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                     Published: November 22, 2022 Host: Simon Persson

Mistakes by doctors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. In this episode, you'll learn why doctors kill patients and why they can't heal you.

Then you're going to discover the horrible working conditions of doctors and why they commit suicide. After that, you will find out about the kickbacks your doctor receives from drug companies. And finally, you'll learn how to stay healthy and fire your doctor for good.


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The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.


  • Mistakes by doctors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in the United States.
  • A John Hopkins study calculated that more than 250 000 deaths per year are due to medical errors in the United States. 
  • Doctors use a medical coding system that doesn't use medical errors
  • Prescription drugs kill about 100 000 Americans each year
  • The FDA is supposed to regulate drugs on the market, but is in bed with Big Pharma.
  • Doctors make several errors that kill patients.
  • During medical strikes the mortality rate either stay the same or decrease.
  • Hospitals serve unhealthy meals.
  • Doctors know nothing about prevention or why diseases occur.
  • Most doctors are nothing more than legalized drug dealers for Big Pharma.
  • Hospitals work much like a normal company and need customers to survive.
  • Cancer is a  huge business.
  • One way drug companies attract new customers is when doctors screen for cancer.
  • The path to becoming a doctor is horrific.
  • The suicide rate of doctors is the highest of any profession.
  • Doctors get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. 

How To Avoid Getting Killed By Doctors

1. Change your diet and lifestyle

2. Educate yourself about cancer

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Also, discover more about the corrupt medical industry.


Episode transcript:

Simon: Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. If you want to heal your diseases, you have to stop trusting doctors and do it yourself.

In this episode, you're going to learn why doctors are the third leading cause of death and why they can't heal you.

Then you're going to discover the horrible working conditions of doctors and why they commit suicide. After that, you will find out about the kickbacks your doctor receives from drug companies. And finally,  you're going to learn how to stay healthy and fire your doctor for good.

Intro jingle: Welcome to the Cancer Wisdom podcast. This podcast teaches you how to treat cancer with natural remedies without using toxic treatments. Discover how to take charge of your health and not be a slave to Big Pharma medicine. Here's your host Simon Persson.

Simon: A majority of people give all their trust to doctors. We see them as Gods that know everything about health. We believe that they have all the answers, but the most shocking thing is that doctors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in the United States.

 A John Hopkins study calculated that more than 250 000 deaths per year are due to medical errors in the United States. That's more deaths from respiratory diseases, which kill about 150,000 people per year. Another study believed that the total death toll was even larger, about 440 000 per year.

 But according to me, if you calculate all the deaths from toxic cancer treatments, such as chemo and radiation, doctors are the leading cause of death in the United States. If you look at the official cause of death in the United States, you won't find errors by doctors in the statistics.

And the reason for that is because doctors use a medical coding system when they bill their services or when people die. But when they created these codes, they didn't add medical errors. So that means that medical errors are not part of national health statistics.  

So, for example, let's say a doctor gives a too large dose of some medicine, and because of that, the patient dies of a heart attack. And on the death certificate, it will say that a heart attack caused the death when it actually was the doctor.

Each year people die of medical errors in hospitals. Prescription drugs themselves kill about 100 000 Americans each year.

The FDA is supposed to regulate drugs on the market, but they are in bed with Big Pharma. Drug companies are the ones responsible for doing all the research, and they only have to show two studies where the drug was somewhat better than the placebo.

So that means that they can do 1000 studies, and if only two of them show a minimal effect, then the FDA will accept the drug and allow it on the market.

Prescription drugs have various side effects, which can kill people every year. And sometimes, when you combine certain drugs, they can become deadly. So there are several reasons why doctors can kill patients with prescription drugs.

One reason is miscommunication, where doctors tell the wrong thing to another doctor, and that can lead to death, or there can be package labeling issues, or patients can get the wrong medication, which can cause big complications.

Every year surgical errors can also cause death, such as doing incorrect incisions or taking out the wrong organ, or having bad hygiene.

So there are several stories where doctors mixed the patient's files and accidentally removed a healthy organ. And it was later found that they should have done this operation on another patient.

Sometimes doctors give a wrong diagnosis, and that can lead to the patient receiving the wrong medicine or the doctors can give the wrong dose. Medical tools that aren't working can also lead to harm or death.

And sometimes, the hospital can neglect the patient. For example, they might not check in on the patient and just leave them to die. This can happen because of nursing shortages or neglect.  

What's interesting is when doctors go on strike, scientific research shows that patients stop dying. The Academic Journal of Social Science and Medicine made a review of doctor strikes. They analyzed five physician strikes around the world between 1976 and 2003.

The mortality rate either stayed the same or decreased during medical strikes. So not one single study found that death rates increased during the weeks of the strikes. And the most interesting thing is that as soon as the doctors returned to their work, there was a rise in deaths.

One shocking thing about doctors is that they know nothing about nutrition or prevention. They only get a couple of hours of nutritional education during the seven years they are in medical school. If you read a book on nutrition, then you already know more than doctors.

Nutrition is not a vital part of the medical practice, and that is quite shocking because the research shows that a whole plant-based diet can reverse many diseases.

If people ate a more plant-based diet, they could have prevented heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.   Doctors could have taught their patients how to eat a healthy diet and then prevented these diseases.

So the only thing proven to reverse heart disease is a plant-based diet. Caldwell B. Esselstyn and Dean Ornish have both made studies where they reversed heart disease.

Dr.  Caldwell Esselstyn is the author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. He made a study where he followed 198 heart patients. 

He made them switch to a whole food plant-based diet and didn't allow them to eat any animal products or oils. So his diet was a low-fat diet, and the patients couldn't eat any foods with a lot of fat, such as avocados and nuts.

Of the 198 patients in the study, 177 stuck to the diet, and the other 21 quit. And the most interesting thing was that of the 21 people that jumped the wagon, more than half suffered from another heart problem within four years. 

They either had a heart attack or needed a heart transplant. And of the 177 who stuck to the plant-based diet, only one person had one major incident after the same period. So that's a recurrence of less than 1%.

But even if science has shown that a plant-based diet can reverse heart disease, doctors still give cholesterol or blood thinning drugs to patients instead of fixing their diet.

Instead, hospitals serve junk food. So they can give the patient pork chops, gravy, or desserts after an operation. My dad's best friend almost drowned when we were in Germany on our vacation.

He had a previous heart condition prior to this incident. And when he and my mom went for a swim, he fainted, and my mother had to save his life, and a helicopter rushed him to the hospital. 

And because of that, he survived. And when my family visited him at the hospital, he told me that they gave him a meat-heavy diet after his incident.

Giving animal products to a heart patient is the worst thing you can give him. Hospitals can also give patients Doritos or Oreos or serve white bread with mayonnaise to a heart patient.

Not many hospitals serve fruits and vegetables. And the most shocking thing is that you can sometimes find a McDonald's or fast food restaurant at the hospitals.

It's because they are earning money by renting out the local to the company. You can also find vending machines with junk foods in hospitals. And doctors themselves also don't eat a healthy diet.

Doctors know nothing about prevention or why diseases occur. You will never find a doctor that will talk about how you can change your diet or prevent illnesses.

Let's say that you went to an auto repair shop and accidentally put gasoline in a diesel car, and then your car started to malfunction. So when you go to the auto repair shop and tell what you did,  the mechanic tells you that it doesn't matter what you put in the car.

And then he tells you that he can disable the warning lights if they are getting annoying. If that doesn't work, he needs to change parts in the car.

So that is exactly how doctors work. They don't try to find the underlying cause of your disease. They only try to suppress it with drugs, and if that doesn't work, then they use surgery.

And the reason why doctors don't cure diseases is because they are controlled by the Big Pharma Mafia. Most doctors are nothing more than legalized drug dealers for Big Pharma. Drug companies don't want doctors to heal diseases because they earn a lot of money by suppressing diseases.

Every time you cure a patient, you lose a customer. And the best way to earn money is by forcing patients to take your drug for the rest of their lives.

Every company loves when they get a regular income. Therefore, most companies want you to sign a contract where they receive a certain amount of money per month or year.

So we have a sick care system. Hospitals work much like a normal company. They need customers to survive. If everyone took care of their health and didn't become sick, every hospital would go out of business. So, therefore, they need to suppress people's diseases to survive financially.

If doctors try to help their patients without using drugs, they can get into trouble. So we have our licensing system where you need to do what the Big Pharma system tells you to do to keep your license. If you don't follow the norm, you will lose your license and can't work as a doctor.

When you give someone a poison, and they die from the effects, we would call you a murderer, and you would rot in jail for the rest of your life. But if a doctor does the same thing, it's called medicine, and they are not responsible for the death.

The whole system is built around drugs. So every time you go to the hospital, the doctors will most often offer you a drug or treatment and not tell you how to prevent the disease. So my best friend, his wife, had a  urinary tract infection.

After they returned from the hospital, I asked in a sarcastic way. So did they give her a drug? Then my friend said yes. Another time my friend had high blood pressure. The doctor had a serious tone and told him he had to say something serious.

He told my friend that he had high blood pressure and that he had to take medicine for the rest of his life. But my friend managed to fix his condition without taking any medicine.

So his condition might have been because of stress or other reasons. So the doctor didn't give some tips on how he could reverse his condition but instead only offered the drug.

Doctors are known to use toxic drugs and treatments when they treat cancer patients. One such treatment is chemotherapy. An Australian study showed that chemo was only 2.2% effective in healing cancer. The only reason why we still use it is because it yields drug companies huge profits.

 If your friend told you that toxins and radiations were useful, you would look down on him. But if your trusted doctor gives the same advice, then you would thank him for harming you.

It's incredible how patients believe everything that doctors tell them. They can say the most stupid things, and patients will still follow them even if their track rate is horrible.

At a young age, we have learned that we should trust authorities, and because doctors have gone to medical school for seven years, they must know what they're doing.

But we should only judge people based on their actions and results and not their title. If we would only look at their actions, then it would make no sense to do what doctors tell us to do.

So the medical system is the most evil and corrupt institution in the world. Its only goal is to make as much money as possible. Cancer is a  huge business opportunity. Doctors are vital for this scam to continue. Doctors are part of what I call the Cancer Sales Funnel.

A sales funnel is a marketing term where you describe the journey future customers will follow. In the beginning, everyone is cold leads. They have not been exposed to your marketing or message. And when they see your marketing and buy your product,  they become a hot lead.

And if they are loyal, they can buy more and more products and not buy only once. The cancer industry uses the same method. One way they attract new customers is when they screen for cancer. That's the reason why we have breast cancer awareness month.  

They tell women to do a breast exam to see if they have cancer, and the more people that screen for cancer, the more future patients you will find. And when you have gotten your diagnosis, the doctors function as bullies that tell patients to take a certain drug or treatment to heal their cancer.

 In the marketing world, you want your future customers to buy as soon as possible. Therefore they tell the future customer that you only have three days to buy this product or the price will go up. So they use this scarcity tactic to make them buy the product.

If they didn't do this and they gave the person unlimited time to decide,  they often don't buy the product. So the same tactic is used in the health industry. Doctors tell the patients that if you don't do chemo immediately, then you will die from this cancer in a couple of months.

In this episode, I have been extremely negative about doctors. But doctors also do good things. So for example,  I looked at a YouTube series where a British organization used medical helicopters to save people's lives.

 Many of the incidents were due to road accidents, especially motorcycle accidents. These doctors were able to save people's life and did an incredible job.

These doctors were also able to help people with heart attacks, and without their help, they wouldn't have survived. But sadly, that's only one minor area where they are useful.

When it comes to more serious issues, such as cancer, doctors don't know how to heal it. And they actually kill more patients than they save.

The path to becoming a doctor is horrific. Doctors can spend about three to seven years at an established teaching hospital. In America, they expect them to work up to 80 hours per week, and some shifts can last up to 28 hours.

 As I told you before, we have a sick care system. Hospitals need new customers all the time to survive financially. So, therefore, doctors need to treat as many patients as possible.

A private doctor's salary is often dependent on the number of patients that he can see every day. About half of all doctors spend less than 16 minutes with each patient.

Every time they treat the patients, they also need to spend more time on administrative tasks, and therefore, they have less time with their patients. Many patients feel that they are ignored by their doctors and don't feel that they can get the proper care.

Doctors can be more focused on looking at the computer screen than actually talking to the patient. It's not unusual that a doctor can see 30 patients a day in 15-minute increments. When my mother was young, she told me that she was able to have long conversations with her doctor, and he got to know her very well.

But nowadays, when you come to the hospital, the doctor can't really talk to you because they have a lot of other patients to take care of.

So the working conditions at the hospitals are horrific, and that's one of many reasons why doctors commit suicide. The suicide rate of doctors is the highest of any profession. About 300 to 400 doctors commit suicide every year in the United States. So there are several reasons why doctors can commit suicide.  

One reason can be academic distress, such as when they fail a medical board exam. The cost of becoming a doctor can be too much for them when they fail their exam, and now they're not a doctor and have a lot of debt.

 Another reason why they commit suicide is because of the inhumane working conditions. Doctors can work insane hours.

So I looked at a YouTuber called ViolinMD. She shows us when she works 20-hour shifts. In the evening, she has a room where she can sleep. But in most of the episodes that I have watched, she wasn't able to sleep the whole night.

So when you're sleepy you feel more depressed, and you can make more medical mistakes, and when doctors constantly overwork, it can become too much for them, and they give up and commit suicide. Doctors can also kill themselves because of the bullying, and some doctors kill themselves when they are afraid of killing a patient.

Doctors get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. Big Pharma uses representatives that are often attractive and don't have any medical background. They often visit doctors at the hospital and give them a free lunch or invite them to workshops. So their task is to make the doctor prescribe their drug. So how can we trust doctors when they get these bribes from drug companies?

The whole situation with kickbacks became so bad that the US government created the Physician Payment Sunshine Act in 2010. This act forced doctors and drug companies to declare if the money goes to promotional speaking, business travel, royalties and gifts, consulting fees, or meals.  

So you can see the payments that doctors receive in the United States at On this page, you can search by physician, teaching hospital,  or company. I looked at  Pfizer, and I could see that Pfizer's top physician got $1.2 million in payments in 2017. Most of his money came from consulting fees.

 These consulting fees or promotional speaking are only there to bribe the doctor. It's really obvious if you look at it. If a doctor receives money from the drug company, do you really think that he will be unbiased when he gives a drug to the patient? He will most likely give them the drug company's medicine.

If you have listened to this point, then you will know that a doctor doesn't know how to heal diseases, is suicidal, and takes money from Big Pharma, and kills patients. So why would you trust them?

 We can't trust doctors. That's why the best way to treat diseases is the holistic approach. In holistic medicine, you try to find the underlying cause of a disease, and in Western medicine or allopathic medicine, they try to suppress the symptoms with drugs.

But in holistic medicine, you try to look at why you have a  certain disease. For example, if you have a heart disease, it might be due to your unhealthy diet with a lot of animal products and fat. Or it can be because of a lot of stress in your life.

 If you want to heal your body, then you need to change your unhealthy habits. So most people don't realize that they are injuring their bodies every day by the way they are living and eating.

Only you can heal yourself, not a doctor or drug companies. Doctors can't heal you because they are part of a corrupt system. Therefore you need to take charge of your health, but that takes discipline and work. Most people would rather do as the doctor says because you don't need to change your health habits.

Which person would people most likely listen to? A guy like me that tells you how to change your health habits by giving up animal products and junk food and do emotional healing, exercise or listen to a doctor that tells you that you can continue your unhealthy lifestyle so long as you swallow this pill.

 Most people are too lazy to change their life, so they would rather take the pill. But they will never heal their disease.

So why would you put your faith in someone that it's suicidal and don't know how to cure illnesses? When you visit a doctor, you're stuck in the spiral of pharmaceutical dependency.

So the only way to escape this trap is to change your diet and lifestyle. And once you understand this truth, then you don't need a doctor anymore.

If you want to take charge of your health, then you can watch our Cancer Crash Course. In this course, you will learn more about cancer and why we get it.

And in the second module, you will learn several things that you can do to prevent cancer. And in the final module, you will discover more about the corruption in the medical industry and why you shouldn't trust them.

 So you can watch this course for free. I will provide a link to this course in the show notes. Thanks for listening to this episode, and I'll see you in the next one.

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