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Death By Medicine – Why Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause Of Death

​​Death by medicine is a huge problem. Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.  

Discover why they can't cure diseases and how Big Pharma controls the medical system. Learn about the horrible working conditions in hospitals​ and why doctors commit suicide​. And hear about the kickbacks physicians receive and how you can fire your doctor now.

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The Real Power Of The Placebo Effect – How Your Believes Can Heal You

​The placebo effect ​can kill us or heal the impossible. Learn ​the power of our thoughts and why we can use ​them to cure incurable diseases.

Discover ​how one man healed a broken neck and how others killed themselves by thought alone. And find out why Big Pharma wants to hide the truth from us.

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what causes thyroid problems

Finally Know What Causes Thyroid Problems And What To Do About It

​Discover what causes thyroid problems. Learn ​why stress is often behind thyroid issues. Find out ​how ​the Epstein Barr Virus ​can cause thyroid problems. And learn some natural remedies that you can use for the thyroid.

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lymphatic system detox

How To Cleanse The Lymphatic System

​​An unhealthy lymphatic system makes us worse at fighting ​cancer and other diseases. ​​

Discover some rehydration therapies you can use to cleanse your lymphatic system. And find out what food, herbs and other remedies that move lymphatic fluid through the body.

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How To Start A Vegan Diet – 9 Great Tips You Need To Follow To Succeed

​Discover how to start a vegan diet and succeed. ​Learn 9 easy steps to going vegan​ and​ how to avoid the mistakes new vegans make.

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chemotherapy drugs

How To Detox From Chemotherapy Drugs

​​Chemotherapy drugs can wreak havoc on your body and even cause more cancer. Learn 7 natural strategies you can use to detox from chemo and stop the devastating side effects now.

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chemicals in food

Chemicals In Food: Why They Make You Sick And How To Avoid Them

​​Chemicals in food can make you sick and increase your cancer risk. Learn about the food additives that manufacturers put in our food and how to avoid them. And discover how you can eat a more natural diet and stay healthy.

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agenda 21

Agenda 21: The UN’s Secret Plan To Steal Our Land And Kill Us

​​Learn ​the horrible truth about UN Agenda 21​ and ​how they want to kill and poison us all. Discover the real purpose of this program and how they want to take away our freedom. And find out how we together can stop them from destroying the world.

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dangers of ketogenic diet

Dangers Of Ketogenic Diet – Why You Need To Avoid It If You Have Cancer

​Learn about the dangers of ketogenic diets and why you should avoid ​them if you have cancer. Discover 7 common low-carb lies ​you need to be aware of before ​risking your life. ​And find out why a plant-based diet is better at preventing cancer and not ​the keto diet.

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8 Cancer Fighting Herbs & Spices You Should Eat More Of

​Discover 8 cancer fighting herbs & spices ​that have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. Find out how you can use them to make cancer cells commit suicide.

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