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The Amazing Benefits of Vitamin D on Cancer

Research show that vitamin D from the sun can lower your cancer risk.

Daily sun exposure can help you avoid doctor visits in the months ahead. Learn the amazing health benefits of vitamin d and how to maximize it.

And discover why ditching sunscreens can save you from cancer.

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Dehydration Treatment for Cancer

Not drinking enough water can cause fatal malfunctions in the body. Dehydration can lead to weakness, dizziness, sluggishness, headaches, fainting, weak digestion or other problems.

​In this post, you are going to learn the essential functions of water and the Dehydration Treatment Plan. You also get informed about the contamination of our water supplies. And how to protect yourself from these harmful chemicals.

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exercise for cancer

Exercise For Cancer Patients – 20 Activities to Do Now

Women that walk more than one hour a week after their treatment are less likely to die of breast cancer.

Regular exercise is necessary for physical fitness and good health. A scientific study showed a 61% decrease in cancer in rats having access to a running wheel.

Learn 20 fabulous workouts for cancer patients with lower energy. These exercises oxygenate your body but don’t deplete you. So now you can exercise for cancer and raise the odds of surviving cancer.

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How a Vegetarian Diet Can Improve Cancer

​Scientific studies show that vegetarians have less cancer than meat eaters. Meat and animal products can cause havoc in your body and create a reliable environment for cancer.

In this post, I’m going to teach you about how a healthy vegetarian diet can improve your cancer.

​You learn how animal products can increase the chances of cancer. And why a plant-based diet can prevent it.

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Why a Lack of Sleep Increases The Risk of Cancer

Not getting enough sleep can raise your cancer risk. Studies of night workers show up to a 60% increase in breast cancer. When you don’t sleep enough, you make it harder for your body’s organs to repair and rejuvenate.

In this post, you’re going to learn the optimal times when you should sleep.

Discover why melatonin is crucial for your health and how a shortage increases cancer.

Learn why insomnia is common among cancer patients. And get seven simple tricks to beat it now.

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cancer surgery

Cancer Surgery and Why It Doesn’t Work

Cancer Surgery only has an average success rate of 10-15 %. Before you try it, you should learn the facts about it. In this post, you'll discover everything about cancer surgery and the devastating side effects.

Learn the questions you should ask your surgical oncologist before risking your life.

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Stress And Cancer – Why Stress Causes Cancer

Few talk about the mind and body connection to cancer. Unresolved emotional traumas like resentment or anger can influence the body to create cancer.

​In this post, you learn why suppressed emotions can create cancer in your body and how to reverse it. You discover why cancer spreads to different parts of the body and the whole mechanism of cancer.​

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Side Effects of Chemotherapy That Kills

The side effects of chemotherapy are life-threatening.

Only 2% of patients on average survive within a five year period.

If you don't get the real facts about it, then surviving from cancer can become near impossible. In this post you learn everything you need to know about chemo. This information can save your life.  

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Cancer Radiation Can Lead To Death – What To Do Now

Cancer radiation is a toxic treatment method with many side effects. Radiation can lead to heart failure years after the treatment.

In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about cancer radiation therapy. Get the real facts about radiation and its adverse side effects before risking your life. ​Discover the questions you have to ask your radiation oncologist before doing a treatment.

This information can save your life.

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The 12 Most Common Causes of Cancer

Cancer is the number 2 killer in the USA. Discover what cancer is and the 12 possible causes of cancer. Learn why it is not your enemy but there to help you.

Find out why cancer only develops in an oxygen-deprived and acidic body. And how you can reverse it.

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