The Ultimate Cancer Gut Health Course

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About this course

​Welcome to ​The Ultimate Cancer Gut Health Course

In this course, you're going to learn how to resolve digestion problems if you have cancer. This program has four ​parts:

In the first ​​module , you will discover how the digestion system works. You need a basic understanding of the GI tract before you can fix gut issues.

In the second ​​module , you will find out why our modern western diet causes constipation. You will also get tips on how to eat healthy food that promotes good gut health. This course will focus on a plant-based diet because it's best at treating cancer.

If our tips in the second ​part won't resolve your issues, you might have intestinal problems.

​​Module 3  is all about fixing issues in the small intestine. You will learn about Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) and why SIBO is behind it. Then you're going to find out what tests to use to know what your particular imbalance is.

Once you know the cause of your ​intestinal issues, we will provide different solutions you can use. This process might include eating a custom made diet.

While you eat this diet, you will combine it with various pathogen cleanses to fix your issue. You will also learn how to use muscle testing to check for any intolerances and much more.

In the last part of this course , you will discover how stress can affect your digestive system and ways to fix it.


​Before you start this course, make sure to talk to a qualified healthcare professional. 

The information presented in this course is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat anything.

This information is not intended as medical advice. Please refer to a qualified physician.

I hope you enjoy this course and will see improvements in your health!

S​o let's go to the first lesson in this course.

Course Structure

2 Lessons

How The Digestive System Works

Learn how the digestive system works so you can better understand how to deal with digestive issues later in this course.

Overview Of The Digestive System

​In this lesson you will learn how the digestive system works. You need a basic understanding of ​it before you can fix your gut issues.

2 Lessons

How To Fix Constipation And Stomach Issues

Discover eight things that cause constipation and several ways to fix your stomach issues.

Causes Of Constipation And Stomach Problems

​​In this lesson, you will learn eight reasons why we have constipation and ​digestive issues.

How To Fix Constipation And Stomach Problems With A Plant-based Diet

​In this lesson, you will learn some ways ​to fix your constipation and ​stomach issues​ with a plant-based diet.


5 Chapters

How To Fix Intestinal Problems, IBS, SIBO, Pathogens

Find out about intestinal problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and why SIBO is often behind it. Discover three tests you should take to find out the cause of your abdominal issues.

Learn how to fix histamine, oxalate, salicylate, and SIBO problems. And discover how to kill off pathogens with natural solutions and how to check for food intolerances with muscle testing.

The Cause Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome 1 Lesson

What Is IBS And What Does It Have to Do With SIBO?

​​In this lesson, you will learn about ​Irritable Bowel Syndrome and how it can affect your health. ​You will also discover why SIBO is often behind it and many other intestinal issues.

3 Tests You Should Use To Fix Your Gut Issues 4 Lessons

The Organic Acids Test

​​​Learn the purpose of The Organic Acids Test. ​Find out how to use ​it to find your underlying gut issue. ​

SIBO – Lactulose Breath Test

​​In this lesson, you will learn ​the purpose of the SIBO/Lactulose Breath test. You ​will find out how you can use it to know if you have SIBO and what to do about it.

The Comprehensive Stool Test

​​In this lesson, you will learn ​the purpose of The Comprehensive Stool Test. ​​Find out how you can use it to know ​what gut issues you have and what to do about it.

Four Common Causes Of Intestinal Problems And How To Fix Them 4 Lessons

How To Fix Histamine Imbalances

​In this lesson, you will learn ​what histamines ​are and why they cause health issues. ​​Find out ​how to stop histamine buildups ​with your diet.

How To Fix Salicylates Issues

​​Learn the purpose of salicylates and some common trigger foods. ​Discover how to deal with salicylates imbalances with a special diet.

How To Fix Oxalate Problems

​Discover what oxalates are and ​their health implications. ​Learn how to avoid ​oxalates in ​your diet until you fix your issue.

How To Fix SIBO With The FODMAP Diet

​Learn how to stop SIBO and IBS symptoms with the FODMAP-diet. ​​Discover common food triggers and how to reverse SIBO and IBS.

How To Kill Off Pathogens With Natual Remedies 1 Lesson

What Pathogens Are And How To Deal With Them Without Using Antibiotics

​​Learn about five different pathogens in your body and their health implications. Discover how to ​kill ​pathogens with natural remedies ​instead of using antibiotics.

How To Check For Food Intolerances With Muscle Testing 1 Lesson

What Muscle Testing Is And How To Use It To Check For Food Intolerances

​​In this lesson, you will learn ​how you can communicate with your subconscious mind by using muscle testing. ​Discover how you can use this method to test for food intolerances and more.

2 Lessons

How Stress Causes Digestive Issues And Ways To Fix It

Discover why too much stress can lead to digestive issues and how to stop it.

How To Fix Emotional Issues That Lead To Digestive Problems

​Learn ​​why stress causes ​digestive issues and what to do about it.


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