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6 Reasons To Refuse The Digital Vaccine Passport

The digital vaccine passport will create global communism if we don't stop it now. Read this blog post to learn six reasons everyone should refuse the vaccine passport.

Find out how it is against our human rights and destroys our privacy. Also, discover why it will remove our freedom and create apartheid.


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1. The Digital Vaccine Passport
Is Against The Nuremberg Code And Human Rights

The Nuremberg Code is the most crucial document of medical history. Murderous Nazi doctors in concentration camps got convicted of their inhumane crimes.

An International Military Tribunal formulated the code in August 1947 in Nuremberg, Germany. It served as a blueprint for today's principles in medical research.  

What the Nazis did back then is comparable to what we experience now. The COVID-19 vaccine killed thousands of people worldwide.

Hitler speaking with other nazis

Murderous Nazi doctors in concentration camps got convicted of their inhumane crimes

Enforcing the COVID-19 vaccine on people is against the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code has ten points, these are:

Nuremberg Code

  1. Every person involved should have the legal capacity to give consent. No one should coerce you to take a drug by using force, fraud, deceit, or constraint.
  2. The experiment should yield fruitful results for the good of society.
  3. The experiment should use animal experimentation to justify the investigation.
  4. You should avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
  5. The experiment should not start if it may cause death or disabling injury.
  6. The risk of solving the problem should not continue if it is inhumane.
  7. There should be proper preparations before the study. Facilities should protect the subject against any injury, disability, or death.
  8. A qualified scientist should conduct the experiment. He should have the highest degree of skill and care.
  9. The human subject should stop the experiment if he had enough.
  10. The scientist in charge must end the experiment if it's too dangerous.

Forcing people to get the jab to keep their job is against the Nuremberg Code. Vaccine makers haven't released the list of ingredients either. According to the Nuremberg Code, the vaccine producer must disclose the ingredients.

There are also no policies to stop physical and mental suffering and injury. Governments continue to jab people even if there are many reported incidents. Scientists must end this experiment since it has caused several deaths and injuries.

We have also not seen any animal experiments yet. If you look at these ten codes, it's evident that governments have broken most of them.

No one can force anyone to take a drug. We have certain rights. Let's find out what these are.

No One Can Force Anyone To Take A Medication Or Treatment

Inhibiting people from traveling, working, or getting into venues is illegal. It goes against our will. Those mandating these vaccines should all go to prison for the rest of their lives.

You should be able to exercise the free power of choice without the intervention. Anyone has the right to refuse any treatment. Before a healthcare provider can begin any treatment, he needs to make you aware of what he plans to do. 


No one can force anyone to take a drug or treatment

The healthcare provider must disclose as much information as possible for you to make an informed decision. After the doctor informs you about the treatment options, you have the right to accept or refuse them. It is unethical to force or coerce a patient into treatment against his will. 

Doctors may only bypass your consent in an emergency where you're unconscious. Patients may not have the right to refuse treatment if they have an altered mental status. Some reasons include alcohol and drugs, brain injury, or psychiatric illness.

Most patients in the United States have a right to refuse care. There is nothing illegal about choosing to forgo treatment for any reason. They are personal choices, even if they aren't always wise ones. 

Another reason you should refuse the COVID-19 passport is to stop world communism.

2. By Accepting The Vaccine Passport You Will Allow World Communism

If you believe that COVID-19 is all about health, you're wrong. Instead, it's about global communism. The proof is in the pudding. During the whole pandemic, governments around the world have used communist tactics. 

Albert Biderman studied US prisoners of the Korean War. He learned that the communists used psychological manipulations to make the prisoners comply. Biderman then wrote a report known as Biderman's Chart of Coercion.

He found out that communists had eight specific tactics. The table below shows these strategies compared to COVID-19:

Chart of Coercion



  • Deprives individual of social support of his ability to resist
  • Makes Individual dependent upon the captor
  • Individual develops an intense concern with self


  • Social distancing
  • Isolation from loved ones
  • Massive job toss
  • Solitary confinement, semi-isolation
  • Quarantines, containment camps

Monopolization of Perception

  • Fixes all attention upon immediate predicament
  • Frustrates all actions not consistent with compliance
  • Eliminates stimuli competing with those controlled by the captor

Monopolization of Perception

  • Restrict movement
  • Create monotony, boredom
  • Prevent gathering, meetings, concerts, sports
  • Dominate ail media, censor Information

Induced Debility and Exhaustion

  • Weakens mental and physical ability to resist
  • People become worn out by tension and fear

Induced Debility and Exhaustion

  • Forced to stay at home, all media Is negative
  • Not permitted to exercise or socialize


  • Cultivates anxiety and despair
  • Gives demands and consequences for non compliance


  • Threaten to close business
  • Fines
  • Predict extension of quarantine
  • Force vaccines
  • Create containment camps

Occasional Indulgences

  • Provides motivation for compliance
  • Hinders adjustment to deprivation
  • Creates hope for change, reduces resistance
  • Keeps people unsure of what Is happening.

Occasional Indulgences

  • Allow reopening of some stores, services
  • Let restaurants open but only at a certain capacity
  • Increase more people allowed to gather
  • Follow concessions with tougher rules

Demonstrate Omnipotence

  • Demonstrates futility of resistance
  • Shows who is in charge
  • Provides positive motivation for compliance

Demonstrate Omnipotence

  • Shut down entire economies across the world
  • Create money out of nowhere, force dependency
  • Develop total surveillance with nanochips and 5G


  • Makes resistance seem worse than compliance
  • Create feelings of helplessness
  • Creates fear of freedom, dependence upon captors


  • Shame people who refuse masks
  • Make people stand on circles and between lines
  • Make people stand outside and wait in queues
  • Sanitation stations in every shop

Enforcing trivial demands

  • Develops habit of compliance
  • Demands made are illogical and contradictory
  • Rules on compliance may change
  • Reinforces who is in control

Enforcing triviaI demands

  • Family members must stand apart
  • Masks In home and even when having sex
  • Random limits on people allowed to be together
  • Sanitizers to be used over and over In a day

Governments worldwide use these tactics to break the human spirit and make us comply. Physical control is never easy without the consent of the prisoner. The most effective way to make them comply is through psychological torture. 

Soldier in mask patroling with a dog during the night

Overnight most western countries have turned communistic, picture by Ministerio de Defensa del Perú

The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst to turn the west into communist tyrannies. China has always been the model for what the west would become. 

The country used lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus. Western nations then copied this tactic, and almost everyone turned communistic.

There are several signs that the world has turned into communist states.

Signs That The COVID-19 Pandemic Is All About Creating Communism Not Improving Health

According to communism, the state is God. If you worship anyone else, you're a threat to the state. That is why communist China prohibits religion and spirituality.

Since the pandemic started, governments have punished Christian pastors. One prime example of this is Canada. The country imprisoned various pastors because they dared to have Sunday services. 

Artur Pawlowski interview

Since the pandemic started, governments have punished Christian pastors

Artur Pawlowski is a Polish pastor that lives in Canada. He grew up in communist Poland. In an interview with Rebel News, Artur talked about his upbringing in his homeland. He said what we experience now is comparable to communist Poland.

Another sign of communism is censorship.

Censorship Is A Sign Of Communism

In the last couple of years, we have seen an unprecedented amount of censorship. Communists use it to enslave humans. In China, they have a Internet firewall that blocks most homepages worldwide. If people knew the truth, they would wake up and disobey the government. 

Google that owns Youtube has super strict censorship rules. Anyone criticizing the narrative gets censored on its platform. I had many videos deleted from Youtube. 

The company says it removes videos that have hatred and discrimination. But this term is a euphemism for censorship. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest also use similar tactics.

Many doctors and scientists have spoken against the narrative. But these platforms deleted their content. 

social media censorship

Social media companies use communist-style censorship

Another tactic used by communist countries is prohibiting their citizens from traveling. In North Korea, defectors get sent to concentration camps if they try to leave the country. 

It's all about control. For communist countries to turn everyone into slaves, they need to stop them from going. During this pandemic, many countries, including the US, stopped travel in and out of the country. It was a way for every country to force people into lockdowns and be part of this enslavement.

Communists were also notorious for throwing dissidents in concentration camps or Gulags. We now have the same thing but under another name.

Quarantine Centers Are Gulags In Disguise

The Gulag was a system of forced labor camps established by Joseph Stalin's reign as dictator. The word “Gulag” is an acronym for Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagerei. Or in English Main Camp Administration. 

At its height, the Gulag network included hundreds of labor camps. These prisons operated from the 1920s until shortly after Stalin died in 1953. Each one held anywhere from 2000 to 10 000 people. 

Abandoned gulag

The fence and guard tower at the Soviet forced labor camp Perm-36 100 km northeast of the city of Perm in Russia, picture by Gerald Praschl

Conditions at the Gulag were brutal. Prisoners had to work up to 14 hours a day, often in extreme weather. Many died of starvation, disease, or exhaustion.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote the book The Gulag Archipelago. The book was the first of three books. It described the atrocities going on in Gulags. I recommend everyone to read it.

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and the US have created quarantine centers. It's only another name for a Gulag or concentration camp.

If you refuse the vaccine, the government can kidnap you and put you in these camps. It's the same agenda that communist countries used before. 

Australia is at the forefront in these evil quarantine Gulag centers.

Australia Has Already Started To Throw People Into Concentration Camps

In Australia, you can find a 1000-bed quarantine facility at Wellcamp Airport outside Toowoomba. It will be ready by the end of March 2022. Cabins will host domestic travelers returning from COVID hotspots.

The camp will run for ongoing operations and will be a source of employment for the local area. The concentration camps have different zones and room sizes. There will be singles, doubles, and family rooms. Police and security guards will guard the facility around the clock. 

The Australian government leased the land to the Wagner Corporation for 12 months. There is also an option to prolong the contract for 12 more months. Another 1000-bed quarantine facility will operate in Pinkenba, near Brisbane Airport.

Hayley Hodgson interview

The Australian government put Hayley Hodgson in a quarantine camp in Darwin, Northern Territory, against her will

There is already a quarantine camp in Darwin, Northern Territory. It was initially built to house 3000 workers employed on a gas project. 

About 850 people can quarantine at the former Howard Springs mining camp. The fees for the mandatory 14 days quarantine are $2,500 per individual or $5,000 per family.

An Australian woman was forcibly taken to the camp. She filmed a pair of workers. They threatened to fine her $5,000 for talking to another person through a fence.

Canada has also gone berserk in its COVID-19 mandates.

Communist Canadian Leader Justin Trudeau Wants To Detain And Isolate Dissenters

Quebec City, Canada, announced they would isolate "uncooperative" citizens in a coronavirus facility. The location remains a secret. The Canadian government has a network of detainment and isolation sites.

These federal isolation sites will strip Canadians of their human rights. Each camp could force medical testing and experimentation with COVID-19 vaccines.

Justin Trudeau portrait

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau allowed a network of detainment and isolation sites

New Zealand also declared plans to place COVID patients in "quarantine facilities." The New Zealand prime minister said she would monitor everyone in these camps. Those that refuse the PCR test will stay longer.

Germany said it would hold COVID dissidents in a detention camp in Dresden. The New York State Assembly proposed Bill A416. Bill A416 wants to remove cases, contacts, and carriers that are dangerous to the public. Dissidents will then go to specific facilities. 

As you can see, governments worldwide have all used communist tactics. But why? The truth will shock you.

The Real Reason Why Countries Have Turned Into Fascistic States

You might believe that every country is independent and sovereign. But that is a lie. Our politicians are not our leaders. If you dig deeper, you will discover a tiny financial Elite controls us. 

We have a shadow government controlled by a few financial families in each country. This tiny financial Elite controls the narrative through a secret society network.

The global network operates as a multinational corporation such as McDonald's. McDonald's has a headquarter in the US. The company then has subsidiaries in other countries. 

Picture showing McDonald's global network

A tiny financial Elite that controls the world use a network much like a multinational corporation such as McDonald's

They follow the order from the central dictated headquarter. If you go inside any McDonald's worldwide, you will have almost the same type of experience. 

A global cult similarly controls the world. In the center of this hidden web, you have the spider. This spider is the inner core of the cult that is driving the world agenda. 

Each country has subsidiary networks, such as other families and secret societies. Their purpose is to impose the spider's will and dictate policies in almost every country. That is why many nations worldwide have used the same COVID-19 lockdown strategy.

The banking Elite uses compartmentalization to hide its plan to the world. Only those at the top know the end game. The whole power structure looks like a pyramid. The further away you are from the top, the less you know. You only get enough information to complete your job.

So let's look at these pyramid structures.

A Tiny Financial Elite Controls The World Through A Pyramid Structure

In every country, you have specific pyramid structures. There is one pyramid in politics and finance. Then you have a pyramid of the media and the medical system. On top of each pyramid, a tiny few control everyone below it. 

This cult does not have borders. It operates globally, and one of its biggest centers is in China. The cult was behind chairman Mao's revolution. It turned China into a fascistic and communistic country.

China has become a fiercely controlled nation via technology. The government has millions of face recognition cameras. They allow the Chinese authorities to find anyone often in minutes. 

Pyramid showing Illuminati structure

The financial Elite uses a pyramid structure to hide its plan

The west has moved slower than China in rolling out this fierce control system. In China, the authorities decide what will happen, and it just happens. There's no democracy. 

The cult wants to play out the Chinese model of control right across the world. Ask yourself, what has the west become far more like since this pandemic hoax? China!

Thirteen wealthy families control all central banks worldwide. Among these families, the most famous ones are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. It might seem that we have hundreds of individual countries. 

But during the pandemic, it's evident that the same force controls every country. Most nations have followed the same lockdown agenda and COVID-19 passport regimen.

Still don't believe that a tiny financial Elite can control every country? Let's look at where they gather and dictate the world's future.

How Bankers And Politicians Meet In Secrecy To Dictate The Fate Of The World

Politicians and the financial Elite gather at various meetings. One of them is the Bilderberg conference. Everything during this gathering is a secret. About 120 to 150 people attend these annual meetings. Among the attendees are:

  • Political leaders
  • Experts from industry
  • Media
  • Government officials
  • Finance
  • Academics

The meetings change location each year. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands initiated the first meeting in Oosterbeek, in 1954. Bilderberg comes from the hotel where they held the first conference.

Bilderberg hotel

The hotel where the first Bilderberg meeting began, picture by Michiel1972

An international steering committee generally selects different delegates each year. This financial Elite also meets at Davos in Switzerland. The organization hosting it is the World Economic Forum. 

The financial cabal that controls the world also owns stocks in most companies. Don't believe me? Let me prove it to you.

Two Corporations Owns Most Companies

You're mistaken if you believe that a small financial Elite can't control most companies. If you go online, you can check who owns most stocks. Blackrock and Vanguard are companies that always show up when looking up top shareholders. 

These are investment companies of immense proportions. They hold stock in every category possible. Blackrock and Vanguard own everything, from the food that you eat to the media, big tech, and more. On websites such as Yahoo finance, you can verify this information yourself.

Vanguard and Blackrock top shareholders

Blackrock and Vanguard are companies that always show up when looking up top shareholders

Blackrock has a close relationship with central banks. The company not only lends money to the federal banks, but it's also a leading advisor. It also develops the computer system that the federal bank uses. 

Blackrock employees had senior positions in the White House under Bush and Obama. Vanguard itself is a private company. It's impossible to see who its shareholders or clients are.

The Elite who owns Vanguard doesn't want anyone to know that they control the most influential companies. But of course, this is no secret to those who are willing to look into it.

Less than 1% of the world's population owns more money than the other 99%.

Less Than 1% Of The Population Holds Most Of The Wealth

About 82% of all the money earned in 2017 went to 1% of people. Naturally, those who own the most powerful companies on earth would also be the richest among this 1%.

In other words, they're part of the 0.001% force. So this means that Vanguard is in the hands of the wealthiest families on earth. These families have always belonged to the top of the pyramid. 

Bill and Melinda Gates in Oslo

Rich people like Bill Gates use non-profit organizations to hide money and avoid taxes, picture by Kjetil Ree

The Elite also hides its assets in non-profit organizations. However, this is not too noticeable. Non-profits rely on donations. They don't need to publish where they receive their gifts.

They can invest this money, whatever they want, and not have to pay tax on their profits. Non-profits can move hundreds of billions of dollars from the spotlight.

The ultimate goal of the financial Elite is to create a communist world government.

We're Heading Towards A Communistic World Government

Conspiracy theorists have a long time warned about the New World Order. It's a society where a world government controls everyone. George Orwell warned about this in his book Nineteen Eighty-Four

For a tiny few to control us, they need to break our independence. The goal is to make us reliant on the world government to survive. So how might they do that? 

The first step is to break our financial independence. That is why governments are destroying small and medium-sized corporations through lockdowns. The goal is to break our autonomy and rely on the state.

new world order

Elite bankers want to create a communist world government which they will control

In this world government structure, every citizen will get a job chosen by the state. Everyone will have the same salary, and you need to spend it within one month.

You are not allowed to save any money or own anything. If you collect money, the government will tax you on the rest of the capital.

There will be no companies in this dystopian society. Everything will be owned and run by the world government. If you disobey Big Brother, they will disable your bank account. 

Every purchase has to go through a skin implanted chip. If you go against the system, they can deactivate your chip and make it hard to survive in society.

The world government needs to control food and collapse our financial system to take power.

Our Financial System Will Collapse To Bring On The World Government

The world government also wants to control the food supply and our land. Food will be part of central control. Growing food will be illegal. Only those who follow the system will be well-nourished.

Klaus Schwab giving a speech in 2008

Klaus Schwab wants a "Great Reset" of our society, picture by the World Economi Forum

For the Elite to create this structure, they need to weaken every country and create utter chaos. The World Economic Forum calls this process "The Great Reset." 

After the collapse, the world government will solve all our problems. By then, people will be in debt. The government will then erase all debt if you give everything you own to the state. You will then "own nothing and be happy." It's a clear plan to create global communism.

We will also live under 24/7 surveillance in megacities.

Everyone Will Live In Megacities Under 24/7 Surveillance

We will also live in megacities and can't leave them. Trains and smart cars will limit where you can go. That is why we have a push for electric vehicles.

Cars will use AI to drive themselves to areas approved by the government. Electric vehicles will take over because they are easier to automate than ordinary cars. 

COVID-19 lockdowns are one excuse to limit movements. One prime example is Australia, where they have closed the borders to various states. 

the biodiversity map of the United States

The financial Elite plans to force US citizens to live in the blue zones rather than the red and yellow ones

It's impossible to make every citizen of the world fit in these megacities. Therefore the only way to make this plan work is by culling 90% of the population. 

You might believe that those controlling us can't be that evil. But just because you wouldn't do it doesn't mean that the Elite won't. It's like seeing someone murder another person and saying, "I'm a good person. Therefore this event couldn't have happened."

If you look back in history, you can see that psychopaths have committed serious crimes before. Some examples include Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Mao Zedong.

Did your good virtues stop these events from happening? No. If you let psychopaths run, it doesn't matter if you're the best person in the world. The COVID-19 plan was a lie created by this cult to launch the New World Order. 

If you allow the digital vaccine pass, you will lose your privacy, and the government will track your every move.

3. The Digital Vaccine Pass Will Destroy Your Privacy And Create A Social Credit System

If you accept the vaccine passport, you will give away your medical information to other companies. Authorities will track you every time you scan your QR-code. 

These codes have nothing to do with your safety or wellbeing. It's about contact tracing. Scannable codes are what jails use to keep an eye on their prisoners. If some prisoner is missing, a computer will tell the guards to find that inmate.

Inmate behind bars talking to a guard

Jails use wristbands to keep an eye on their prisoners

Wristbands are more common in county jails than prisons or juvenile facilities. ID cards are often the preferred method of inmate identification. Inmates need them to move or get meals. 

If you accept QR-codes, you will turn yourself into a prisoner. The digital vaccine passport is a sneaky way to create a social credit system

China's Evil Fascistic Social Credit System

China officially rolled out its social credit system nationwide in 2014. It's a digital surveillance system that rewards or punishes certain social behaviors. 

The deadline for implementing the social credit system was 2020. It became mandatory for Chinese citizens to enroll in the national database. 

5g grid

China officially rolled out its social credit system nationwide in 2014

This system enforces social obedience on the public and uses millions of cameras. A universal database contains information about every citizen.

The next phase already underway includes police officers wearing body cameras. This surveillance system will use facial recognition software and machine learning. They will also use glasses equipped with facial recognition software to detect criminals.

China uses a grading system to influence human behavior. You won't believe how evil and draconian it is before you learn about it.

How China's Social Credit Score Puts People In Different Castes

The Chinese government divides out a thousand points to its citizens. You can either go above a thousand points or below it. It's a caste system that puts people in different tiers. If you have 1050 points or higher, you went above the baseline. 

The highest level is AAA, followed by AA, or exceptional creditworthiness. This level shares the same benefits as AAA. If you dip below a thousand points, you get a B rating. 

You're stuck there for two years. If you go to this tier, you might get lectures and visits from government officials. They're going to tell you how you can improve your score. 

China's social credit tiers

In China's social credit system, you belong to a specific tier depending on your behavior

When you drop down to a C, you have about 600 to 849 points. You will stay in this tier for three years before moving up to a B. Government officials will visit you more often. They're going to be watching you, making sure you're on good behavior. You're going to be on a list.

If your score becomes even lower, you will get a D rating. It's like the Indian caste system. D is the lowest caste, the untouchables. You're locked into level D for five years. The officials are coming to visit you all the time. They can cancel any government funding that you have.

You go on a public black list disclosing your untrustworthiness. The government can revoke all your titles. So if you got a Ph.D. or made scientific discoveries, you'll have that erased. Therefore you can lose your job over this.

If you commit an intentional crime, this brings you to the bottom of D. It's not a sliding scale. You go straight down to D if you went out and did something terrible on purpose.

Depending on your score, you will receive rewards or punishments. It will put George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four to shame.

Different Behaviors Will Either Punish Or Reward You

Different behaviors give you various "social scores." Praising the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on social media will provide a great score. The reward can be easier school admissions, free gym, shorter hospital wait times, and more.

This social credit system has two versions. One system monitors individual behavior and another corporate behavior.

You can get punished for protesting against the CCP or forget to pay your utility bills. A low score can block your access to public services, transportation, or the best schools.

Security cameras surveillance people

A social credit score will limit what we can do and go

There is also a Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) in China. It will create a standardized reputation system for local and foreign businesses.

Based on their rating, Chinese authorities will reward or punish businesses. They can receive penalty fees, higher inspection, or even become blacklisted.

Companies with a high corporate social credit score can receive some benefits. They may get a better tax rate or market access. 

Vaccine passports are a worldwide social credit score. It's an excuse to turn the west into China. There is already a US patent to create the social credit score in America.

A Social Credit Score Is On Its Way To The US

A US patent approved on August 31, 2021, reveals technology to track people. The goal is to pinpoint those who spread Covid-19 or are unvaccinated. 

Israeli patent attorneys Dr. Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster filed it. The technology used in the patent analyzes data collected by using:

  • Smartphones
  • Intelligence agencies
  • ATM cameras
  • Government-mandated phone apps
  • Public cameras
  • Private business cameras

People will receive "scores" based on vaccination status or mask-wearing. It will also track your behavior, movement, socialization, and other factors.

vaccination chart

A US patent wants to retrieve info about a subject to vaccinate them according to their score

Devices talking with each other will tell if someone is a "super spreader" or a "non-super spreader." Surveillance technologies will create a "score" that places the person into a group. Each group gets ranked so the government can focus on those to vaccinate next.

Another diagram shows a web of individuals tracked in public. The document says that the government may tell citizens to install an app on their smart devices. 

animation showing superspreader and non-superspreader

This US patent wants to find superspreaders and vaccinate them

The app informs on the user's location at all times. It will communicate with smart devices via Bluetooth to assess user interactions.

The paper says existing technology could also track Android and iPhone software. Geolocation data will come from: 

  • Cellphones
  • Credit card usage
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Private surveillance cameras in stores, buildings, and houses
  • Social media
  • IP addresses
  • ATMs

The patent says it could determine if a person is "wearing a mask" by analyzing images taken during calls. Or if you wash your hands by analyzing sounds of water running or movement by a smartwatch.

If you believe that getting the digital vaccine passport will make you freer, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

4. Vaccine Passports Will Not Give You More Freedom

Governments worldwide promise that the digital vaccine pass will make us free again. But it's not freedom if you need to do as the government says to go back to normal.

Freedom is when you live your life according to what you want so long as you don't hurt anybody else. It can't have conditions. Otherwise, it's not freedom.

Even if you get the jab, there is no proof that you will have more freedom. Australians couldn't leave their country for a while. It didn't matter that some were fully vaccinated. 

Women in Australia hugging in an airport in front of cameras

After being absent for more than a year and a half, two women had an emotional reunion at Sydney Airport

The UK's House of Commons prevented citizens from leaving the country without a good excuse. Citizens who wished to leave England had to file papers declaring why they wanted to go. Travelers who left without a valid reason would get a fine of several thousand pounds. 

Israel was at the forefront in the vaccination of its people. Despite that, the country saw spikes in new cases. Therefore, some countries denied Israeli citizens.

Gibraltar vaccinated the whole population. But despite that, cases still went up, and the country canceled its Christmas celebration. 

Every country can deny certain nations access anytime, even if they have taken the jab. The vaccines last only for a set amount of time.

That means that you need to get a booster shot every 6-9 months to keep your digital vaccine passport. If you don't keep up with the vaccination, you become a second-class citizen again.

If you accept the vaccine passport, you will become more dependent on your smartphone or ID. What happens if you lose it?

If You Lose Your Digital Vaccine Passport, You Will Become A Second Class Citizen

If you get a severe side effect from the vaccine and can't take another shot, you will lose all your rights. Vaccine producers are not liable for any injuries. That means if you can't work anymore due to vaccine side effects, you can't earn money.

If you lose your phone for the some reason, you will become a second-class citizen. Let's say that you plan to go to a concert. When you arrive there, you accidentally drop your phone and destroy it.

Broken iPhone with a shattered screen

What will happen if you break your phone and can't scan codes?

You now can't get into the concert. When you take the subway back home, you need to show your proof of vaccination. 

You're now stuck in a limbo where you can't get home or access certain facilities. Society will see you as an outcast even if you got every jab.

I remember one time when I wanted to return home from Denmark. When I was about to board the train, I discovered that my passport had expired. The train conductor then denied me access to the train even if I paid for it. I was a fugitive even if I had Swedish citizenship.

I then had to go to the Swedish embassy to get a specific paper to enter my country. This experience showed me how our ID is a huge part of our society. 

Even if you get microchipped with your vaccine passport, you can still get into problems. If the servers crash or there is no Internet, you will lose access to shops, transport, or venues.

You Will Not Be Able To Use Normal Services If The Internet Goes Down

Another limitation with the digital vaccine passport system is that it needs Internet access. If the Internet goes down at the place you want to enter or if the vaccine passport server crashes, you can't get access.

Even robust systems can have outages. One of the world's biggest companies, Google, had an incident where its users couldn't log in.

The crash involved the company's streaming and email services. Platforms including Google, YouTube, and Gmail went down. If it can happen to Google, a company with vast infrastructure, it can happen to anyone.

Magnifying glass in front of Google's search website

Google, had an incident where its users couldn't log in to their accounts

Facebook went down globally for close to six hours on October 4, 2021. The crash affected other platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

Before 5 pm UTC, people noticed they could not access their Facebook services. The company said that the cause of the outage was a router configuration error. It meant that Facebook was gone and its services too.

Facebook's internal systems also went down. Employees couldn't get into the offices or access their internal communications platform.

The digital vaccine passport will also make your life more inconvenient and turn everyone into cattle.

The Vaccine Passport Will Add A New Layer Of Complexity To Our Lives

The database of vaccine passports will encompass the whole population. That will require enormous resources. Many people accessing the data every day can overload the system and crash it.

The digital vaccine pass will also ensure that we can't enter shops as swiftly. There will be more lines as a security guard will scan every passport. This inconvenience will add only more time and hassle to anyone. 

If a person has a problem retrieving the QR-code, everyone in the line has to suffer. Technical illiterate people can have a hard time using all these technologies. It can create a massive annoyance for everyone.

Dark datacenter illuminated by led light

If the digital vaccine passport servers crash, we will not be able to pay for services or enter venues

The vaccine passport is all about creating a communist control state. Governments will track everyone like cattle. The more you give in to this rotten system, the worse it will get.

This policy will only worsen if we let this plan come to fruition. The goal has always been to enslave people. Your digital vaccine passport will not free you from this tyranny.

The vaccine passport is the New World Order. You will become a slave whether you take the vaccine or not. Why not fight for your freedom now?

Another solid reason to refuse the digital vaccine passport is the vaccine's content.

5. Accepting The Digital Vaccine Pass Means That You Think It's Okay To Poison Citizens

If you get a COVID-19 passport, you will accept that it's OK for the government to inject you with dangerous poisons. The new mRNA vaccine uses a gene modifying technology never used before.

Vaccine makers have not yet released the list of ingredients in their products. Usually, it takes years before the FDA approves vaccines. But this time, they already approved it under the Emergency Authorization Act.

Millions of people are part of the biggest experiment ever conducted. We don't know about the long-term side effects of this vaccine. 

Covid vax creature

COVID vax creatures have been found under the microscope

Four major pharmaceutical companies manufacture COVID-19 vaccines. These producers are:

  • Pfizer
  • AstraZeneca
  • Moderna
  • Janssen Biotech Inc

Some scientists and doctors have analyzed the content of the vaccines. What they found was extremely shocking. The Polish doctor Franc Zalewski observed a strange creature in the Pfizer vaccine. In a video presentation, he called it "the thing." He noticed it in one of three vials he studied. 

Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Zandre Botha, and Dr. John B. also found disturbing things in the COVID vaccine. They discovered all sorts of questionable and outright horrific contents such as:

  • Graphene
  • PEG
  • Creatures with tentacles
  • Synthetic self-assembling circular structures
  • Nanometals
  • Parasites
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Bright luminescent or fluorescent colors

Both Dr. Zalewski and Madej encountered some synthetic creatures with tentacles. Zalewski compares it to something from a science fiction movie. He believes that "the thing" will grow and develop inside people's bodies.

Zalewski suggests that graphene in the vaccine acts as a kind of food or catalyst for "the thing." The vaccine contains the eggs of "the thing," which appear to hatch in the presence of graphene.

The COVID-19 vaccine also does severe harm to the blood.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Damages The Blood

Dr. Zandre Botha from South Africa studied the COVID-19 vaccine and patients' blood. She used bottles of Johnson and Johnson's COVID vaccine in her analysis. The results were disturbing. 

Dr. Botha had never seen anything like this in her 15 years of blood microscopy analysis. When she analyzed the blood of her vaccinated patients, she saw horrible examples of rouleau. It's when red blood cells stack and clump together in columns. 

Dr. Botha also discovered a weird black structure among the red blood cells. She found this in every single jabbed patient with symptoms.

Destroyed blood cells by vaccine

Blood of COVID vaccinated patient under the microscope, showing deformed red blood cells, picture by Dr. Zandre Botha / Stew Peters

Last year, Dr. Madej made a video exposing hydrogel, a biosensor in the fake vaccine. She analyzed the vials of Moderna's and Johnson & Johnson's COVID vaccines. What Madej saw was horrifying. She found some spider-like being that appeared to move of its own will. 

Additionally, Madej noticed something that resembled a remote computing system. These COVID vax creatures lifted themselves off the glass! Moderna bragged that its mRNA creation was an "operating system" or "software of life."

Dr. Robert O. Young analyzed all four major brands of the COVID-19 vaccine. He found all sorts of dangerous things, including graphene, nano metals, and PEG.

The vaccine also causes sterilization.

It's All About Sterilization

There has been a rise in miscarriages since the vaccine rolled out. It's believed that these vaccines sterilize people. For a communist world government to succeed, there need to be fewer people on earth. Once you shrink the population, it becomes easier to track them.

Bill Gates is a huge supporter of vaccines. His family also has ties to the eugenics movement. They believe that there are too many people in the world. The solution to this problem is to shrink the population.

Bill Gates

Vaccine pusher Bill Gates is also a massive supporter of population control, picture by Kuhlmann /MSC

Bill Gates' father was once the leader of Plant Parenthood. It's an organization that wants to prevent pregnancies. Its founder was Margaret Sanger, a notorious racist. 

The organization got financial support from the Rockefeller family. It's the same family that started the corrupt and evil western medicine. This cruel family's fingerprints are all over the fake COVID-19 pandemic. Bill Gates said in numerous talks that we need to reduce the population.

Pfizer, one vaccination producer, collaborates with a company specializing in sterilizing animals. You won't believe how similar their vaccine is to the COVID-19 variant.

Pfizer's Vaccines Contains Technology Used To Sterilize Animals

Pfizer collaborates with Spayvac. Spayvac produces a pZP (porcine Zona Pellucida) animal sterility vaccine. This vaccine stops pregnancies in wild horses in America. 

The first two doses must be given two to six weeks apart, with an eight-month to yearly booster follow-up. That sounds precisely like the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Wild horses are running in the mist.

Pfizer collaborates with Spayvac, a company that sterilizes animals

This regimen reduces the pregnancy rate by 80-90%. What's even more striking is that Pfizer's CEO is also a veterinarian. pZP requires storage temperatures down to -40° C(-40° F), unusual for most vaccines. 

The pZP vaccine doesn't cause immediate sterility. It takes over a year to appear. But pZP causes short-term menstrual cycle changes. It tells the immune system to attack ovary cells.

The COVID-19 vaccine has already caused severe side effects and death.

The Most Dangerous Vaccine In History

The vaccine report system VAERS in the US has record amounts of reports of vaccine injuries. Not all doctors publish these casualties. The VAERS system only reports between 1-10% of actual cases. That means that the exact number of incidents can be a hundredfold.

Berliner Zeitung highlighted a substantial increase in collapses in sport stars. There are several recorded collapses every year and even deaths. 

Injured soccer player

The number of players who have collapsed in 2021 appears to be much higher than before

However, the number of players who have collapsed in 2021 appears to be much higher than before. Mark Payne in the UK keeps a fast-growing list of these stories here.

The most shocking thing is that there is no proof the virus exists. No one has ever isolated it. How can Big Pharma create a vaccine for something that doesn't exist? The COVID-19 vaccine is about killing people, not healing them.

The last reason you should refuse the digital vaccine passport is to stop the segregation of people.

6. The Vaccine Passport Will Create An Apartheid System

If you accept the digital vaccine pass you acknowledge that it is OK to create an apartheid society. There will be two classes of citizens, the jabbed and unjabbed. 

Apartheid, translated from Afrikaans, means "apartness." It was the ideology of the National Party (NP) government in South Africa in 1948. Its laws forced other racial groups to live separately.  

Apartheid tried to stop all inter-marriage and social integration between racial groups. This social system caused disadvantages to the majority of the population. 

Apartheid sign

Sign during Apartheid in South Africa, written in English and Afrikaans

In the 18th and 19th-century, America believed that black and white people couldn't coexist. The Thirteenth Amendment liberated the enslaved. Various groups in America then argued about what the fate of slaves should be once they were free. 

One group argued for returning the former slaves to Africa or creating their homeland. The colonization plan did not pan out. Instead, segregation between blacks and whites started.

The first steps toward official segregation came in "Black Codes." These were laws passed throughout the South starting around 1865. They dictated most aspects of black people's lives, such as working and living conditions. 

Segregation soon became an official policy enforced by a series of Southern laws. Jim Crow laws segregated everything from: 

  • Schools  
  • Public parks 
  • Pools
  • Asylums
  • Residential homes
  • Residential areas 
  • Theaters
  • Cemeteries
  • Jails

In 1915, Oklahoma became the first state to segregate public phone booths. Some cities had zoning laws that stopped black families from moving into white areas. 

If we don't stop the digital vaccine passport, we will live in a communistic apartheid system.

Medical Segregation Is As Bad As Racial Or Religious Discrimination

Segregating us based on our medical condition is as bad as dividing us based on race or religion. If the government told us that black people couldn't buy food, everyone would become angry.

But when the same government discriminates against one's health status, fewer people react. It's still a crime against humanity if you limit our access to what we need to survive.

Unvaccinated will not travel, buy food, shop, or go to events without the jab. It will become the worst apartheid system that ever existed. But this time, it's not black against white, or Jews against Muslims, but instead the whole human race. 

Australia is already in the far front of this evil segregation. You will not keep a job or be part of society if you don't take the shot.

Picture comparing apartheid 1939 vs. 2021

Segregating us based on our medical condition is as bad as dividing us based on race or religion

Even if you get jabbed, you will still live in a society where a financial Elite will be part of the upper class. The rest of the population will still live in poverty.

You can never rise to the top and will be a slave whether you got the vaccine or not. It may become easier to get what you need, but your life will be pointless. 

You won't be able to follow your dreams or express yourself. There will be no motivation to strive for greatness or experience new things.

If you want freedom and happiness, you need to stop the digital vaccine passport now! Never let corrupt governments remove your God-given rights. It's time for us all to stand up and say no to this tyranny.


The Nuremberg Code is the most crucial document of medical history. 

No one can force anyone to take a drug or treatment.

The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst to turn the west into communist tyrannies.

Some countries have created Gulags disguised as Quarantine centers.

A tiny financial Elite controls the narrative through a secret society network.

The financial Elite uses a pyramid structure to control everyone.

Politicians and the financial Elite gather at various meetings. One of them is the Bilderberg conference.

Blackrock and Vanguard are investment companies of immense proportions.

Rich people use non-profit organizations to hide money and avoid taxes.

Elite bankers want to create a communist world government which they will control.

Our financial system will collapse to bring on the world government.

We will live under 24/7 surveillance in megacities if we don't stop this plan.

The digital vaccine passport is a sneaky way to create a social credit system.

China officially rolled out its social credit system nationwide in 2014.

In China's social credit system, you belong to a specific tier depending on your behavior.

A social credit score will limit what we can do and go.

If you lose your vaccine passport by mistake, you can become a second-class citizen.

If the servers crash or there is no Internet, you will lose access to shops, transport, or venues.

If you get a digital vaccine passport, you will accept that it's OK for the government to inject you with dangerous poisons.

Vaccine pusher Bill Gates is a massive supporter of population control.

Pfizer collaborates with Spayvac, a company that sterilizes animals.

The number of players who have collapsed in 2021 appears to be much higher than before.

If you accept the digital vaccine pass, you will create an apartheid society.

How We Can Stop The Digital Vaccine Passport

1. Refuse the vaccine passport 

2. Don't buy from stores that require the digital vaccine passport

3. Get together with other people to stop the digital vaccine pass

4. Use natural remedies

Action Steps

If you have read the whole blog post, you will know that the digital vaccine passport is evil. Everyone needs to refuse the vaccine passport. We must fight for our freedom. If we don't, we will become victims under a global communist government.

Don't use or scan any QR-codes so that the government can't track you. Avoid stores that require the green pass and buy online instead. Or you can buy from shops that respect your human rights.

To stop the evil digital vaccine passport mandate, more people need to stand up. Create small groups of like-minded people and start to wake up more people.

If more people use mass non-compliance, the whole control grid will collapse. Also, make sure to fix your cancer or other health issues by using natural remedies. If we continue to follow Big Pharma medicine, we will not get healthier.

Watch our Cancer Crash Course and learn how to deal with cancer using natural remedies.


About the author 

Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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