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4 Ways Big Pharma Corrupts Medical Science

October 30, 2020
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Simon Persson

Medical science has more to do with money and power than science. If we want to improve public health, we need to stop the corruption in our medical system.

In this blog you will learn about the corruption going on in the medical industry. Then you will find out four ways drug companies fake science to sell their treatments.

And finally, you will discover what we should do about it.


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Money And Power Control Our Medical System, Not Medical Science

Many regard scientific studies as the ultimate way to learn about diseases and treat them. But money and power control our medical system more than science. 

The foundation of western medicine started because of greed and power. John D. Rockefeller was an oil billionaire behind our modern medicine. He wanted to find other ways to sell his oil for a fortune. 

Portrait of John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller created modern western medicine

Rockefeller found a way to use his oil to create medical drugs. He used his money to buy out part of the massive German drug cartel, I.G. Farben. 

Rockefeller needed to find a way to destroy natural health and replace it with allopathic medicine. First, he needed to change medical schools.

How The Rockefellers Changed Medicine Forever

Rockefeller employed a man named Abraham Flexner to visit medical schools. His task was to report on their suitability to teach. Flexner released his report in 1910. 

He demanded that American medical schools should impose higher admission and graduation standards. Abraham Flexner discredited alternative methods of healing as quackery.

Portrait of Abraham Flexner

Flexner wrote a report that made medical schools teach allopathic medicine

Flexner wanted medical schools to follow mainstream science in their teaching and research. Congress accepted his proposal, and medical schools had to teach allopathic medicine.

Rockefeller and Carnegie then gave medical schools money if they could have people on their board of directors. They had to make sure the medical schools followed the plan.

Only the "good" medical schools got financial support from the Rockefeller empire. Money was not the only reason why Rockefeller wanted to control our medical system. A far more lucrative thing for him was to reduce the population through medications.

The Rockefellers Are All About Depopulation

One organization, the Rockefellers, created was the American Birth Control League, now called Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a racist eugenics movement that wants to decrease the population.

Bill Gates senior was once the leader of this organization. That is why Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is involved in the eugenics movement and vaccines. 

Bill Gates Sr. with The Rockefellers

Bill Gates' family has strong connections with the Rockefellers

Bill Gates is one of the richest men on earth. He controls many health policies around the world. He has no medical degree and is not a doctor.

But despite that, he runs the World health organization and the whole COVID-19 agenda. Bill Gates is now the largest donor of the World Health Organization. 

The organization is the creation of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Bill Gates repeats the same strategy as John. D Rockefeller. Creating a foundation is one of the oldest tricks in the book to avoid taxes and influence the world. 

Bill Gates Controls Our Global Medical System Without A Medical Background

Bill Gates uses his foundation to gain more power and wealth. He extended his software empire into global health, development, and education.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is part of almost every area of global health. Bills' purpose in life is to reduce the world's population through vaccines.

Picture showing Bill Gates many connections to health authorities

Bill Gates sponsors and controls many organizations and the media

One such project is GAVI. It's a global private partnership between state sponsors and big pharmaceutical companies.

Decades of vaccines is a project to install a Global Vaccine Action Plan. Gates committed $10 billion of funding.

Pharmaceutical companies also control health policies worldwide. They are in bed with the FDA, an organization supposed to regulate them.

The FDA Is In Bed With The Big Pharma Cartel

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) should regulate and make sure that our drugs are safe. The FDA should be a neutral organization with the public's best interest. But the organization is, in reality, in bed with the Big Pharma cartel. 

What's eye-opening is that the FDA doesn't make clinical studies of the drugs it regulates. Companies, research institutions, and other organizations take responsibility for developing a drug. 

Woman going through drug applications

Big Pharma took control over FDA and got their drugs approved easily

A drug company can get a patent for its new drug before it hits the market. The drug approval process eats up time from the 20-year patent. 

As the FDA's responsibility expanded in the 1970s, review times for drugs began to lag. It reached more than 35 months on average in 1979. Pharmaceutical didn't like that. So they lobbied Washington to allow them to pay the FDA to review drugs faster.

Drug Companies Pay The FDA To Review Their Drugs

The Prescription Drug User Fee Act in 1992 enabled the FDA to collect fees from drug companies. In return, the FDA had to approve medicines faster.

The FDA reviews and approves drugs quicker than any other regulatory agency in the world. It now takes the organization 12 months to review drugs or six months for priority cases.

A stack of dollar bills on an envelope

The Prescription Drug User Fee Act enabled the FDA to collect pharmaceutical companies' fees to review new drugs.

The United States treasury used to fund the FDA. But now it receives most paychecks from the pharmaceutical industry. In 2017, Big pharma paid 75% of the agency's review budgets.

Big Pharma also uses lobbying to influence politicians.

Big Pharma Is The Biggest Lobbying Agent In Washington

The pharmaceutical cartel spends more money on lobbying than any other industry. One result of their work was the 1997 Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act (FDAMA). This act made it even easier to get new drugs approved by the FDA.

The western front of the United States Capitol

By lobbying our nation’s legislators, Big Pharma influences every American

There are four ways Big Pharma or wealthy people use science to manipulate the health industry. They can make sure to manipulate studies, ignore it, stop it, or make it up. 

Let's discover how drug companies use these strategies.

4 Ways Drug Companies Corrupt Medical Science

1. Big Pharma Manipulates Studies By Using Ghostwriters

Drug companies misuse science is by manipulating studies. One big problem with medical studies is the use of ghostwriters. 

A ghostwriter is a person with a Ph.D. that writes a fake study. The writer hypes the benefits while hiding adverse side effects.

ghostwriter writing on a Mac

Drug companies use ghostwriters to create fake studies

Once complete, drug companies attach a prominent doctor or scientist to the paper. Medical journals then publish these studies. This trick attracts attention from the scientific community. 

Medical writing agencies go to great lengths to disguise their ghostwritten studies. Drug companies use the term medical writers to disguise the use of ghostwriters.

Medical writers can receive up to $20 000 per report. They also get to travel and receive other benefits. The use of ghostwriters is a regular occurrence in medical science and is not illegal.

Medical ghostwriting led to the adoption of dangerous pain medications.

Ghostwritten Studies Led To The Acceptance Of Dangerous Pain Medications

Medical ghostwriting, or checkbook science, is more common than you think. A third of academic professors have personal financial ties to drug makers. Government institutions are guilty, too.

Doctors rely on peer-reviewed medical journals to learn about prescription drugs. Thanks to medical ghostwriting, you can't trust scientific journals. 

Hand of a pill taker that collapsed

Medical ghostwriting was behind non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that hospitalized many patients

Medical ghostwriting was behind non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Drug manufacturers sponsored all clinical trials between 1990 and 1997 for NSAIDs.

Some examples include Vioxx, Aleve, Aspirin, Motrin, and Ibuprofen. The studies showed that sponsored drugs had superior results than other drugs.  

About 107 000 patients get hospitalized every year for NSAID-related gastrointestinal complications. Vioxx alone injured 100 000 during its reign as king of pain killers.

Another problem is industry-sponsored studies.

Industry Sponsored Studies Are A Sneaky Way To Sell Toxic Food

Many companies give grants to researchers to paint their products in a positive light. These studies often show a positive correlation with the thing it studies. Producers of animal products often use this deceitful tactic in their marketing.

It's easy to fake a study. The only thing you need to have is a short trial period, no longer than two weeks. You then want to limit the number of participants to a minimum and have no control group.

basket of eggs

Producers of animal products often use industry-sponsored studies to downplay the adverse effects of animal products

Or you manipulate the control group so that the animal product doesn't seem as bad. If you do this right, it's easy to get the results you want.

The second way drug companies can continue their reign is by making anyone ignore science.

2. Drug Companies Make Everyone Ignore Studies To Sell Their Products

Doctors and drug companies ignore the science that points to the disease's solution. For example, heart disease is the number cause of death in the world.

A plant-based diet is the only thing shown to reverse heart disease. Both Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn reversed heart disease.

Woman covering her eyes with the right hand

Doctors and drug companies are ignoring the science that points to the disease's solution

Yet it's ignored by the medical system. Instead, doctors give cholesterol-lowering drugs or blood thinners to heart patients.

The medical system makes more money by treating sick people, not healing them. They will ignore any science that points to how to reverse diseases and instead use their drugs. 

If the FDA followed ethical scientific practices, a majority of drugs would never hit the market. One example is chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Has Only A 2.3% Success Rate Yet Still Used To Treat Cancer

Chemotherapy has never been shown to heal cancer, yet used to kill cancer cells. The most famous chemotherapy study showed that chemo was, on average, only 2.3% effective. If you survive cancer, chemo only plays a tiny part. 

In the late 1980s, Ulrich Abel contacted 350 medical centers around the world. He asked them to send him anything they had ever published on chemotherapy. Then he reviewed and analyzed thousands of articles published in medical journals.

chemo patient sitting in a chair

Chemotherapy is a toxic cancer treatment with only a 2.3% success rate

Abel published his results in 1992. In his report, Abel concluded that there was no real evidence that chemotherapy worked. 

If doctors had any integrity, they would refuse chemotherapy. But since the Big Pharma cartel runs hospitals, we will still use it despite its poor results.

The third way Big Pharma uses science to control the market is to make it up.

3. If You Can't Prove Anything With Science, Make It Up

Big Pharma makes up things without scientific backing. Drug companies want everyone to believe that our genes are behind our diseases when it's not. Instead, they want us to ignore that stress, diet, pollution, and bad habits make us sick. 

Portrait of Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur never proved that germs caused diseases

Pharmaceutical companies endorse the germ theory. They want us to believe that outside forces like bacteria and viruses make us ill. 

Many people believe that Louis Pasteur's germ theory was scientifically proven. But he deceived the public, including his fellow scientists. Despite that, Louis Pasteur became a hero of modern medicine. 

One great supporter of the germ theory was Robert Koch.

Germs Don't Cause Diseases

Robert Koch was a German scientist born in the 19th century. Dr. Koch said he provided the necessary proof that germs caused diseases. For him to test his theory, he developed four postulates that continue to bear his name.

First, if you want to prove that a germ causes a disease, it needs to be present in every case of the illness. Next, you need to isolate the microorganism from the sick person.

Portrait of Robert Koch

Robert Koch was a German scientist that created four postulates to prove that germs caused diseases

After that, you should reproduce the illness when you give the germ to a healthy person. The last postulate states that you need to recover the pathogen from the infected host. 

Using the germ theory to blame bacteria for diseases became problematic. Bacteria have been found in bodies of people who didn't have the disease. And the relevant bacteria have not been present in people with the illness. 

These exceptions should have persuaded scientists to abandon the germ theory. Instead of giving up, scientists believed that organisms smaller than bacteria must have been the cause. 

Viruses Have Never Been Proven To Exist

Scientists invented the term virus, which means poison or harmful substance in Latin. It is supposed to be a minute particle capable of replication but only within living cells.

Scientists manufactured viruses when they couldn't blame bacteria for diseases. There is no proof that viruses exist. No one has ever been isolated or studied them in a purified form. So how can we create a vaccine for something not known to exist?

A scared older man wearing a face mask to protect himself from a virus

There is no proof that viruses exist

When doctors try to detect viruses, they look for specific antibodies in people. There appears to be a correlation between symptoms and antibodies. But whole viruses are not identified directly.

Most information about viruses come from laboratory experiments. The human body bears no resemblance to the artificial environment in a lab.

Scientists assume that particles discovered in the lab are proof of a virus. But that is no evidence that a virus causes the disease.

The pharmaceutical industry uses germs to promote medicines and vaccines. One great example is the COVID-19 virus.

Scientists Never Isolated A COVID-19 Virus

The researchers in Wuhan, China, didn't find or isolate a virus in sick patients. Instead, the scientists took some genetic material. They found this genetic material from some lump fluid.

animation of coronavirus

Scientists labeled exosomes as COVID-19

The genetic material they tested for was exosomes. Each body uses exosomes when a cell is toxic, and the body needs to cleanse it. What the scientists did was labeling exosomes as COVID-19.

After that, they rushed to develop a PCR diagnostic test. The PCR test creator Kary Mullis said that it shouldn't be used to diagnose infectious diseases. Yet everyone uses this test.

So what exactly is a PCR test?

PCR Tests Can't Be Used To Diagnose Infectious Diseases

PCR tests look for bits of DNA in every human. Authorities can use the PCR test to amplify what they want to test. Many people who test positive for this PCR test have zero symptoms. 

If you have zero symptoms and are healthy, you can still become a "case." Bill Gates and his phonies use this fake test to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 with no proof that it exists.

diagram of the pcr test

The PCR test looks for bits of DNA and amplifies it, picture by Enzoklop

Soon we will have the vaccine in record time. Pharmaceutical companies already skipped animal trials and tested directly on humans. This new RNA vaccine will use technologies never used in vaccines before. 

Vaccine trials usually last years, but this time this process will be months. If vaccines today give people horrible side effects, imagine what the new vaccine will do.

The only place where COVID-19 exists is in the media. Therefore the best way to get rid of the virus is to throw away your T.V.

Mental health is another made-up disease by Big Pharma. 

Mental Disorders Are Not Caused By Chemical Imbalances In The Brain

We're told that mental disorders are chemical imbalances in the brain. This theory began in a tuberculosis ward in New York City in 1952.

There is no proof that a chemical imbalance causes conditions such as depression or anxiety. There are no brain or blood tests that you can use to prove the existence of mental illnesses. 

depressed person

There is no proof that a chemical imbalance in the brain causes conditions such as depression or anxiety

Real physical illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, have biological markers. You can prove the existence of these diseases. 

Psychotherapists have invented mental disorders without using any scientific proof. They create the name of the mental disease, generate a list of symptoms, and then diagnose it.

I'm not saying that depression, anxiety, or any negative emotions are illusions or that others fake them. What I mean is that a chemical imbalance does not cause them in the brain. Instead, emotional trauma or negative thoughts could be behind it.

Because psychotherapists only use symptoms to diagnose a case, everyone can become a mental patient.

Everyone Can Get A Mental Illness Diagnosis

Almost all U.S. general practitioners use The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The DSM has a mental illness for every condition possible. By having such a broad spectrum of mental disorders, anyone can get a diagnosis. 

The DSM-V even discussed adding "Internet Gaming Disorder" as a mental disorder. How did thousands of years of evolution create this condition?  

Teacher stopping a girl and boy from fighting

Many kids get an ADHD diagnosis and then have to take toxic medications

More kids than ever get an ADHD diagnosis. This so-called condition makes it hard for these kids to concentrate and focus. We have to remember that kids are not adults.

They want to play outside and not stay inside in a boring classroom. Insane psychotherapists expect kids to behave like adults. And when they can't, they are deemed ADHD cases and drugged. 

You can change the behavior by working with children or changing their diet, not by drugging them. Now it's also easier than ever to get diagnosed as depressed.

You Only Need To Have Certain Symptoms For Two Weeks To Get Diagnosed As Depressed

To diagnose depression, you have to show at least five out of nine symptoms almost every day. Some examples include depressed mood, decreased interest in pleasure, or feelings of worthlessness.

In the beginning, you had to show signs of depression for six months before you got a diagnosis. Later on, they cut it to three months, then one month, and finally two weeks.

sad guy

If you have specific symptoms for two weeks, you can get a depression diagnosis

In earlier versions of the DSM they had a grief exception. They said that it was reasonable to show the symptoms of depression in one specific case.

But why is the death of a loved one the only event where depression is a reasonable response? Why not if your husband cheated or if you have a job you hate?

The psychiatrists who wrote the fifth edition of the DSM later got rid of the grief exception. In the new version, it's not there, only a list of symptoms, followed by a vague footnote. 

Mental illnesses are a fabrication by Big Pharma to drug the population.

Mental Illness Is An Excuse To Drug The Population

Drug companies, psychotherapists, the FDA, and other federal agencies work together. They use propaganda to convince people to take psychiatric medications. 69% of DSM-V task force members had financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

Drug companies give financial support to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Or they provide grants to the American Psychiatric Association in their educational efforts. They do this to alert the public to the need for psychiatric drugs.

Mental health is a huge industry created by drug companies. They were not satisfied with the billions they already made from treating cancer. So they wanted to expand to a new market.

Hand holding pills

Drug companies, psychotherapists, the FDA, and other federal agencies use propaganda to convince people to take psychotropic medications

Psychiatric drugs are so toxic that patients drop out before the experiment can last four to six weeks! There is no science to back up any long-term benefits of psychotropic drugs.

The spellbinding from medications range from mild to severe. Millions of cases are mild but still impair or ruin a person's life. 

School shooters are often on some psychotropic drug or have severe withdrawal effects. Antidepressants also cause increased suicide in children and young adults.

The last and final way drug companies can continue their evil plan is by preventing good science.

4. If You Don't Want Everyone To Reveal The Truth, Stop The Science

Influential people and organizations stop studies from revealing their colossal deceit. One example is GMOs. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. It's modified plants or fruits that can withstand harsh weather conditions or toxins. 

Monsanto was the number one biotech company before being bought by Bayer.The biotech industry says that millions have been eating G.M. foods without ill effect. But G.M. foods might already have contributed to severe and widespread health problems.

gmo tomato

Genetically modified organisms are engineered plants

No one monitors the impact G.M. foods have on human health. There is no good human GMO feeding study. Without follow-up tests, we can't know if genetic engineering may be the cause of our illnesses.

Monsanto has a long history of fraud and deceit. After Bayer bought them, they have had to pay millions of dollars in settlements. Their toxic herbicide Roundup caused cancer in many people that used this product.

The most shocking thing is that no one regulates biotech companies.

The FDA Allows Biotech Companies To Create Toxic GMOs Without Interfering

The country most supportive of G.M. foods and the first to approve them is the United States. According to U.S. law, G.M. ingredients are considered food additives.

Normally, additives must undergo extensive safety studies. If approved, the label of food products containing the additive must list it as an ingredient.

Needle manipulating the DNA of an apple

You can't patent natural things, but somehow you can patent GMO vegetables even if the FDA says they are ordinary vegetables

There is an exception if the product gets deemed "generally recognized as safe"(GRAS). The additive must go through peer-reviewed published studies to get a GRAS stamp. Or there needs to be a consensus among the scientific community that the product is safe. 

GMO foods have not been from through either. Nonetheless, the FDA declared that G.M. crops are GRAS as long as their producers say they are. The FDA does not regulate GMO foods. Instead, biotech companies make the call. 

You can't patent natural substances like vegetables. If biotech companies can patent G.M. crops, they can't be ordinary vegetables. How can they otherwise patent them?

When scientists try to reveal the truth, they often lose their jobs or reputation. One example is when Dr. Pusztai attempted to expose the dangers of GMOs.

Dr. Pusztai Got Fired When He Exposed The Dangers Of GMOs

Years ago, a respected scientist named Dr. Pusztai got a £1.6 million grant from the U.K. government. His task was to design a rigorous safety assessment protocol for testing G.M. foods. 

About two years into his research, he reviewed several confidential industry GMO studies. What he saw shocked him. When Dr. Pusztai publicly expressed his concerns about GMOs, he became a hero at his institute. 

Picture showing Dr. Pusztai

Dr. Pusztai got fired from his institute after 35 years of service when he exposed the dangers of GMOs

Pusztai found problems and claimed that G.M. technology was unsafe. Then two phone calls from the U.K. prime minister's office changed everything. 

The next morning, Dr. Pusztai lost his job from the institute after 35 years of service. His research team dissolved, and the government stopped the long-term testing protocol. He also got threats of a lawsuit if he revealed the truth. 

So how can we stop the corruption going on in medical science? Scroll down to the bottom of this article to learn what we need to do to fix our broken medical system.


John D. Rockefeller was an oil billionaire behind our modern medicine.

The Rockefellers created Planned Parenthood, a racist eugenics movement.

Bill Gates' family has strong connections with the Rockefellers.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is part of almost every area of global health.

The FDA doesn't make clinical studies of the drugs it regulates.

The Prescription Drug User Fee Act enabled the FDA to collect pharmaceutical companies' fees to review new drugs.

The pharmaceutical cartel spends more money on lobbying than any other industry.

Drug companies use ghostwriters to create fake studies.

Producers of animal products often use industry-sponsored studies to downplay the adverse effects of animal products.

Doctors and drug companies are ignoring the science that points to the disease's solution.

Big Pharma makes up things without scientific backing.

Scientists have never proven that germs like bacteria and viruses cause disease.

The PCR test looks for DNA and amplifies it and can't be used to diagnose an infectious disease.

There is no proof that a chemical imbalance in the brain causes conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Influential people and organizations stop studies from revealing their colossal deceit.

No one monitors the impact G.M. foods have on human health.

Dr. Pusztai got fired from his institute after 35 years of service when he exposed the dangers of GMOs.

How We Should Fix Our Corrupt Medical Science

1. Scientific journal must forbid ghostwriters

2. The FDA should have no financial ties to Big Pharma

3. Hospitals and drug companies should be non-profit organizations

4. Hospitals should teach patients how to prevent diseases

5. Therapists should use methods that address stress without drugs

Action Steps

Real science should always prevail without financial influence. Every scientific journal must have strict guidelines to forbid ghostwriters. 

If someone slips through the cracks, the study should be retracted if caught. The drug company and the scientist should be banned from the journal and other journals.

The FDA needs to become an independent organization with no financial ties to Big Pharma. It should make all clinical studies themselves and stop the drug if they see that it's dangerous. 

The FDA should have rigorous approval standards. If any scientist in the FDA has any financial ties to a company, he should be fired.

The FDA should also allow natural remedies to be tested. We should also do more research on alternative treatments.

Hospitals and drug companies should be non-profit organizations. It would prevent them from having a financial intent to sell drugs.

This change would prevent hospitals from cramming too many patients together. Doctors could then spend more time with each patient. 

Drug companies shouldn't be able to use patents to raise prices. Hospitals should also teach patients more about prevention.

Doctors should learn about nutrition. They should also teach patients how to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

Therapists should use methods that address negative thought patterns or emotions. Psychotropic drugs should not be allowed. There should also be support networks to help people in stressful situations. 

Pharmaceutical companies and western medicine are not trustworthy. The best way to become healthy is by taking responsibility for your health. By changing your bad habits, you can lower your risk of getting cancer.

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Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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