The Radiotherapy Detox Course

Learn how to detox your body after receiving radiotherapy treatments. Discover natural remedies you can use to remove radiation from your body.

8 Lessons



Not started

The Liver Cleanse Course

In this video course, you will learn a natural way to flush your liver and gallbladder from toxic gallstones. Also, discover how to cleanse your colon and kidneys.

5 Lessons



Not started

The Ultimate Cancer Gut Health Course

Discover how to deal with various digestive issues and ways to fix them with natural remedies.


In the first module , you will learn how the digestive system works. You need a basic understanding of the GI tract before you can fix gut issues.

In the second module , you will find out eight common causes of constipation. You will also get tips on how to eat a healthy plant-based diet that promotes good gut health.

Module 3 is all about fixing issues in the small intestine, such as IBS or SIBO. Find out what tests to use to know what your particular imbalance is. Once you know the cause of your issue, we will provide different solutions.

You will also learn  how to bacteria imbalances.

After that, you're going to use muscle testing to check for any food intolerances and much more.

In the last part of this course , you will discover how stress can affect your digestive system and ways to fix it.

Thank you for signing up for this course.

I hope you can finally fix your digestive issues and make it easier to deal with cancer.

17 Lessons



Not started

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