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The Medical Kidnapping Of Children In The U.S.

L​earn about the medical kidnapping of children in the United States if they don't do chemo.

​Discover ​about the corrupt child protective service and how ​it uses children for drug trials, money, and sex.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

​​1. ​The Medical Kidnapping Of Children

If you have kids under the age of 18 in The U.S, the state can medically kidnap them. Medical kidnapping means that the Government can steal your children if they don't follow standard treatments.

The state can accuse you of abuse if you bring your child to the emergency for an injury or illness. You can also lose your child if you don't agree with a doctor and want to seek a second opinion.

Medical kidnapping is part of a larger problem of State-sponsored child kidnapping. The state removes the children from parents without any formal charges.

the White House

​The U.S Government steals children every year

Parents lose their children often without any warrant issued by a judge. Social workers assume they are guilty with no formal charges filed in a court of law.

Parents must spend lots of resources to try to get their children back from a family court system. Sometimes the parents can get their children back, but sometimes they don't. If this is the case, they get adopted out.

Even if the children can return home, they are severely traumatized. Medical kidnapping is rampant in the U.S. Let me share some stories of cancer children that got kidnapped when they didn't want to do chemo.

​4. Medical Kidnapping Stories

Sara's Was Forced To Do Chemo

Eight-year-old Sara suffered from brain cancer. Sarah had a surgery where the doctors removed 90% of her brain tumor. Her doctors recommended a year of chemo to kill the rest of the cancer cells.  

When Sara did chemo, she suffered from nausea, weight- and hair loss, sore throat, and slept 22 hours a day. Sara's family wanted to try something else than chemo.

Chemo bag

​Sarah had to do chemo against her parents will, picture by IndyDina

Child protective services got involved when her parents refused to let her undergo chemotherapy. A court told the parents that they had to agree on the doctors' treatment plan, or they would lose custody of Sarah.

The court and the family eventually reached an agreement on a treatment plan. Sarah had to do chemo but at a lower dose.

This is just one example where the parents were not allowed to decide for their own child.The McAdams family experienced something similar.

​The State Kidnapped Noah​ When His Parents Wanted To Try Alternative Treatments

Their three-year-old son, Joshua "Noah" McAdams got a leukemia diagnosis. Noah underwent chemo treatments for two weeks. After this period, Noah had no more detectable cancer in his blood.

Noah's parents wanted to seek a second option instead of letting their son undergo 3.5 years of chemo. The family went to Kentucky to find the best medical help available. Blood lab tests showed that Noah had good health.

The McAdams family

Noah got removed from his parents after they tried to give him natural treatments

The hospital in Florida knew that Noah's mother Taylor wanted to seek a second opinion.They harassed Taylor through phone calls to come in for more appointments.

Taylor, at that point, stopped returning phone calls. That's when Hillsborough County Sheriffs reported Noah as "missing and endangered." The police went to Kentucky to remove Noah from his parents and take him back to Florida.

Another horrible kidnapping story involves the little girl Grace.

Doctors Wanted To Remove Grace's ​Kidney Without Any Biopsy

Two-year-old Grace was a happy, thriving little girl. She had just celebrated Christmas with her family. Grace had a mysterious lump on her side, so her parents went to the emergency room with her.

The doctor found a mass on her kidney and said that Grace most likely had a Wilm´s tumor. Within a day, the hospital had already scheduled Grace to have her kidney removed. Her parents said that they wanted a second opinion and to explore treatment options.


Grace could not see her parents after they wanted a second opinion

The doctor turned around and then called Child Protective Services. Child Protective Services swooped in with incredible speed and took Grace from them. Grace's mother, Leah, could not understand how they were diagnosing cancer without further testing.

Her little girl showed no symptoms of any problems. There was only the lump that had just recently appeared. Grace's parents did not want their daughter's kidney removed without any proof.

The doctors installed a port into Grace's heart so they could administer chemotherapy. My last story I want to share is what happened to Cassandra.

Cassandra​ Got Strapped To The Bed And Was Forced To Do Chemo

Ty Bollinger from Truth About Cancer spoke with the former cancer patient Cassandra. Cassandra experienced her real-life medical kidnapping in December 2014.

In this interview, she shared how the police and the DCF forced her to do chemo for her Hodgkin's lymphoma. A guard outside her room stopped her from leaving the hospital, and she couldn't use her phone.

One morning the doctors sedated her and strapped her to the bed.They then inserted a port and gave her chemo drugs without her consent.

​You can watch the interview below.

​​Chemo is not only toxic but also lethal.

​The Medical Establishment Doesn't Care About Patients

It is horrible that children need to do chemo against their will. Chemotherapy uses a mixture of poisons to kill cancer cells. But, in the process, it wreaks havoc on healthy cells and the rest of the body.

Chemo also causes more cancer. Many countries of the free world enforce no-vaccine, no-school policies. Some countries include the United States, Spain, Greece, and much of Australia.

big pharma net

​Big Pharma corruption runs throughout our society

The whole medical establishment is corrupt beyond words. Financial greed is the reason why we still use chemo not because it cures people. There are many news stories where children underwent chemo and died.

Sad Stories Of Children That Died Of Chemo

Little Charlie Procter died of chemotherapy drugs after he had a rare form of liver cancer.

Micky Bennett, a 12-year-old boy that had leukemia, died just weeks after he was told he was cancer free. The chemo treatment destroyed his white blood cells. Micky later contracted an infection that then led to his death.

Jacob Thompson became famous when he asked strangers from around the world to send him Christmas cards.

Talia Castellano

​​13-year-old Youtuber Talia like many other kids died of toxic cancer treatments

Nine-year-old Jacob had Stage 4 neuroblastoma. He later died even if he had conventional cancer treatments.

Talia Castellano was a 13-year-old girl that battled Neuroblastoma and pre-leukemia. She became famous for her makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Talia became an honorary CoverGirl model and inspired many with her videos. She died on the July the 16, 2013 from her cancer treatments.

​​Even if these stories are shocking, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn how Big Pharma uses foster children for drug testing.

​Big Pharma Uses Foster Children For Drug Testing

The State kidnapping of children is dark and sinister. There are many reasons why the Government abducts children. One of them is to provide subjects for clinical drug trials.

The U.S. federal government has mandated drug research with children. Drug companies can only do drug trials on children if parents give their consent. Most parents refuse to let scientists do medical experiments on their children.

scientist doing drug testing

​Big Pharma uses foster children for drug testing

So the state uses Child Protective Services to enroll foster children in drug trials. They don't need any approval from the child's parents or court orders.

In this way, pharmaceutical companies can force children to become human guinea pigs. Children with rare diseases are especially attractive to child protective services. Such children are highly prized subjects for experimentation.

The Child Protective System Is A Billion Dollar ​Industry

The Child​ Protective S​ervice is a billion-dollar industry. Whenever a child enters state CPS control, federal funding flows into that state. It is in the best interest of state budgets to bring children into the CPS system.

The longer child services can keep the children, the more money they can make. States have a massive incentive to take children and put them up for adoption. Adoption brings even greater money into state budgets.

dollar bills

​The Child Protective Service earns billions of dollars by kidnapping children every year

Thousands of social workers depend on CPS budgets.The Government pays a financial bonus to the councils if they secure their quota. Children get taken into adoption in vain so that the state can meet their targets and cash in.

Authorities don't have to prove that the child experienced abuse. Only a vague suspicion is enough. Parents can lose their children even if they are cleared from any accusations.

​​Many social workers even make up accusations to kidnap children.

​Social Workers Make Up Accusations

Psychopathic social workers use a rigged system to take children and give them to foster parents.The authorities look for fake abuse that they can use to steal children from their parents. This is becoming common, but the public doesn't realize it because it is all done in secret.

SWAT team

​Social workers tell the police to take custody of children for ridiculous reasons

The cases that we hear about represent only a fraction of the children removed by the state every year. Social workers seize children by making allegations of parental neglect.

These accusations are often ridiculous. Some examples include:  

​Unproven allegations against parents can result in permanent loss of children. Parents, who have done nothing wrong, find themselves without their children. Even if they are proven innocent, the family court system may refuse to return their children.  

Once the family court puts children out for adoption, the parents have no way to get them back. Parents find themselves in a secret court where media reporting is not allowed. Many kidnapped children get sexually abused by pedophiles.

​Pedophiles And Satanists Sexually Abuse Children

The abduction of children happens across the world. Eight hundred thousand children a year go missing in the United States. Many of them are victims of pedophilia networks.

skull and candles

​Pedophiles and Satanists use foster children for their sick rituals

Most Americans who are victims of sex trafficking come from the foster care system. It's a broken system that leaves thousands of children vulnerable to the illegal sex trade. Satanic and pedophile rings have infiltrated social services and the system in general.  

Kidnapped children suffer unimaginable horrors, such as Satanic ritual abuse. The wealthy Elite is behind these child sex trafficking networks. Satanism reaches the highest levels of Government, the NGO, banking, and more.

​​Children that grow up in foster homes don't ​fare well in society.​

Foster Homes Worse Than Dysfunctional Families

The child service used now is worse than any abuse children experienced in dysfunctional families. We should protect children from real abusive parents, but that is not what most of this is about.

The system itself doesn't care about children. Children put into foster homes do not do as well as children left in troubled homes.

cancer child trauma

Children put into foster homes do not do as well as children left in troubled homes

We all need to arm ourselves with information about this corrupt system. This is why it is so important that parents get involved now and stop this madness.

We need to form networks to communicate information and support each other. Parents should decide over their children, not the Government.


The U.S government steals children if they don't follow standard medical treatments.

Secret family courts can take children from parents without any real evidence.

Pharmaceutical companies use child protective services to enroll foster children in drug trials.

The childcare system is a billion-dollar industry.

Many kidnapped children are victims of sexual abuse.

​How To Stop Medical Kidnapping

​1. ​Create a ​support network ​with other parents

​2. Use natural remedies to prevent childhood cancer

Action Steps

​​If you're a parent in the U.S., you need to form networks with other parents. ​​Spread this information to others and make them aware of the corruption in the Child Protective System. ​

​Another way to prevent your children from getting medically kidnapped is to take care of their health. You need to give them proper nutrition and help them let go of their trauma.

Download The Childhood Cancer Healing Protocol to discover how to stop your child's cancer.​

​Save Your Child From Cancer Now!

​​​Download this ​free e-book to​

learn 9 natural remedies you can use to prevent cancer in your children and stop the state from kidnapping them.


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