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Death By Medicine – Why Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause Of Death

July 25, 2018
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Simon Persson

Death by medicine is a huge problem. Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.  

Discover why they can't cure diseases and how Big Pharma controls the medical system. Learn about the horrible working conditions in hospitals and why doctors commit suicide. And hear about the kickbacks physicians receive and how you can fire your doctor now.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

Video Transcription

Did you know that doctors are the third leading cause of death in the United States? If you want to heal your diseases, you have to stop trusting doctors and do it yourself.

In this video, you'll learn why doctors are the third leading cause of death and why they can’t heal you.Then you're going to discover the horrible working conditions of doctors and why they commit suicide.

After that, you'll find out about the kickbacks your doctor receives from drug companies. And finally, you're going to learn how you can stay healthy and fire your doctor for good.

So let's start with the first topic of today.

Death By Medicine

A majority of people give all their trust to doctors. Society teaches us that doctors have all the answers and that you need to follow them to get well.

However, in the US, doctors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. A Johns Hopkins study calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical errors in the U.S.

doctor standing

Doctors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer

That are more deaths than respiratory diseases, which kills close to 150,000 people per year. Other studies report much higher figures, as much as 440,000 deaths per year.

If you count the deaths from horrible cancer treatments, the number is even higher. This may come as a surprise because medical errors don’t even appear on the list of leading causes of death.

Physicians use the medical coding system to bill their services. When they created these codes, medical errors were not recognized. Therefore medical errors are not part of national health statistics.

Common Medical Errors That Kill Patients

Each year people die because of medical errors in hospitals. Many of these errors are avoidable. Here are some common medical errors that cause death or injuries to patients:

Prescription Errors

Prescription errors account for many injuries and deaths per year. Miscommunication, package labeling issues and prescribing the wrong medication causes huge complications. Prescription drugs kill 100,000 Americans each year.

pills flying around

Prescription drugs kill 100,000 Americans each year

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are another big problem. Mistakes include incorrect incisions, taking out the wrong organ or bad hygiene.

Bloody surgery tools

Surgical errors harm or kill patients every year

Wrong Diagnosis

A wrong diagnosis can turn serious if you receive the wrong medicine. Medications can also become deadly if you overdose.

Doctor analyzing tests

A wrong diagnosis can turn serious

Faulty Medical Tools

Medical tools that aren't working can also lead to harm or death.

surgical tools

Medical tools that aren't working can lead to harm or death

Patient Neglect

Many times a patient may be in a hospital bed for a long time before anyone checks in on their status. This error is often because of nursing shortages or neglect.

patient in hospital bed

Sometimes patients die of neglect

Big Pharma Controls The Medical System

Many doctors have good intentions and want to help people. But the current medical system doesn't allow them to heal their patients.

In my previous video, I talked about why there is no cure for cancer. John D. Rockefeller overtook the medical system. He replaced natural medicine with allopathic medicine.

money illuminati

Drug companies control doctors and the medical system

100 years ago natural remedies were more common. Ever since Rockefeller manipulated the medical school, everything went downhill.

Today drug companies control the doctors and the medical system. They teach doctors that you need to use drugs to fix diseases and that there is no other way.

Doctors Know Nothing About Nutrition

Doctors know nothing about nutrition or prevention. They get less than 20 hours of nutritional education during the 7 years they become doctors. If you read a book on nutrition, you already know more than doctors.

vegetables piled on each other

Doctors know nothing about nutrition or prevention

Nutrition receives little attention in medical practice.This is shocking because a whole food, plant-based diet can reverse many diseases.

Many people die in vain from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Doctors could have prevented these diseases if they taught their patients how to eat right.

Hospitals Serve Junk Food

Hospitals instead serve junk food. They can give pork chops, gravy, and desserts after an operation. Or give Doritos, Oreos, and a white bread served with mayonnaise to a heart patient.

Patients with Crohn's disease may get chicken wings with hot sauce, chocolate cake, and a soda. Hospital food is high in sugar, unhealthy fats, salt, and meat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are few and far between.


It's not uncommon to find a McDonald's in hospitals

It's not uncommon to find a McDonald's or other junk food joints in hospitals. Medical researchers know that fruits and vegetables keep us healthy.

But many hospitals continue to serve foods that promote disease. Hospitals buy high volumes of food at a low cost to save money. Often, this means serving packaged and processed foods in favor of fresh produce.

Doctors Can’t Cure Diseases

Doctors know nothing about prevention or why diseases occur. You will never hear a doctor talk about how you can change your diet or prevent illnesses. Instead, they treat only the symptoms of these diseases and not the underlying cause.

Big Pharma doesn’t want the doctors to heal diseases. They make more money when patients take their drugs for the rest of their life. If you cure a patient, you lose a customer.

But if you suppress their illnesses, you can get a lifelong consumer. If doctors try to help their patients without using drugs they can get into trouble. They follow a special script every time people seek help from them. It goes something like this:

How Doctors Treat Diseases

1. First, they ask for your symptoms and take some tests.

2. They then give you a diagnosis and offer a subscription or treatment for your illness.

3. You’re then often told that there is no cure for your particular disease.

4. Then they tell you that you need to use their medicine for the rest of your life.

5. If you have a serious illness like cancer, they will give you an unfavorable prognosis.

6. They will then pressure you to do treatments right away.The goal is to make you as miserable as possible to force you to use their treatments.If they make you wait for long, they might lose you as a future customer.

doctor diagnosis

How doctors treat diseases

Toxic Drugs And Treatments Destroy Your Body

Hospitals use toxic drugs and treatments even if they yield horrible results. One such treatment is chemotherapy. This treatment causes terrible side effects including cancer.

drugs and vaccines

Drugs are toxic to your liver

The only reason we use it is because of the incredible profit it yields drug companies. Everything the doctors provide us is toxic to the liver. Everyone knows that chemicals and radiation are harmful, but we still line up like sheep for these treatments.

If your friend told you that toxins and radiation are useful, you would look down on him. But if your trusted doctor gives the same advice, you would thank them for harming you.

Patients Stop Dying When Doctors Go On Strikes

When doctors go on strike, scientific research finds that patients stop dying. The academic journal Social Science and Medicine made a review of doctor strikes.


The death rate goes down when doctors go on strikes

They analyzed five physician strikes around the world between 1976 and 2003. The mortality either stayed the same or decreased during medical strikes. Not a single study found that death rates increased during the weeks of the strikes.

As soon as doctors resumed their work, there was a rise in deaths.

Big Pharma Is Like The Mafia

We all have watched movies and heard stories about the mafia. They used violence and sold illegal drugs and alcohol to get money.

Drug companies are no different from the mafia and use similar tactics as them. If you sell illegal drugs on the street, you can go to jail. Drugs companies, however, can sell their drugs because they hide behind white coats.

money, drugs, and gun on a table

Most doctors are nothing more than legalized drug dealers for Big Pharma

Most doctors are nothing more than legalized drug dealers for Big Pharma. The vast majority of us think that we don't have the right to question a doctor's authority.

If you give someone poison and they die from its effects, we would call you a murderer. But if a doctor does the same thing, it's called medicine.

Horrible Working Conditions In Hospitals

The path to becoming a doctor is horrific. Doctors spend three to seven years at an established teaching hospital. In America, they expect them to work up to 80 hours a week. Some single shifts can last up to 28 hours.

working conditions in hospitals

Doctors work insane hours and have little time to rest

Primary care is more like an assembly-line-like system. The high cost of running a hospital forces doctors to treat as many patients as possible. A private physician’s salary is often dependent on the number of patients he can see every day.

Therefore hospitals lobby for longer hours even at the expense of the patient's safety. The vast majority of doctors work fewer than 60 hours a week after they complete their training.

In Europe, doctors are subject to a maximum workweek of 48 hours. But physicians work more than that. Physicians and nurses who work longer hours tend to make more medical mistakes.

Doctors Spend Only 16 Minutes On Average With Patients

Doctors also have to spend more time on administrative tasks and less with their patients. Around half of all doctors spend less than 16 minutes with each patient.

Patients feel ignored by their doctors and can't get the proper care. Doctors can see 30 patients a day in fifteen-minute increments. They don’t have the time to be proactive or help their patients stay healthy.

patient in hospital

Doctors spend less than 16 minutes with each patient

Brilliant, compassionate people can't care for complex patients in 15-minute slots. They get punished or fired if they are not productive enough. So, they focus on treating symptoms and illnesses as they come up.

Doctors Commit More Suicides Than Any Other Profession

Because of the horrible working conditions, the suicide rate of doctors is the highest of any profession. At least one doctor commits suicide in the US every day, with 300 to 400 dying per year.

Doctor suicide is 28 to 40 per 100,000, which is more than twice that of the general population. In several cases, a patient's death is a key factor in pushing them over the edge.

Flowers on a grave

Doctors commit more suicides than any other profession

Academic distress also leads to suicide. Failing medical-board exams can be too devastating for them. Many doctors cite inhumane working conditions in their suicide notes.

Bullying and sleep deprivation can also increase suicide risk. Some doctors kill themselves for fear of harming a patient.

Doctors who need help don't seek it because they fear being judged by others. But that is not the worst thing yet.

Doctors Receive Kickbacks From Big Pharma

Doctors get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies early on in their careers.
Big Pharma's representatives are often attractive and don’t have any medical background.

They give doctors gifts like a free lunch or invitations to workshops. It doesn’t take that much common sense to understand what these payments could lead to.

doctor receiving money

Drug companies give doctors kickbacks

Doctors that get these bribes often prescribe the drug company's drug.The more money they receive, the more brand-name medications they tend to prescribe.

The Physician Payment Sunshine Act in 2010 changed the transparency of these payments. It forced all drug and device companies to report their payments to doctors.

The first reports became public in 2014, covering the last five months of 2013. Companies need to declare if the money goes to:

  • Promotional speaking
  • Business travel
  • Royalties and gifts
  • Consulting fees
  • Meals

How To Learn How Much Money Your Doctor Gets

You can see the gifts doctors receive from drug companies on openpaymentsdata.cms.gov. If you on Search Tool, you can search by Physician, Teaching Hospital, or Company.

openpayments homepage

On openpaymentsdata.cms.gov you can see how much your doctor receives in kickbacks

You can see how much doctors and hospitals get by prescribing drugs. If you search for a specific company, you can see a detailed summary of their spendings.

You can also find out top physicians receiving most payments. There is also specific info about the nature of these payments and other details.

One Physician Working For Pfizer Received $1.2 Million Dollars In Payments

For example, let's look at Big Pharma giant Pfizer. You can see that the company spent over 47 million dollars in Total General Payments in 2017. Research payments were $445 million.

If you on the payment information tab, you can see how much they paid each person. Scroll down, and you can see that their top physician received $1.2 million in payments.

Doctors receiving most payments by Pfizer

Pfizer's top physician received $1.2 million in payments in 2017

When you  on their name, you can see a summary of their earnings. In the payment information tab, you can see which companies gave him payments. In this case, Pfizer was the only payer.

He got 123 payments in 2017 for consulting fees. If we scroll down even further, you can see every payment he got. For example, on the third of April, he received 49 600 dollars.

Pfizer payments

List of payments of Pfizer's top earner

So if you  on the transaction, you can get further information. So in this case, it was a consulting fee from Pfizer.

Detailed payment info

Detailed info of a specific transaction

Pfizer's second best-paid physician got $742, 000 dollars in payments. On the payment information tab, you can see that she received 99% of her payments from consulting fees. She also got some travel and food expenses paid by Pfizer.

So what can you do if you can't trust your doctor? Let's find out how you can prevent diseases and fire your doctor right now.

Your Body Can Heal Itself

The best way to treat diseases is the holistic approach. In holistic medicine, you try to find out the underlying cause of the disease. Western medicine, on the other hand, suppresses the symptoms with drugs.

Your body can heal itself. If you cut your hand, it will heal the wound. It will reverse diseases if you change your diet and give it what it needs.

Guy standing in sun set

Your body can heal itself if you change your diet and lifestyle

Your body will rebuild itself unless you keep up with your unhealthy habits. Most people don’t realize that they are injuring their body every day by the way they are living and eating.  

When we eat and live wrong, we'll stay sick and become dependent on pharmaceutical companies.The only way to get well is to stop doing the things that cause disease.

Instead, you need to start doing the things that rebuild the immune system.Things you should do to prevent diseases include:

  • Change your diet
  • Get enough sunshine
  • Fix your emotional wounds
  • Exercise
  • Detox your body
  • Drink Enough water
  • Get enough sleep

How To Fire Your Doctor

Only you can heal yourself, not doctors or drug companies. You can’t get the help you need from doctors because they are part of a corrupt system.

Taking charge of your health will take discipline and work. But the benefits will by far outweigh the cons. You will be able to live a life without diseases and pain and stop spending money on drugs that make you sicker.

Why should you put your faith in someone that is suicidal and don't know how to cure illnesses?

male doctor with stetoscope

Only you can heal yourself, not doctors or drug companies

If you're not in a serious accident and don't suffer from a heart attack, the hospital is the last place you want to visit. You have to take full responsibility for your health. It’s time that we stop worshiping doctors and learn the bitter truth.

We need to learn the real cause of diseases to prevent them in the first place and not when it's too late. When you visit a doctor, you're stuck in the spiral of pharmaceutical dependency.

The only way to escape this trap is to change your diet and lifestyle. Once you understand this truth, you don't need a doctor anymore.


Doctors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

They know nothing about nutrition or prevention.

Drug companies control the doctors and the medical system.

Physicians and nurses work insane hours and can, therefore, make more mistakes.

The suicide rate of doctors is the highest of any profession.

Doctors get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies to use their drugs.

So if you want to heal your diseases, you have to stop trusting doctors and do it yourself.

How To Stop Doctors From Killing You

1. Eat a whole food plant-based diet

2. Change your lifestyle

Action Steps

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and now understand that you have to take charge of your own health.

Death by medicine is a serious threat and something you need to avoid. You should stay away from doctors as much as possible if you want to lower your death risk. One way to do this is to change your lifestyle.

Download our 9 Ways To Prevent Cancer Cheat Sheet to learn how to prevent cancer.

You will get some tips on how to change your diet and other ways to stay healthy.

<<Click here to download this free guide and fire your doctor now.>>

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Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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  • Hi Simon,
    I couldn’t agree more. I love your direct, clear and unambiguous approach. Unfortunately it’s not just doctors. What we call governments are just systems established by the banking mafia and ‘lords of the manor’ designed to present an illusion which the commoners call reality.
    However, they are no more than the show figures on Plato’s wall in the cave.

  • I have a personal story to tell. This took place in the late 90s. My dear father, who was the kindest person I have ever known, had blockage in his arteries. We decided to do a bypass surgery..and this is partly my fault since my father hated doctors and he was never sick. In fact, in all my years spending with my father, I saw him catch a cold, maybe 2 times. I swear to God, no lie. My eldest brother is the same, he never gets sick. My father trusted me and thought I was perhaps his brightest child. I loved my father dearly and wanted the best for him, so, I convinced him to do the procedure. If only I knew then what I know now, I could easily reverse that condition.

    Anyway, he did the surgery. It took a long time before we could see him. The next day, we were told that there was a rupture and they’d have to re-do the procedure.
    They re-did the procedure and you would not believe what happened next. They forgot a gauze inside him. They had to re-open him a third time.
    It didn’t get any better. When I came to see my father, his hands were tied to the bed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was absolutely livid. I untied his hands and asked the nurse, “What the hell is this!” She said that he was delirious and they had to restrain him. I couldn’t believe this could take place in Canada!

    I couldn’t trust them and so, my brother and I stayed at his side 24 hrs for the next few days, taking turns. He was not delirious. Like I said, I have never seen a calmer, gentler soul in all my life.
    One morning I came in and saw that the bed was flat and they had a feeding tube inside him. I could hear him gurgling and knew the bed should be at an incline. I called the nurse and she acknowledged it at the time but would later deny it. Because of this he aspirated and food ended up in his lungs.

    They then said he was developing pressure in his brain. They drilled 2 holes on the left side of his head to relieve pressure. However, they said that it didn’t work and that his cerebellum was swelling and they asked permission to operate.

    By this time all of his children came for the US and Canada and were present. By this time, we were ambivalent for them to touch him at all but we didn’t know what was better.
    I asked the surgeon how do you know how much to cut? He said, we cut until we see blood sprouting; that way we know what was dead and what is alive.

    He felt the anger from all of us and how astonished we were at what transpired to this point.
    He got mad and said that he was an old man and basically he was washed up already. I believe those were his actual words. I’ll never forget it.

    They did the surgery, my father recovered but there was a ‘wildness’ in his eyes and he told me stories that I had never heard before. I am his youngest son and I spent the most time with him. I knew his stories very well. Whatever happened, parts of his brain recovered lost stories.
    Sadly, he lived for on one year after this.

    At one time I worked for a law firm in my city, so I contacted them and told them the story and if there is anything we could do. I just didn’t want to let this go without a fight. They dissuaded me saying it would cost a lot of money and that in Canada it is very difficult to find doctors to testify against other doctors, unlike the US.

    This is a true story of what happened to our family and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t remember my dear father. He was truly a wonderful man, who made the world around him one of ease and happiness.
    When I recollect this, it fills my heart with bitterness and anger. We thought the hospital was a place of care but they too receive big money from the mafia. How wrong were we!
    It is a place where you unwittingly sign off to become, no more than lab rats.

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