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Why Cancer Genes Do Not Cause Cancer

​​There are no cancer genes that spread cancer. ​In this blog post, you will discover why our Western style of living causes cancer, not our genes. 

After you read this article, you will see why you're not a helpless victim and can do something about cancer.

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Mysterious Deaths Of Holistic Doctors

​​Learn about ten mysterious deaths of holistic doctors. Find out how drug companies kill alternative doctors to destroy the competition. Discover how to become independent of western medicine.

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lymphoma causes

Lymphoma Causes And What To About It

​​​​Discover ​some real ​lymphoma causes that your doctor won't tell you. Learn why stress is behind it and some natural remedies you can use to stop it.

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fast food chains

The Dark Side Of Fast Food Chains

​Discover the horrible truth about fast-food chains ​and how they abuse immigrants and spread E.coli. Learn their dirty marketing tricks and how they get us hooked to their food.

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The Internet Censorship Of Health Sites Explained

​Internet censorship of alternative health sites is getting worse by the day. Learn about the dark side of social media companies and how they censor alternative health. 

​Find out who is behind this agenda and what we can do to end the censorship.

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7 Natural Pain Remedies You Should Try Now

You can relieve your body ache by using natural pain remedies instead of toxic drugs. Painkillers can make you addicted and cause serious side effects, including death.

Read this blog post, to learn seven natural pain remedies you can use to relieve migraines, muscle pain, and more. You can find most ingredients in your supermarket.

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affordable health care

The Most Affordable Health Care Plan For Cancer

​Learn the most affordable health care plan you can use if you have cancer. Discover 12 smart money saving tips you can use to treat cancer even if you're poor.

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testicle cancer causes

Testicular Cancer Causes And What To Do About It

​​Learn about natural ​testicular cancer causes. Find out what testicular cancer is and how your emotional trauma might be behind it. And discover 9 remedies you can use to defeat it for good.

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The Medical Kidnapping Of Children In The U.S.

L​earn about the medical kidnapping of children in the United States if they don't do chemo.

​Discover ​about the corrupt child protective service and how ​it uses children for drug trials, money, and sex.

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causes of ovarian cancer

Discover The Natural Causes Of Ovarian Cancer

​Find out about the ​causes of ovarian cancer. ​Learn the purpose of the ovaries and the different cancers you can experience. Get an eye-opening explanation of how our past emotional trauma may lead to cancer and how to stop it.

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