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Alfredo’s Amazing Cancer Survivor Story – How He Healed His Liver Cancer Naturally

​​Read about Alfredo's amazing cancer survivor story. ​Follow his journey from when ​he knew he had cancer to when he was cancer free. ​​Learn what natural remedies ​he used to defeat cancer without ​chemo, radiation, and surgery. Find out what mistakes he made so that you don't have to repeat them.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

Alfredo's Cancer Survivor ​Story

Alfredo was born in Sweden in 1987. When he was ​five years old, his family moved to Argentina. After ​four years there, ​they returned to Sweden. It was in Argentina that he got his passion for soccer.

When he returned to Sweden, he asked his father to let him play for a soccer club. His biggest dream was to become a soccer star and play for Real Madrid. ​Alfredo practiced ​with the Brazilian club ​​Atlético Sorocaba when he was 19 years old.


Alfredo with his coaches Nei(left) and Claudinho (right) in Brazil

Brazilian soccer was at another level than Sweden. They played a more technical and aggressive style of soccer than Swedes. You had to think fast and always be one step ahead of the opponent. It was during that period that he developed the most as a soccer player.

​After Alfredo returned from Brazil after his third visit there, he wanted to make it in the Swedish league. He became ​more frustrated when no big clubs wanted to sign him. ​The years went by, and he was still waiting for his big break.

It was during that period that he got ​more ​​injuries. And then ​something happened that shattered his dreams.

​​The Devastating Knee Injury That Stopped His Soccer Career

​In one game an opponent player tackled him in his right knee. It was a brutal tackle that should have resulted in a red card. But the referee only rewarded the player with a yellow card.

Alfredo went to the hospital the next day with a swollen knee. He felt excruciating pain when the doctor removed the liquid from his inflamed knee.

Left knee-joint from behind, showing interior ligaments

​Alfredo's posterior cruciate ligament ​​snapped

Later on, he got some terrible news. The ​posterior cruciate ligament in ​his right knee had snapped. It was the worst kind of knee injury you could get. 

Rehabilitation was between 6-12 months or more. Most players that get this kind of injury never return to their former glory.

Alfredo had to fight with the Swedish medical system to get an appointment for his knee surgery. For several months he had to use crutches and couldn’t play soccer or do the things he enjoyed. He worked hard for several years to strengthen his knee and fight for his dream.

But that was not the worst to come.

​When Alfredo's Cancer Symptoms Started

In 2011, at the age of 22, Alfredo started to become more tired. It was challenging to get up in the morning and play soccer or go to the gym. Every time he made a 10-15 meter run he had to rest for one minute to recover.

Before that Alfredo was always one of the fittest players on his team and now, he felt like an old man. He also had some head pressure and felt as if something was moving in his brain. Alfredo also had a hard time thinking straight.

Brain pain

​​Alfredo had some head pressure and felt as if something was moving in his brain

It was almost impossible to exercise or work. Alfredo went to the doctor for another issue unrelated to his fatigue. They didn't notice anything out of the ordinary after they treated his problem.

Alfredo knew a nutritionist that he visited before when he wanted to optimize his training. His mother introduced him to Elena after she couldn’t get help from doctors.

One day Alfredo went to Elena ​to talk about his low energy and ​get some tips on how to fix it.

​Alfredo's Meeting With His Nutritionist Elena

Elena used a machine called Es-Teck. It is a physical screening device that checks the state of the body. The machine measures the status of your organs, nutrients, pH-level and much more.

Es-Teck is like an electroencephalogram (EEG) or electrocardiogram (ECG). A device sends a slight electrical impulse through the fluids of the body. It then measures the ease or difficulty with which the current travels.

Es teck connected to a Windows computer

Es Teck measures the state of your organs, nutrients, pH-level and much more.

With the ES-Teck a patient can see their health status through 3D colored body models and charts. During the test, you have to remove all metal accessories such as watches, belts, chains, and rings.

Electronic devices get confiscated too. The practitioner then places sensors on your forehead. You then let your hands and feet rest on metal plates.

A small device on your finger measures your heart rate and oxygen saturation. You need to be quiet and relax when the test starts. Once done, the examiner removes all sensors.

After two minutes the device gave Alfredo a report on his current physical status. It was then when Alfredo discovered something shocking.

Elena's Shocking Discovery ​

When Elena examined the results, she became horrified and nervous. She had a hard time telling Alfredo that his situation was severe.

Finally, she told him he was in a severe cancer state. Alfredo’s hormones were out of balance, and many things on the screen ​flashed red.

The program uses different color codes to tell the state of your particular organ. Blue means the organ is healthy. Yellow means that the organ is a bit more unhealthy. And a red color indicates that the organ is sick.

3d Model of the body

Alfredo's 3d scan showed that his liver and body was unhealthy

Elena told him that he was deficient in magnesium which is common when you're under tremendous stress.

Alfredo also had low levels of zinc, b3, and b12. The Es-Teck machine said that his liver was red and unhealthy. His blood also had low scores on this test.

The program also measures your pH level. It has a scale from zero to five, where zero is the best and five the worst. Alfredo's score on this test was a four, which meant that he was extremely acidic.

After hearing the shocking news, Alfredo became worried and anxious. ​​He didn’t tell his family or friends that he had cancer so that they wouldn't worry about him.

​Alfredo has always been stubborn and wanted to try alternative medicine.​​ One thing he didn't want to do was chemotherapy.

Why He Didn't Do Chemo

As Alfredo read more about chemo, he didn’t think that it made any sense.

I then asked him why he didn’t try chemo like everybody else.

​“ I think I initially felt that I didn’t want to do it and that it was damaging. I have gone to many doctors before, and they had never solved my problems or answered my questions.

That was a first red flag. Why couldn’t they solve my problems? Why didn’t they give me proper answers? I wanted to try something else first, and I didn’t trust doctors from the start.”

Alfredo didn’t have any previous knowledge about alternative health. His biggest frustration with his cancer was that he had to find the solution all by himself.

Black skull

​Alfredo didn't try chemotherapy like everybody else

There were no clear answers. He had to obtain the solution from different sources. Alfredo read books, researched the Internet, and watched YouTube videos. The one thing that propelled him forward was his mental strength.

How Alfredo Stayed Strong Despite ​​His Challenges

​One thing ​Alfredo struggled with was the stress he felt about ​the unknown. He had to solve everything by himself and spend a lot of energy and time to learn how to become healthy.

Alfredo also worked full-time when he had cancer. One thing that helped him ​through the whole experience was his mental strength.

​"You need a lot of mental strength as with everything in life. Everything starts in your head. If you believe you can succeed, then you can do it.

You need to have the right mental attitude to keep fighting and staying motivated. You also have to believe 100% in what you do and carry out your plan. "

never give up

​Alfredo had to find all the answers ​by himself and never give up

Alfredo attributed his fighting spirit to his stubbornness. His experience as a soccer player helped him deal with cancer.

If you want to become a great soccer player you need to create good habits and have the right attitude. Another important thing is not let fear control you.

Why ​​Fear Often Stops ​You From Trying Alternative Cancer Remedies

Alfredo told me that fear often stops people from going the alternative route.

​“I think that’s many peoples’ problem when they get in this situation. You have a lot of stress not just from yourself but also from your family members.

They worry and are not well-informed on the matter. It's easier to trust your doctor.”


​Don't be afraid to try the alternative route

So what advice would he give to cancer patients that are afraid of trying the alternative route?

​“One great thing about alternative medicine is that it doesn’t cost that much. You can try it, and if you ​have good results, then continue doing it.

​And if stuff doesn’t work out, then you can always follow a doctor, but there is also a risk in doing so. I think you have to see it from both sides. Many people need to make a wise decision and not let family members, doctors or others interfere.

You need to become knowledgeable about the whole process and make a smart decision. Many people's problem is the worry they feel after they get cancer.

They get nervous about the situation, and what their doctors, wife, kid or family members say. They are as worried as you are and want you to go to the doctor. You need to make a tough decision even if others have different opinions. ”

​After Alfredo came to grips with his disease he decided to change his diet first. ​

​What Alfredo Did To Defeat His Cancer

​Diet Changes He Made

Alfredo ​tried a ketogenic diet at first but didn’t feel much difference. It was after he removed all animal products that he felt much better.

Alfredo started doing Gerson Therapy. Gerson therapy is a cancer remedy where you drink lots of raw juices. You combine it with coffee enemas and natural supplements. The whole process works in synergy, where you both give the body nutrients and detox it.

He also stopped consuming things that were too heavy for the body like white sugar and coffee. Another thing that he did was to eat a whole food plant-based diet.

Various green juices

​Alfredo ​felt better when he tried Gerson Therapy

He also drank green smoothies and juices that were full of nutrients. Alfredo also felt better when he reduced his fruit intake and ate more vegetables.

After Alfredo tried Gerson, he was slowly getting his energy back. He also tried to worry less and relax more. ​Then he met a kinesiologist that changed his course for the better.

​Alfredo's Meeting With A Kinesiologist That Improved His Condition

Alfredo ​made regular visits to Elena to analyze his body. Elena knew a kinesiologist that did a study and asked Alfredo if he wanted to ​​join. Alfredo agreed and went to the kinesiologist.

A kinesiologist uses muscle testing to receive answers from the body. The patient stretches out their arm, and the practitioner then asks some questions.

If you say a truthful statement, the arm stays strong and weak if it is untrue. The kinesiologist treated Alfredo for four hours. She asked him about his childhood traumas and current situation.

Emotional trauma

Alfredo had several trapped emotions he needed to release

Some of his emotional trauma had to do with his soccer career and the need to succeed. His knee injury incident had also been a stressful ordeal.

Other traumatizing events from his past was when he broke both his wrists. One time when he fell from a tree and another incident with his bike.

After the treatment, Alfredo went home and crashed in his bed ​and slept for 12-13 hours. Before that, he used to stay up late and had a hard time sleeping. The next day he felt much more relaxed, and his energy surged.

Another critical factor in his successful recovery was detoxifying the body.

​Detoxing Therapies That Radically Improved His Condition

​Alfredo tried a niacin sauna detox cleanse. The main point of this approach is to use niacin to flush the system. Niacin opens up the cell wall, allowing stored toxins to exit from our cells. It is also known as vitamin B3 and is an essential nutrient.

You may experience hot flashes when you take niacin. The flushing is not harmful. Niacin causes flushing when it dilates and widens the blood vessels of your skin.

The Liver And Gallbladder Cleanse

The Liver And Gallbladder Cleanse is a natural method of removing gallstones.

This feature of plain niacin has made it an ideal tool for detoxification. In this method, you take some niacin to release the toxins stored in fat cells. You then exercise and go to the sauna to release the toxins by sweating. Alfredo felt better as he tried this cleansing method.

​He also began to go to bed earlier and sleep more. Before that he used to stay up until midnight or 2 am. Alfredo also did a liver and gallbladder cleanse. He believed that Gerson therapy and the liver cleanse helped the most.

Another crucial thing in his recovery was giving his body the right nutrients.

​How He Knew What Supplements To Take

​​Alfredo was deficient in many minerals and vitamins like magnesium, zinc, b12, and b3. One thing many cancer patients struggle with is to know what nutrients they need. 

So how did Alfredo know what supplements to take?

​“It is difficult to know what supplements that work or not. That was the reason I went to Elena. She could measure on the machine exactly what nutrients you needed the most. I felt better every time I returned. You could also see what worked on the screening.

I could see that my magnesium levels had gone up. My zinc level increased, my hormones were more balanced, and my blood was less acidic. It dropped from 4 out of 5 to only 2, that meant that it was more alkaline.

Everyone should invest more in personal health whether you’re sick or not. Each person needs different things, and that’s why it’s good to do screenings. Anyone can benefit from it because then you know what you have to work on."


​Es-teck taught him what supplements he needed to take

He also discovered that health is all about mind and body and creating a balance in your life. You have to exercise right, sleep enough, eat well and be mentally balanced.

I then asked him what he believed was the cause of his cancer.

​“For me, it was maybe a combination of emotional and physical blockages. But most likely the physical damage to my liver and blood. ”

​So how long did it take for him to see results?

When Things Started To Improve

It took more than six months before Alfredo began to feel improvements. In the beginning, he didn’t know what worked best, so he tried anything.

Eight to nine months after his cancer manifested he finally started to feel better. His energy increased every month after that. It took Alfredo about ​1 1/2 year before he was free from cancer.

light bulbs

​It took Alfredo about 8-9 months until he felt improvements

​How do know you if things work?

​“You know rather quickly if something works or not. You can feel it on your energy level if things improve or not.

If you had symptoms before and they disappeared, then that is a telltale sign that things improved.”

​Let's explore what mistakes he made so that you don't have to repeat them.

​​Alfredo's Biggest Lessons With Cancer

What was the biggest mistake you did in the beginning that others should avoid?

​"You want to try everything and get results right away. You feel a little stressed out and want to do everything.

You want to try a keto diet and at the same time drink a lot of juices."


​​​A​ ​valuable lesson ​Alfredo learned was not to let ​his fear control ​him

​Another ​valuable lesson he learned was not to let ​his fear control ​him.

​"The most important thing when you get cancer is to look inside. Try not to let your fear run your life. Make an intelligent decision.

Give yourself some weeks to learn more about the topic and try different solutions. Don’t trust your doctor or alternative medicine blindly, but instead try both paths. Be open and see what works.

You have to try alternative health first because chemo is extremely toxic. If you have tried everything, then ​the next step might be ​to talk to a doctor.

But in my case, I didn’t need to go to the doctor. I didn’t need to do any chemo. It worked out anyway.

I would recommend that you should be open to alternative health and study it first and give it a chance. It has saved many lives. You have nothing to lose, and it doesn’t cost that much."

​So what are ​other things that we should do to avoid cancer?

What To Avoid If You Have Cancer

Is there anything else cancer patients should do to defeat cancer?

​"Another important thing is to eliminate anything harmful. If you add nutrients but at the same time eat meat, white sugar and coffee ​you negate the process.

You can’t poison your body and nourish it at the same time. If you’re seriously ill, then you need to eliminate anything bad during a period. You have to give your body a chance to recover and give it lots of nutrients. "

Hands holding a no sign

​You need to say no to unhealthy foods like animal products and processed foods

​​Alfredo also recommends that you work on your specific needs.

​“The body is a smart self-healing machine. It will recover fast if you give it what it needs or do the right things. It is always difficult to know what you need all the time.

That is why we need more awareness about this stuff, more personal and specific knowledge. You have to address your individual needs.

Give your body what it explicitly needs. Use ES screening as a compass. It measures a lot of stuff like your skeleton, spine, and injuries.

Maybe you need to go to a chiropractor. Perhaps your emotional stress is your problem, or your hormones, blood, minerals or a bunch of stuff.“

​​​​I hope you enjoyed Alfredo's cancer survivor story and felt inspired. Continue to the next section to learn what steps Alfredo ​followed to defeat cancer.


​Alfredo's cancer survivor story began when ​he 22 ​years old.

He used Es-Teck to learn what ​he needed to work on.

​Alfredo started using Gerson therapy and eliminated all animal products and processed foods.

He released his emotional baggage, detoxed his body, and slept ​8 hours every day.

It took Alfredo about 8-9 months before felt any better and 1 1/2 years ​to become ​cancer free.

​Alfredo´s 9 ​Cancer Healing Tips

​​1. Try one thing at a time

2. Don't let your fear stop you

3. Research cancer before you make any decisions

​4. Eat a whole food plant-based diet

5. Remove things that are toxic

​6. ​Cleanse your organs

​7. ​Release your emotional baggage

8. Get enough sleep every day

​9. Use ​ES-Teck and give your body what it needs

Action Steps

​​​Use the 9 steps mentioned ​above to defeat cancer.

​​Try one thing at a time and avoid doing everything at once. Don't let your fear stop you and try the alternative route even if your family opposes it.

​Take your time to learn more about cancer. Read blog posts on this website to understand the nature of this disease.

​Eat a plant-based diet and start drinking green smoothies and juices. Avoid things that are toxic like animal products and processed food.

​Cleanse your liver and other organs. Work on your emotional baggage and release them. Find a practitioner that can work on your problems.

Sleep for 8 hours every day and go to bed no later than 10 pm.

​Visit an Es-Teck practitioner and learn what imbalances you have or supplements you need to ​take.

​Use Google to find an Es-Teck specialist near you.

​Download our How To Prevent Cancer Cheat Sheet to learn how to avoid cancer and get other good recommendations.

<<Click here to download it now.>> 

​Or go to our Free Resource Library.​

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