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Cancer Crash Course

3 Modules 15 Lessons Easy

About this course

In this cancer crash course, you will get a brief review of cancer. Find out what cancer is and why we get it. You will also learn what you can do to avoid it with natural remedies.

And finally, you will find out more about the history of western medicine, the corrupt medical system, and the dangers of orthodox cancer treatments.

Course Structure

2 Lessons

Module 1: The Reason Why We Have Cancer

Learn what cancer is and why we develop it. Find out why our habits cause cancer and not our genes.

Welcome to the Cancer Crash Course

Get a brief explanation of the contents of the Cancer Crash Course.

What Is Cancer?

In this video, you'll discover what cancer is and why normal cells turn into cancer. You will also learn about cancer staging and the difference between benign- and malignant tumors.
7 Lessons

Module 2: How To Prevent Cancer

In this module, you will discover common causes of cancer and various natural remedies you can use to prevent it.

How Stress & Emotional Trauma Influence Cancer Growth

Stress and emotional trauma can influence your cancer growth. Learn why suppressed emotions in your childhood and conflict shocks can lead to cancer later in life.

How a Poor Diet Causes Cancer

​In this ​lesson, you will learn how your diet can affect your cancer growth. You will also discover why eating a plant-based diet lowers your cancer risk and why you shouldn't eat animal products.

The Healing Power Of The Sun

Vitamin D from the sun is crucial for maintaining good health. Learn why a lack of sunshine can increase your cancer risk and what to do about it.

Dehydration and Cancer

Water is part of many critical bodily fluids. Learn why it is essential to drink enough water every day to maintain good health. You will also discover how the contamination of our water supply increases the risk of cancer and what to do about it.

Why a Lack of Sleep Can Worsen Your Cancer

Learn why getting enough sleep is essential to protect yourself from cancer. Discover how to sleep well and cut your cancer risk.

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Cancer

Heavy metals are toxic to the body and may influence your cancer growth. Learn typical sources of heavy metals and how to detox from them.

Why Exercise is Good Against Cancer

Learn why you should exercise if you want to avoid cancer. Discover 20 easy exercises every cancer patient should follow.

6 Lessons

Module 3: Big Pharma & The Corrupt Medical System

Learn about the corrupt cancer industry. Find out the story of Big Pharma, the corruption in the medical field, and the dangers of orthodox cancer therapies.

How the Corrupt Cancer Industry Started

In this video, you'll learn how the corrupt cancer industry started and why they have suppressed the cure for cancer.

How the Cancer Industry Works

In this video, you'll learn why doctors use drugs to suppress diseases and not cure them. Discover how Big Pharma uses cancer charities, patents, and fear to sell toxic cancer treatments.

The Dark Truth About Cancer Surgery

​In this ​lesson you will learn why cancer surgery can't cure your cancer and is useless if you have more advanced cancer growth.

The Health Risks Of Cancer Radiation

​Cancer radiation is a deadly treatment method that can lead to stroke years after the treatment. In this video you will learn why cancer radiation is bad for your health and why you should avoid it.

Why You Should Avoid Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a lethal cancer treatment method. Discover why it only has a meager 2% success rate at curing patients. This video can save your life.

BONUS: Free Resource Library

Learn how you can download free e-books about cancer from our Free Resource Library.

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