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The Ugly Truth About Heavy Metal Poisoning and Cancer and What You Can Do About It

February 8, 2017
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Simon Persson

Did you know heavy metal toxicity can lead to cancer? Heavy metals are one of the most toxic substances on earth.

Learn what heavy metals are and how they destroy your health. And discover some methods to remove these toxins from your body and recover from cancer.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

What Are Heavy Metals?

Heavy metal is a broad term. It can refer to approximately 80 of the 103 elements in the periodic table. Heavy metals are most common defined as those having a specific density of more than 5 g/cm3. The main threats to human health from heavy metals are from lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

Oxidized lead nodules and 1 cm3 lead cube side by side

Heavy metals like lead are toxic to the human body By Alchemist-hp

Heavy metals exist naturally on earth. They become concentrated as a result of human-caused activities.

Some metals have essential physiological roles as micronutrients. These include iron, zinc, magnesium, nickel and more.

In small amounts, these metals perform important biochemical functions in plants and animals. In higher concentrations, they can be toxic. When I talk about heavy metals in this blog post, I mean elements that have no benefit to the human body.

Smog from industry

The industry is creating a lot of heavy metal toxicity.

Some metals that are so toxic that you need to avoid them at all cost. Some toxic metals are chromium, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead and even aluminum.

So when did this heavy metal toxicity begin? Let's find out.

The History of Heavy Metal Toxicity

The beginning of heavy metals started as our ancestors learned to mine metals. These included metals such as gold, silver, copper, and tin from ores. The modern age of heavy metal pollution began with the Industrial Revolution. There was a rapid development of industry, agriculture, and transportation. 

Roman sculpture

Romans used to build aqueducts with lead.

People moved to urban areas and many of today's environmental contamination problems began. The ancients knew about the toxic effects of arsenic, mercury, and lead. The Roman's used lead in their aqueducts from about 500 BC to 300 AD. 

Julius Caesar's engineer, Vitruvius knew that white lead was harmful to the human body. Methodical studies of heavy metal toxicity appeared from only 1868. 

Our big problems with heavy metals began when humans started to mine massive amounts. Things got worse when they made the metals more concentrated.


  • The third most abundant metal on Earth
  • Is lightweight, durable and resistance to corrosion.
  • Many electric devices contain aluminium
  • Poisonous if absorbed
  • Increases the risk of Alzheimer's
  • Found in: Antiperspirant deodorant,cookware and foil, packaged table salt, baking mixes, baking powder, cans, TV-dinners

We started to use it in gasoline, paint, toys, tooth fillings, thermometers, and other things. Today we live in a toxic world. To protect yourself from heavy metals, it is crucial to know how to avoid them. 

Let me share ways heavy metals contaminate us.

How Heavy Metals Contaminate Us

Heavy metals enter human tissues via air inhalation, diet, and manual handling. Every day we get poisoned by the car smog. I have an acquaintance that shared her experience in living in Tokyo. Each day when she removed her makeup the water turned dark. 

Old gasoline pump

Leaded gasoline was common from 1920’s to 1980’s.

Motor vehicle emissions are a major source of airborne contaminants. Leaded gasoline was common from 1920’s to 1980’s. By using lead the engines ran more efficient. 


  • Is a corrosion-resistant metal
  • Detrimental to health, particularly children
  • Used since Roman times for pipes and paint
  • Other former uses include glazes for pottery, insecticides, hair dyes and gasoline.
  • Found in: Car batteries, pigments, ammunition, cable sheathing,weights for lifting, weight belts for diving, lead crystal glass, radiation protection

Industrial waste leak heavy metals to our groundwater, lakes, streams and rivers. Plants take up heavy metals through the uptake of water.

When animals eat these plants, they get contaminated by heavy metals. Humans then eat animals and plants and absorb the toxic metals.

We can also ingest it through skin contact with the soil. Heavy metals can also find its way in the body by:

  • Fish contaminated with mercury
  • Tobacco smoke
  •  Batteries
  • Vaccines
  • Bad workplace air
  • Food containing cadmium
  • Coal plants
  • Cosmetics

So why do you need to avoid heavy metals? Let me talk about the negative reactions you can get from heavy metals.

The Negative Side Effects of Heavy Metal Toxicity

The body’s immune system responds to the presence of toxic metals. It develops allergic reactions like:

  • Sinus Conditions
  • Enlarged neck and gland
  • Heartaches
  • Paralysis
  • Cancer
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Bloating
  • Migraine
  • Eye Diseases
  • Heart Attacks

The mercury and other metal fillings affect the liver, kidneys, lungs and brain. Dental fillings are famous for their cancer-producing effects. All metals corrode, including gold, silver, and braces. If you have dental fillings, then you have to read the next section. 

The Danger Of Toxic Amalgam Tooth Fillings

The metal used in tooth fillings corrodes in time. Especially in the mouth where there is a concentration of air and moisture. Among other harmful metals, amalgam fillings contain toxic mercury. The vapor from amalgam releases into the lung. And it enters the digestive system while eating and drinking. 

Amalgam tooth filling

Amalgam tooth filling By Ulrich Birkhoff

Mercury is the most toxic natural substance in the world. Amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury. Many people have recovered from serious diseases by removing their dental fillings.


  • Is one of most toxic substances on earth
  • Used it in catalysts and electrical switches.
  • Was common in batteries, fluorescent lights, thermometers, and barometers
  • Found in: Amalgam tooth fillings, fish, coal-burning plants, water, old fluorescent light, thermometers, vaccines

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia have already banned Amalgam. And the European Union is already trying to eliminate it even more.

If you want to remove your amalgam fillings, there are certain precautions you need to take.

How To Remove Amalgams Fillings The Safe Way

If you have metal fillings, try to replace them with caution, one or two at a time. Wait for one to two months between every replacement.

Choose a biological dentist that provides protection during the removal of amalgam. If there is not enough protection, then you can inhale amalgam dust.

Amalgam dust leads to side effects like migraines, memory loss and weakening of eyesight. Watch this video to see how easy mercury can vapor.

Removing your tooth fillings is one great way to stop heavy metal toxicity. But be aware that you have to let an expert remove it. 

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the author of the book “The Emotion Code.” In one of his seminars, he shared a story about when he decided to remove his dental fillings.

Dentist doing examination.

Choose a biological dentist that provides protection during the removal of amalgam.

His dentist didn’t give him an oxygen mask or other protections. The dentist removed the fillings and Bradley felt okay after the procedure. When he came home, he walked up the stairs and collapsed.

The next day he had cancer on his finger. He surgery removed it himself with an Exacto knife.  He said that he got a 10-year exposure of mercury in his body by not removing the tooth filling the secure way.

So can heavy metals influence cancer growth?  Let’s find out.

How Heavy Metals Cause Cancer

There is now doubt that heavy metals can diminish your body’s immune system. I talked about the causes of cancer in my other blog post. In this post, I explained that cancer cells are cells that are deprived of oxygen.

Hemoglobin in the blood transports oxygen to the tissues. Reports show that mercury binds to hemoglobin. As a result, less oxygen reaches the tissues when the body is toxic with mercury. 

Japanese women in kimono

Higher levels of cadmium lead to more severe breast cancer in Japanese women

So if you want to bring more oxygen to your cells then removing mercury is one important step to take. Several heavy metals, including mercury, can increase cancer cell production in breast tissues.

One study examined the cadmium level and the risk of breast cancer among Japanese women. Women with a cadmium level greater than 2.620 μg/g had more elevated breast cancer than women in the lower ranges.


  • Known to cause birth defects and cancer
  • 80% of cadmium production come from nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Still used today to protect critical parts of airplanes and oil platforms.
  • Used in bronzing, pyrotechnics, special glass and preserving wood
  • Found in: Batteries, plastic, air pollution, cigarette smoke, paint, older tv:s, rods in nuclear reactors

The researcher concluded that

These data suggested that exposure to cadmium was associated with a risk of breast cancer in Japanese women.

Arsenic and Nickel Increases The Risk of Oral Cancer

One Taiwanese study examined the incidence of oral cancer in 316 townships and precincts of Taiwan. They screened the farm soils of eight kinds of heavy metals.

Cows eating gras on the field

Areas with higher arsenic and nickel levels in Taiwanese soils had more incidents of oral cancer

The registration contained 22,083 patients diagnosed with oral cancer between 1982 and 2002.


  • Is a well-known poison
  • Known to cause many types of cancer
  • Can act as rat poison and insecticide
  • Part of semiconductors (gallium arsenide) for solid-state devices
  • Used in bronzing, pyrotechnics, special glass and preserving wood
  • Found in: Cigarettes, meat, fish, toxic soils and water, polluted air, wood, electronics

Areas with the highest arsenic and nickel concentration had the greatest incidence of oral cancer. I hope you learned a lot about heavy metals. Let’s summarize what we learned today and follow an action plan to remove heavy metals.


Heavy metals are one of the most poisnous substances on earth.

They cause many health problems including cancer.

Amalgam tooth fillings contain 50% mercury.

Mercury is the most harmful natural substance on earth and has serious side effects.

Heavy metal poisoning comes from our food, paint, toys, vaccines, smog, soil and other sources.

4 Steps To Detox From Heavy Metal Toxicity

1. Download the Free Guide on how to remove heavy metals from your body here

2. Avoid sources of heavy metal contamination

3. Find a natural dentist that can eliminate amalgam fillings

4. Detox from heavy metals

Action steps

Okay so now that we refreshed our memory let’s learn how to remove heavy metals from your body.

So download our free guide to learn how to eliminate heavy metal toxicity here. In this handbook, you learn 9 different things you can do to avoid heavy metals in your life. Try to incorporate these tips as best as your can.

If you have amalgams fillings, then follow the instructions inside the guide to remove them safely.

Use the 2 detox methods described in the free guide to remove heavy metals for good.

Why let heavy metal toxicity destroy your life when there is a simple solution for that?

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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