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Cancer Survival Stories – 4 People That Healed Cancer With Natural Remedies

​Read about four incredible cancer survivor stories that show that you can heal from cancer by using natural remedies. Ruth Heidrich had stage IV cancer in 1982. She is now ​cancer-free and completed several Ironman races.

Ivelisse ​had less than an 8% chance of surviving stage IV colon cancer and ​healed from it with natural remedies. Peter Starr had prostate cancer and is now free from cancer. And Pilar Davila had severe ovarian cancer and defeated it by using natural methods.

Learn what they all used to defeat cancer. Discover why cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence even if you have stage IV cancer.

Read about four incredible cancer survivor stories that show that you can heal from cancer by using natural remedies. Ruth Heidrich had stage IV cancer in 1982. She is now ​cancer-free and completed several Ironman races.

Ivelisse ​had less than an 8% chance of surviving stage IV colon cancer and ​healed from it with natural remedies. Peter Starr had prostate cancer and is now free from cancer. And Pilar Davila had severe ovarian cancer and defeated it by using natural methods.

Learn what they all used to defeat cancer.  Discover why cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence even if you have stage IV cancer.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

​For many people, cancer feels like a death sentence. Doctors tell us that that the only way to treat cancer is by using chemo, radiation, or surgery. They pressure us to take standard treatments. 

We are to believe that we will die if we don’t use these procedures. Chemo only has an average survival rate of 2% and is often deadlier than cancer itself. The survival rate of stage IV cancer is low when you ​use standard treatments.

​And then there are natural remedies that seek to treat cancer by fixing the imbalances. This way of treating cancer is frowned upon by doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Many people are afraid of trying natural remedies because there is not much research done.

There are several stories of cancer patients that had late-stage cancer and reversed it.

In this blog post, I have collected four cancer survivor stories. Most patients had stage IV cancer. Their doctors told them that they only had weeks or months left to live.

What all these people did was to follow a holistic and natural way to treat cancer. These stories show that our body has an amazing ability to heal itself.

When you eat right foods, destress and detox the body it can do astounding things.I hope these stories inspire you and give you strength even if the cancer is severe.

​The first story I’m going to talk about is Dr. Ruth Heidrich. Her story is a testimony that you can do amazing things amidst severe challenges. 

Four Cancer Survival Stories

1. Dr. Ruth Heidrich Unreal Stage IV Breast ​Cancer ​Survivor Story

Ruth Heidrich is the winner of more than 900 trophies. She has run 67 marathons and won 8 senior Olympics gold medals.What is more amazing is that she ran the Ironman and other races after she had stage IV breast cancer.

Ruth’s interest in running started after she read a book by Kenneth Cooper. The day after she read the book she ran a mile. She began to run every day and loved it.Ruth had a great career.

She worked in the Us Air Force as a logistician. Everything went well in her life, then something disturbing happened.One day she was getting ready for work. In the shower, she felt a lump in her breast.

She went to a doctor that did a biopsy and the tests where negative. The doctor said that she had dense breasts and told her to come back the next year. She did several mammograms ​three years before 1982.

The lump became larger in 1982. She went to the doctor to examen this lump.

As she was lying down on the exam table, a new doctor walked in took one look at her and said,“Why did you wait so long to come in?” The doctor told her to do a biopsy and Ruth agreed.

running in sunset

Ruth's biggest passion is running

But Ruth had a condition. She wanted to watch the surgery. The doctors said no in the beginning but gave in when Ruth was persistent.

During the surgery, she was talking to the surgeon as he was cutting away deeper and deeper. Ruth used anesthetic drugs, so she didn’t feel any pain. The doctor cut away a piece of cancer that was the size of a golf ball, and put it on the table.

He swallowed hard and said: “You see these little granules that look like sand? Those are cancer cells that your body has tried to wall off."

Ruth’s heart sank. This couldn’t have happened to her. She had been running for 14 years. At this time she had run several marathons and was fit and healthy at 47 years old.

It felt like her life came crashing down.She had stage IV breast cancer. The oncologists scheduled her for more surgery. They wanted her to rest for two weeks after the surgery before starting chemo and radiation treatments.

She read the newspaper one day and learned about the Ironman triathlon. The Ironman is a race where you run, swim and bicycle.Ruth wanted to do the Ironman but had to remember that she had cancer.

But she decided to run every day even after the surgery.Then something happened that changed everything.

​The Meeting That Changed Everything

Ruth saw a notice in the newspaper from John McDougall. John McDougall wanted to do a study about the impact the diet has on breast cancer. 

Ruth noticed that John’s number was a local number in Kailua, Hawaii close to where she lived. She phoned right away and talked to John McDougall. Ruth explained about her breast cancer story to John.

John McDougall

John McDougall taught Ruth the importance of eating a vegan diet. Picturce by Cteitgen ​

By User:Cteitgen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

John told her to get her medical records and get into his office, the next day. At the office, John talked about the harmful impact animal products have on our health. He told her that breast cancer was higher in countries that consumed more fat.

Ruth took a nutrition course before that taught her that you need to eat good, high-quality protein. She was eating animal products like chicken, fish and low-fat dairy.

John made her change her diet and told her not to have radiation or chemo. He wanted to show that the food made the difference. Ruth’s oncologist shook his head when she told him what she wanted to do. He thought she was crazy.

Her husband also said she was mad. She ignored him and started cooking a strict vegan diet. Her diet consisted of whole grains, brown rice, lots of fruits and vegetables.

She ate oatmeal for breakfast in the morning. Ruth also loved eating baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. At a later stage, she started to eat a raw diet after reading a book by Doug Graham.

Ruth also decided to run a race even a week after her surgery.Before her diet change, Ruth had extreme bone pain that disappeared. And her tumors started to shrink.

Then she trained for the Ironman. After that, she ran several races. Ruth shows that everything is possible if you change your diet and lifestyle. She started with stage IV breast cancer and finished several races.

Ruth's homepage

Ruth has her own homepage where she talks about health and running.

Today she is still cancer free and in her eighties.Ruth has written several books and has a homepage about health and running.

Visit Ruth's homepage here.​

I have three other cancer survivor stories to tell you. The second story I’m going to talk about is Ivelisse that reversed her stage IV colon cancer.

2. Ivelisse Healed Her Stage 4 Colon Cancer With Mistletoes And ​​Plant​s

Ivelisse is a wife and mother of four kids. She is also a stage IV colon cancer survivor. Her father died of colon cancer when he was in his late thirties.

She knew that her family history put her at a higher risk of developing colon cancer. At a young age, she got regular colonoscopies, ate organic and exercised. Despite this, she developed colon cancer when she was 37.

Ivelisse healed her colon cancer with mistletoe injections

In August of 2008, she felt tired all the time and had to take daily three hour naps in the middle of the day. And when she woke up she still felt exhausted. Ivelisse was a busy mom, owned her own business and homeschooled her kids.

Her husband then convinced her to see the doctor. In the hospital, they discovered that she had colon cancer. She had the same disease as her father and at the same age.Her tumor was five centimeters.

Doctors believed that it was a stage 3 cancer and that it hadn't spread to any of her vital organs. Ivelisse asked her oncologists what her survival rate was at stage 3 with chemo.

They said she had a 67% chance of survival. ​She then asked them about the survival rate if she refused ​chemo. The answer was 57%.

This answer surprised her. What was the use of poisoning your body if you only had a mere 10% higher chance of survival?

Ivelisse's husband was in the wellness industry for 20 years. He researched every anti-cancer approach possible that was out there.

Meanwhile, the oncologists pushed her to do chemotherapy.

But then Ivelisse got the worst kind of news.

Ivelisse's Worst Nightmare Became True

​Ivelisse's post-surgery scan revealed that the cancer had spread to her liver and was at stage four. The doctors said she had a less than an 8% chance of surviving. 

Ivelisse was terrified. She was afraid of not seeing the children grow up or getting old with her husband.She knew that she didn’t want to do chemo. Instead, she chose a complementary and alternative approach.

Her oncologist agreed to monitor her despite her refusing chemotherapy.By a chance of luck, two people referred her to the same natural physician.

Believe Big homepage

Ivelisse created a non-profit organization together with her husband that teaches how to treat cancer naturally

Peter Hinderberger treated cancer with mistletoe. The mistletoe treatment boosts the immune system to fight cancer without any side effects.Ivelisse made an appointment with him.

At the same time, she ate high alkaline food. Her diet was both raw and cooked vegetables and fruits.Peter injected her with daily alternating injections of mistletoe. Ivelisse also used other homeopathic remedies and supplements.

She beat the 8% survival rate of stage IV colon cancer and is cancer free today! Ivelisse is still following her protocol under the care of her alternative doctor.

Together with her husband, she created a non-profit Christian organization called Believe Big. They established it in 2011. Believe Big's mission is to help families face, fight, and overcome cancer. You can visit their homepage here.

The next story I'm going to tell you is how Peter healed his prostate cancer.

3. Peter Starr's Prostate Cancer Story

Peter spent 35 years making documentary films. After that, he became a stuntman, riding motorcycles. He suffered a severe accident in 1999 and was unable to work for about nine months.

Peter followed the standard protocol of getting an annual PSA-test. One day a digital rectal exam revealed an area of concern. He decided to obey his doctors' orders to get a biopsy.

Peter went in for the biopsy even if he didn’t know what to expect. After the biopsy, the urologists said that he had cancer.When Peter heard he had cancer he freaked out.

His urologist also told him to read a book by Dr. Patrick Walsh, then come in and see him. It took him four days before he felt he could get a handle on this. Peter decided to locate the book his urologist referred him to.

He went to several libraries and bookstores. Despite his effort, he didn't find that particular book. Instead, Peter found a book by Dr. Larry Clapp called Prostate Health in 90 Days.

He then went to seek the opinion of a couple of other doctors. His urologist pushed him to do a radical prostatectomy. At that time Peter didn’t have insurance. He learned that the procedure would cost $43,000, which he couldn't afford.

​Instead, he began reading and talking to people to find ways to treat prostate cancer.Peter's father was also diagnosed with prostate cancer and ended up dying. The doctors treated his father with a drug called Flutamide. 

Flutamide castrates you chemically and cuts off your testosterone. His father died of a heart attack caused by taking Flutamide.Because of this incident, Peter was reluctant to try the standard cancer treatment.

Later Peter learned that emotional traumas were a trigger for the cancer mechanism.

Peter's Important Discovery

​Peter became aware of the emotional aspect of cancer through Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's work. But he didn't accept it until he met Dr. Gilbert Renaud. 

Peter also interviewed Dr. Bruce Lipton. Lipton is one of the leading authorities on how emotions cause diseases.All of a sudden, pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fell into place.

Peter started to look at his own life and knew he had to get some toxic people out of his life. He had 2-3 emotional issues he needed to resolve. Through Dr. Gilbert Renaud's work, he healed those problems.

stress child

Peter learned that his emotional baggage was behind his prostate cancer

He recalled an ​incident that he had ignored since his teenage years. When he let go of the trauma, he felt an immediate difference.

Peter was born in England during the Second World War. His worst emotional issues were at the age of 7 or 8. Peter ended up putting together his own program.

Three years later, doctors couldn't find any sign of cancer in his prostate. All they saw was a benign lesion. Peter then created a documentary about prostate cancer.

It places significant focus on addressing and releasing emotional traumas. So what is Peter's best tips for treating prostate cancer?

​What Peter Recommends That Prostate Cancer Patients Do

He recommends that prostate cancer patients ​do a blood analysis. The purpose of this blood test is to see if you have nutritional deficiencies.

Vitamin D deficiency may raise your prostate cancer risk. You want your level to be around 70-100 ng/ml if you have cancer. The best way to get vitamin D is to go out into the sun.He also advises avoiding animal products and processed food.

Peter also recommends intermittent fasting.Next, he suggests looking for toxins, using urine and fecal analysis. If you find toxins, then you need to detoxify your body.

Peter Starr's homepage

Peter Starr created a documentary about how to treat prostate cancer with natural remedies.

One concern is heavy metals. Many men have calcification in the prostate that they need to eliminate.Strategies for decalcifying the prostate include vitamin K2 or a product called Detoxamin.

He also suggests that you do a saliva analysis to check your hormones. You may need testosterone if your levels are low. Or eliminate estrogen if you have excessive estrogen levels.

Another step to treat prostate cancer is to address emotional traumas. One of Peter's favorite healing methods is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is a tapping technique that helps you release emotions locked in your body.

Peter has also created a documentary about healing prostate cancer with natural remedies. You can buy a copy of his movie on his website. Click here to watch his documentary.

The last one of my cancer survivor stories is Pilar Davila that had ovarian cancer.

4. ​What Pilar Davila Did To ​Defeat Her Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

Pilar got diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2010.She had a full hysterectomy and followed the doctor’s instructions and did not change her diet or anything.

But her cancer came back a little bit on her pelvis in 2012. That was when she started changing her diet and doing natural healing protocols. In 2013, she quit her natural treatment and relapsed into her toxic lifestyle.

Pilar didn’t eat right, and she let stress take over her life. She also went through a divorce during that time.She decided to remove her toxic tooth fillings. But she didn’t use a biological dentist.

Pilar's homepage

Pilar's homepage teaches you how to prevent illnesses with a healthy lifestyle

So in May 2014, she didn’t feel well and started to bleed. She had extreme fatigue and felt constipated and went to the emergency room. The doctors did a CAT-scan. They found tumors in her colon, liver, pelvic and fluid in one lung.

The cancer was at stage IV. One tumor was the size of a tennis ball and the other one, as big as a golf ball It came as a shock for Pilar. She could not believe it because she was fine for four years.

Doctors couldn’t do anything because chemo wouldn’t work. And surgery was also out of the question. Pilar went to her parents’ house to rest and think.That is when everything changed.

The Video That Changed Everything

At Pilar's parents house she saw a video by Chris Wark. One interview he did with Dr. Connealy from Oasis of Hope inspired her. Pilar decided that she wanted to go to her center. She started a Go Fund Me to raise money for her to stay there. 

Pilar went there for three days. Connealy recommended PEMF treatments. PEMF is an infrared laser treatment. Pilar also took vitamin C supplements. She also changed her diet and did colonics, coffee enemas, and drank ten juices per day.

She got a PEMF machine and started doing treatments about four times a week. After about four months she did an MRI scan. The tumors started to shrink. Another MRI, four months later showed no more cancer.

Pilar also worked on her stress. Forgiveness was necessary for her healing phase.Pilar is now cancer free and has not been happier in her life.She feels great and is more at ease.

You can visit her website at

I hope you enjoyed these cancer survivor stories and got inspired. The one thing I want you to learn from this blog post is that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. When you give your body what it needs, it can do wonderful things.


​Ruth Heidrich had Stage IV breast cancer in 1982. She healed it by eating a vegan diet.

Ivelisse got diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer when she was 37 years old. She healed from her cancer by eating a plant-based diet and ​getting mistletoe injections.

Peter Starr healed his prostate cancer by releasing his emotional traumas and changing his diet.

Pilar Davila had stage IV ovarian cancer in 2014. She fixed it by changing her diet, doing PEMF treatments and detoxifying her body.​

​How To Prevent Cancer Naturally

​1. ​Download our 9 Ways To Prevent Cancer Cheat Sheet

Action Steps

​​After reading these cancer survival stories, you should now know that it is possible to treat cancer.

There are several ways to prevent cancer. You can do it by releasing you emotional wounds or changing your diet. Other risk factors for getting cancer is lack of sunshine or sleep or heavy metal exposure.

To learn ways to prevent cancer download our free guide called 9 Ways To Prevent Cancer Cheat Sheet. In this cheat sheet, you'll discover nine ways you can avoid cancer by using natural remedies.

​>>Download it here for free<<

Download it here for free.

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