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Why COVID-19 Masks Are A Fraud

COVID-19 masks do not protect you against COVID-19. They have more to do with control than health. In this blog post, you will learn why the whole COVID-19 pandemic is a colossal fraud.

You will also discover why masks are useless and dangerous to our health. And finally, you will find out how they are part of state control, not health.


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COVID-19 Is The Biggest Hoax Of The Century

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, most countries have been under extreme lockdown. As businesses reopened, many countries demanded everyone to wear face masks. 

In some countries, shoppers can't enter buildings without a mask. In other jurisdictions, all citizens must wear COVID-19 masks outside their homes. These masks are supposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

Masked woman holding a world globe with a mask around it

Masks have more to do with control than protecting us against a virus

But what governments are telling us about the whole pandemic is a big lie. As you will learn in this blog post, masks have more to do with control than protecting us against a virus.

The whole mask and COVID-19 agenda is a massive scam. There isn't any proof the virus exists. Shocking? Go to the next section to find out how this fraud started.

There Is No Proof Of A Virus

No one has ever proved that the COVID-19 virus exists. One man who exposed this lie was Andrew Kaufman. He completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center. 

Before that, he graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina. Kaufmann also has a degree in Molecular Biology. 

In an interview with London Real, he revealed why there is no proof that COVID-19 exists. Of all the studies Kaufmann read, not a single one of them proved that the virus existed.

animation of coronavirus

No scientist has isolated a pure sample of COVID-19

Dr. Kaufman said people in Wuhan experienced respiratory symptoms. Doctors first believed that the symptoms were due to a bacterial infection. But the patients did not get well after three days of antibiotics. 

Scientists noted that most of the early cases had contact with the seafood market. They then believed that the cause of these symptoms was due to a virus.

So how did these scientists claim to have proved that a virus caused this illness? 

How Scientists Found The COVID-19 "Virus"

What they did was taking only seven out of the almost two hundred initial patients who were sick. Then they stuck a fiber-optic camera down the patients' lungs. After that, the researchers squirted a bunch of fluid and mixed it around. 

They then collected whatever debris or cells or chemicals in the lungs and other body fluids. The researchers then grew that in monkey cells until they had enough material. After that, the scientists centrifuged this substance again. 

Finally, they took this mix and injected that into two monkeys. There was no control group that had a saltwater saline injection. Not soon after, they said it belonged to a new strain of the coronavirus.

Sick Chinese girl wearing a mask

Chinese researchers took lung fluid from sick people in Wuhan and said they found a new virus

Four papers published about the coronavirus said it was the probable cause of this new disease. One report claimed to find an immune response by looking at antibody levels from the patient.

Another paper claimed only an association of coronavirus and the disease. The third paper argued that the coronavirus was identified as the causative agent. Study number four said that the coronavirus was the causative agent of the disease.

These papers never showed that all the people with COVID-19 had the same set of symptoms. Scientists never purified a virus from any sick people. Nor did they prove the absence of the virus from healthy people.

Dr. Andrew Kaufmann looked at the sample's characteristics. He then found that the genetic material they tested for was exosomes.

Viruses Are Exosomes

Exosomes are part of our cells. The purpose of exosomes is to detox our cells when they are under threat. Some examples include starvation, chemical poisoning, or electromagnetic fields.

Exosomes have the same attributes as "viruses." They are the same size, contain the same components, and act on the same receptors. 

A virus is an exosome in every sense of the word. They are indistinguishable from what the virologists have been calling "viruses."

microscope showing pictures of exosomes and COVID-19

Exosomes and COVID-19 have the same features

Our tissues and cells secrete poisons with the use of exosomes. If they didn't do that we would be in trouble. Our bodies produce more exosomes when we have more exposure to toxins. 

Exosomes also act as a messenger in the body. They allow cells to talk to each other and get rid of poisons. Exosomes also tell the rest of the organism what happened. 

These particles are an integral part of our detoxification system. Exosomes are our cleaners that exist in higher amounts when we're sick. Exposure to fear and stress also increases the production of exosomes.  

Viruses are not invaders. They are toxin eliminating messengers that help us deal with environmental poisons. 9 The germ theory is wrong. Viruses are not here to kill us. They are here to help us.

A big part of the COVID scam is the PCR test.

The PCR Test Scam

The whole COVID-19 agenda rest on the fake PCR-test. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. Kary Mullis developed this test in 1983 and got the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993.

Portrait of Kary Mullis in a suit

The PCR test inventor, Kary B. Mullis, said you shouldn't use it to diagnose infectious diseases, picture by Dona Mapston

PCR uses amplification, which means that you take a tiny amount of DNA and grow it until you can analyze it. It has a wide variety of applications, including biomedical research and criminal forensics.

The PCR test inventor, Kary B. Mullis, said you shouldn't use it to diagnose infectious diseases. PCR can't detect a virus. Its purpose is to study DNA fragments by amplifying them. 

PCR Can't Test For Viruses

PCR uses a probe that matches the snippet of DNA or RNA we want to test. Because this snippet is too small to detect, scientists need to double it.

When you have a certain amount of RNA or DNA, a solution changes color. This color shift indicates that the test is "positive." 

If you do too few amplification cycles, you never find the snippet, resulting in a false negative. If you do too many amplification cycles, you see the snippet too often. These are false positives.

diagram of the pcr test

PCR makes copies of RNA or DNA sequences you want to study

If you go through 40 rounds of this test, you can prove that anyone has this DNA sequence. Deep inside, every human has some DNA fragments of many things. 

Many people who test positive for this PCR test have zero symptoms. If you have no symptoms and are healthy, you can still become a case. 

The PCR test examines pieces of genetic material taken from a swab. No research has shown that this genetic material comes from a coronavirus.

What the scientists did was labeling exosomes as COVID-19, which they say is deadly. After that, they rushed to develop a diagnostic test. Scientists created a test for some think they had not even identified.

Whenever you're evaluating a new test, you need to compare it to a gold standard.

How Can You Trust PCR Tests If We Don't Have A Gold Standard Test?

A gold standard is a detailed study of the body to find the cause of the illness. You can use many expensive machines, scans, or biopsies.

These processes take a lot of time and effort and are costly. The gold standard test for a viral infection is the isolation and purification of the virus.

PCR is a surrogate test. It does not find a virus. Instead, it finds something to show the presence of the virus. A surrogate test is easier and less expensive to perform. It can stand in for the gold-standard test for the virus.

COVID-19 PCR test

PCR can't test for COVID-19 because we haven't isolated the "virus"

The surrogate test allows doctors to make an educated guess. To validate a surrogate test, you need to compare it to the gold standard test. This information reveals the surrogate test's accuracy. 

PCR-, antibody-, and other tests for a coronavirus are surrogate tests. We have never compared them to any gold standard because we don't have one. Therefore these tests are useless and misleading. 

With the COVID-19 test, there has not been any gold standard. It's because the supposed COVID-19 virus is not purified and isolated. Only if we have a pure sample of these particles can we have a gold standard. 

What we have is a pandemic of cases, not deaths.

We Have A Pandemic Of Cases, Not Deaths

A document from the CDC revealed that almost nobody died from COVID-19. According to the CDC report, the survival rates from COVID-19 for different age groups are: 

Age group

Survival rates









Johns Hopkins University said that more people are not dying since the pandemic started. The deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19. 

All age groups have similar amounts of deaths as in previous years. Older people die in higher numbers because they have always done that.

Table showing COVID-deaths increasing and other diseases decreasing

A John's Hopkins newsletter revealed that deaths from other diseases got redesignated as COVID-19 deaths

We have a casedemic, meaning cases, not deaths. Even patients dying from other underlying diseases count as COVID-19 deaths. This fraud is why COVID-19 deaths increased while deaths by other causes decreased.

The PCR test is easy to manipulate. You shouldn't' even call it a test. If you use too few cycles, everyone tests negative. Too many rounds, and most test positive.

Therefore you can take any substance and prove that it's COVID-19 positive. One glaring example is what happened in Tanzania.

A Pawpaw And Goat Tested Positive For COVID-19 In Tanzania

The president of Tanzania, John Magufuli, submitted samples to the WHO. He took specimens from goats, sheep, pawpaw, and car oil.

Birds, rabbits, and jackfruits were also part of the test. After that, Magufuli gave every sample different names. He then sent the specimens away for testing.

Paw paw fruit

A pawpaw fruit, a bird, and a goat tested positive for COVID-19 in Tanzania

The car oil test came back negative, and the jackfruit sample was inconclusive. But the paw paw, the bird, and the goat tested positive. The rabbit sample was unclear. But luckily, the sheep tested negative.

The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus-like COVID-19 is nonsense. Yet everyone uses this "test." If you have no symptoms and are healthy, you can still become a "case."

Another part of the COVID-19 scam has to do with fake death certificates.

Hospitals Get Paid To Put COVID-19 On Death Certificates

Hospitals in America get $13 000 for every COVID-19 admission. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, they get $39 000. 

Doctors also have to add coronavirus on the death certificate. It doesn't matter if the patient dies with or of COVID-19.

covid-19 death certificate

Doctors need to put coronavirus on the death certificate even if patients die of other causes

Doctors around the world have diagnosed patients dying with COVID-19 as a COVID death. It didn't matter that they had other underlying issues. 

What's worse is that if the virus existed, masks wouldn't be able to prevent it anyway.

COVID-19 Masks Can't Prevent Viruses

Governments force everyone to wear masks even if they haven't proven that a virus exists. Health professionals wear surgical masks during surgery and specific health care procedures. 

Its purpose is to stop the surgeon from spitting or sneezing on the patient. Or prevent hair, food, or other particles from dropping and contaminating the wound. Otherwise, doctors don't use masks.

Picture showing pores of different masks

The pores in cloth masks are a lot bigger than the COVID-19 "virus"

Even if the COVID-19 virus existed, COVID-19 masks would be useless anyway. The pore size of cloth masks ranges from around 80 – 500μm (micrometers or microns). A micrometer is one-thousandth of a millimeter (mm). 

1 μm(micrometer) = 1/1000 mm

1 nm(nanometer) = 1/1000 000 mm

1 μm(micrometer) = 1000 nm(nanometer)

SARS-CoV-2 = 125 nm

Average pore size masks = 80-500 μm

80-500μm = 80 000 - 500 000 nm

The supposed SARS-CoV-2 virus is only 125 nanometers. That means that the "virus" is 640-4000 times smaller than the average cloth mask's pore size.

If we scaled a SARS-CoV-2 virus to the same level as a 7-meter(23 ft) wide tunnel, the virus would be 10.9mm. A U.S. dime is 17.90 mm in diameter. 

So imagine tossing something about half the size of a dime or a British 5p coin in a 7-meter (23 ft) wide hole. That's the size difference between the so-called "virus" and the pore in the mask.

Tunnel with stats

Size differences between mask pores and COVID-19 if scaled up

If COVID-19 existed, it wouldn't have any problem getting through these pores. Every time you wash cloth masks, the pores expand.

A recent Danish randomized controlled trial showed that masks didn't stop infections. In this study, about 3000 people wore masks, and another 3000 didn't. After the trial, there was no real difference in infection rates between the two groups. 

Masks are not only useless at stopping a "virus," but they are also harmful to our health.

German Neurologist Warns That Masks Can Cause Serious Neurological Damage

The human brain is sensitive to oxygen deprivation. Nerve cells in the hippocampus can't survive longer than three minutes without oxygen.

Warning symptoms of oxygen deprivation include: 

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Drowsiness
  • Problem concentrating

A German neurologist warned that masks cause oxygen deprivation and permanent neurological damage. Denying a child's or an adolescent's brain of oxygen is dangerous and criminal. 

Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain. The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function.

Oxygen deprivation damages every single organ. Lack of oxygen leads to stress on the body and expresses itself in many ways. 

Woman with mask feeling dizzy

Masks block our oxygen intake and may lead to headaches and dizziness

The most dangerous one is sudden unconsciousness, leading to falling, sometimes called syncope. Then there's hypoxia, which means lack of oxygen, leading to hypoxemia, a lack of oxygen in the blood.

A lack of oxygen in the cells can also lead to cancer.

Cancer Patients Will Worsen Their Condition If They Wear Masks

Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells develop when there is a lack of oxygen in the cells. Cancer cells then use glucose to survive.

Old woman receiving oxygen through a tube

Cancer cells thrive in toxic, oxygen-deprived bodies

Forcing people with cancer to wear masks is idiotic and can worsen their condition. Cancer patients will be at further risk when there is little oxygen.

Skin rashes on two boys after wearing masks

Carbon dioxide inside the mask can create skin rashes

Masks also cause a condition called hypercapnia. Hypercapnia is the build-up of carbon dioxide in the body from breathing in exhaled air.

Symptoms of hypercapnia include:

  • Skin rashes
  • Inability to focus
  • Feeling disoriented
  • Short of breath
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Seizures
  • Fainting
  • Drowsiness
  • Mild headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Exhaustion
  • Paranoia
  • Muscle twitching
  • Hyperventilation
  • Panic attacks

Another problem with masks is that they destroy our communication.

Masks Make Us Faceless And Destroy Our Communication

COVID-19 masks make us faceless and destroy our connection to each other. They also depersonalize us while making us feel that we have no voice. Likewise, a mask muffles our speech, which controls our voice, words, and mind. 

Most of our communication does not come from the words we speak but from our body language. When we wear masks, we can't read everyone's expressions. 

Babies use their body language to communicate with their parents. Breaking down this intimate bond will cause negative consequences for future generations.

Baby and mother

Babies use their body language to communicate with their parents

Children's first line of dialogue is through body language. After a while, they learn to speak and make sense of sounds. If parents have to wear masks, they will destroy the interaction with the baby and cause trauma.

Infants watch our faces for vital clues about language and social situations. That is why it is so essential that they can see our faces without anything getting in the way. If everyone wears masks, children will soon have learning disabilities.

Our body language reveals all the emotions you feel, just as a baby says whether she is happy or not. It is evident for everyone to see. When you are happy and excited, we can all see this by your smile.

It's clear when you look at the evidence that masks are useless and that the whole COVID-19 pandemic is a fraud. So if everything is a scam, why are many countries forcing their citizens to wear masks? 

The answer is mind control.

Why Masks Are Part Of Mind Control, Not Health

Solomon Asch was a pioneering social psychologist. He is best known for his research on conformity. His famous conformity experiment showed that people submitted to social pressure. Fifty male students from Swarthmore College in the USA participated in a "vision test."

Asch put a naive participant in a room with seven actors. The actors agreed to give the same wrong answer. The real participant did not know this. He believed that others were actual participants.

Asch experiment lines

The Asch experiment told participants to compare lines to test their conformity

Each person in the room had to say aloud which comparison line (A, B, or C) was most like the target line. The answer was always evident. The real participant sat at the end of the row and gave his answer last.

There were 18 trials in total. The actors gave the wrong answer on 12 occasions. Asch wanted to see if the real participant would conform to the majority. He measured the number of times each participant followed the majority.

So what did Asch discover?

People Conform To Group Pressure Even When Others Are Wrong

On average, about one third (32%) of the participants went along and conformed. About 75% of the participants gave in at least once. Twenty-five percent of the participants never obeyed.

In the control group, with no pressure to conform, less than 1% of participants gave the wrong answer. If there was another person in the group that answered correctly, conformity lessened. In this situation, only 5 to 10% of the participants adhered to the rest of the group.

Social pressure

The Asch experiment showed that participants adhered to group pressure even if they told the wrong answer

After the experiment, most test subjects said that they disagreed with their conforming answers. But they went along with the group for fear of being ridiculed. A few of them said that they believed the group's answers were correct.

People conform for two main reasons. Either they want to fit in with the group or believe the group is better informed than they are. The whole mask agenda uses the same strategy as the Asch conformity experiment. 

Governments Use Fear And Intimidation To Force Us To Wear Masks

When most people wear masks, the mask-free person may feel guilty and conform. Police and other people also ridicule each person that doesn't wear a mask. Either you can get a fine or get thrown in prison.

The only way the police and government can make people conform is by using threats and violence. They have to make everyone believe they are more powerful than the population. 

Police arrests a woman

A policeman tased and handcuffed a woman for not wearing a mask during a middle-school football game

Most people will then comply out of fear of the authority. But governments don't have any authority over us. They can only control us if we believe that they have power. If enough people refused to wear masks, the police would stand no chance. 

There will never be enough police or militaries to outnumber the entire population. Therefore fear is the only method authorities can use to make us conform. 

COVID-19 strategies governments use today are the same tactics communists used.

8 Communist Strategies Governments Use During The COVID-19 Pandemic To Make Us Obey

Albert Biderman studied U.S. prisoners of the Korean War. He learned that the communists used psychological manipulations to make the prisoners comply. Biderman then wrote a report known as Biderman's Chart of Coercion.

Governments worldwide use these tactics to break the human spirit and make us comply. Physical control is never easy without the consent of the prisoner. The most effective way to make them comply is through psychological torture. 

Albert Biderman found that the communists used several tactics to control prisoners. The table below shows these strategies compared to COVID-19.

Chart of Coercion



  • Deprives individual of social support of his ability to resist
  • Makes Individual dependent upon the captor
  • Individual develops an intense concern with self


  • Social distancing
  • Isolation from loved ones
  • Massive job loss
  • Solitary confinement, semi-isolation
  • Quarantines, containment camps

Monopolization of Perception

  • Fixes all attention upon immediate predicament
  • Frustrates all actions not consistent with compliance
  • Eliminates stimuli competing with those controlled by the captor

Monopolization of Perception

  • Restrict movement
  • Create monotony, boredom
  • Prevent gathering, meetings, concerts, sports
  • Dominate ail media, censor Information

Induced Debility and Exhaustion

  • Weakens mental and physical ability to resist
  • People become worn out by tension and fear

Induced Debility and Exhaustion

  • Forced to stay at home, all media Is negative
  • Not permitted to exercise or socialize


  • Cultivates anxiety and despair
  • Gives demands and consequences for non compliance


  • Threaten to close business
  • Fines
  • Predict extension of quarantine
  • Force vaccines
  • Create containment camps

Occasional Indulgences

  • Provides motivation for compliance
  • Hinders adjustment to deprivation
  • Creates hope for change, reduces resistance
  • Keeps people unsure of what Is happening.

Occasional Indulgences

  • Allow reopening of some stores, services
  • Let restaurants open but only at a certain capacity
  • Increase more people allowed to gather
  • Follow concessions with tougher rules

Demonstrate Omnipotence

  • Demonstrates futility of resistance
  • Shows who is in charge
  • Provides positive motivation for compliance

Demonstrate Omnipotence

  • Shut down entire economies across the world
  • Create money out of nowhere, force dependency
  • Develop total surveillance with nanochips and 5G


  • Makes resistance seem worse than compliance
  • Create feelings of helplessness
  • Creates fear of freedom, dependence upon captors


  • Shame people who refuse masks
  • Make people stand on circles and between lines
  • Make people stand outside and wait in queues
  • Sanitation stations In every shop

Enforcing trivial demands

  • Develops habit of compliance
  • Demands made are illogical and contradictory
  • Rules on compliance may change
  • Reinforces who is in control

Enforcing triviaI demands

  • Family members must stand apart
  • Masks In home and even when having sex
  • Random limits on people allowed to be together
  • Sanitizers to be used over and over In a day

Let's explore what these tactics are and how the COVID-19 agenda uses the same strategies.

1. Isolation

Social isolation is one of the best forms of torture. The purpose of social distancing is to keep people apart and not gather in groups. Social change is much easier when people band together under the same flag. 

When we are alone, we are a lot easier to control and manipulate. Social distancing is a euphemism for social isolation. It is a technique that the CIA used to control victims.

Woman wearing mask behind bars

Social distancing is the same thing as social isolation, a horrible torture tactic

MK-Ultra was a CIA program. It used sexual and physical abuse, drug testing, hypnosis, and mind control. The CIA-sanctioned MK-Ultra program ran from the 1950s until the mid-1970s. But many believe that aspects of the program still exist today. 

Cathy O'Brien is a former U.S. Government M.K. Ultra mind control victim. Cathy wrote the book Trance Formation of America about her mind control experiments.

Cathy made a blog post where she explained that her daughter Kelly was under MK-Ultra mind control. Kelly had to wear masks from the age of two as part of her programming.

The lockdowns we're facing is an evident type of isolation.

Lockdowns Are Social Isolation

Some people are stuck in hospitals without being able to contact or see their loved ones at all. Many elderly people can't leave nursing homes to meet their families. It's not unusual if they haven't seen their relatives in over nine months. 

Young woman hugging an old man

Many old people haven't been able to meet their friends and relatives due to lockdowns

Travel quarantines and limited social circles are other ways to isolate us. Social distancing and the prohibition of large gatherings are clear isolation techniques.

If we want to meet each other later, we need to follow governments and take their poison ridden vaccines.

2. Monopolization Of Perception

Monopolization of perception is a technique where you manipulate information. Mainstream media has a monopoly on information. One of the main reasons people follow lockdowns is because of media manipulation.

Man in hazmat suit reading a newspaper

Media manipulation and censorship of alternative views are the reasons why the pandemic fraud continues

Alternative views get censored on social media and T.V.  If people learned the truth about COViD-19, they wouldn't comply.

3. Induced Debilitation And Exhaustion

This technique weakens our mental and physical ability to resist. One way to do that is to make us dependent on the state. 

A business closed sign on a glass door

Governments have closed businesses to force people to become dependent on the state to survive

That's why small businesses had to close. If people want to get an income, they need government handouts. But there will be strings attached.

If you don't follow the government, you won't get any money. Take the vaccine or starve to death. They abuse your diagnosis to put you in this contact tracing Stasi tracking system.


Another great form of coercion is to use threats. Threats create anxiety and despair. If you don't comply, there is a price to pay. Such as:

  • Threats to kill you
  • Threat of abandonment/non-return
  • Make threats against your family
  • Vague threats
  • "A second wave might come"
  • "If you don't do this, more people will die"
  • "You are putting more people at risk with your selfishness"
  • "We will remove your children if you test positive"
  • "If you don't wear a mask we will fine you"

5. Occasional Indulgences

An occasional indulgence is a method where you give the prisoner some relief. If you do as we say, you get benefits. We can see this with all kinds of things.

Why are we allowed in Walmart and the liquor store, but not in mom-and-pop shops?  

Black lives matter protest

The government allows Black Lives Matter protests, but not anti-lockdown demonstrations

Black Lives Matter protests are okay, but not anti-lockdown demonstrations. They give rewards for partial compliance. We can get things back if we agree to wear masks or social distance. Or you can get to travel if you take the vaccine.

6. Demonstrating Omnipotence

This technique means that the captor makes you believe they have unlimited power. Governments shut down the entire world economy to weaken us.

Police guarding a protest

The state uses police force and other means to make it seem that they have unlimited power

Or they use brutal police force to make us think that they have authority. They can also change the rules, control our money and food supply, and clarify that we're nothing without them.

7. Degradation

Degradation means that resistance is more costly than compliance. I don't want to wear a mask, but guess what, we'll punish you more.

Man handcuffed in front of a police car

If you resist, there will be more consequences

Even if you don't get sick, we'll still punish you for not wearing a mask. If you don't shut down, we fine you or throw you in prison.

8. Forcing Trivial Demands

This method enforces rules to create compliance. The rules change all the time. Once, you could go outside without wearing a mask. Then they changed the rules, and now you need to wear it. 

The victim develops a habit of acquiescence. Some examples include: 

  • "Stand six feet apart"
  • "Follow the arrows"
  • "Go in and out of certain doors"
  • "Wear a mask when you go into a restaurant but not when you eat"

As you can see, governments around the world use COVID-19 as an excuse to create communism. But why? To understand this process, you need to learn the hidden force behind this agenda.

The Real Purpose Behind The COVID-19 Agenda

Who controls each country? Most people will say the president, prime minister, or parties. None of these answers are correct.

In each country, we have a shadow government controlled by a few financial families. This tiny financial Elite controls the narrative through a secret society network.

The global network works as the structure of a multinational corporation such as McDonald's. McDonald's has a headquarter in the U.S. The company then has subsidiaries in other countries. They follow the order from the central dictated headquarter. 

Picture showing McDonald's global network

The cult that controls the world operates much like a multinational company such as McDonald's

If you go inside any Mcdonald's worldwide, you will have almost the same type of experience. A global cult controls the world in a similar way. In the center of this hidden web, you have the spider. This spider is the inner core of the cult that is driving the world agenda. 

Each country has subsidiary networks, such as some families and secret societies. Their purpose is to impose the will of the spider and dictate policies in almost every country. That is why many countries around the world have used the same COVID-19 lockdown strategy.

In every country, you have specific pyramid structures. There is one pyramid in politics and finance. Then you have a pyramid of the media and the medical system. On top of each pyramid, a tiny few control everyone below it. 

The goal of this cult is to create a world government.

We're Heading Towards A World Government Tyranny

The 1% that controls the world wants to create a world government and eliminate countries. They call this structure The New World Order. The New World Order is a global communist society controlled by a few people. 

For the Elite to create this structure, they need to weaken every country and create utter chaos. After the collapse, the solution to all our problems will then be the world government. The World Economic Forum calls this process" The Great Reset." 

pyramid showing Illuminati structure

A tiny financial Elite controls the world through a pyramid structure

Part of the New World Order plan is Agenda 21/2030. It's a project created by the U.N. to make the world government structure. The more you centralize, the more power fewer people get. That is the reason why we see a rise in globalization. 

For a tiny few to control us, they need to break our independence. The goal is to make us reliant on the world government to survive. So how might they do that? 

The first step is to break our financial independence.

Companies Will Disappear And Will Force Us To Work For A Fascistic World Government

The financial Elite wants to create a central world bank that dictates all global finances. Then they want to create a single electronic currency that replaces all money. That is why we have a war on cash. 

The world ministry of trade will dictate global business and eliminate all corporations. That is why governments are destroying small and medium-sized corporations through lockdowns. The goal is to break our independence and make us reliant on the state.

The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing to enslave us

Only cult controlled mega-corporation will survive. One such mega-corporation is Amazon. During the lockdown, Amazon was able to operate as usual. 

The plan is for all mega-corporations, such as Amazon, to take over the market. Later they will all get absorbed into the world ministry of trade. 

In the New World Order, the world government will choose your occupation. There is no way to escape the rat race by creating a company. You will also not be able to save money in this new system.

You Won't Be Able To Save Money And Will Own Nothing

Wealth in many people's hands is not suitable for the people in charge. So if you save too much, you will be taxed. The more you save, the higher your tax rate becomes, so your savings could never get any far. 

If you began to show a pattern of saving too much, you might have your pay cut. The idea is to prevent people from accumulating any wealth. 

Every purchase has to go through a skin implanted chip. If you go against the system, they can deactivate your chip and make it hard to survive in society.


The new world government wants to stop people from saving money

Then there will be a world ministry of oil that takes over all oil corporations. A world ministry of health will then control all pharmaceuticals.

The World Health Organization is already that ministry. In this way, they can force us to follow western medicine.

Another thing the cult wants to build is a world army. NATO is already the beginning of that. The idea of a world army is to suppress countries that don't follow the agenda. That's what we've seen in Libya and Syria already.

In the New World Order, private properties will be a thing of the past.

Private Properties Will Disappear And Everyone Will Be Prisoners In Mega-Cities

The cult dictating policies worldwide also wants to reduce our freedom and remove private properties. We need to move from rural and suburban areas and into mega-cities. Everyone needs to live in cities to be tracked and traced through A.I. and 5G technology. 

COVID-19 lockdowns are one excuse to make people stuck in their cities. One prime example is Australia, where they have closed the borders to various states. 

Drone and surveillance camera in front of a megacity

The New World Order will force people to live in megacities to make it easier to surveillance them, while the wealthy Elite will have the rest of the land for themselves

Saving the environment from CO2 is another excuse to force people to live in cities. The U.N. says that it is more sustainable if people live in cities and high rise buildings. But that is only a lie so that the financial Elite can have the rest of the land for themselves.

Another way to make us comply is by controlling our food and resources.

If You Don't Obey The Government You Won't Be Able To Eat

The planners of Agenda 21 want to have complete control over all the resources worldwide. For this plan to work, they need to reduce the standard of living in first-world countries.

The World Government also wants to control the food supply and our land. Food will be part of central control. Growing food will be illegal. Only those who follow the system will be well-nourished.

But there will not be enough to support any fugitive from the new system. Forest fires and fabricated food shortages are now part of that plan to make food scarce.

Hungry man eating a piece of bread

In The New World Order only those who follow the system will be well-nourished

The cult also wants to break up the family bond. Instead, the government should raise our children. That's why we have feminism.

Feminism allowed governments to tax women and put children in daycare. If you believe it's about women's rights, think again. 

The whole COVID-19 agenda completed many objectives of the evil cult. You can now understand why we have lockdowns and masks. If we don't stop this evil plan, we will end up as slaves. 

We still have a chance to save our planet. But we need to take action now. Learn what we can do below.


No one has ever proved that the COVID-19 virus exists.

Chinese researchers took lung fluid from sick people in Wuhan and said they found a new virus.

COVID-19 is not a virus but an exosome.

Exosomes are an integral part of our detoxification system.

The whole COVID-19 agenda rest on the fake PCR-test.

PCR uses a probe that matches the snippet of DNA or RNA we want to test.

A gold standard is a detailed study of the body to find the cause of the illness.

PCR can't test for COVID-19 because we haven't isolated the "virus."

We have a casedemic, meaning cases, not deaths.

A pawpaw fruit, a bird, and a goat tested positive for COVID-19 in Tanzania.

Doctors need to put coronavirus on the death certificate even if patients die of other causes.

The pore size of COVID-19 masks is much bigger than any potential "virus."

Masks cause oxygen deprivation and permanent neurological damage.

Cancer cells thrive in toxic, oxygen-deprived bodies.

COVID-19 masks make us faceless and destroy our connection to each other.

The Asch experiment showed that participants adhered to group pressure even if they told the wrong answer.

The only way the police and government can make people conform is by using threats and violence.

Biderman's Chart of Coercion is eight tactics communists used to make prisoners comply.

The COVID-19 agenda uses the tactics as communists.

A tiny financial Elite controls the world through a secret society network.

The 1% that controls the world wants to create a world government called The New World Order and eliminate countries.

The World government wants to create a central world bank that dictates all global finances.

You won't be able to save money in the New World Order.

We will be stuck in human settlement zones if we don't stop Agenda 21/2030.

Private properties will be a thing of the past, according to Agenda 21/2030.

Humans will be stuck in mega-cities.

Food will be part of central control.

How To Stop The COVID-19 Agenda

1. Stop wearing COVID-19 masks

2. Refuse government orders

3. Join decentralized communities

4. Make people aware of the evil agenda

5. Take responsibility for your health

Action Steps

It might seem like the government, police, and military have a firm grip on our freedom. But these institutions have no power over us. They only represent a tiny part of the population.

The only reason they can control us is that we allow them to. If we want to break this dictatorship, we need to stop complying.

Stop wearing COVID-19 masks. Don't shut down your business. Meet your friends. Decentralize and stop complying with the government.

Go to to connect to small groups in your area. This website helps like-minded people create decentralized communities.

Those who dominate us represent less than 1% of the world population. If many people from the 99% wake up, this COVID-19 global plan would be over in five minutes. 

It's time that we all wake up and realize that governments are lying to us and only exist to make the few control the many. 

Make sure to spread this blog post to other people to warn them about masks. Individuals worldwide need to rise against oppressive governments. We can't let psychopathic leaders create The New World Order.

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their health and avoid Big Pharma medicine. One way you can do that is by learning why the germ theory is fake. You also need to discover ways to stay healthy.

Download our guide below to find out more.

Learn The Truth About Germs

Download his guide to learn why germs do not cause diseases. 

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