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The Medical Kidnapping Of Children In The U.S.

L​earn about the medical kidnapping of children in the United States if they don't do chemo.

​Discover ​about the corrupt child protective service and how ​it uses children for drug trials, money, and sex.

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causes of ovarian cancer

Discover The Natural Causes Of Ovarian Cancer

​Find out about the ​causes of ovarian cancer. ​Learn the purpose of the ovaries and the different cancers you can experience. Get an eye-opening explanation of how our past emotional trauma may lead to cancer and how to stop it.

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food industry

The Horrible Truth About The Food Industry

Discover how the food industry gets us hooked on fast food and pays to skew studies. Learn how the animal industry shapes today’s food policies and why you need to avoid GMOs and supplements. And find out how to avoid junk foods for good.

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what causes tooth decay

What Causes Tooth Decay? Learn The Truth Now!

​​Finally, learn what causes tooth decay. Discover how dentists make ​a fortune by treating symptoms ​instead of teaching prevention. Find out how common dental practices cause serious conditions including cancer. And get tips on how to prevent oral disease with natural remedies!

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are humans herbivores

Are Humans Herbivores Or Meat Eaters? Find Out Now!

​​Are humans herbivores or do we need meat to thrive? In this blog post, we're going to look at ​some indisputable proof​ why ​humans can't be ​meat eaters. You're going to see ​the difference between the anatomy of carnivores and herbivores. Then we're going to shatter the B12 and protein myth and more.

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mind control

How The Deep State Uses Mind Control To Enslave Humans

​Learn ​various ways the Deep State or the hidden government uses mind control to enslave humans. Discover how Elite bankers control our monetary system, our politicians, the media, and the Internet. Find out ​how the Deep State wants to control the human mind with AI and how we can stop it now.

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childhood cancer

How To Stop Childhood Cancer With Natural Remedies

​Learn what childhood cancer is and ​the real reasons some kids get it. Discover how to treat it with natural remedies and stop it now without toxic treatments.

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What Causes Brain Cancer? Learn The Truth Now!

​Learn what causes brain cancer and why some people get brain edemas, glioblastomas, and brain cysts. And discover what you can do to prevent it.

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causes of mental illness

The Real Causes Of Mental Illness

​Learn about the real causes of mental illness ​and​ why it has nothing to do ​with a chemical imbalance in the brain. Find out about the dangers of psychotropic drugs and how they can cause more suicides. And discover ​how to withdraw ​from psychotropic drugs and fix mental health problems.

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leukemia cancer

5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Leukemia Cancer

Leukemia cancer affects thousands of people every year. Learn what leukemia is and how it manifests in the body. Find out common symptoms of it. And discover 5 possible causes of leukemia cancer and how to fix them.

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