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9 Positive Things That You Can Learn From Cancer

Dealing with cancer can be the best thing that happened to you. It can improve your life in many ways and make you appreciate life more.

Cancer made Rebecca Loncraine, and Valerie Yates quit their jobs and to go after their passions. Or made Chris Wark live a healthier life than before.

In this blog post, you will learn nine positive things about having cancer. Find out how to change your fearful state about it and feel great again.


Legal Notice

The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

Why You Shouldn't Resist Cancer

In today's society, we see cancer as the enemy and treat it with aggressive treatments. On the Internet, you can buy t-shirts or products with negative slogans about cancer. 

T-shirts with negative slogans

There a numerous sites where you can buy t-shirts with negative slogans about cancer.

On this blog, we believe in accepting conditions as they are and trying to find the underlying causes. This method doesn’t use resistance or toxic methods. Cancer, thus, can be an enlightening experience which in turn makes your life better.

Your perspective and attitude will affect how well you will deal with or heal from cancer. If you resist it, you will only feel miserable and use horrible remedies.  

But if you allow cancer to be there and use gentle methods to address it then the journey can be a lot easier.

Every situation is neutral. It’s only our thinking that makes it good or bad.

Cancer can have negative consequences but also positive ones. Today I’m going to address the positive things. 

Depending on how you want to see cancer will change your experience with it. I jotted down the nine reasons why cancer is amazing. After you reading this blog post dealing with cancer will not feel as hard.

Okay, let’s start!

The 9 Positive Things When Dealing With Cancer

1. Cancer Saves Your Life

This statement can be shocking to you. Isn’t cancer here to kill you? Millions have already died after a cancer diagnosis so how can I say that it saves your life?

People misunderstand cancer. Cancer is not there to kill you. It's not a disease, it’s an effect of a toxicity crisis. In my earlier blog post, I talked about how cancer is the body’s final defense to survive.

Without cancer, you would be dead by now. Cancer acts as a sponge that soaks up the toxicity and protects your blood from it. If cancer cells didn’t find a way use glucose for food instead of oxygen, then you would be in even more trouble.

You should thank your cancer for doing what it can to save and prolong your life. Because of it, you can now fix the underlying cause of the toxicity.

The aggressive treatments we use today is more to blame for the high death rate with cancer. Not cancer itself.

Cancer isn’t that aggressive. If your body didn’t need cancer, then it could kill it on command. Your body uses it until the toxicity crisis is over and then cancer will go away.

That was only one benefit of cancer, the next benefit I’m going to talk about can be even better.

2. Cancer Gives You The Chance to Let Go of Your Anger and Resentment

Angry woman

Anger is one of the primary emotions cancer patients suffer from

Emotional trauma and stress is one of the leading causes of cancer.

Cancer grants you the last chance to let go of the anger and the hurt from childhood. It tells you to either let go of the emotions and live a happy life or continue to be angry and die.

Sometimes you need an ultimatum to make changes. Yes, facing your anger and forgiving the people that hurt you can be hard. But the reward is a peaceful life.

Louise Hay is the author of “You can heal your life.” and a holistic practitioner. She got diagnosed with vaginal cancer which terrified her. Instead of succumbing to her fear she decided to detoxify her mind and body.

In her movie she explained about her rough upbringing were she got raped and abused by family members.

Luckily she already knew that cancer is because of anger and resentment. Her journey consisted of forgiving the people that violated and caused her suffering.

She managed to heal from cancer within six months without using any chemo or radiation. The one thing that finally made her let go of her anger was her cancer. Think about the continued suffering she would have felt if she didn’t let go of her anger.

Another blessing of having cancer is that you can appreciate life more.

3. Cancer Makes You Appreciate Life More

Pink Flowers

Cancer can make you appreciate the little things in life

When you live an average Joe life, it can be easy just to go on with life and hate it. But when your cancer threatens your life you can begin to appreciate life more. You can honor your spouse more despite their flaws. 

Small things like the scent of the flowers, the sunset and kids playing in the park can fill your heart. These are things that you usually ignore when you are so focused on living life.

Cancer can make you open up to the small things that you are unaware of and cherish everything you have. You stop taking life for granted and focus less on the negative.

Another huge benefit of cancer is that it can make you live healthier than before.

4. Cancer Makes You Eat Healthier 

Broccolli, tomatoes, peppers

Vegetables are one of the healthiest things you can eat.

Chris Wark is an author, speaker and health coach. Before his cancer diagnosis, he didn’t take care of his diet. He and his wife worked a lot and didn’t prepare fresh meals often.

A typical breakfast consisted of bacon, eggs, sausage biscuits, cereal, and toaster waffles. Others things he indulged in were sodas, candy, chips, microwave foods and chicken breast.

But when he got colon cancer in 2003 he started to question his awful lifestyle. One major thing he did to beat cancer was to change his eating habits.

Today he is cancer free. He now eats a lot of raw organic fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Smoothies or vegetable juices are something he drinks daily.

If his cancer hadn’t forced him to rethink about his diet, then he wouldn't be as healthy as he is now.

Cancer pushes you to do something about your health and learn more about diet. You become a healthier person than you ever knew you could.

Reading this far might have changed your attitude about cancer already. But we have only gotten started, here is another huge benefit of having cancer.

5. Cancer Can Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Bunny and a teddy infront of a beatiful sunset

Cancer motivate you to seek happiness from within

Cancer can be the start of your spiritual awakening. I’m my life the thing that always made me grow the most was suffering. Suffering from cancer can feel terrible. But every challenge in life brings an opportunity to evolve.

The immense pain from facing death can be the best motivator to seek the solution for your stress. Enlightened people usually had the biggest egos and suffered the most. Pain can make you a greater seeker of the truth. 

When you are on the brink of losing it all, you see that external things never could make you happy. You focus more from within and learn to be happy even if your life collapses.

You observe other people chasing after money and fame and never arriving at a happy place. But because cancer made you look from within you don't need to seek happiness from the outside.

Cancer can make you slow down and reflect on your life. Giving you a chance to realize what you thought made you happy but didn't. 

Thanks to cancer you can be content with less and get more joy than anyone else. Other peoples' lives will have no meaning and only create stress and suffering. If cancer didn’t threaten your life, you might have missed this path and become like them.

Cancer can make you awaken from the materialistic world and connect to a higher source.

Have you ever thought cancer in that way? But there is more. Here is a huge benefit in having cancer.

6. Cancer Shows You Who Your Real Friends Are

When you become sick, then you can find out who your real friends are. Your best friends that you thought would be there for you might ignore you and drift out of your life. And the people that you thought didn’t care about you can be the best people in your life.

Your intimate relationship might end because of cancer. But it gives you the opportunity to find a better partner that accept you for who you are.

Even if it can be hard to abandoned by your friends, it lets you weed out toxic people from your life. Replacing them with others who love you no matter what happens. 

You know which people are the best for you and can feel their love. Cancer can make you appreciate your family more and see that external things are not vital for your joy. You can have deeper connections with them and become stronger because of it.

All the points I have talked about to this point are fantastic. But what I’m talking about next can be even more amazing.

7. Cancer Makes Your Dreams Come True


Cancer can make your dreams come true.

Many people are stuck in jobs they hate because of their fear of losing their income. They might never follow their passion if there is something to lose.

When they get cancer and face death, there is no return. Nothing is there to stop them from pursuing their dream.

When cancer spreads, you’re not able to fulfill your role and stripped of what you do. Cancer can be a massive wake up call and make you question everything.

Rebecca Loncraine had a narrow view of life and success like everybody else. She expected herself to go to university, have a career and get married. Everything changed in July 2009 after a breast cancer diagnosis blew everything apart.

She had one lump under her arm and chest. After the initial shock, she gave up her rented home in Oxford and moved back to her parents’ farm. On the farm, she contemplated on life and decided not to return to her old life.

One day, in April 2011, she walked with two friends, near the Black Mountains Gliding Club. She wanted to do something brave in life before it was too late. So she started to fly a glider.

Each flight was an experience of real joy and bliss. She began writing about flying and gave talks to organizations supporting people with cancer. Her only ambition now is to keep enjoying every day.

Valerie Yates decided to leave a stressful marketing job, after her breast cancer diagnosis. In the hospital, she realized how exhausting her work was. After the massive shock of the diagnosis, she felt relief from resting for a week.

Yates stayed off work as long as possible and became interested in personal development. Ten years after her diagnosis, Yates, and her husband opened their family home to guests.

She said that:

“I’m passionate about it and so much happier. If I hadn’t had cancer, I’d be retired by now and absolutely worn out. Instead, I’ve got a sustainable business and so much energy! I love every minute.”

These stories show how your attitude can make a huge difference when facing a tough challenge. Cancer doesn’t have to lead to an adverse outcome if you appreciate it for what is does for you.

So now you reached the eight-point of why cancer is a blessing. The next point is another excellent benefit of having cancer.

8. Cancer Can Make You Less Irritated About Small Stuff

Another positive thing in dealing with cancer is that it makes you less annoyed about the tiny things. Minor irritations about other people don't get your attention in this grim situation.

I heard one woman at a Byron Katie workshop tell everyone about her struggle with a man over money. When she later got cancer, she said that the money didn’t mean anything to her after her diagnosis. 

Your focus is now to heal yourself not wasting your energy on what other people do or minor problems.

So we come to the last reason why you should love your cancer. I've saved the best for the last.

9. Cancer Teaches You to Love Yourself


Cancer teaches you to love yourself

Loving yourself is the best skill you can learn. When you love yourself, there is no more suffering. Whatever life brings or what people say will not affect your happiness. Cancer can be your best teacher in loving yourself unconditionally.

When you have cancer, your body might not look as good as it used to and produce misery. Because suffering is painful, you feel more motivated to seek love from within. You have to make amends with yourself to reach the peaceful state.

Others abandonment requires you to seek love from within instead from them. You become less dependent on others love and stronger because of it.

Cancer forces you to love the little child that you hated your whole life. Giving you the opportunity to heal the emotional wounds.

Yes, the experience will be hard in the beginning. But every day that you love yourself more the better you'll feel. Finally reaching a state where you appear happier than anybody else.

Your life will be deeper and more meaningful. This self-love will be crucial in healing the world and make it better. Okay, let’s summarize what you learned today and take action on this.


Cancer can be a blessing or a curse depending on your attitude. If you see it as something wrong, then you will suffer and use aggressive treatments.

Or you can use it to become a better person and transform your life for the better.

You read about the nine amazing things about dealing with cancer.

Reading about this stuff is worth nothing if you don’t take action on what you discovered today. To be grateful for your life and feel fantastic follow these steps.  

4 Simple Steps to Feeling Grateful While Having Cancer

1. Download the gratitude journal here.

2. Write three things that you are grateful for in your life

3. Write three things that you're grateful about cancer

4. Continue to do it every day until it becomes a habit

Action steps

Click here to download a gratitude journal.

Fill in the date and start writing three things that you are grateful for life and cancer.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that will melt away any fear. Writing every day to find the silver lining will shift your mood and make you feel better. You appreciate life more and become better at dealing with challenges.

Try to find three positive things every day even if you have a terrible day. If you work hard enough, there is always something to appreciate. Write anything even if it seems insignificant.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

About the author 

Simon Persson

Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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  • You are a BLESSING IN DISGUISE! since reoccurring cancer from kidney to lung and brain I can now understand the true meaning of walking by FAITH. And appreciateing my journey in healing my mind, body and soul. Thank You! for helping me to thrive on.

    • Thank you for your post – I have kidney, spleen and lung Cx. I never thought it would spread to the brain. THAT is something I can be thankful for!!! I am also appreciating the outreach and kindness of people helping me on this journey.

    • This is bull…,!
      You should have a mental exam rather than presenting yourself as a model or mentor for other people.

  • Hi
    This is everything I have felt since my life changed with my cancer diagnosis 14 months ago.
    I am recovering from chemo and reduction and am in remission.
    The thing I’ve been struggling with is how people I love reacted and it broke my heart but has made me look at life differently and let go of the toxicity.
    Thank you

  • Thank you for this post. I validated so many of the things I feel as I too go through this process of living with cancer.

  • Thank you for pointing out blessings, even with a cancer diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis brings a person’s mortality to the forefront. It makes you re-evaluate your priorities and make adjustments where necessary.

  • I’m grateful I came across your this amazing read. I felt very connected to what you expressed.Thank you so very much for sharing such a positive mindset regarding cancer.

  • I believe that I’m alive thanks to Berry Khatri book – “Do I have cancer? All signs and symptoms of cancer” (found it here: . I wasn’t feeling well but for some reason, I was afraid to go to the doctor. After reading the book, I decided to go and turned out that I’ve breast cancer but in an early stage. If I had not read this book, I would have gone later and it could have been too late.

    • Good book – thanks for your recommendation. After reading your comment, I decided to read this ebook, and it was the best I could do!

    • Great book ( and pretty short so I could read it in no time at all and knew everything). Thanks very much for the link

    • I thought that my backpain is the worst thing I could ever get. After my diagnose and reading this book I know how I was wrong… Thanks

    • This guide is brilliant! I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of it before. I’m so grateful that I stopped by here for a moment to read this article and the comments

  • I thought that my backpain is the worst thing I could ever get. After my diagnose and reading this book I know how I was wrong… Thanks

    • What is so wrong with someone trying to be positive. I have Triple Negative breast cancer (the worst and most aggressive type of bc) and this post makes sense to me. What didn’t make sense is your negativity. I’m sorry you feel this way but please try not to focus on the negative…if not for yourself but for those of us that trying to be more positive.

  • I don’t think that cancer has let go of me and maybe it never will however the 3 months life expectancy didn’t appeal to me so I never signed a death waiver and I refused cancer treatments including surgery to remove limbs and I am still alive 3 years later. The oncology clinic is in full deniability of the outcome they offered me in 2019 but I still remember it very clearly. It quickly went from mgus to smouldering myeloma to treatment options which I declined at the time and I probably wouldn’t be able to talk about it now if I had the treatment. Multiple sclerosis was another diagnosis given to me at the same time. I refused covid vaccines and I survived that as well. Whatever you decide to do always think of survival chances they offer as well as your gut feeling about calculated risks. Because as people we can be our own worst enemy and fear only adds to the liability.

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