.

When you buy their seeds, you also have to use their herbicides.

Because GMOs can self-pollinate, they do not need the help of bees. Instead, they kill insects like bees. In this way, they have reduced the world’s bee population and harmed the competition.

Monsanto also wants to steal the farmers' land. Learn how they are going to take over the whole agriculture business.

How Monsanto Tries To Steal The Farmers' Land And Kill Us

According to Monsanto, they want to help impoverished nations by giving them GMOs. But that is a lie. The whole idea of Monsanto is to steal peoples' land and kill them.

You can’t patent vegetables and food under normal circumstances. But because Monsanto has modified their seeds, they can license them. Therefore they can own the crop. If the farmers try to reuse their seeds they can sue them for patent infringement.

This evil practice has ruined the economy of Indian cotton farmers. These innocent farmers had to take massive loans to buy the seeds and the weed killers. But when the GMO crops failed, the farmers couldn't repay their loans. They then went into massive debt and lost their land.

Indian farmers

Indian farmers commit suicide at an alarming rate

This practice is a way for the elite to force the farmers off the land and break their independence. The farmers then have to move to the city and become wage slaves like anybody else.

Because of this evil practice, Indian farmers commit suicide at an alarming rate. The main reason for taking their lives is because of their financial debt. Another reason is that they can't compete with the huge corporations. Many farmers swallow their weed killers to end their lives.

Monsanto has ties with the US government and can, therefore, get protection from them.

GMOs can cause allergies and a host of other problems. They also contain fewer nutrients than ordinary plants. GMOs are toxic and make us sick.

When farmers feed their animals GMOs they get weird symptoms. Animals that eat only GMOs often die within a couple of days. By eating GMOs, we also expose ourselves to their toxic herbicides.

The FDA doesn’t distinguish between GMOs and natural crops. Therefore they are not regulating GMOs. In America, there are still no labeling of GMOs.

Try to avoid GMOs as best as you can. The things you want to look out for are GMO soy, corn, wheat and canola oil.

Another way the elite tries to kill us is to put poisons in our food.

Aspartame The Neurotoxin Found In 6000 Foods

Aspartame is the ingredient found in NutraSweet and many popular diet sodas. It is a deadly neurotoxin. Many believe that they do their bodies a favor by using it instead of sugar. But Aspartame is not better than sugar; it is even worse for your health.

You can find it in more than 6,000 products worldwide.

Donald Rumsfeld got Aspartame approved by the FDA. He was the CEO of Searle, the manufacturer of this poison. When he got elected into office, he used his political powers to influence the FDA.

Aspartame increases the risk of brain tumors. It has many different side effects including:   

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Alzheimers disease
  • Arthiritis
  • ADD
  • Psychological disorders
  • Lupus
  • Birth defects
  • Lyme disease
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Panic disorders
  • Brain tumors
  • Diabetes
  • Lymphoma
  • Hypothyroidism

Aspartame breaks down into phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol. Methanol converts to formaldehyde and diketopiperazine. They are all known carcinogens.

The next way the Illuminati tries to destroy us is by controlling our weather.

HAARP: How The US Government Manipulates Our Weather

HAARP is a weather manipulation program created by the U.S. Air Force and the Naval Research. Their goal was to research the Earth’s ionosphere.

HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is a U.S. military defense program to manipulate the weather. Some claim that it can cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Major aspects of the program are a secret.

HAARP antennas

HAARP is a weather manipulation program

HAARP uses electromagnetic frequencies to manipulate the ionosphere. The ionosphere is the upper layer of our atmosphere. It ranges from about 30 miles (50 km) to 600 miles (1,000 km) above the surface of the earth.

Disturbing the atmosphere could have disastrous consequences. Some researchers believe that HAARP may have caused natural disasters like hurricane Katrina.

Telltale signs of an earthquake created by HAARP is colored lights on the sky. This technique can cause devastating weather and floods which affects small farmers.

If you thought that was bad, then you won't believe what I am going to tell you next.

Chemtrails: The Poison In The Sky

When you look at the airplanes in the sky, you can see their trails. We call them condensation trails or contrails.

Jet engines spew out hot, humid air in the cold atmosphere. This process causes condensation that crystallizes into ice. The ice crystals are the clouds that we see forming behind the engine.

It is like when you exhale hot air on cold days. Contrails dissipate quicker on drier days. And when the atmosphere is more humid, the contrails linger longer.

Chemtrails are something different. They linger at much lower altitudes for several hours.  The term “chemtrails” is a contraction of chemical trails.

Chemtrails are geo-engineered aerosols that contain toxic chemicals. They create crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jetliners.

Chemtrails have nothing to do with the jet engine combustion process. Water samples of areas affected by chemtrails contain alarming levels of heavy metals. Dangerous metals found are aluminum, strontium, and barium.

Aluminum is toxic to plants. It can increase the risk of Alzheimers and dementia. Chemtrails kill farmers' crops and reduce their yields. They also change the pH in the soil and make people sick.

These chemicals diminish the rainfall, traps the heat, and increases humidity. The humidity leads to a plague of pests, mildews, molds, fungi, and diseases.

chemtrails in the sky

Chemtrails destroy crops and make people sick

Many believe chemtrails might have connections to HAARP. In the late 1960s, Monsanto supported the development of the chemtrail technology.

Monsanto's plants have protection against aluminum. They also have a patent for plants that can withstand abiotic stress. Abiotic stress is anything that puts tension on the plant. It can be the drought, flooding, toxic soil, or something else.

They can use weather manipulation to destroy the crop and make the farmers go out of business. That can be the reason why we have droughts in America.

Monsanto can produce droughts and then bioengineer crops that can withstand these conditions. In this way, they can eliminate their competition even further.

Another thing you need to look out for is the toxins in our water and health products.

Fluoride The Useless Poison In Our Toothpaste And Water

Sodium fluoride (NaF) is a toxic waste product from the aluminum production. This chemical compound does not occur in nature. It has damaging effects on any living organism.

As the aluminum production increased, the manufacturers needed to find a way to get rid of the waste. They could not dump it into rivers or landfills, because it was poisonous to the crops and livestock.

Francis Frary influenced the government to put it into the municipal water supply. The idea was that fluoride could improve dental health. This deception created a multi-billion dollar industry out of a worthless toxic byproduct.

Fluoride in the water does not help your teeth. It also accumulates in the bones and causes a bone disease called skeletal fluorosis. Fluoride has caused bone cancer, liver cancer, and a host of other physical ailments in rats.

Dumping fluoride into our lakes and rivers is illegal. But it is okay to put it in the US drinking water. 98% of Western Europe has now rejected water fluoridation.

Fluoride is also present in our toothpaste and chewing gums. It has never prevented cavities.


Sodium fluoride (NaF) is a toxic waste product from the aluminum production

The best way to improve your dental hygiene is to eat a healthy plant-based diet. Dental problems happen because of the bacteria in the mouth.

They manifest after we eat acidic foods like animal products. The body has to use bacteria to eliminate the toxins. But the acids they produce destroy our teeth.

So if you want to reverse it, then you need to clean up your diet so that you can raise your pH-level. When you have a pH-level of 7.3, the bacteria in the mouth can’t survive anymore.

Use a water filter to eliminate fluoride and other toxins from the water. Buy fluoride-free toothpaste.

Chlorine is another common toxin in our water supply. It’s a standard practice to add it to swimming pools to kill off bacteria when many people share the same space.

The last cornerstone the banking elite uses to kill us is to control the medical system.

Big Pharma's Chemical Warfare On Humanity

Another huge win for the establishment was when they took control of the medical system. In my previous blog post, I talked about how John D Rockefeller was the brain behind all this. By influencing our medical schools, he was able to control the medical system.

His evil act later caused the rise of Big Pharma. Big Pharma has no interest in finding a cure for cancer and other illnesses. They make a handsome profit by not curing diseases.

Big pharma

Drugs and doctors are one of the leading causes of death in the world Picture by Mike Richter

Every time someone tries to present the cure for a disease they suppress or kill them. The elite wants this corrupt system to keep us sick. When we are not aware of our healing abilities, we instead rely on doctors.

Doctors follow the agenda of Big Pharma and suppress symptoms with drugs. They know nothing about nutrition. So they won’t teach their patients how to prevent cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The cancer industry is one of the most corrupt entities in the world. They have killed millions of people by using chemo and other toxic methods. Drugs and doctors are one of the leading causes of death in the world.

They will continue to kill us so long as we don't learn how to heal the body with natural remedies.

Learn how you can protect yourself from Agenda 21 and stop it in the next section.


The UN is a Trojan horse for world fascism. They are trying to use saving the environment as an excuse to end democracy.

A few families control the majority of the world's wealth. They can create money, that has never, does not, and will never exist.

The same networks that control the banks also control the governments. Bankers can crash our economy at will.

The ultimate goal of the ruling elite is to control the entire human race. They force change by using the problem-reaction-solution method.

Bankers want to reduce our freedoms and remove private properties.

The elite wants to kill us by using vaccines, drugs, GMOs, and poisoning our food and water.

How To Stop Agenda 21 From Destroying Us

1. Tell others about agenda 21

2. Avoid GMOs

3. Stop using fluoride products

4. Don't eat processed foods

5. Clean your water

6. Avoid vaccines

Action Steps

I hope you now understand how severe the situation is. If we want to stop Agenda 21, then we have to inform as many people as possible. Spread this blog post to others so that they know what is going on. The more people that wake up to this truth the easier it is to stop our corrupt governments.

Avoid all GMO crops and products that contain them. Use a water purification system like Berkey. Don't use toothpaste that contains fluoride or other toxic chemicals.

Eat a healthy whole food plant-based diet and take care of your health to prevent pathogens. Refuse vaccines. Create immunity by taking care of your health first.

Click here to learn how to eat a healthy plant-based diet.

If we all follow these steps, then we can stop Agenda 21!


About the author 

Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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  • I believe this to be TRUTH. I have been talking about this for some time, now. My pastor teaches this same message. However, people do not want to listen to it. The people I talk to believe these kind of conspiracy theories are for the simple minded and rednecks… sheeple…

    • Yes, I agree. For many people, it is hard to grasp that their government is doing this. It seems too outrageous that a few people control the money supply. But if you do your own research, you will find it to be true.

  • They will never succeed. God is with us, the devil is with them.
    I am copying some of your article for a small magazine in my country (Nepal), Hope its alright with the author. I will give full credit.

      • I believe all this to be true , a lot of which I learned many years ago .
        These evil people need to be stopped and tried for crimes against humanity .

  • All true. One thing though…5G = KILL GRID for depopulation. It is a weaponize system and incompatible with life. They will blame the illnesses and deaths on another virus and force poison vaccines and tracking, controlling the ones who survive. Is there no way to rid the world of these evil bastards who have caused and continued to cause hell on earth for decades and decades?

  • I’ve known about what I’ve read above for decades, when the New World Order was known as the One World Government, and the false church, was known as The One World Church; aka Ecumenicism; the merging of all religions into one. Great progress has been made by the elite in the past four decades to bring us where we’re at today… I have watched this progress and it sickens me. These are truly evil people who hate all humanity, except for themselves. To see people so ignorant of what has been going on all these years, sickens me as well. People, wake up! Your very lives and the lives of your family are at stake. May God bless and be with you all in the days that are now upon us.

  • PS… Thank you, Simon, for all your hard work and for the things you do to wake people up and give them hope. I also really appreciate your free book so that I can detox again. It’s been a while and I’m feeling the effects of breathing our toxic air along with ingesting other toxins that are almost impossible to completely avoid. God bless and be with you, my friend, Kathryn.

  • Satan is in control now, but those who believe in the God of hope and truth will prevail.
    Am I surprised by all of this? No! But it is still very hard to believe that these evil things are to take place before Jesus returns to this earth to bind up the evil that is taking place and save his children.
    My friends it is time to take this serious and what can you loose to believe in a loving and kind God that only wants us to know and trust Him.
    Human wisdom and worldly power is of no consequence when compared with the infinite wisdom and eternal strength of the almighty creator. God bless you all.

    • John 8:44 simply states that the father of the Jews is the devil. Jesus was a Jew. Jesus’s father is Lucifer II. Getting rid of you worthless Christians is the best step the Holy Spirit (Gaia Sophia) could possibly make to return this planet back to the paradise it was meant to be. Heaven is but a soul prison for the ignorant & these vaccines & swabs are the rapture. For they leave behind just a shell as the soul vacates to be replace by the hive mind controlled nanobots. Agenda 21 is the tribulation. I have yet to meet a Christian with the intelligence to avoid vaccines. Good riddance.

      • You are sorely mistaken about John 8:44 he was talking to the people who were trying to kill him. He told them, they were acting like their father the devil. It seems you are under a demonic spirits control also. Strange…In my circle of Christian friends only a handful took the vaccine. Many didn’t. Your statements are all so flawed. The devil is a liar. He is the father of deception. So if you are lying, doesn’t that make you under demonic control? I’d rather have free will to serve God, than be tricked and toyed with such as what’s happening to you.

    • People who believe everything their government spoon feeds them are worse than idiots. They are willfully ignorant sheep who help bring about the destruction of every succesful civilization. Add your self to the list of histories biggest failures in humanity. There is a lot of truth here even if it all isn’t 100% on point. Try doing some research instead of name calling.

  • Thank you for this informative and truthful blog, Simon. I have known about the demonic Agenda 21 for some time and now that 2021 has arrived EVERYone should be made aware of this agenda! It’s no use hiding heads in the sand any longer. Unless the sheep start bleating the criminal elites will be allowed to continue on their path of destruction. If we are to survive as individuals and as nations we must act NOW to stop the agenda!

  • One thing to remember. Empires have fallen in the past and it will fall in the future. Control went back to the times of the Egyptians and Roman era. Up through the centuries and never exceeded.

  • Great Information many don’t believe so it’s our job to share this link to as many places as possible.. the goal is to get 10 percent of the population to see and read, then its out there enough to make changes.. thank you so much for your hard work and time writing and researching please don’t stop educating the Masses!!!

  • Just to add to the info on monsantos production of roundup, the main deadly ingredient is glyphosate which they still swear today is safe. It isn’t. Glyphosate is inherently a hormone with the happy side effect of killing plants. GMO crops lack the natural ability to fight off weeds, and are immune to glyphosate, to combat the problem we started through GMOs and the use of chemical fertilizers we spray 280 million pounds of glyphosate (roundup) every year into our air to fight off the weeds now killing crops. This makes its way into the soil and is locked into our water supply, all the way down to our aquifers being contaminated with it.
    The good news is this hormone is a natural food of micro organisms in the soil that produce the 7 key nutrients humans receive from plants for proper immune system function to fight off cancer. We spray sp much of this hormone it has killed the soil. The very organisms that break it down have been killed by its over saturation.
    The problems this causes: the 500% increase in gender and organ specific cancers in adults and even children since we are no longer able to fight off cancerous cells our bodies are now more likely to produce.
    70% of our air is saturated with this hormone. It is in almost ALL of the worlds water. And now as an added bonus, eating “healthy” or organic or even growing your own food won’t be as nutritionally beneficial as it should be. Cancer rates will continue to increase as each generation is born with less and less ability to prevent the production of cancerous cells and fight off cancerous infection. If we stopped spraying glyphosate TODAY we wouldn’t start to see a decline in it’s levels for a MINIMUM of 50 years.

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