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Discover The Dangers Of 5G And Its Health Implications

April 10, 2020
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Simon Persson

​In this ​blog post, you will learn ​about the dangers of 5G and its health implications. You will also discover how governments will use this technology to surveillance us.


Legal Notice

The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

​What Is 5G?

​We’re moving into the fifth generation of cellular telecommunications, 5G. 5G will provide faster downloads and streaming. You can download a movie in seconds instead of minutes. 


​5G is the next generation of mobile technology

The Telecommunications Industry promises fast, universal, and unlimited mobile Internet access by 2020. 5G will use millimeter waves (MMW). It will operate between 30 and 300 GHz, as well as some lower and mid-range frequencies.

Millimeter waves (MMWs) do not travel well through buildings. Rain and plants also tend to absorb them. To counter this problem, 5G will use smaller cell stations.

​There Will Be 5G Antennas ​On Every Lamp Post

​5G will ​put wireless antennas on every lamp post, utility pole, home, and business. Current 4G cell towers have about a dozen antenna ports to support all communications.





​750 - 5000Mhz

​30 - 300 Ghz


​inches to feet

​cm to mm


​dozens of miles

​few miles


​passes through body

​penetrates the skin

The new, smaller 5G cell towers will carry about a hundred ports. These towers will be about 4 feet tall as opposed to the usual 90 feet towers currently around us.  

5G network

​5G towers need to be closer than 4G towers

Cells will be available within a 100-meter or 109 yards range. 5G will break down data and send it in smaller sizes to offer reduced transmission times. There will be an only one-millisecond delay when you send data instead of a 50-millisecond lag found with 4G.  

With communication this fast, it’ll allow machines to talk to each other with no room for error. 5G is not a simple upgrade, rather a major increase and change in wireless radiation. It will increase our wireless radio frequency exposure every day of the year.

​5G is entirely different than WIFI ​and 4G.

The Difference Between 5G, ​4G, ​And WIFI

5G is not to confuse with the 5 Gigahertz (GHz) frequencies used in routers. Some devices state they are 5G, but that means they use the 5GHz frequency.

There are also some key differences between 4G and 5G technologies. First, 4G uses several different frequencies from 750MHz to about 2,400-5,000 MHz. 5G uses 30 to 300 GHz, but will also use lower frequencies.  

Diagram showing the difference between 4G  and 5G

​​5G will use a completely different range than 4G

4G electromagnetic wavelengths are inches to feet long. 5G frequencies are in centimeters to millimeters. 4G can travel dozens of miles in a line of sight if poles are high enough.

5G can only travel a few miles. 4G radiation passes through bodies and gets absorbed by water. 5G signals penetrate only the outer layers of the skin in humans.

​What's most disturbing about 5G is its health implications.

​Dangers Of 5G​ Everyone Needs To Know About

The 5G standard is new, and there are no studies that look at long-time exposure. Senior telecom executives admitted they had not done any safety testing on 5G in a U.S Senate hearing.

Nor do they plan to do any. Major health concerns with exposure to 5G are to the skin and eyes. The human body has between two million to four million sweat ducts.

Our sweat ducts act like an array of antennas when exposed to these wavelengths. The epidermis and dermis layer can absorb 90% of the transmitted power. This may cause skin diseases and cancer as well as physical pain to our skin.

Woman getting beamed by 5G signals while holding the phone

​5G beams may cause major health issues

The FCC allows those beams to use as much as 20 watts. That is ten times more powerful than levels allowed on current phones.

The first reported injury of 5G in a news report comes from Switzerland. The country launched 5G in 102 locations. A French-language Swiss magazine interviewed people living in Geneva after the 5G rollout. They reported alarming side effects.

Plants and rain will absorb 5G signals, which could leave us with food that’s not safe to consume. What is more disturbing is that 5G signals are already used in crowd control weapons.

​The U.S Government Already Uses 5G Technology For Crowd Control

The US army uses millimeter waves in crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems. If you are unlucky enough to be standing there when it hits you, you will feel like your body is on fire.

woman having a headache in public

​The US army uses millimeter waves in crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems

5G will increase exposure to emf signals on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi signals. It will be ten times faster than 4G but also emit ten times more radiation.

​5G will also connect every device ​to something called the Internet of Things.

Internet Of Things

It is a vast grid which will connect all our household devices to the Internet. The industry wants to embed a cellular microchip into most manufactured goods.

Therefore, items purchased in the future will send data to companies and governments. Some stuff that will use 5G include:

  • ​Robots
  • ​Autonomous vehicles
  • ​Washing machines
  • ​Toothbrushes
  • ​Artificial intelligence
  • ​Refrigerators
  • ​Surveillance cameras
  • Smart phones

​Soon we will have 10 to 20 billion devices connected to the Internet. All these inter-connected objects will increase radiation from electromagnetic fields. It will create a more complicated denser soup of electro smog. 

picture showing 5G network in a big city

​Billions of devices will be connected to the 5G grid

To work with the higher range millimeter waves in 5G, the antennas required are smaller. Some experts are talking about as small as three by 3mm. 5G base stations and 5G devices will have multiple antennas in phased arrays.  

They will work together to emit focused, laser-like beams that track each other.  Smart antennas will be able to differentiate between various mixed-up signals. So radio waves and WiFi signals will not interfere.

Besides millions of new base stations on Earth, 5G will also use 20 000 satellites in low orbit.

5G Satellites Will Make Sure No One Can Escape It

​5G satellites will use the same type of antennas as ground-based 5G systems.

Each satellite will be the size of a small refrigerator and weigh about 880 pounds. With a life expectancy of only 5-years, this means there will be a massive amount of space junk orbiting the Earth.

Those satellites will fall to Earth and will burn up as they enter the atmosphere. All the hazardous materials in the satellites will get into our air and ground.

satellite in space

​​5G satellites will make sure no one can escape 5G

If the industry’s plans for global 5G come to fruition, no person or animal will escape the exposure. Telecom investment in 5G has been massive.

They are planning full implementation on the ground and in space in the next couple of years. Today, it is possible to live in a location that has reduced levels of microwave exposure.

However, soon, it won’t matter where we live, because 5G will irradiate us wherever we happen to live or work. No one will be free from exposure.

Radiation from these satellites and base stations will be disastrous to all life on Earth. Another concern about 5G is our privacy.

Our Privacy Will Disappear When 5G Hits The Market

5G will strengthen mobile phones as a platform for population control. It will create a Big brother society that George Orwell warned about in his book 1984. The book described a totalitarian society where the government spied on everyone.  

In 2020, the Orwellian prophecy will begin to come true, 36 years later than predicted in the book. The real reason for 5G deployment is to create a control grid.

Picture of George Orwell

​​George Orwell warned about our control society in his book 1984

We will have a 5G receiver everywhere in the form of Smart Meters and other Smart technologies. ​

Smart cities is code for the human settlement zones. Or high-rise, densely-occupied megacities of total surveillance and control through AI.

​Every smart device will connect to the 5G Smart Grid.

Everything Will Be Connected To The 5G Smart Grid

Everything you say or do will be monitored and recorded. This is not coming, it’s already here. Look at all the new technologies introduced now. The Internet with everything from AI office assistants to smart devices, control us.  

Together all these smart technologies will be part of the 5G Smart Grid. Surveillance possibilities are obvious with everything connecting to the Internet. 

Several CCTV cameras filming a laptop

​The Smart Grid will control everything we do

Home appliances to cars and devices of every kind, via chips, smart meters, and other WIFi fields will be part of this grid.  

All road vehicles will use AI through the cloud, which Elon Musk already develops. Driverless cars will ensure they can’t take you where the authorities don’t want you to go.

This is only possible through a cloud that is low-latency, ultra-fast, and secure. That is the reason why governments want to rush out a 5G global network.  

​The improved speed of 5G is not worth it if it affects our health.

Why We Need To Stop ​5G Now!

The cell phone has proven useful as a communication tool. But there is no need to expand it beyond its capacity to transmit short voice and text messages.

The industry would like us to download movies on the move, to justify a 5G network. But how many people enjoy watching movies on small screens?

stop 5g sign

​​We need to stop 5G before it destroys our health and takes away our privacy

Most people watch them on their huge flat-screen TV:s. Optical fiber is safer, healthier, and faster than wireless technologies.

A more useful investment would be to connect the optical fiber network directly to users. Everyone could enjoy a communication speed 10 000 times faster than wireless signals.

​We need to decide if it is worth to increase our speeds if it affects our health. The next generation of mobile technology will destroy our health and the earth. We need to stop the rollout of 5G before it's too late.


5G is the upcoming mobile technology.

There are no 5G safety studies.

5G will use millimeter waves that can cause severe skin and eye problems.

The Internet of things is a massive control grid that will surveillance us and connect everything to the Internet. 

How ​Protect Yourself From The Dangers Of 5G

​1. ​​Buy An EMF-meter

​2. ​Refuse Smart Meter Programs

​3. ​Use RF-shielding Paints Or Mesh

​4. ​Find A Building Biologist

Action Steps

I hope after reading this blog post that you now know about the dangers of 5G. ​You and I must take immediate action to protect life in all of its forms. More people need to wake up and stop this 5G madness. 

One way we can do that is to educate people, so we all can refuse this technology. The time to object is now and not after hundreds of thousands of people become sick.  

Download our e-book to learn how your family can avoid EMF radiation from cell phones. Also, get some tips on how to shield your home from 5G signals.

​Learn How To Protect Yourself From 5G

​​​Download this ​free e-book to learn ​several smart ways to protect yourself from EMF & 5G radiation.


Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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