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The 7 Most Common Objections to Natural Cancer Cures That Hold You Back And How To Let Go Of Them

Do you want to try natural cancer cures to improve your cancer but are too afraid of ditching the medical system? You know that chemotherapy is dangerous but believe that doing nothing make it worse. If this is you, then you have come to the right place. 

In this post, I’m going to talk about the seven most common objections to trying natural cancer cures. After you have read this article, you will make your fear of alternative treatments vanish. Doing so might save your life.


Legal Notice

The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe treat or cure cancer.This information is not intended as medical advice, please refer to a qualified healthcare professional.

Why You Have Fear of Trying Alternative Cancer Cures

You may face the challenge if you should go all natural or use conventional treatment methods. In your heart, you want to use natural cancer cures but get nervous about boycotting the system.

What if you get worse instead of better? It can be hard to say no to aggressive treatments when the information about natural therapies is sparse.

Why should you even take the risk of trying natural cancer cures? These are all good questions. Your fear about trying natural methods comes from not understanding the causes of cancer.

Your best band-aid for this is to learn the underlying causes of cancer. Cancer doesn’t appear out of thin air. It always has underlying reasons.

In various blog posts, I have written in great depth how cancer manifests. Once you understand the mechanics of cancer, your fear will go away.

Before I go on there is something I need to tell you. Let me explain something shocking about the corrupt medical system. When you read this section, you will find out why you have a fear of natural cancer cures.

How Big Pharma Controls The Medical System

Many just follow their doctors because they studied in medical school. Doctors operate as fast as possible and treat cancer as the enemy. They instill fear in their patients and make them worry for their lives if they don’t do anything about it.

Pharmaceutical companies influence medical practitioners to treat every cancer with their drugs. These companies tell the doctors not to recommend natural methods to sell more drugs.

Picture of a doctor

Doctors treat the symptoms of cancer, not the underlying causes

Doctors say bad things about natural remedies even though they have no real evidence. If they speak of alternative treatments, they can get in deep trouble and lose their license. They are by law prohibited in talking about natural cures.

Oncologists as anybody else have food to buy, mortgages to pay and kids to nurture. No one wants to risk anything by recommending natural methods. They just follow protocol without questioning the validity of conventional methods.

They influence their patients with the same thinking. Patients don't take the time to research natural cancer cures and ignore them.

Even if the majority of people follow a path doesn't mean it’s the right way. Just because many people chose to do chemo or other orthodox therapies doesn't make it true.

You shouldn’t believe anything people say just because people say so. The only way to know if something works is by trying it out. Only accept what I or others teach after trying it out and getting results. 

So now that I clarified that let's dive into the seven most common objections to trying natural cancer cures.

The 7 Most Common Objections for Trying Natural Cancer Cures

1# Natural Cancer Cures Are Dangerous

That is just one big fat lie. Natural methods don't make you take huge risks. A typical natural way to deal with cancer is either by changing an unhealthy diet or habits. 

In this blog, we teach how to eat healthy vegetarian food and avoid animal products or processed foods. In what way is that risky?

Has anyone said that eating healthy food is unsafe or something you should avoid? Am I doing my body a disservice by improving the diet?

Vegetarians have less cancer than people eating animal products according to scientific studies. By eating more healthy food, the only risk you take is getting better.

Happy Woman

Natural cancer cures are all about finding the balance of life

Alternative methods advocate getting enough vitamin D, sleep,  exercise, and relaxation. In what way is it bad to sleep better or get the safe amount of sun exposure and have healthy habits?

Especially when science have shown positive results against cancer in changing these habits. Why is it risky to let go of emotional wounds from the past when stress has shown an adverse effect on health?

Natural cures seek to optimize every aspect of life and create balance.You have nothing to lose by trying to be more healthy. The purpose of natural remedies is not to do risky things or cause suffering. Rather they seek to find the solution to these problems without creating more pain.

Conventional methods are much more dangerous than natural methods. Natural cancer cures don't use poisons or give negative side effects. Instead, they use gentle methods.

Chemotherapy has a cure rate of 2% according to a massive study. Surgery is almost useless if cancer spreads to more than one place. Radiation is an aggressive treatment method that causes considerable damage.

2# Natural Methods Have Zero Success Rate

Many doctors tell their patients that natural cancer cures have zero success rate. Furthermore, they say that conventional therapies have much higher cure rates.

How do they come up with that number? Well, it's easy, they don’t follow up on people that choose the natural route. Thus they draw the conclusion that no-one can survive on these methods.

Just because no one tries to research people that not follow the norm, doesn’t mean that it's bogus. Some people take the natural approach only after chemotherapy has destroyed their bodies.

Medical form

No one researches the survival rate of patients doing natural cancer cures

If natural cancer cures can't save them, everyone deems them non-working. But how are you supposed to heal if you completely wrecked your body?

Healing using natural methods is much easier to do without dangerous cancer practices. If it were true that alternative cures don't work, then Martin from this site would be dead now.

How many people have found a natural cure that worked but doesn't get reported by the cancer industry?

Chris Wark is a blogger and health coach on He said in a blog post that no-one asked him if he still survived after refusing chemotherapy.

The cancer industry only tells the stories where natural methods didn't work. But when you examine what these people did, they often tried their unproven methods. Instead of following the right protocols.

Should you regard all natural methods as bad just because one guy followed a faulty protocol? Still, don't believe that natural cancer cures work? Then read the stories of actual cancer survivors using gentle methods.

Jonathan Chamberlain at collected 25 stories from cancer patients.  They all used natural methods to cure cancer.

You can download the free e-book here.

By reading these stories, you can get strength and know that what others tried worked.

3# I have to do something about my cancer right now, so I have no time trying alternative methods

Cancer is not that severe as you think. Millions do chemotherapy or other methods after the oncologist made the diagnosis. They tell that cancer is an urgent problem you have to fix right away.

Many cancer patients don’t know anything about cancer and believe their doctors. Doctors use fear to make them use these methods, which only create havoc in the body.

My fellow blogger Alfredo had stage IV liver cancer several in 2011. He knew nothing about cancer after his diagnosis. Luckily, he had an interest in alternative health methods. Right away, he knew that he didn’t want to follow the conventional methods.

Time changing rapidly

Doctors treat cancer as an urgent problem and force patients to do treatments after diagnosis

By using trial and error, he reversed his cancer by changing his diet and detoxing. It took him two years to figure out everything before he would see positive results. He survived stage IV liver cancer while working full-time and playing soccer.

Cancer is not something super urgent. Take your time and start changing your diet or heal emotional wounds. Improve your daily habits and cancer should become better.

Aggressive treatments methods only destroy your body and make it decline faster. I believe these treatments are more to blame for the poor survival rates of cancer than cancer itself.

Alfredo could survive two years with stage IV cancer without knowing the best protocols. Maybe this means that cancer isn't as urgent as you might think?

4# I have to either chose between conventional methods or natural treatments

Many cancer patients believe that if they want to try natural methods they have to either go all in or all out. Why not combine conventional treatments with natural cancer cures? Start changing your diet, your emotional state, or create better habits while doing treatments.

You’re not taking any greater risk by trying out these things. I mentioned the Cancer Survivor’s stories e-book above. Several survivals combined conventional therapies with natural methods.

If you can’t let go of the need for traditional cancer treatments, at least try the natural way on the side. You will be glad that you did.

5# My Family Forces Me to Follow the Doctors

Withstanding your family or friends can be hard. They tell you to follow the doctors. Even if they mean well, they don’t know anything about natural methods. Like anybody else, they believe that doctors know best.

Do you want to make your family happy and gamble with your health? Just because they are your family doesn’t mean that they know what's best for you.

If they told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? No, because you know that's stupid and lead to death.

So why should you follow them when they tell you to try conventional methods? Especially when you know it's dangerous and as dumb?

Peer pressure

Peer pressure is one of hardest parts to deal with when trying natural cancer cures

You might get objections if you go all natural, but they will stop when you show them the positive results.

Why risk your life just to make others happy? It’s not even possible. Whatever you will do in life you're going to get objections.

Why let the blind lead the blind? Throw away your blindfold and do what's right. Your family is not doctors or experts of cancer so why would you follow them?

6# Alternative Methods is Just Quackery

There are many sites on the Internet that badmouth alternative methods. They paint alternative doctors as evil people that only want to take your money.

When alternative doctors have great success, the FDA interferes. Influenced by Big Pharma, they persecute these doctors and try to put them in jail. They tell everybody that they are the scum of the earth and that only conventional methods work.

Picture of a duck

Pharmaceutical companies call alternative doctors quacks to remove them from the market

Burzynski is an alternative doctor and the inventor of antineoplastons. He has been on trial several times even though he has helped many people overcome cancer.

Dr. Geerd Hamer discovered the cause of cancer after doing CT scans of about 10,000 cancer cases. In 1997 Dr. Hamer was arrested and jailed for 18 months. His crime was that he had given free health advice to some individuals who had asked him for his opinion.

He moved to Spain because courts in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland harassed him. He got marked as a mass murderer because he advised his patients not to follow orthodox medicine. Even after he had a cure rate of 90%.

In 2004, a Federal judge in New Jersey wanted to shut down Lane Labs operations. They're the distributor of MGN-3, SkinAnswer, and Shark Cartilage.

The court ordered them to refund all customers of their products from 1999 and forward. Lane Labs had grown into a $30 million per year company since the FDA began persecuting them for five years.

Their products healed cancer of all types for dozens of patients. Big Pharma didn't like that and wanted them gone from the market.

Numerous alternative doctors had to flee to Mexico after they got persecuted in the US.

We forget that the pharmaceutical companies are the real offenders. They have created insurmountable suffering in cancer patients and killed millions of people.

All this just to fill their pockets. Why would anyone try to push these toxic treatments onto people if it wasn’t for money?

Should you ignore alternative methods just because Big Pharma disagrees? It's everyone's responsibility to try different things with an open heart. Let the evidence tell the truth.

7# Doing Alternative Therapies or Protocols Are Hard

Changing your habits doesn’t have to be hard. When I first started to eat more healthy, I felt resistance and thought that it needed to take more work.

I was afraid that it would take away all my energy and time. But my fear vanished as I ate healthier and felt more energy.

Don’t feel like you have to take huge steps immediately. Start small by changing one habit at a time.

When you do it for 30 days, it becomes second nature. If you want to eat more healthy, then start by doing two to three healthy recipes. Switch soda for water, or sleep at the right time instead of being up all night.

Change isn’t as hard and scary as you might think. All change happen in small steps. Just by taking baby steps you become less overwhelmed.


Your fear about alternative methods come from your lack of insight of what causes cancer.

The medical industry controls the hospitals and wants to stop alternative treatments methods.  

And then you found out the seven most common objections to alternative cancer cures.

I hope this post has shaken you up and made you want to try out alternative methods.  To make the transition to alternative treatments successful, follow these four steps.

How to Let Go Of Your Fear Of Trying Natural Cancer Cures

1. Watch The Cancer Crash Course to learn everything you need to know about cancer

2. Get knowledgeable about conventional therapies and why they don’t work

3. Read the survival stories of people doing natural cancer cures

4. Try alternative methods with an open heart and see if they work

Action Steps

Right now start to educate yourself about cancer by reading everything you can do on this home page.

The fear you have about cancer and trying alternative methods has to do with your lack of knowledge about it.

I created a free Cancer Crash Course video course. Click here to watch it. In this video course, I talk about what cancer is and possible causes for it.

Your fear will melt away when you understand the underlying causes of cancer.

When you do that, you know that you don't risk anything by trying alternative methods.

In this course I also talk about toxic cancer treatments and why they are not a good idea.

Also download the cancer survivor report here and read through others survival stories.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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Simon Persson is a holistic cancer blogger passionate about natural health remedies. When he is not blogging, he enjoys nature, cooking, sports, and learning about the latest gadgets on the market.

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