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The 12 Most Common Causes of Cancer

Cancer is the number 2 killer in the USA. Discover what cancer is and the 12 possible causes of cancer. Learn why it is not your enemy but there to help you.

Find out why cancer only develops in an oxygen-deprived and acidic body. And how you can reverse it.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is not one disease; it can show up in 200 different places in the body. What every one of the various cancer diseases has in common is that the cells grow in an unusual fashion.

The body consists of billions of cells. Every cell has DNA and instructions on exactly what to do. Cells have a life expectancy, and it's important when it knows to die.

Healthy cells divide when they should divide, and die when they should die. Sometimes things go wrong, and the cells don’t follow protocol. They divide even if they don’t have to. So, a lot of new cells grow that the body doesn’t need.

Cancer cells

Cancer cells

The cells don’t die, but instead they just continue to multiply. At one stage they have increased so much, that they become a big lump that we call a tumor.

How severe your situation is depends if the tumor is benign or malignant.

The Difference Between Benign- and Malignant Tumors

Not every tumor is cancerous. You might have heard about benign- and malignant tumors.

The benign tumor can also get big but is different from the malignant tumor in two ways.

First, it can’t grow in organs. And second, it can’t spread. Cancer is always malignant.

A malignant tumor that we call cancer can invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body. They can come in contact with blood vessels and lymph vessels.

If a tumor lump detaches from the primary cancer site, it can follow the bloodstream to other organs and bones.  That can cause it to grow and form another tumor. We call these tumors metastasis.

Even if cancer can spread in the body, it can’t move to another body. Cancer can never contaminate another person.

Cancer is cells that don’t follow protocol. But why do they behave that way?

The Reasons Normal Cells Turn Into Cancer

Andreas Moritz is the author of “Cancer is not a disease its a survival mechanism.” According to him, cancer is not a mistake of the body. It's a desperate way for the body to survive.

Cancer doesn’t just appear from thin air in one part of the body. Rather it is a result of many different crises of toxicity. They have one thing in common; that they deplete the body of energy.

12 Things That Contribute to Cancer

  • Emotional Trauma
  • An Irregular Lifestyle
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Chemicals
  • Overeating
  • Repressed Emotions
  • Stress
  • Heavy metals
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Lack of sunshine
  • Poor Diet

All these things can hinder the body in removing metabolic waste or toxins. They also interfere with the 30 billion cells that a healthy body replaces every day.

Cancer cells accumulate in any part of the body. They create sensations of irritation, swelling, inflammation, hardening and abnormal cell growth.

So why do they grow in your body? To understand this you have to learn why cancer cells only survive in an oxygen deprived body.

Why Cancer Only Survives In Oxygen Deprived Environments

Cancer is a toxicity crisis. It’s the body’s final attempt to get rid of metabolic waste, toxins, and dissolved cells.

Tumors are cells deprived of food, water, and oxygen.

The cause of cancer is a result of an already toxic state.

The cells instinct is to survive. An acidic and harmful environment forces the defective cells to mutate. As a result, they begin to get hold of anything they can, even toxins, to survive.

Cancer patient in despair

Low energy is a common trait of cancer patients

I’m going to tell you something that might shock you. Up to this point, you might think that cancer is evil and want to destroy you.

But the opposite is true. Without cancer, you could have been dead by now. Here are the reasons why cancer helps you to survive.

How Cancer Helps Your Body

Cancer cells help a congested body survive a little longer than it would without them. These cells are doing a critical job in a body filled with toxic waste.

They function as a sponge that absorbs some of the toxins that otherwise would kill you. Healthy cells do not plan on becoming malignant cells. It’s just the best thing they can do in that grim situation.

Cancer cells only settle in toxic areas of acidity waste. They only live in non-oxygenated environments. The body wouldn’t let them do their work if they didn’t help it. It could in an instant send a command to stop them from dividing.

Cancer cells under a microscope

Cancer cells under a microscope

If different cleansing methods restore the current non-oxidated environment, then cancer isn't needed anymore. And they disappear.

Cancer is doing an outstanding job for the body to survive, not to kill it. The body always wants to go back to a healthy state called homeostasis.

Cancer cannot survive in an environment that is full of oxygen or is alkaline.

Otto Heinrich Warburg, considered one of the 20th century's leading biochemists said that:

Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause.

Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.

Most tumors appear and disappear on their own. Millions of people already have cancer without knowing it. But they don’t notice because it vanishes in the blink of an eye.

So now that we clarified what cancer is let us summarize everything.


Cancer doesn't happen in the blue; it always has underlying causes. These include emotional trauma, poor diet, stress, toxins and other reasons.

Tumors grow only after the body is already toxic and is not the cause of it. When you restore the oxygen levels in the body, then cancer will not bother you anymore.

I have only given you the general picture of cancer. The next step you need to take is to learn more about the underlying causes of cancer.

Below I prepared the next steps you should take to become an expert on cancer. Okay here is what you should do.

How to Learn More About The Underlying Causes of Cancer

2. Implement what you learned

Action Steps

So right now, watch the free Cancer Crash Course here. In this video course here I'll teach everything you need to know about treating cancer the natural way.

One way to take charge of your cancer is to educate yourself about it.

Watch the course at your pace and take action on what you learned.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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