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How a Vegetarian Diet Can Improve Cancer

August 18, 2016
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Simon Persson

Scientific studies show that vegetarians have less cancer than meat eaters. Meat and animal products can cause havoc in your body and create a reliable environment for cancer.

In this post, I’m going to teach you about how a healthy vegetarian diet can improve your cancer.

You learn how animal products can increase the chances of cancer. And why a plant-based diet can prevent it.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

Why Humans Shouldn't Eat Meat

Eating meat is so common right now that a myriad of people believe that it’s essential for good health.

Vegetarian cuisines are often looked down upon. Many fear that by eating vegetarian food, you lose out on vital nutrients and minerals.

Human beings are not built to eat meat. The acid in the human stomach is 1/20 weaker than the acid found in predators like lions and tigers.


Vegetables are more digestible than animal products

The human body digestive system has a hard time digesting meat. Meat can stay in the small intestine for long as 20-48 hours. There it can putrefy or enter the bloodstream.

Let me share a large study that examined both meat eaters and vegetarians. Can you guess what happened?

The China Study Shows: Vegetarians Are Healthier Than Meat Eaters

Studies show that eating a vegetarian diet is much healthier than eating meat. In the 80's Dr. T. Colin Campbell conducted The China–Cornell–Oxford Project. Campbell is a professor of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell.

He led the first two major studies. The study investigated the diets, lifestyle, and disease in China. Data comprised of 6,500 Chinese people in 65 rural counties.

Campbell wrote a book called "The China Study" about his findings. The healthiest people in the study ate a more plant-based rich diet. 


Vegetables are the healthiest food you can eat

The human body consists about 70% of water. Therefore it's logical that a diet consisting of water is the food you should eat. Eating meat is like putting regular gas in a diesel car

When you give the body what it’s supposed to eat, it can make better use of the food and function more efficient.

Okay, that might be true. But what about protein? Don’t you need animal protein to survive? No, and here is why.

Why Humans Don't Need Animal Protein To Survive

One of the biggest myths people believe is the animal protein myth. Everyone thinks it’s crucial for healthy living and that humans are meat eaters. That's not true. You and I don’t need protein as much as lions or other carnivores.

Human breast milk contains a lower protein rate compared to other animals. The amount of protein in human milk is only 2.5 g per cup. Cow milk contains 7.9 g per cup and goat milk 8.7 g per cup.


Lentils are a good source of protein

Beans, lentils, quinoa, seeds, and nuts are good protein sources. You don’t need meat to fill up the quota of protein.

I have heard several people tell me that vegetarians need to think more about what they eat. Or otherwise, they can't get all the essential vitamins.

People think that a vegetarian diet is a strange and some hippie new age thing that is dangerous to pursue.

Somehow omnivores think because they eat meat, they can have whatever they want. And by magic get all essential vitamins and nutrition.

But what about B12? Can vegetarians get that without supplements? So let us answer this question once and for all in the next section.

Do Vegetarians Need To Take B12 Supplements?

Vitamin B12 is something you can't get from plants. Bacterias in the small intestines produce B12. Because the ileum absorbs the B12, it is not available for absorption.

Almost all cases of vitamin B12 deficiency are due to diseases of the intestine. If you lack B12 then you can use supplements. You don't need large amounts of B12. 

Still skeptical that a vegetarian diet is the healthiest? Let me give you some undeniable proof why humans aren’t designed to eat meat.

Proof Why Humans Aren’t Meat Eaters

The strongest animals on earth like elephants, rhinos, gorillas eat a plant based diet. So why shouldn’t humans survive on such a diet? If you examine human teeth, you can see that they are not built to eat meat.

Compare them to lions or tigers, and you see a big difference. Lions have sharper canines needed for ripping apart their prey. Human's teeth are much smaller.

The rise of heart and vascular disease increased since people started to eat meat. Animal protein is one of the most acid-forming and blood-thickening foods of all. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

Carnivore teeth

Lion with sharp teeth

Human teeth

Human teeth

The surest way to make the body acidic is to eat any animal products like red meat, fish, eggs, chicken and so forth. A plant-based diet, turn the body more alkaline and may reverse the cancer growth.

But the most important question still is, can a vegetarian diet cure cancer? Good question. That's why I investigated the scientific literature. What you hear now might excite you.

Vegetarians Have Less Cancer Than Meat Eaters

A study on diet and cancer at Oxford University concluded that:

The overall cancer incidence rates of both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians in this study are low compared with national rates.

Within the study, the incidence of all cancers combined was lower among vegetarians than among meat eaters, but the incidence of colorectal cancer was higher in vegetarians than in meat eaters.

Another study in Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics examined the dietary patterns of vegetarians. They selected non-vegetarians, lacto-, pesco-, semi-vegetarians and vegans. The study included 69,120 participants.

After the research they concluded that:

Vegetarian diets seem to confer protection against cancer.

Video: Incidents Of Cancer Lower Among Vegetarians

Do you feel tired all the time? Then pay close attention what I say next.

Vegetarian Food Can Boost Your Energy

Before I became a vegetarian, I felt tired and weak most of the time. As I learned more about healthy living, I started to try one year without eating meat.

Within ten days I got a boost in energy, and my digestive system worked much better. I felt that vegetarian food had a better impact on my body than meat ever had. 

If you want to help your body in the healing process, start by removing meat and animal products. Such as eggs, fish, red meat, chicken, and dairy. Try it and you feel the difference.

So let us recap what we learned today.


Scientific studies show that vegetarians have less cancer than meat eaters.

Meat and animal products can cause havoc in the body and increase the chance of cancer.

Humans aren’t built to eat meat and don’t need animal products to thrive.

How to Eat a Vegan Diet And Lower Your Cancer Risk

1. Decide to remove meat and animal products like eggs, fish, red meat, chicken, and dairy

2. Join The Free 12 Day Vegan Cancer Challenge Email Course

Action Steps

So now that you know how vegetarian food can lower the risk for cancer, it's time for you to change your diet. If you don’t do it then everything you learned today will be in vain.

To start eating a healthy vegetarian diet and lower your cancer risk follow these steps.

The first step in eating a healthy diet against cancer is to remove all animal products from your diet.

Want to start eating a vegan diet for cancer? Then please join the free 12-day Vegan Cancer Challenge now! In this free email course, I teach you how to eat a vegan diet for 12 days straight.

You will receive a free food guide that teaches you what to eat for cancer. Discover what to buy in the supermarket and much more.

Receive a free recipe book with 46 recipes optimized for cancer patients. Click here to join the challenge now!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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  • This is a very interesting article. I believe it to be true. You have my attention , as I have been diagnosed with colon cancer and already had surgery for it. It would be helpful to me and others if you would cite your studies such as the Oxford Study with dates, times, participants and doctors.

  • You are telling me that an Eskimo could avoid getting cancer by becoming a vegan? And I’m telling you that an Eskimo would end up dying if s/he became a vegan for 12 days, forget surviving a year being a vegan . Your one size fits all, does not fit all. Your individual diet has to do with your heritage, what your ancestors ate for centuries is what you need to eat. GMO fruits, and vegetables are poison because your body doesn’t recognize their molecular structure. You don’t mention GMO’s at all. The study that you cite, I would like to know the background history of the people observed. Did these people come from a tropical island? I don’t believe for one moment, being a vegan as opposed to a meat eater, lowers your incidence of cancer. On a related note watch this video.

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